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Can you help me write my essay about health promotion about diabetes for the community?


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In your instructions, you want to know how to write a health promotion, including retrieving information, disseminating that information, and obstacles in the community. This type of project is often called a patient education or education assignment.  First, you want to start with finding reputable information about diabetes. There are a number of reputable health websites you can visit to get information about diabetes, but the easiest resource to access may be the American Diabetes Association.  It has comprehensive information about the disease as well as educational resources, lifestyle tips, and medical information.

One of the most important things about diabetes is that there are two types of the disease.  Your health promotion should fully define Type I and Type II diabetes, or, if you do not have the space to fully discuss both types, it should focus only on one-type.  The main difference between Type I and Type II diabetes is that Type II diabetes is often considered an adult-onset disease that is linked to lifestyle choices, while Type I is not attributed to lifestyle choices.  For the purposes of a health promotion, focusing on Type II diabetes means focusing more on prevention and management, while focusing on Type I may include information designed to help parents spot potential Type I diabetes in their children.

You could also decide to focus on a specific component of diabetes management and care. For example, daily blood sugar used to be the way that the medical community diagnosed diabetes.  However, now the levels of A1C are important in diagnoses and management.  You could focus on describing what A1C is, what it indicates, desired A1C levels, and ways to help control A1C.  You could also focus on a specific element of treatment.  For example, you could discuss the role that exercise plays in diabetes management.

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