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Can you help me find a title and outline for a paper about substance abuse in nursing?


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Like many stressful professions, nursing has a substance abuse problemNurses are at a higher risk of substance abuse for a number of reasons.  First, the job is incredibly stressful.  Second, nurses have access to substances as part of their job.  However, while those reasons seem obvious, some of the other reasons that nurses may abuse substances are subtler.  They include physical pain, lack of addiction education, fatigue, and even gender.

Some essay titles to consider for your paper on substance abuse in nursing include:

  1. The Role of Gender in Addiction Among Nurses
  2. Access and Addiction: Why Substance Abuse Is Rampant in the Medical Community
  3. Broken Bodies: How the Physical Toll of the Nursing Profession Contributes to Substance Abuse
  4. Stress and Substance Abuse Among Nurses
  5. Pandemic Problems: Is Increased Substance Abuse Among Nurses One of the Them
  6. Does Decreasing Access Decrease Substance Abuse Among Nurses
  7. Fatigue: Could Better Scheduling Reduce Substance Abuse in Nurses
  8. What Is the Connection Between Management and Substance Abuse?
  9. Real Life Nurse Jackies: The Slippery Slide into Substance Abuse
  10. Innovative Interventions: How Providing Punishment-Free Rehab Efforts Could Help Nurses Get Sober

Substance Abuse in Nursing Essay Outline

I. Introduction

A. Physical toll of nursing

B. Lack of help for physical tasks

C. Lack of time off for PT 

D. Access to medications

E. Thesis statement: One often overlooked reason that many nurses have substance abuse problems is the physical toll that nursing takes on them, and taking steps to alleviate years of physical wear and tear would reduce substance abuse rates among nurses.

II. Physical toll of nursing

A. Lifting, moving, patients

B. On feet all day

C. Running

D. Lack of adequate breaks

E. Lack of time for rest/shifts that are too long

III. Lack of help

A. Understaffed

B. Expected to carry out tasks regardless of patient size

C. Improperly trained support staff

IV. Lack of time off

A. Nurses are expected to show up unless they cannot work

B. May not have enough PTO for rehab

C. May not be able to afford healthcare

V. Access to medications

A. Access to painkillers

B. Knowledge about the most effective pain killers

VI. Conclusion

A. Restate thesis

B. Physical toll of nursing

C. Lack of help

D. No time off

E. Access to medications

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