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Can you help me with my conclusion for an essay on community development and it's history?


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Community development refers to a process of building stronger communities through a variety of different approaches.  It is specifically tailored to different areas, because community needs are not universal.  Community development is sometimes referred to as a journey rather than a destination because of the fact that it is never really complete.  As communities grow and change, so do their development needs. In addition, other factors can impact community development as well, such as available natural resources and the surrounding geography.

We are not sure what you mean by the conclusion of community development and its history.  Community development is an ongoing process and its history predates the written word, because as long as there have been communities of humans, those humans have come together to try to make their communities better.  As a professional discipline, it evolved from those smaller groups, and really began to take shape in the 1960s. 

Here is a sample conclusion for an essay about community development:

It is important to understand that community development is never completed.  Even when community members have been able to accomplish their initial goals, those changes are going to have changed the community.  This will have, in turn, changed the needs of the community.  Therefore, community development should be continual.  However, while the development is never complete, developing the process for change can be completed.  Establishing a working group that focuses on the needs of the community and provides centers for education, community, public facilities, safe and affordable housing, and other necessary services is one way to ensure that a community will continue to change to meet the changing needs of its community members.  When this is done and their initial goals have been accomplished, the community goes from a development phase to a maintenance and managed growth phase, which is the ideal status for all healthy communities.

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