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Can you help me assess and give details of the successes of the D-Day Landings with references to primary and secondary resources where you found the information?


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Many people think of the D-Day landings as only amphibious. However, there were also air landings on D-Day. The combination of the two types of assault helped contribute to the success of the D-Day invasion. Plus, while we focus on D-Day, it was just the beginning of a bigger operation, Operation Overlord. That operation was designed to help the Allied powers defeat the Axis powers in Europe with a decisive, huge push of combined forces.

The D-Day invasion was all across northern France. They landed on five different beaches. The beaches were Utah, Sword, Juno, and Gold. The multi-fronted ground assault helped the Allies get the presence they needed to advance into France, which was critical to the Allies main plan. While the Allies wanted to defeat all of the Axis powers, their main goal was to really go after Germany. To defeat Germany, they needed a presence in France. It would allow the Soviet troops on the East to get some relief.

The D-Day effort was huge. It involved 12 countries and over 2 million troops from around the world. That made it the largest naval, air, and land operation in history

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