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What is the definition of urban sociology, the distinction between sociology and urban, distinguished between enacted organizations and creative process?


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Urban sociology refers to the sociological study of human life in metropolitan areas.  It is an increasingly relevant areas of sociology, as world populations continue to shift more and more from rural environments to urban and suburban environments. Urban sociology includes studies of all aspects of city life. It includes urban studies, but urban studies are only part of urban sociology.  While urban sociology looks at all aspects of city life, urban studies is specifically devoted to analyzing and attempting to solve urban problems.

Sociology is the study of human life, social causes, and group human behavior.  It is differentiated from psychology, which focuses more on individual behavior.  Urban refers to cities.  The two terms have completely different meanings, so they are not interchangeable.  However, they can be used together, with urban modifying the term sociology.

Urban sociology has dual functions.  First, it looks at how metropolitan areas shape the behaviors and culture of the people who live within them.  Second, it looks at how the development of cities has an impact on society as a whole and how the development of cities impacts the development of society.  For example, how does the creation of urban centers impact life in rural areas, specifically how does the loss of younger generations to cities impact rural sociology. 

Enacted organizations are values that are shown through action, rather than just given platitudes.  The creative process is evolution of an idea to its final form through the steps of the creative process.  The creative process helps define and shape the ideals that one sees put into play in an enacted organization.  However, there are many steps between visualizing an idea and it coming into practice.  Failure at any one of those steps prevents the creative process from resulting in an enacted organization.

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