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Hiring Decisions at Zappos

With the company's emphasis on the Zappos Insiders group, a recruitment strategy that is likely to be a good fit would emphasize referrals from existing Zappos employees. A good-fit recruitment strategy would be structured to allow candidates for positions to spend time with members of the team that they are interested in joining. Zappos takes pride in being a company that is focused on the company culture and not on customer service, claiming that the customer service just happens when the company is successful at hiring people who are a good fit with the corporate culture. Essentially, what the company may be doing -- without being self-aware -- is creating a corporate culture that enables people who are a good fit to be happy at work and happy with the work they do each day. This is more or less an avowal of the old adage that happy employees make for happy customers.

Traditional job postings don't exist at Zappos. Instead of the transactional exchange that occurs between job seekers and job posters. Rather, Zappos' current recruitment strategy proceeds in a manner similar to joining a country club. The company emphasizes getting to know the people who want to work for Zappos through processes and events that are only vaguely associated with actual positions on teams -- and they are never, ever pegged to a job posting. The hazard of conducting recruitment...


This may or may not be a problem for the company, depending on the type of work that is accomplished, the rate of growth experienced by the company, and the characteristics of the customer base.

The steps in the recruitment process are not so very much different from those used in other companies, but what is different is the establishment of a sort of employee candidate pool based in the Zappos Insiders. The company defines Zappos Insiders as:

"…simply people who might want to work for Zappos someday . . . now, tomorrow or sometime down the road. It's like a special membership for people who want to stay in touch with us, learn more about our fun, zany culture, know what's happening at our company, get special insider perspectives and receive team-specific updates about the group you'd like to join" (McIlvaine, 2014).

At some point in the recruitment process, the approach turns from the passive candidate pool to the more active matching of candidates with positions that need to be filled. This is when the more conventional components of the recruitment process are put into play. Candidates from the online insider pool are interviewed by phone. Candidates who move on to second interviews are sent to behavioral interviews intended to learn what the candidates know about Zappos culture, how they might handle difficult situations, and what evidence can be observed that they are humble people who would be effective collaborators (Nisen, 2014). If…

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