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Aesthetic Essays (Examples)

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Croquet Roller Derby Tubing World
Words: 876 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59681504
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Team Handball is a game in which two teams of seven players each pass a ball and throw it into the other team's goal. There are six outfield players and a goalkeeper. In the opinion of this author, it would qualify as a sport due its competitive, recreational nature and the existence of a professional association ("USA Team Handball Association").

Sky Diving or parachuting is the action of exiting an aircraft and the returning to earth with the help of a parachute ("How Stuff orks"). hile not centralized, this author sees its competitive spirit and participatory nature to qualify it as a sport .

Suits would focus on the competitive nature of sports and how it brings about and promotes team building (Suits, xvi.). This is a quality that will pay off in terms of dividends in almost any field of endeavor. In this case, it would apply even…

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Margin Call Cinema Is Often
Words: 2784 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 75655151
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Through the humanization of the stockbroker, Chandor allows the audience to view them as human and someone that the audience can relate to.

The realism of Margin Call (2011) extends beyond the depictions of its characters and into its portrayal of the financial industry. J.S. (2011) writes, "Margin Call…depicts the many banalities that make for a financial meltdown, and the near-silent panic that sets in. Finance is depicted as slippery and amorphous, a creation of not just the banks, but of a whole society oriented toward easy consumption." In this respect, Margin Call (2011) strips away the mystical facade that often is attributed to Wall Street and allows the viewer to see how they influence the financial market as much as they are influenced by it. Furthermore, the dialogue and financial terminology used by Chandor in the film is accurate investment banking jargon, which Chandor was familiar with because his…


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REM Koolhaas Modern Architect
Words: 1962 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 9595040
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Rem Koolhaas: A survey of his work and aesthetic philosophy

The radical Dutch architect and architectural theorist Rem Koolhaas is often called one of the world's best -- and one of the world's most controversial -- architects. Koolhaas is as much known for his aesthetic philosophy as he is for his work. "Koolhaas' most provocative -- and in many ways least understood -- contribution to the cultural landscape is as an urban thinker…he has written half a dozen books on the evolution of the contemporary metropolis and designed master plans for, among other places, suburban Paris, the Libyan desert and Hong Kong" (Ouroussoff 1). Koolhaas does not merely wish to create buildings but also change the way in which the world conceptualizes buildings and aesthetic space.

One of Koolhaas' most famous buildings is the French convention hall the Congrexpo, located in Euralille, a shopping and entertainment complex in Lille, France.…

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Analyzing a Poem
Words: 1020 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44927941
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alt hitman grew to fame in America for writing poems that were as long and as sprawling as his very strides throughout the wide walks of the country itself. In this respect, his poem "A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Grey and Dim" is very much different. It is certainly one of the poet's shorter works, and is not as ambitious as others he has written. And although the poem is set in a natural environment in the woods (which is a characteristic of many of the author's poems), its theme is not nearly as triumphant and as supportive of the country which his works were known to champion. An analysis of the language in this poem reveals that hitman carefully constructs elements of alliteration, anaphora and figurative language to express a dismay in America and in the form of religion that principally represented the country.

This particular poem…

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Iron Monkey
Words: 2840 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72015895
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aesthetic terms from the days in which the musical accompaniment of a film consisted primarily of a pianist or organist sitting in the theater and taking cues on what to play by watching the silenced action on the screen. And yet, in other and probably more important ways, we have come no real distance at all, for music now (as it did since the very first movie) helps to determine the overall emotional impact of a film. This paper examines the film scores from two recent productions, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Iron Monkey."

Overall, the musical score for a film helps knit together all of the different technical elements of a film as well as all of the different thematic elements:

Picture and track, to a certain degree, have a composition of their own but when combined they form a new entity. Thus the track becomes not only a…

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Kant and His Theories of
Words: 2665 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51519095
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The Critique of Pure eason proposed and researched, highlighting expertise of how the mind's synthetic framework makes up the world. As a review of taste, such a technique does not try to separate some home that is distinct to beautiful items, however rather intends at exposing how the mind discovers specific items beautiful. Kant thinks that this is possible since the intellect that is associated with common spatiotemporal experience, so it is just fitting to look initially at the nature of these professors prior to continuing to how they associate with aesthetic judgments. An additional reason to continue in this way is that the Critique of the Power of Judgment is scant when it concerns explicating the complimentary play of the creativity and understanding Kant anticipates that his readers have actually accumulated this from the first Critique.

In the Critique of Pure eason we see that in determinative judgments the…


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Religion Ancient Buddhism and How
Words: 1862 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74057640
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In addition for many years it was indeed considered impolite to laugh out loud in public which had an impact on the aesthetic value of the period in history.


The faith of Ancient Buddhism is perceived to be one of the oldest faiths in the world. Its teachings are still followed today in much of the Eastern part of the world and its simplistic view of life and the meaning of life can be seen in many other areas and cultures.

There is no denying the aesthetic value that the faith had on the period of ancient times when one examines the art being located on digs today. The beliefs of Ancient Buddhism have carried over to impact the aesthetic value of Western cultures as well as can be evidenced in the color lessons at designers schools and the study of color by modern day mental health professionals.


Ultimate Journey: Retracing the Path of an Ancient Buddhist Monk Who Crossed Asia in Search of Enlightenment. - Review - book review Christian Century, May 23, 2001 by Leo D. Lefebure 

Color Symbolism in Buddhist Art

Real Buddhas Don't Laugh:Attitudes towards Humour and Laughter inAncient India and ChinaMICHEL CLASQUINUniversity of South Africa

Industrial Revolution and Beyond it Is Difficult
Words: 4904 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64200298
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Industrial Revolution and Beyond

It is difficult for anyone now alive to appreciate the radical changes that the Industrial Revolution brought to humanity. e imagine that we know what it was like before this shift in economics, in culture, in society: e think of farmers tilling fields and of their children piling hay into stacks for winter forage, or of trappers setting their snares for the soft-pelted animals of the forests, or of fishers casting their hand-woven and hand-knotted nets into the seas from the hand-sewn decks of ships. e imagine the hard physical work that nearly every person in society once had to do in the era before machines substituted their labor for ours -- and this exchange of human (and animal) labor for machine-driven labor is indeed one of the key elements of the Industrial Revolution. But it is only one of the key elements. For with the…

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British and German Trench Poetry
Words: 385 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 9412341
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These young men were not immersed in the high modernist traditions of Virginia Woolf and T.S. Eliot: rather, they were immersed in the experience of war and their own visceral response to the horrors they witnessed.

Thus a multifaceted, rather than strictly comparative approach might be the most illuminating way to study this period of history and literature. Cross-cultural, comparative literary analysis is always imperfect, particularly given the linguistic challenges presented by evaluating German poetry in relation to its British counterparts. Contextualizing the British war poets requires a certain level of understanding how the war was seen by the other side, and by alien eyes. More is likely to be gained than lost by reading the German war poets in translation. Yet reading the German poets in translation allows the reader to appreciate the influence of symbolism and expressionism in their work that was not present even in the harsh…

Dome of St Peters Basilica
Words: 2615 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75922421
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Brunelleschi's Architecture

The religious architecture of Filippo Brunelleschi in Florence in the early 1400s established a new Renaissance aesthetic by blending religious symbolism with mathematical and classical principles that he drew from visits to ancient ruins of Rome as well as from Vitruvius' De Architectura. This paper will describe how Brunelleschi's unique blend inspired a new movement in Renaissance architecture -- a movement that began with the Dome of the Florence Cathedral and stretched through to the production of the Dome of St. Peter's Basilica under Michelangelo, whose plan was a kind of compromise between the Brunelleschi-inspired plan of Bramante and the more crux-like design of Raphael (Johnson). The Basilica's dome was meant to rival that of the wonder of Florence, created by Brunelleschi, which had essentially pushed the boundaries of Italian architecture into the next phase of greatness.

The phase of grandeur that Brunelleschi heralded with his Dome of…

Kant's Philosophy We Are Bombarded
Words: 1582 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47610444
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According to Aristotle, a man's true worth is known by his deeds that is how he acts and reacts in certain situations. He holds the view that a person's actions can be judged by a certain standard of perfection which he calls 'good'.


Critique of Judgment is a masterpiece of Kant that attempts to correlate aesthetic and moral judgments. In his work he tries to find moral dimensions to concepts of sublimity and beauty. He also put forward his ideas on art and considers beauty as it essential component. In certain parts of his writing he posits that beauty can be considered superior to art on the basis of its purposiveness. He shows that nature or natural beauty is compatible with morally good and that our moral ideas are well-matched with nature. His work expounds on art, beauty, morality and ethics. His series of critiques with last one as…


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Vagina Monologues
Words: 1298 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99133885
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Vagina Monologues:

A Response

Theatrical performances of any kind are uniquely poised to evoke a myriad of audience responses. Unlike many other forms of artistic expression, theatre involves the visual, auditory, and emotional -- in short, a wide range of the human aesthetic experience is evoked in the performance. Thus, especially when the subject matter is of a particular novelty or controversial nature, one can virtually count on a strong aesthetic response in the viewer.

hen one considers the nature of "aesthetics," one must consider not only the "nature" but the "value" of a form of artistic expression (ArtLex, 2005). This means that, philosophically, the human is supposed capable of reading "clues" in the work itself that can allow one to interpret/understand, as well as "judge" the work according to "beauty, taste ... function, nature, ontology, purpose, and so on (ArtLex)." Further, in the postmodern world, a great deal of…

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Art Culture
Words: 5226 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29153439
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Art Culture: Public Space Art

Public art like that of Koon's Train (2011), Serra's Tilted Arc (1981), Lin's Vietnam Veterans Memorial (1981), and James' Sea Flower (1978), ignite discussion to the point of its modification, re-arrangement, or removal. The reason for this controversial treatment of public art is its ability to embrace a variety of aesthetic practices. The adoption of different aesthetic values like poster art, outdoor sculpture, earthworks, multimedia projections, and community-based projects among others, breaks the public's traditional understanding of art (Glahn, 2000). This critique finds that the public's totalizing classification of public sphere brings about controversy and dialogue over public art displays. By reviewing the famous public art "Tilted Arc" (1981) by Richard Serra, this analysis will show that there are distinct differences between public understanding and professional understanding of public art.

The government with the intention of exhibiting, protecting, and edifying art, commissions public art in…

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Practice Provide Specific Examples for
Words: 896 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 39387335
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For nurses to be truly effective in the 21st century, nurses must support expanded access to wellness promotion strategies, like having affordable and nutritious food in low-income community, more movement-friendly urban design, and expanded access to healthcare and health insurance for individuals in all locations, and in all demographic segments of America.

As nurses face increasingly cost-conscious environments, the ethical issues related to providing care for all will become even more manifest, and in promoting improved healthcare knowledge nurses must acknowledge the economic and political impact of decisions that are made outside of their immediate nursing environment.

Discussion response:

The concept of ways of knowing, particularly aesthetic ways of knowing, is an important component of understanding why more experienced nurses seem to have additional advantages that new nurses, regardless of their technical qualifications, do not posses. I believe this is for two reasons: one, an older nurse has more hands-on…


Heath, Helen. (1998). Reflection and patterns of knowing in nursing. Journal of Advanced

Nursing, 27: 1054-1059. Retrieved February 4, 2011 at

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Web Journal, (10), 73-79. Retrieved February 4, 2011 at

Portrait of a Lady and
Words: 4268 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38711559
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Suddenly I receive a Titian to hang on my wall -- a Greek bas-relief to stick over my chimney-piece." (James in: Phelan-Cox, 2004)

Through the analogies of alph, the reader is able to view the manner in which "male pleasure in spectatorship with interconnected with Western aesthetics generally." (Phelan-Cox, 2004) it is the argument of Laura Mulvey that the film of Hollywood is structured around "the voyeurism and scopopophilia of the male gaze by denying the existence of other viewing positions." (Phelan-Cox, 2004) James veritably denied other ways to view through his description of the scene "by consciously omitting Isabel's own perception of herself in that setting or any objective description of the scene that might include observations about alph." (Phelan-Cox, 2004)

VII. Portrait and the Implications

The title of this story is even misleading as noted by Phelan-Cox the word 'portrait' "implies that the novel is to be a…


Ascari, M. (nd) Three Aesthetes in Profile: Gilbert Osmond, Mark Ambient, and Gabriel Nash. RSA Journal 7.

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Italian Neorealism
Words: 2005 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25376585
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ossellini's 1946 Paisan:

The emerging aesthetic of Neorealism in Italian postwar film

According to Andre Bazin's essay "An aesthetic of reality: Neorealism," Paisan as directed by oberto ossellini brought forth a new aesthetic in the discourse of film, that of neorealism. The 1946 film was created not long after the end of World War II and fascist Italy's defeat at the hands of the Allies. The film is told in a series of overlapping narratives in a style that recalls that of a novel with interwoven stories rather than a singular, linear storyline. The storylines would have been relatively recent for the contemporary audience, taking place from 1943-1944 during the first Allied invasion. It has been called the first Italian film to "unquestionably" resemble a "collection of short stories" (Bazin 34). Through this juxtaposition of realistic tales in a narrative technique, "Bazin suggests that we are given sense data which…


Andrew, Dudley. "Andre Bazin." Film Comment 9.2 (1973): 64-8. ABI/INFORM Complete.

Web. 4 Nov. 2012.

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Brunette, Peter. "Rossellini and Cinematic Realism." Cinema Journal 25.1 (1985): 34.

Language Instinct How Are the
Words: 1647 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92591422
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Pinker maintains that evolution follows a branching, rather than linear pattern. Many species develop concurrently, each with their own survival instincts. Humans, and their survival instinct of language, are just one branch of the evolutionary process rather than a pinnacle rung.

Holding the belief that we can, or might someday communicate with animals creates empathy, which leads to humane treatment of animals. A belief that animals cannot communicate with us due to inferiority leads to a sense of dominion over them.

This is also a pattern of belief and behavior that is seen with regard to humans who are perceived to have inferior languages or grammars. They are somehow less human, and therefore less deserving of humane treatment.

Pinker states that it is ridiculous to attempt to teach human language to animals. They are not biologically configured for human speech or sign. They have no need for human language as…


Pinker, Steven. The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language. New York: William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1994.

Buddhism the Foundations and Travels
Words: 1437 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73749002
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(owland, 1953, p. 204) (Hallisey, 2003, p. 696)

The Ceylon [now Sri Lanka] Chronicle (Mah-mvam-sa)) is primarily a history of Buddhism in Ceylon though it gives reliable information on political history. It is perhaps unjust to maintain that India had no sense of history whatever, but what interest she had in her own past was generally concentrated on the fabulous kings of a legendary golden age, rather than the great empires which had risen and fallen in historical times. (Basham, 1954, p. 44)

Literature and art reflected the lives of the ruling class along side those historical narratives of Buddha, as can be seen in the first example. Medieval revivals also attempted to rejoin these depictions through restorative works that demanded the attention of many to the idea of a foreign king effectively expressing the Sinhalese culture. (Holt, 1996, p. 41) the tradition is long standing in the region and…


Basham, a.L. (1954). III History: Ancient and MedievalEmpires. In the Wonder That Was India: A Survey of the Culture of the Indian Sub-Continent before the Coming of the Muslims (pp. 44-78). New York: Grove Press. Retrieved May 13, 2007, from Questia database: 

Basham, a.L. (1954). The Wonder That Was India: A Survey of the Culture of the Indian Sub-Continent before the Coming of the Muslims. New York: Grove Press.

This work demonstrates the historical context of the region, in relation to faith and art as well as the political. It demonstrates the modern emphasis on rediscovering treasures of ancient and modern faiths.

Post Modernism Philosophy Art Literature
Words: 907 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46798997
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Many critics consider the name Godot to be a hidden name for God. Godot in the end is a paradox. The dramatist described in his play the person at the end of the World War II. It is a person who can be characterized as master and victim of will. The characters have a will but their wishes destroy them. The characters are waiting for someone or something to save them.

From the aesthetic point-of-view the postmodernism movement pleads for an anti-narrative structure of the work. Tarantino's film, "Pulp Fiction," doesn't have a classic plot. Two stories that seem unrelated come together in a "non linear plot." The first story is about two thieves, Honey unny and Pumpkin who decide to rob a restaurant, and the second story of two hit men working for mob, named Vincent and Jules.

The novel "Finnegan's Wake" by James Joyce is constructed using strange…


Klages, M. 2003 "Postmodernism." University of colorado. 

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Wikipedia The Free encyclopedia "Waiting for Godot" 

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Sport-Related Films Significance of Brian's
Words: 970 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15112679
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In both the conflicts, the strong will of the athletes help them to overcome the obstacles or conflicts that they faced.

Aesthetic Appeal

The aesthetic appeal was the main characters Lidell played by Ian Charleson and Abrahams played by Ben Cross. Both the actors had execute their role well and make a big impact on the viewers. The screenplay is also realistic and the story line is strong and powerful. This makes it an all-time great classic for viewers.


1. In this review, the critics felt that the movie was much slower than it should have been. But, they still liked the strong concepts and its underlying themes.

2. The critics in this review rate it as one of the best movies that is ideal for children aged ten and up. They critic it as a good family movie that can lay the foundation for kids to understand…


Koster, Olinka. (26 October 2007). Modern Day Hero runs away with Chariots of Fire Chellnge. Daily Mail. Retrieved from: 

Mosher, Stephen David. (February 1982). Sport Movies Grow Up. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. Pp35-36.

Los Angeles Is a City
Words: 1126 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77115208
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The same thing with our super-modern companies and school: although they have found sophisticated ways to conceal their garbage from people's eyes, the garbage still exists and is contaminating to the atmosphere. As is known, despite their tremendous care taken to avoid lethal gas emission, the landfill may still produce emission of methane gas that is produced by the decaying waste material and modern garbage, concealed thoguh it is by our institutions, produces the same results.

Recycling is still our only option. It has a superior effect on reducing lethal emissions since it reduces the amount of energy used by the industry most of which produces fossil fuels like gasoline, diesel and coals that transform themselves into carbon dioxide, methane, and other toxic greenhouse effects. In this way, recycling acts as preventative rather than as implementation after matter (Morris, 1996). Incinerators and landfills used in recycling projects also produce reduced…


Pennsylvania. Department of environmental protection. Recycling saves our environment.

Rogers H (2002) Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage USA: New Press

San Luis Obispo County (2004) Comparison of environmental burdens. San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority San Luis Obispo, California

Rt Appreciation Analysis
Words: 2513 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96390706
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Power Politics and Glory

Example 1: The Great Wall Of China

It is a common phenomenon for an object to be associated with the ruler or the country in question. The Great Wall of China, where not only served as a defense system, but also consolidated the image of China as a mighty power for many years. The Wall -- acted more as a psychological defense mechanism -- giving the image of China as a united nation.

The design and the emergence of the wall was only possible in the then current prevailing Political Condition of the country, when the country needed to defend itself from foreign attacks by the Mongols.

The design of the Wall was used as a medium to inspire fear and an image of a strong state -- depicted by the strong wall itself. Aesthetic consideration was not point or considering factor, as the main point…


Carlisle, Lyndsay. "Walls and their impacts in a worldwide historical Context." Mexico: National Institute Of Ecology, n.d.Web. 27th Aug 2011

Ecotourism & Adventure Specialists . "The Palace at Paleanque National Park." n.d. Web. 28th Aug 2011.

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Iliana Papadopoulou, Anastasia Veneti. "Committed Art and Propaganda." Annual PSA Conference. Leeds: Political Studies Association, 2005: 1-16.Web. 28th Aug 2011

Fillipo Brunelleschi Visionary
Words: 1505 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22317834
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Fillipo Brunelleschi: Classical Architect and Visionary

Fillipo Brunelleschi might be known as a famous Italian architect, but in reality, the work that he does is so much more comprehensive than that. In reality, Brunelleschi is really more of a visionary than just an architect. "He was the first modern engineer and a problem-solver with unorthodox methods. He solved one of the greatest architectural puzzles and invented his way to success. Only now is he receiving deserved recognition as the greatest architect and engineer of the enaissance" (, 2014). Scholars are aware of the indelible impact that he had on the Italian enaissance and how important it was, many seeing him as the father of the Italian enaissance.

Brief Background

A famous architect during his lifetime, Brunelleschi was born in Florence in 1377 and studied goldsmithing with Benincasa Lotti, an experience which taught him the essential skills of mounting, engraving and…


Harris, B., & Zucker, S. (2013). Brunelleschi and the Rediscovery of Linear Perspective. Retrieved from 

Kleiner, F. (2009). Gardner's Art through the Ages: The Western Perspective, Volume 2. Boston: Cengage Learning. (2013). The Building. Retrieved from (2013). Fillipo Brunnelleschi. Retrieved from

Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Rings
Words: 1918 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49513656
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The king died then the queen died. After the death of the king, the queen died from grief.

The first sentence refers to the story while the second sentence is the plot. A plot basically refers to a story being told by a third party. It may be inaccurate and biased, but certainly more interesting. Most of the works of fiction are based on the actual events or the same basic stories (Krane, 2007).

The Objective of the Research

This research aims at describing aesthetic aspects found in the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the rings by J.R.R. To help him fulfil the information required, the researcher employs numerous tactics, including spending time in the library reading bibliographies. The collected data is then analysed using phenomenological approaches to help discover the aesthetic aspects of the novel.

Story Summary

One of the ancient rings believed to have been…

Patterns of Knowing and Knowledge
Words: 671 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 19460847
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Aesthetics generally were reserved for art. I find the proposition that nursing is also an art form rather charming.

In their newest work (2008), Chinn and Kramer added emancipatory knowing to the other four ways of knowing in the profession. This means that a critical element is added to the way in which nurses work with their clients. Social and structural changes are in order to change what is perceived as social and institutional shortcomings. Hence, nursing clients and the profession itself are emancipated as it were from social and institutional forces.

I believe that Chinn and Kramer's views in terms of the ways of knowing in the nursing profession are indeed accurate. They seem to effectively summarize not only the duties, but also the beautiful aspects involved in the nursing profession.

According to Patricia E. Zander (p. 9), Chinn and Kramer's model is an expansion of that instigated by…


Chinn & Kramer (2004, 2008). Integrated Knowledge Development in Nursing. Blackwell Publishing.

Lipscomb, Martin (2006). Routledge Studies in Critical Realism. Nursing Philosophy, Vol. 7. pp. 104-105.

Zander, Patricia E. Ways of Knowing in Nursing: The Historical Evolution of a Concept. The Journal of Theory Construction & Testing, Vol. 11, No.1.

Nonexistent Knight by Italo Calvino 1959
Words: 1167 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61583339
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Nonexistent Knight is a character driven narrative and, therefore, should be summarized within the framework of those characters and their exploits throughout the novella. The titular character, the nonexistent knight, Agilulf, who exists not in the flesh but in a suit of armor, seeks to restore his honor by confirming that his good deed that earned him his knighthood, saving the virginity of a young royal woman from the lecherous ways of two brutes, did indeed happen per his recollection. The youth, Raimbaut, is a young knight in the making who falls in love with a dastardly lady knight. The lady knight, Bradamante, falls in love with the chivalric and impeccably noble ways of the nonexistent knight and sets up a love triangle of sorts. Then there's Torrismund, another knight, who ends up falling in love with a woman that was at one point thought to be his mother. Lastly,…

Works Cited

Calvino, Italo. The Nonexistent Knight. San Diego, CA: Harcourt, Inc., 1959. Print.

Markey, Constance. Italo Calvino: A Journey toward Postmodernism (Crosscurrents,

Comparative Studies in European Literature and Philosophy). Gainesville, FL:

University Press of Florida; 1st edition,1999. Print.

Manage Identification Planning This Chapter Discusses the
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Manage identification planning

This chapter discusses the management and planning of change process within the clinical setting. Change management plan is very critical to the success of any healthcare unit. Change may be threatening to organizations, however, successful implementation of changes is very crucial for the success of an health organization. Failing to make a change move could lead to the consistence of medical errors among the medical staff and this may damage the reputation of the organization. Typically, medical errors are among the serious issues that many medical institutions are facing, and these are among the setbacks to the implementation of quality healthcare delivery. (Mills, 2008). Identification of the critical issues that may hamper the quality healthcare delivery is very important to address the number of preventable medical errors. With analysis of the current system, several areas need to be changed before the hospital could become a vibrant organization.…


Abrahamson, E. Change without Pain: How Managers Can Overcome Initiative

Overload, OrganizationalChaos, and Employee Burnout (Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 2004).

American Nurses Association (ANA). (2001). Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements. Washington, D.C.: American Nurses Publishing.

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (2011). ASHP Guidelines on Preventing Medication Errors in Hospitals, Medication Misadventures -- Guideline

Rhythm Dynamics Melody Harmony and
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Beethoven uses choral voices in his 9th Symphony to produce a sound that no man-made instrument could produce. Beethoven is attempting to achieve the highest and most joyful sound in the final movement of the symphony and so therefore uses human voices to compel the listener to the rapturous heights that he wants them to witness.

or what might look at the importance of tone and key. n the 20th century, composers like Schoenberg wrote atonal music that made music sound fractured and splintered and, in a word, off. This effect allowed Schoenberg to artistically represent a world around him that seemed to be going off its head -- with war, loss of conviction, and devaluation. There seemed to be no real key to happiness, and so the earlier keys that were used by Bach are rejected here by Schoenberg.

6) Using the illustrations found throughout chapter five, name the…

It is likely that the people of Japan continue to perform and listen to their own folk tunes even today because their culture is more tied to their past than ours. America's history is relatively brief, and its inhabitants come from all over the world. America has been likened to a melting pot of cultures; therefore it is not surprising to find that it has no real connection to a folk music tradition.

Japan on the other hand has existed for many centuries and its people are rooted in their heritage. Their culture is part of their lives and defines who they are and how they live: their folk music is an expression of their past, which they continually look back upon and reflect upon. They have also been more isolated from the West: it is only relatively recently that Japanese society has begun to reflect the social conditions of the Western world. It has made the attempt to become industrialized and be a viable element in the world's economy. It manufactures a great deal of the West's goods. But still it knows its heritage, and Japanese people know that while they seemingly work for the West, they are not of the West. Their folk music tells them this.

American culture tends to look only toward the future: it rotates its Top 40 continuously and calls music "classic" that came out thirty years ago. It does not know its ancestry and were it told to it, it would likely balk at the revelation. Americans do not like to consider the culture from which they came: they are not supposed to think of culture. They are like the people in Orwell's 1984 -- controlled, manipulated, and coddled. History is re-written by those in power, and those in power do not want the citizens thinking for themselves. To do so might cause dissonance.

Revolutions in Romantic Literature
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Pierre Bourdieu, "The Field of Cultural Production" from David Finkelstein and Alistair McCleery, the Book History Reader, London: Routledge, 2002.

Bordieu's work is interesting in terms of analyzing contemporary media production. It is interesting that a person's profession defines and narrows is or her perspective. To wit: Bourdieu spoke about 'culture'. Now, even though his intention was culture in the conventional sense, fields including science (which in turn includes social science), law and religion, as well as expressive domains such as art, literature and music, when he spoke about culture he onerously focused on the expressive-aesthetic fields, namely literature and art. These were his occupations and this is what the man thought about. It is possible that another, perhaps a scientist, writing about culture, would extract th scientific aspect of it. Since Bourdeau was an author, he approached it form that tangent and, thereby, gave culture his own p-articular meaning.…

Messe De Notre Dame Listening
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The composer was one of the earliest known users of syncopated rhythm, sacrificing unity of line and focus for a balance of different voices and musical interest. Polyphony is richer in sound than Gregorian plainchant and relies upon a more careful orchestration of harmony and melody, in its organization, form and dynamics. Although it retains the historical period's influence of stately reverence in its tempo, its instrumentation of vocal difference gives it an aesthetic value or richness rather than austerity that plainsong lacks. Aesthetically, to a listener today it lacks the 'medieval' quality of pure, univocal chant. Its crowded musical texture makes it difficult for a modern listener to extract literary meaning from the musical composition. ulff, "Guillaume de Machaut," 2004)

Regardless, the mass still marks an important development in the evolution of musical harmonic structure, and introduced elements of creativity into the liturgical compositions for the church.

orks Cited…

Works Cited

Wulff, John C. "Guillaume de Machaut." Early Music and Style WebPages. 2 Jan 2005.

Understanding and Evaluating Art
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The Wikipedia web site defines "art" as a "generic term for any product of the creative impulse," while Encarta Encyclopedia considered this concept as "the product of human creativity in which materials are shaped or selected to convey an idea, emotion, or visually interesting form." These definitions are related in the study of eight web sites, all of which center on the subject of (various forms of) art:

The Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (HSDC) web site ( centers on and provides an overview about street dancing through providing information about different institutions and centers that offer street dancing tutorials, competitions, other street dance-related events.

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. ( showcases the not only the works of Andy Warhol, but also functions as a venue for artists to take advantage of grants and art projects that would be beneficial for their development/improvement as visual artists.…

Transferring Products Into Streamlining
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Using the concept to redesign a chair, camper, lamp, and radio

In contrast to artistic images from eras such as the rococo and baroque, the 20th century design movement known as 'streamlining' attempted to reduce everything from homes to ordinary household objects down to their most essential, sparest forms. The popularity of this movement is embodied today in such iconic structures as Apple's iPad and iPod, where function and form are seamlessly integrated: the simplicity of the design mirrors the simplicity of using the device. Streamlining originally became popular in the 1930s, an era with many parallels to our own in terms of the political and economic unrest and fears of rapid technological change. All of this was fused into a desire for simplicity and clarity.

"America in the 1920s and early 1930s was an increasingly machine-driven culture…. The result of streamlining was not only the appearance of speed…


Architecture Naves During the Middle Ages --
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Naves During the Middle Ages -- Architectural Analysis

Timber Roof

From a structural perspective, the basic timber roof possesses some problems, most notably its relatively flimsy structural integrity. It is easy to construct, requiring less manpower to lift it and to construct its support network, but provides relatively little resistance to the elements of snow and the wind. It is functional in the sense that it performs the sheltering function of shielding the building's inner dwellers, and encloses the building from the open air, but aesthetically is not satisfactory in providing the sense of 'reaching up to the sky' so important in Medieval cathedrals of the era, and of some import in castles and other symbolically significant structures.

Longitudinal barrel vault

This is the simplest form of a vault, consisting of a continuous surface of semicircular or pointed sections. It resembles a barrel or tunnel that has been cut…

Le Corbusier Towards a New Architecture Le
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Le Corbusier


Le Corbusier is known as the father of New Architecture. His Magnus opus, Towards New Architecture, reveals the reasons why Le Corbusier was given this title. Being a well-known modernist architect, Le Corbusier was the one of the first few architects to popularize the change that modernism had brought along and suggested way in which it could be incorporated in architectural designs. His book. Towards the New Architecture ' was enthusiastically welcomed by the modernist circles, many of whom agreed with Corbusier's basic ideas for modernist living. Unlike some of his predecessors, Corbusier was of the view that the best and most important objective of architecture was to create designs that are functional in nature. While aesthetic appeal of designs was important, Le Corbusier believed it should take precedence over function, which helped in evolution of architecture. This was indeed a very interesting concept,…

Art Piece Critique
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painting takes on a two dimensional form. The shapes within the paining are organic as none of them appear symmetrical and are irregular in outline. Although the images in the painting are realistic as they are a snapshot of what would happen on an average day in an open road, the manner in which it was painted makes it seem a bit surreal. The darkness enveloping the road and the cars as well as the focus coming from the view where the cars are behind almost evokes a sense of being in a dream.

The position or perspective from which one sees the road behind provides emphasis on the headlights of the cars but also removes focus from the road. The character can either be interpreted as the cars or the trees. The cluttered background deters from the main subject focus confusing the viewer. The lines seem jagged and harsh…


Combecher, C. (2010). Out of shape, out of line East meets west. Richmond, Va: Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Karim Snoussi Christoph Korner Roman
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The architects are not simply referencing a general Neoclassical style but evoking specific elements of Roman architectural style that suggested wealth and success.

The Los Angeles Stock Exchange on Spring St. (which no longer houses the stock exchange) includes the neoclassical elements of symmetry and alternating bands of vertical and horizontal elements. It also features three bas-relief panels carved into the granite over the central entrance that reflect Roman and Greek styles of decoration on public buildings. These bas-reliefs, like the carvings on the Continental Building are meant to summon up a certain kind of wealth and triumph, in this case the capitalist economy. Buildings in the Classical world would not have had to be so direct in broadcasting their function and stature. But the architects of this neoclassical building understood that a 20th-century clientele needed more explicit cues (Hickey). Classical buildings shared a common vocabulary that had been lost…

Works Cited

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of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, 1979.

Christ, Karl. The Romans. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1984.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel According
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Therefore the commerce under analysis is not a mere relation of exchange, but is a relation in which two forces become actively involved. Since it is man who initiates the process then it results that man is free to act as he wishes and not determined in his actions. The fact that this process is initiated in times of hardship demonstrate the fact that will and freedom are not enough in order to find the path towards the truth, freedom and serenity, and that god is needed in order to achieve this goal. If the exchange relationship is the mechanism through which god ad man communicate and unite, then prayer is the instrument which the process needs for its fulfilment.

Prayer is considered to be the active manifestation of religion, its incarnation. That is why the author argues that it is "real religion" as opposed to moral senses (the ethic…


Hegel, G.W.F. Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion, trans., E.B. Speirs and J. Burdon Sanderson. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, Ltd., 1895

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Art in America There Was
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Later, perhaps inevitably as a consequence of his fascination with cinema, arhol began to make films and to engage in non-static works of performance-based art ("Andy arhol," PBS: American Masters, 2006).

In such art of the 1950s the way in which the art was perceived was as equally important as the image of the art. Disposable and even trashy images and products could be, with the use of irony and a performance space that put the works in 'quotations,' turned into artistic works, to make a statement about American popular culture. Not all Pop Art 'happenings' were inspired by cinema, however. For example, Claus Oldenberg 1961 created a plastic 'store' of manufactured goods, like pies, that reminded him of his childhood general store: "Unlike the slick, mechanical appearance of some pop art, they [the pies] are splotchy and tactile. Oldenburg's manipulation of scale and material unsettle our expectations about the…

Works Cited

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Un Chien Andalou." Salvador Dali and Louis Bunuel. 1929.

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Bread and Jam for Frances
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Children can draw pictures of foods they like and do not like, and place them in different categories, either in an individual assignment, or by taking their pictures on a bulletin board divided into 'LIKE' and 'DON'T LIKE' sections.

Social and moral

Children can set goals to try new foods every week.

Aesthetic and creative development of preschool age children

Children can be given an 'art' assignment to illustrate dinner time at their own households. Or, the class could dine together, eating some of the foods in the book. Cooking or at least learning how bread and jam are made is another hands-on, kinesthetic possibility to expand the learning environment.

Conclusion: Implementation and evaluation

First, the book will be read aloud to the class. Next, a discussion will be conducted regarding the book. Children will be able to discuss likes and dislikes about food, and set personal goals to…


Hoban, Russell. (1986). Bread and Jam for Frances. New York: HarperCollins.

Modernism in Art Modern Philosophies
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This is not simply unique to "Readymade," although this facet of art is brought to the forefront in this particular work. But Duchamp stresses that since "the tubes of paint used by an artist are manufactured and readymade products we must conclude that all the paintings in the world are Readymades aided' and also works of assemblage." (Duchamp, 83) How can art be so unique, asks Duchamp, within any particular context, when all individuals are using the same modalities of plastic production. Similarly, according to Greenburg's analysis of Manet, "it was the stressing of the ineluctable flatness of the surface that remained, however, more fundamental than anything else to the processes by which pictorial art criticized and defined itself under Modernism. For flatness alone was unique and exclusive to pictorial art." (Greenburg, 195)

The distinction between Greenburg and Duchamp, however, lies not so much in the latter's stress upon the…

Works Cited

Greenburg, Clement. "Modernist Painting." From Esthetics Contemporary. Edited by Richard Kostelanetz. New York: Prometheus Books, 2001.

Duchamp, Marcel. "Apropos of Readymades." From Esthetics Contemporary. Edited by Richard Kostelanetz. New York: Prometheus Books, 2001.

Catalogue Sotheby's Catalogue Entry on
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' The catalogue also stresses the value of the artist's works as a whole, and the resurgence of interest in the faux classical images of the late Victorian period to not simply enhance the perceived aesthetic value of the work but also the perceived financial investment the purchaser is making.

In fact, were it not for the provenance of the object in a Sotheby's catalogue, the image of the young woman might strike the gazer as rather tacky. It is a copy of popular images of what life in ancient Greece and Rome for women was really like, not a rendition of an actual woman with a unique facial expression. The catalogue terms "Idleness" a "rediscovery, a painting by one of the finest late Nineteenth Century Classicists, epitomizing the vogue for ladies in togas which held Middle-Class London under its enduring spell well into the Twentieth Century.

However, the word…

Works Cited

Godwin, W. (1908) "Idleness." Sotheby's Catalogue: Important British Pictures.[10 Feb 2005]

Enlightenment-Era Neo-Classical Works With Romantic Overtones 'Tartuffe
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Enlightenment-era, Neo-Classical works with Romantic overtones 'Tartuffe," Candide, and Frankenstein all use unnatural forms of character representation to question the common conceptions of what is natural and of human and environmental 'nature.' Moliere uses highly artificial ways of representing characters in dramatic forms to show the unnatural nature of an older man becoming attracted to a younger woman. Voltaire uses unnatural and absurd situations to question the unnatural belief of Professor Pangloss that this is the best of all possible worlds. Mary Shelley creates a fantastic or unnatural scenario to show the unnatural nature of a human scientist's attempt to turn himself into a kind of God-like creator through the use of reason and science alone.

"Tartuffe" is the most obviously unnatural of the three works in terms of its style. It is a play, and the characters do not really develop as human beings because of the compressed nature…

Architecture of Happiness Why Ideals
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The men had returned from the war, Americans were buying homes and putting all their energies in to building a nest for the family filled with all sorts of creature comforts. The female form reflected these comforts: it was round and healthy. On the other hand, the 1960s and 1970s signaled the rampant winds of change; while some people attribute it primarily to the debut of Twiggy, the skinny supermodel of the era other reasons are relevant to examine as well: "popular during the 1960's because of the increasingly popularity of self-expression and women's rights movements during this time that allowed women to shed clothes and bare more body. Being thin allowed them to comfortably wear clothes like the mini-skirt, which maybe at that time stood for some sort of freedom and self-expression. Being thin and shedding weight may have given some women the ability to feel better about themselves.…

Works Cited

Bennett, B. (2011). it's All About Art Deco. Retrieved from 

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Print for Power Brief Introduction
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As per the arrangement, this will see Dulux offer the product for sale under its own brand name. In exchange for the access it will have to PFP technology, Dulux will be expected to pay an annual royalty fee. The said fee is expected to be 15% of the profits Dulux rakes in from the sale of PFP paint. Thus with regard to merchandising, PFP Ltd. plans to have a main partnership with Dulux. On the production front, the company will enter into a one year trial period partnership with Dulux for the production of Power Paint. Mass production of the same will largely be dependent on the results of this trial.

Benefits of Partnership

One of the key benefits of PFP's partnership with Dulux is the specialization each partner brings to the arrangement. Currently, Dulux has an elaborate distribution system and sound customer base to guarantee maximum exposure to…


Hill, C.W. & Jones, G.R. (2012). Strategic Management Theory (10th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

Miller, R.L. & Jentz, G.A. (2010). Business Law Today: The Essentials (9th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

White Gown
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White Gown

The white wedding dress: Showcasing the (commoditized) body

The wedding dress as body-dominant or body-subordinate

"The 'traditional' or lavish wedding denotes a religious setting, a bride dressed in a long, white gown, a multi-tiered white cake, abundant flowers, attendants in matching finery, a reception, and a honeymoon and is the dominant form in much of global culture today" (Iovan et al. 2011:29). A critical component of this festivity is finding the appropriate wedding gown, an aspect of the wedding that is often equally as storied and ceremonious as the actual wedding itself.

On the surface, the practice of dressing one's self in a long, white gown in the style of a Victorian or medieval maiden might seem to be a body-subordinate practice (i.e., a practice which conceals the body). Even in the most modern weddings, many brides' legs are concealed, with only their waists, breasts, and arms…


Eicher, J.B., Evenson, S.L., Lutz, H.A. (2008). The visible self: Global perspectives on dress, culture, and society. New York, NY: Fairchild Books.

Four Weddings and a Funeral. (1994). Directed by Richard Curtis.

Lee, Linda. (2013). Bridal hunger games. The New York Times. Retrieved:

Sitcom Running Water Main Characters
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What kind of neighborhood is it in?

Lower middle class apartment complex

What is its structure?

Constantly bustling, full of many cultures and ethnicities, although Cuban-Americans predominate.

What does it look like?

Clean, functional, but very impersonal-looking apartment blocks.

What does it contain?

Mainly recent Cuban immigrants

What is its aesthetic?

The aesthetic is very functional, since the area is mainly dominated by recent immigrants coming from underdeveloped countries to the United States.

What does it say about the characters who inhabit that space?

The characters are very new to the United States and are unfamiliar with its social expectations.

Target Demographic: Hispanic-Americans

Gender: As with most relationship-driven sitcoms, more female than male.

Geographic Location: Residents of Latin American-dominated neighborhoods in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles

Age Range: 20 something and older

Education: high school to some college

Ethnicity: Latino, with heavily skewed towards Cubans

Conservative/Liberal Status: Cubans tend…

Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum Locate a Set of
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Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

Locate a set of standards that relate to the arts or aesthetic learning. Read them through and select one or two that apply to a particular early childhood age group. Discuss how you could use these standards to plan an art activity for young children. You may use The National tandards for Arts Education website or choose any other state standards you would like.

The category that I selected is Dance, and the standard is Grade K-4 Dance tandard 3 which reads: Understanding dance as a way to create and communicate meaning. The Achievement tandard consists of the following objectives:

tudents observe and discuss how dance is different from other forms of human movement (such as sports, everyday gestures)

tudents take an active role in a class discussion about interpretations of and reactions to a dance

tudents present their own dances to peers and discuss their meanings…

Stuart Brown: Importance of Play. [video]. Retrieved

Stuart Brown: Why Play Is Vital -- No Matter Your Age. [video]. Retrieved 

Zaretskii, V.K. (November -- December 2009). "The Zone of Proximal Development What Vygotsky Did Not Have Time to Write." Journal of Russian and East European Psychology 47-70 -- 93. doi:10.2753/RPO1061-0405470604.

Maori Art
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Maori Art

The Maori are a group of people who inhabit New Zealand and have heritage in the Pacific and Polynesian regions. The culture was an extremely rich one which has survived appropriation and colonization from Great Britain and other cultures. One of the ways that the Maori people were able to sustain its ancient culture was through the creation of works of arts. Of particular importance to the continuation of the culture was the unbelievable ability of the Maori culture to create artistic carvings. So important was the ability to carve in the culture that generations would literally carry the artistic talent with them on their faces, carving images and icons into their skin as representations of their heritage.

There are two concepts which were important topics to the Maori people. These are called the tapu and the noa. Tapu was a religious idea which encompassed everything that would…

Works Cited:

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Society. 42:3(167). Print.

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Gathercole, Peter. "Context of Maroi Moko." 171-177. Print.

Art Analysis After Museum Visit
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Impressions of the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art

The non-profit Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art -- located in Biloxi, Mississippi -- was recently commissioned and constructed to honor the legacy of ceramic artist George E. Ohr. According to the museum's website, "the self-proclaimed 'Mad Potter of Biloxi' created a body of ceramic work which defied the aesthetic conventions of 19th century America & #8230;while today Ohr is considered an early leader in the modernist movement and it is his creative spirit which informs the mission of the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum." Among the exhibits on display during my recent visit were a gallery of African-American art by Carl Joe illiams titled "Shades of Perception," a historical pottery exhibit sponsored by the Mississippi Sound elcome Center, which featured the work of Biloxi transplant and Master Potter Joseph Fortune Meyer, and a gallery of clay and bronze sculptures by Rod Moorhead titled "Entropy." The diverse nature…

Works Cited

Getlein, Mark. Living with art. McGraw Hill, 2008.