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Argentina Essays (Examples)

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Peronism The Dictatorial Populism of
Words: 1004 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93694380
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By mobilizing women in the name of Peron, Eva was able to use women to evangelize the greatness of Peron to their families, and to count upon their turn-out in the streets on prominent festival days. She also took special care to help downtrodden women through her Foundation.

Plotkin suggests that Peron's rise to power was not merely based on charisma. The Peron regime created institutions that supported its quasi-religious cult of personality. The educational, bureaucratic, and social structures of the land all conspired to keep Peron in power. Textbooks, national holidays, myths disseminated through the media about the rise of Peron's wife up from poverty, and gift-giving all created a system of interconnected symbols and rituals that made Peronism seem legitimate. Populism itself can be a manufactured entity.

A common question not just in regards to Peron, but about many populist figures that betray their constituencies is how people…

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regimen peronista (1946-1955). Buenos Aires: Ariel Historia Argentina. 1994.

Marketing Preliminary Marketing Plan Introducing
Words: 1641 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5110507
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For intermodal exports such as bottling factory equipment we will utilize CPT (carriage paid to) and CIP (carriage and insurance paid to) in place of CIF for all modes of transportation including intermodal.

A in some negotiations we will use FOB (free on board) for bottling plants that purchase from us directly at a buyer named port of export where we quote the buyer a price that will cover all costs up to and including the loading of goods aboard a vessel.

Pro Forma Invoice - During the initial export transaction, we will utilize the pro forma invoice.

Pro forma financial statements and budgets marketing budget selling expense

Actual selling expense 6/30/2004 $0

Projected selling expense 6/30/2005 $450,000 advertisement promotion expense

Actual advertisement expense 6/30/2004 $0

Projected selling expense 6/30/2005 $150,000 distribution expense

Actual distribution expense 6/30/2004 $0

Projected distribution expense 6/30/2005 $104,000 product cost

Actual product cost 6/30/2004 $0…


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Cecilia Grierson
Words: 4841 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99156264
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Cecilia Grierson

The roles which women perform in society are varied and these roles are usually not being considered influential or remain unnoticed. Particularly those roles which are inclined towards religion remain not been put to question. For a long duration of the Argentinean history, religion has been having an undue influence. An optimistic effect on the outlook and ethics of the community of Argentina, realized over several decades was through the arrival of foreign ideas through immigration. Main significance of women is even now her responsibility as wife and mother. Genuine contributions of educated feminists of the early generation are for ascertaining Argentina's place among the international society of feminists and making a gauge of educational liberty for women. When one studies the proceedings in totality, there is certainly a fulfillment that women of Argentina have achieved much, even though Cecilia Grierson was the first among woman to have…


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Fear by Andrew Graham-Yooll Who
Words: 1011 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56185108
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79), probably as succinct an explanation for the fear, loathing, and bloodletting as there is in his book. Civil conflict also grew out of "personal emotions," the author explains. Nearly everyone it seems got into the act, including those who "set out to avenge a militant blasted to bits by a grenade" -- and the casualties grew as various groups "ordered an increase in terror" as a strategy to maintain power over those "of the wayward in their faction" (p. 79).

Though he was a newspaper reporter, and very interested in the guerrilla movement and the government corruption as a political dynamic, Graham-Yooll (p. 43) -- and a witness to the release of a kidnapped high-visibility individual (Jorge Born) -- Graham-Yooll remarked, "The frustrating thing about journalism is that often you know less about a story for being at the center of it."

One story Graham-Yooll did know about was…

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Wars of Principles the Falklands and Malvinas
Words: 896 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 76082748
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Wars of Principle in the Falklands and Malvinas

Although the age of imperialism has slowly, but inexorably, been consigned to history books, with the great ritish, Spanish and Portuguese empires that once dominated the globe now largely defunct after the revolutionary spirit swept through colonies from America to Argentina, vestiges of this age-old system still remain to this day. Despite withdrawing from the vast majority of its former colonies after successful campaigns for independence were waged, the United Kingdom has strived to maintain a semblance of its former power by maintaining control over small areas of land within the nations it previously ruled over. Hong Kong in China, Gibraltar in the Iberian Peninsula, and a half dozen Caribbean islands from ermuda to Turks and Caicos, the custom of leaving behind ritish territories in the wake of widespread independence movements was instituted to ensure that the United Kingdom's dogged pursuit of…


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Southern Cone Common Market Mercosur Marketing Since
Words: 1158 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63466152
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Southern Cone Common Market: Mercosur


Since the signing of the Assucion treaty signed in 1991, the hoped for benefits for the countries in the Mercosur have not been completely realized for all involved. This work will concentrate on the marketing and trade issues of each country in the region.

The Southern Cone Common Market is a Latin American trade organization that is called Mercosur and was established in 1991 for the purpose of increasing the cooperation in economic efforts in the member countries. Member countries are Argentina, razil, olivia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru. The economies are different from country to country inside the Mercosur region. razil and Argentina were originally at odds and had been for many years top competitors preceding entrance into Mercosur. The goals in Mercosur are gradual elimination of tariffs between the member nations. Since the 1991 signing of the Assuncion Treat trade between the…


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Evita Peron the Cultural and
Words: 3275 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20738557
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"(Schneider, 396) it was certainly Evita's dedication to the poor which promoted her as a cultural icon in the first place. This idea is openly available in her writings, where she emphasizes her view on social justice and her indignation when confronted with social discrimination between the different classes of people: "I have discovered a fundamental feeling in my heart which completely governs my spirit and my life. That feeling is my indignation when confronted with injustice."(Peron)

According to Evita's own confession, her first realization of the idea of social injustice was shocking to her, as she perceived openly the difference between the poor and the rich: "I admit I learned it almost at one blow, and that I learned it though suffering; and I declare that it never seemed to me either logical or natural."(Peron) Evita's confessed natural repulsion towards injustice was perhaps her greatest trait of character and…

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The History of Peronism.

Mass Culture Tango
Words: 2747 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41042931
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Adorno's theories on mass culture and commoditization were one of the fundamentals of postmodernism as it appeared in the 20th century. Even if rejected by many, nevertheless, his theories help explain some of the cultural phenomenon, such as the success of the American type culture, with its Hollywood movies and McDonald culture, against the traditional European one.

The tango dance is one of the most representative forms of manifestation of the Argentinean spirit and people. orn in the mid-1800s, tango was quickly exported to Europe and became a true success story, until its downfall in 1955. It was reborn in 1983 and has been a success ever since.

Investigating Adorno's theories and applying them in the case of tango, we may wonder whether this is the best example we may choose to argument the truth in Adorno's statements. Indeed, while on one hand, tango can be considered an element of…


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Lives of Two Women Depicted in Separate
Words: 1602 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73122464
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lives of two women depicted in separate books. The writer explores the way they suffered as well the struggles they went through during their lives. The writer uses each book to show how much of a struggle life can be as one ages through their life. There were two sources used to complete this paper.

Authors of literature who want to become successful use their talents to show the reader a story. Many times the element that makes a book a classic is the fact that the human element become involved therefore the reader gets attached to the story and the characters that are in the story.

In the Time Of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez and Searching for Life: The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo and the Disappeared Children of Argentina by ita Arditti the authors draw the readers in until they become attached to the ladies of…


The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo and the Disappeared Children of Argentina by Rita Arditti.

In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez.Plume; Reprint edition (August 1995)

The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo and the Disappeared Children of Argentina by Rita Arditti.

Peronism Approaching a Definition of
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59396404
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His entire regimes was marked by a dislike from many on both the right and the left sides of his politics, form writers to doctors and especially the military (Brennan; Romero). Much of the peasant, labor, and servant class, however, especially those Argentineans who were still most closely identified with the indigenous groups of people in the country, strongly supported Juan Peron and his wife Eva. Her death, in fact, seemed to signal the beginning of the end of Peron as his popular support began to wane significantly and his own behavior, both politically and privately, grew increasingly erratic (Romero). As this base began to erode out from underneath him, the oppositional social forces gained in strength, culminating in Peron's eventual overthrow.

Peron's political practices, while more concretely observable than his ideology or his social base, in many instances, are in some ways more difficult to codify. His nationalization of…

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Operation Condor Is Considered to
Words: 984 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76747131
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The tragedies of the families involved made the subject of several films. However, one of the most interesting on this theme is Cautiva, a 2004 foreign film which depicts the drama of a young girl whose destiny is affected by the actions of the Condor Operation. However, in fact, the story represents a symbolic image of the way in which Argentine manages to cope with its communist and totalitarian past. The story revolves around a fifteen-year-old teenager who discovers that the persons she has been living with her entire life are her adoptive family. More importantly however is the fact that the government is the element which allows her to discover that, by matching her blood tests with that of her real parents. In real life Argentina, such stories are becoming more and more often due in part to the official desire of the government to restore negative effects of…

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Miguel Sahagun Mexico Regional Leader
Words: 7688 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 67853101
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Mexico's Trade Strategy

Mexico has pursued a three-dimensional trade strategy perhaps more diligently than even the United States according to Schott (Studer & Wise, 2007). Mexico has been an active participant in multilateral talks since its GATT accession in 1986 and was the host country for the special Summit of the Americas in Monterrey and for the hemispheric trade talks in Puebla. Mexico is perhaps most famous as the instigator of NAFTA as well as many other FTAs with countries around the world including key industrial markets such as the European Union (EU, The European Free Trade Association (EFTA), and Japan. In addition, Mexico entered in FTAs with olivia, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, The G3 (Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela), Honduras, Israel and Nicaragua during the period January 1995 to June 2001 (Schott in Studer & Wise, 2007). It is important to emphasize that Mexico has many more FTAs…


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Chile Officially Known as Republic of Chile
Words: 2102 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18423621
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Chile, officially known as epublic of Chile, is a South American country with Peru, Bolivia Argentina as its neighboring countries. The Pacific Ocean borders it on the west and south. Santiago is both its capital and the largest city. The country is primarily urban as 1/3 of the total population inhabits the areas in and around Santiago and Vina Del Mar. Almost ninety percent of the Chileans are oman Catholics whereas Spanish is the official language of the country ("Chile," 2012). This country in South America has a landscape filled with "dry deserts, snow-capped mountains, sandy beaches, and thick temperate rain forests" (au, 2007).

The climate in the country is as varied as its natural features. Aside from the apparently intense climatic conditions in some parts, the country enjoys a comfy and moderate climate ("Chile").


The southern part of the Chilean region was controlled by the Araucanians long before…


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Public Administration Locomotive Parts Contract- Case Study
Words: 632 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95799283
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Public Administration


Worldwide (W) is one of the key players in the field of locomotive parts manufacturing. The company has just been able to obtain an important contract to supply locomotive parts to Paraguay. This report focuses on the work allocation problem at hand and makes some important recommendations. Worldwide cannot afford to take this contract lightly and for this reason, it needs to make sure that only the best people are working on this project. However since all subsidiaries are keen to grab the major share of the contract, the firm is faced with a serious challenge where it has to please the subsidiaries and also assign work to only the very best. The report analyzes the situation and recommends that strengths of each subsidiary be closely evaluated and work be assigned based on the findings.


Worldwide has landed a huge contract and…

Intelligence Profiling - Hitler Intelligence
Words: 362 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85543704
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At the same time, Hitler had very old-fashioned ideas when it came to his behavior towards the opposite sex. He believed that women belonged in the home, and had no role in public life of the Reich. Their main role was to mother racially pure Aryan children.

If Hitler were to have removed himself to a German-speaking part of Argentina in order to pursue an art career rather than remain in Europe and become leader of the Third Reich, one can only assume that he would have limited his contacts to Argentineans of German descent. Hitler felt that Jews, Slavs, and other racial "undesirables" were polluting the purity of the German race. Add to that his repressed nature that surfaced in the form of traditional attitudes towards sex and procreation, and it seems readily apparent that he would attempt to ground his Argentinean art career among German-speaking "pure" Argentineans.


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International Crime Terrorism and Organized Crime Trends
Words: 3182 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 30816158
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International Crime, Terrorism, And Organized Crime Trends

Comparing contrasting topics international crime, terrorism, organized crime trends

This research has confirmed the possibility of close correlation between money laundering activities, Islamic terrorist fundraising, organized crime, and corruption of public officials throughout Brazilian Hizballah region. The organized crime networks and the Islamic extremists of Brazil must be examined in collaboration because they are connected to wider networks in Latin America zone and across the world. All the organized activities and terrorists in Brazilian Hizballah were facilitated by corrupt officials, which were driven by the benefits of lucrative criminal activities conducted such as business ventures by terrorists and organized crime groups. Consequently, there was a mutually beneficial association among the three sectors. In this study, Brazilian Hizballah will serve as a microcosm.


A number of free-Trade American regions with massive Middle Eastern populations permit organized crime mafias, Islamic terrorist groups, and corrupt…


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Borderless Society the Impact of a Borderless
Words: 1383 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22608236
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Borderless Society

The Impact of a Borderless Society

Because of technology and the way in which society has evolved, people currently live in a world where there are virtually no geographic boundaries (Time, 2006). Goods and services can be transmitted anywhere, and people from all over the world can talk to one another via the internet and cell phones quickly and easily in real time. Even the food that is consumed by most people comes from places far away from them (Kloppenburg, et al., 1996). They have fresh fruit in cold weather areas of the United States in December, for example, and that fruit has to come from somewhere else. It is not possible to grow peaches in South Dakota in January, so there is no way that fruit is local. It had to be grown somewhere warm, picked, packed up, and shipped elsewhere. While there is nothing actually wrong…


Kloppenburg, J. Jr., Hendrickson, J., & Stevenson, G.W. (1996). Coming in to the foodshed. Agriculture and Human Values 13(3): 33-42

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What Actions Governments Reduce Limit Price Fluctuations Oil
Words: 1937 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87182797
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Oil Price Fluctuation

Actions adopted by the government to reduce or limit price fluctuation

Oil Price Fluctuation iii

This report will focus on the actions adopted by the government to reduce the fluctuation in oil prices. A brief introduction is discussed in the assignment. The reasons are also described in the assignment for which the oil prices fluctuate. This assignment also puts light on the price stability and why governments need to intervene to reduce the volatility in oil prices. Strategies adopted by the government to stable the oil prices are also discussed.

easons of price fluctuation

Price stability

Government intervention to stable the oil prices

Energy conservation


Strategic oil reserves

Adopt assistance



Actions adopted by the government to reduce or limit price fluctuation


The prices of oil were increased in 2007 to 2008. The oil prices were highly fluctuating in 2007 between the months January…


Bacon, R. & Kajima, M. (2008) Coping with Oil Price Volatility. ESMAP p.1-174.

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Truth vs Justice
Words: 2374 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38028870
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Domestic Homicide in South Carolina

The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread," wrote French intellectual and social critic Anatole France in The Red Lily in 1894 and in doing so he summarized the often great distance that exists between laws and people's concepts of justice and truth. Justice is a slippery concept and the truth even more so - and this is perhaps nowhere more evident than in the practices of the "truth commissions" established in a number of countries newly accustoming themselves to democracy. The Orwellian sound of "truth commission" is not inappropriate, for the connection between the actions of these commissions - in places like Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala and South Africa - and the truth of experience or any sense of absolute justice was both tenuous…

Juan Peron
Words: 2288 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36575577
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Juan Peron's Presidency

Juan Peron is one of the Argentine Presidents who had made a mark in the history of Argentina. A military who had never been in politics, Peron run for president in Argentina's 1946 election. With ideal political schemes in improving the living standards of the Argentines, which was specifically focused in uplifting the poor and working class's living conditions, Juan Peron won the 1946 election with 56% votes (Your Encyclopedia).

Peron's victory brought forth a new type of government known as the Peronism. Peronism was seen by many as a humanitarian form of government that looked into the needs of the poor. It appealed to the lower classes because it expected and promised to achieve national economic changes that will transform the Argentines into living better lives. The Peronism government had planned to industrialize Argentina. A great number of labor unions were formed while hoping that there…


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American Studies International 24.1 (2004): 4-48.

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American Socialist. 26 July 2004.

Composer Alberto Williams
Words: 3129 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95695965
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Alberto Williams and Nationalism

Introduction & Brief History Lesson

Generally speaking, the term nationalism is used to describe a sense of identification which individuals within a society or culture share regarding their state of residence. Most countries are characterized by this identification to some degree or other and Argentina is no exception. However, if one considers the fact that Argentina has been an independent country since 1810, what is striking is how long a true sense of nationalism took to fully blossom (Douglas). Specific to the topic of this paper, Alberto Williams was not born until 1862. Furthermore, his music would not have been able to affect the listeners in his country until he reached adulthood and was able to actually compose it. Then one must consider that the music would have had to have been accepted by Argentine society and then disseminated across a wide enough area of the…


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11 Apr. 2003.

International Business Tecnologia Empresa Te
Words: 3308 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 2201968
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In fact many identify as European as opposed to Latin American. In addition, although Spanish is spoken in Argentina and it is the official language of the country, it is also a quite different type of Spanish than the Spanish spoken in other Latin American countries ("Argentina cultural guide").

In addition to the aforementioned differences, there are also differences associated with Business Etiquette. In Argentina the culture is driven by relationships and as such when people are conducting businesses they tend to be more comfortable conducting business with people that they know and they are already familiar with. However, in London it will often be the case that the person that business is conducted with is not someone that is familiar to the individual. Because this is the case it will be important to prepare the Argentineans who will work in London by educating them concerning the norms of business…

Reference List

Argentina cultural guide. Retrieved April 7, 2009 from; 

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The Reagan Administration U S Diplomatic Relations with the UK throughout the Falkland War
Words: 3227 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 57228179
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In April 2nd 1982, the then Argentinian government sent soldiers to take over the disputed Falklands Islands. The reason for this is that the South American country regarded the group of islands as part of its territory. However, the British, who already occupied the islands, also regarded the Falklands as their territory. Over the next one month, both countries made serious attempts to store the conflict from escalating. Alexander Haig, who was the then United States Secretary of State was right in the middle of the diplomatic negotiations to try and stop the conflicting from escalating. He and his team travelled frantically between the London and Buenos Aires to meet and negotiate with the leaders of the two countries, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom and President Leopoldo Galtieri of Argentina. Nevertheless, the countless hours of negotiations and the frantic efforts of the Alexander Haig and his…

Cousins and Strangers Moya Jose
Words: 1521 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32898123
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The book strikes the reader as impressively researched, although at times the more micro and quantitiative focus of the historian can cause the humanity of the narratives, of the people themselves to be lost. A greater incorporation of a central thesis into the fold of the book, and a more coherently organized framework in which to subsume the data might have been helpful. The inclusion of an appendix is worthy as well, but how many readers will read such a work? The lack of attention to the individuals at hand to a certain extent justifies the often stultifying inclusion of lists and tables, but if these lists could have been given greater 'story' and coherennce, the book would have been of greater value and interest to the layperson, rather than to the stuidious historian or student. And ultimately was that not what most of these people were seeking, coming to…

Military Rule Shaping Politics and
Words: 2556 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74196784
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The definition for "subversives" is a bit vague, but Fagen explains that in Argentina and elsewhere in Latin American dictatorships the victims of violent repression tended to be union leaders, liberal political leaders, artistic people in cultural circles, student protest leaders and media personalities (p. 41). The whole point of these horrendous repressive policies was to inspire fear, confusion and "distrust" among the general population. For those who believe the United States' military always stands on the side of democratic movements it may come as something of a shock that the U.S. funded and trained many military outfits during the time of dictators in Latin America.

"An entire generation of Latin American military officers and police were armed, trained, and 'professionalized'" by American police and military leaders (Fagen, 1992, p. 43). Fagen says the repression in Argentina was, in part, designed to "Purge ideological infection"; Argentine present General Jorge Rafael…

Works Cited

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Chile, and Peru." Political Science Quarterly 112.3 (1997): 453-475.

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Post War Iraq a Paradox in the Making Legitimacy vs Legality
Words: 14187 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57694954
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Post War Iraq: A Paradox in the Making: Legitimacy vs. legality

The regulations pertaining to the application of force in International Law has transformed greatly from the culmination of the Second World War, and again in the new circumstances confronting the world in the aftermath of the end of the Cold War. Novel establishments have been formed, old ones have withered away and an equally enormous quantity of intellectual writing has studied this, which is debatably the most significant sphere of international law. Any discussion on the lawful use of armed force ought to start with the United Nations Charter. The Charter redefined understanding of the legitimacy of the application of force by outlining situations under which it is allowed.1

The guiding theory of the Charter is affirmed in its Preamble that armed forces should not be used except in the general interest. Article 2(4) of the Charter preserves this…


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Global Business International Reserves in
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other intangible assets such as patents and management strength. Finally, those future earnings are discounted to arrive at a net present value. Interbrand discounts against current interest rates and also against the brand's overall risk profile to factor in brand strength. Considerations include market leadership, stability, and global reach -- or the ability to cross both geographic and cultural borders. The final result values the brand as a financial asset. BusinessWeek and Interbrand believe this figure comes closest to representing a brand's true economic worth. (Business Week, Aug, 2007 (

Among the top 100 brands the U.S. has the largest representation with a full 52 brands on the list. This is comparable to no other nation. The U.S. also boast the highest rankings in high tech brands, producing electronic support systems, like software and PCs and/or support functions for them, as well as food and beverage provider brands, while Japan…


BP Statistical Review of World Energy, 2008, retrieved 8, 15, 2008: 

Business Week, Aug, 2007, retrieved 8, 15, 2008:

African-American Mothers and Their Daughters Ethical Issues
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Ethical Issues in Gumdrop Northern

The Executive Officer, ABC Company

Ethical Issues in Gumdrop Northern

It has come to my attention that the actions and functions of the Gumdrop Northern are not up to standards. The company besides afflicting the American citizens, particularly the military, has lacked a sense of corporate social responsibility to both their employees, customers and the natural environment. Notably, the business world faces the notion of corporate social responsibility in all aspects of business undertakings (Bitektine, 2011). In a wide assortment of issues, corporations get motivation of to behaving in a socially responsible manner. In the contemporary world, corporate businesses focuses on the interest of the society through taking responsibility for the effect of their actions on employees, shareholders, communities and customers in all facets of their operations (Bitektine, 2011).

Nevertheless, this is contrary to what Gumdrop Northern is doing to…


Bitektine, A, 2011, "Toward a theory of social judgments of organizations: The case of legitimacy, reputation, and status," Academy of Management Review, 36: 151 -- 179.

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Wine Marketing Research and Segmentation
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The statistics show that the table wine enjoys the largest popularity of all wines. Table wine is not just a tasty, but also handy. Its level of alcohol is reduced compared to the other two types, which explains why its consumption in litres is higher than for the other types.

From this point-of-view, virtually all European countries qualify as exporting countries, although their wine consumption in general is higher in the southern and western part of the continent.

Wine variety: semi-dry/semi-sweet/sweet/dry should come second as it reflects the European attitude towards the different types of table wine. The statistics show that different countries in Europe have different tastes when it comes to wine variety.

From this point-of-view, given that semi-dry and semi-sweet wines are popular in Europe as their taste is not extreme so it satisfied a wider range of tastes, El chileno branco qualifies as a popular product. Moreover,…

Reference List

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Read Book Why Peron Came to Power
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Peron Came to Power

Publisher: Alfred - A - Knopf

Copyright Date: 1968

The editor of this publication, Joseph . Barager, following his own 38-page introduction, gives way to 21 individual "authors" - all of whom contribute short essays on pivotal periods and events leading up to and into the Peron era. Each of the 21 essayists has his or her own particular area of expertise, and hence, a unique point-of-view. As to the over-riding point-of-view of the editor? Barager clearly wishes to establish at the outset of his book, that the book is going to argue that Juan Domingo Peron was not responsible for "all the ills and misfortunes" that afflicted Argentina following WWII - notwithstanding the contention of some Latin American journalistic observers, and the raging of many hostile and angry Argentineans. Nor, the editor's thesis goes on to assert, was Peron the "champion" of the lower class…


Barager, Joseph R. Why Peron Came to Power: The Background to Peronism in Argentina. New York: Alfred - A - Knopf, 1968.

International Regulation of Tourism in Antarctica
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International egulation of Tourism in Antarctica

Since the mid-1980s, Antarctica has been an increasingly popular tourist destination, despite the relative danger of visiting the largest, least explored -- and arguably least understood -- continent on earth. Beginning with the 1959 treaty establishing Antarctica as an international zone free of claims of sovereignty by nation's that had been instrumental in establishing research stations there, there has been almost constant negotiation about how to administer regulations pertaining to the preservation of life forms on the continent, what those regulations should be, and what sanctions should be applied and by whom.

To understand the depths of the negotiations, and the potential for discord, it is necessary to understand what the continent offer the 65% of global nations that are party to the 1959 and all subsequent treaties. To understand the possible future of Antarctica, it is necessary to outline treaty attempts to minimize…


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Engineered Crops the Rapid Advancements
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Glyphosate tolerant weeds started to grow uncontrollably requiring the use of greater quantities of pesticides than was necessary conventionally. [ranford, Sue]

Gene Contamination

Another problem is the increasing possibility of gene pollution on traditional crops by GM crops. In a brief article, which discusses the health dangers of genetically modified foods, the author cites a recent study by the UCS (Union of Concerned Scientists). In the study, which analyzed samples of conventionally grown crops such as maize, soybeans and canola, it was found that more than half of the seeds were contaminated to some level. As the report indicated the samples under study were, "pervasively contaminated with low levels of DNA sequences from GM varieties." [: Pearce, Fred] a clear example of this type of contamination is the shocking finding that traditional Mexican maize had genetically engineered genes. This problem will be more dangerous if pharming crops contaminate conventional crops.…


1) John Pickrell, "GM Organisms," New Scientist, Special Report, 13/12/2004

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Vol 182 Issue

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Moya Jose C Cousins and Strangers Spanish
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Moya, Jose C. Cousins and Strangers: Spanish Immigrants to Buenos Aires.

The title of Jose C. Moya's book Cousins and Strangers refers to the fact that the mass migrations of Spaniards to Argentina that occurred between the middle of the 19th century and the beginning of the Great Depression were distinct from other waves of immigrant migration. Buenos Aires is a tremendously diverse city and has been subject to many different influxes of new immigrant populations. But the new waves of Spaniards came from the nation that had once colonized Argentina, unlike the Italians, which comprised the largest ethnic community within the city. The Spaniards spoke a common language, might be distant relatives to some of the residents, and yet were culturally worlds apart.

Moya divides his book into two sections -- one about the Old World of Spain and the other about the New World the Spanish experienced in…

Adolf Eichmann Nazi War Criminal
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The question then becomes, not is there an Adolf Eichmann in each person, for undoubtedly there is. The question becomes, how well can people discern the difference between ideals with which they agree, and those things that are immoral; and perhaps most importantly, how effectively can people decide to do that which is morally correct even when faced with such unpopular consequences as standing out from the crowd and siding against a popular government (Alford)?

Those who held opinions that were opposed to Eichmann's trial in Israel did not wait to be heard. One notable contemporary in particular believed that the methods undertaken to achieve the trial were questionable at best. In 1961, Victor Gollancz published a pamphlet on the very trial in question. It was a plea to abstain from executing Eichmann, but it touched on issues related to the motives surrounding the trial. The Israeli Prime Minister wanted…

Works Cited

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Browning, Christopher. The Origins of the Final Solution: The Evolution of Nazi Jewish

Communication and Culture Europe Greece
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In essence, cultural values across Argentina demand for observation, tolerance, and understanding. The tingo dance for example is one of the nonverbal communications. Argentines also like engaging in activities that give them a sense of belonging (Foster, et al., 18).

Part 3: Africa, Tanzania

Cultural norms are patterns of behavior that specifically are typical to a given group. They are shared, sanctioned, and integrated systems of beliefs and practices. These behaviors are passed from one generation to the next. In other words, cultural norms are the expectations and rules that are agreed upon through which a society guides the behavior of its members with regard to a given situation (Qingxue, 13). Cultural norms widely vary across cultural groups. In most cases cultural norms are not considered to be formal laws, however, they are helpful and vital in instilling social control within the society. Cultural norms are mainly enforced through non-verbal…

Works Cited

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Latin America in the National Period
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Latin America's problems owe a great deal to a tradition of caudillism, personal politics and authoritarianism." It will also give definitions for eight terms associated with Latin American studies: caudillism, liberalism, The Export oom, Neocolonialism, Import Subsidizing Industrialization, ureaucratic Authoritarianism and Privatization.

Latin America currently faces many problems, with diverse causes and manifestations, for example, huge external debts, lack of development in infrastructure, low levels of education for children, and low levels of health care for the population (with concurrent high infant mortality rates and low age expectancies). Many authors (such as Juan Manuel de Rosas, author of Argentine Caudillo, John Reed, author of Insurgent Mexico, and Jacobo Timerman, author of Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number) have argued that Latin America's current problems stem from a period of history (the National period), following independence, during which caudillismo was popular, and personalistic politics and authoritarianism were the rule.…


Encyclopedia Britannica. 2002 DVD-edition for Macintosh.

Williamson, E. (1992). The Penguin History of Latin America.

Hi Pro Performance Fly Rods
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Company's Performance

The control chart delineates the 18 months manufacturing operations of Hi-Pro Performance Fly ods in three countries, namely: the United States, Argentina, and New Zealand. In delineation, control charts are also referred to as process-behavior charts and are components of statistical process control that are utilized to determine whether a manufacturing process or business process is deemed to be in a state of statistical control. In particular, statistical process control is utilized so as to undertake the monitoring and control of a process. In addition, it is employed to ascertain the continuous improvement in terms of quality of the products and services as well as productivity and output of the personnel. Control charts have limits which enable managers to assess which processes are stable and unstable (Tague, 2005).

For the performances of all three countries, none of the averages randomly fall both above and below the centerline. In…


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Political and Economic Imlications of
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The newly independent states were generally rated according to high level of political, economic or social risk (not entirely untrue), which meant that the levels of interest were generally extremely high. Even more, the sums paid for interest would generally surpass the actual funds that had been received. This meant that, instead of focusing the country's resources on development and internal projects, most of it had to be spent paying off debts which were not even viable and extremely costly.

On the other hand, from an international perspective, international debt is something fundamentally essential to the financial markets. Money is made to circulate and move around, which means that entities need to be connected to the financial markets, borrow on the open markets and use that money to create added value and generate more cash flow. The fact that, in many cases in the developing world, this mechanism was in…


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Impact of Globalization on Labour
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Globalization and Labor

Globalization is a term used in a multiplicity of senses, such as the global interdependence of nations, the growth of a world system, accumulation on a world scale, and the global village (Petras Pp). All of these concepts, as well as many others, are rooted in the general notion that the "accumulation of capital, trade and investment is no longer confined to a nation-state" (Petras Pp). Globalization in the most general sense refers to the "cross-national flows of goods, investment, production and technology," and for advocates, the scope and depth of these flows have created a new world order, "with its own institutions and configurations of power that have replace the structures of nation-states" (Petras Pp). Globalization has deepened and extended the international division of labor, with everything from automobile parts to information collection and analysis now out-sourced to labor in distant nation-states (Petras Pp). Exporting labor…

Work Cited

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Journal of Contemporary Asia; 3/1/1999; Pp.

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Children With Severe Disabilities
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education favor adoption of culturally sensitive curricula and instructional practices. This appears particularly pressing in light of increasingly heterogeneous classrooms. Equipped with a broad knowledge of global cultures and their respective practices, instructors are better able to create an academic environment that is both open to and accepting of diverse backgrounds. A brief examination of the Argentine educational system, the family's role in it, and societal perceptions towards disability advances this objective.

Argentina, a large South American country, holds a firm commitment towards education; this is evident with its 96% literacy rate (Dupre, 2001, p. 6). Compulsory education begins at age 5, with kindergarten. General basic education curricula follow and are broken into three cycles (ages 6-9, 9-12, and 12-15). Students may then enroll in an optional multipurpose education curriculum (ages 15-18). Higher educational public institutions, similar to their elementary and secondary counterparts, are tuition-free. Grades are rendered on a…


Dupre, Proffitt Anne (2001). Transforming Education: The Lesson from Argentina.

Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, 34(1), p. 1-42.

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International Trade and Finance Law
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In the case of United States, Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code provides for practically all types of security agreements for owned property that are both for own use as also for commercial purposes. This type of agreements includes fixtures which mean personal property that is attached to the property, and the ready example can be a water heater. This does not include other liens taken on the property like the lien of a mechanic are not covered by this act, but are covered by the individual laws that govern them. There is also a statute of frauds and that requires a security agreement to be in writing for it to be valid, unless the property has been pledged for getting the loan. This sort of a pledge takes place when the borrowing party shifts the collateral to the lender of money in exchange for the loan that he…


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Problems in Latin American History
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Latin America Revolutions

Except for the glaring exception of razil, the Latin American revolutions established republics from Mexico to Argentina, although the new governments were never particularly liberal or democratic. They certainly did not grant equal citizenship to, much less social and economic equality, while women, slaves, servants, and indigenous peoples mostly remained under traditional patriarchal controls. Some revolutionaries like Jose Morelos in Mexico and atista Campos in razil did demand a more liberal or radical social order in which the racial caste system had been abolished, but in most parts of Latin America this has not really occurred yet. Morelos did not intend to abolish the class system or even the economic power of whites, but he did call for the end of slavery, the elimination of titles of nobility and equal education for all. In the early-19th Century, such ideals as equality of citizenship regardless of color counted…


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Wal-Mart Using Investments to One's Advantage Return
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Using Investments to One's Advantage

eturn on Assets & eturn on Equity

A return on assets (OA) ratio is a way for a company to recognize how profitable it is in accordance with its total assets. This formula allows for the company to observe how efficient their management team is at using its assets in a way that will generate more generous earnings for the company and the shareholders. The formula, a favorite to investors, can easily be determined by taking the company's net income and dividing it by its total assets (Crosson, et al., 2008).

The return on equity (OE) ratio is the amount of net income that is returned as a percentage of the shareholders' equity (Loth, 2011). This formula, also a favorite to investors, measures a company's ability to be profitable by showing how much money the company is able to generate with shareholder investments (Loth,…


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Boston: Houghton Mifflin. p. 209.

Loth, R. (2011). Profitability indicator ratios: Return on equity. Retrieved March 27, 2011 from (2011). Walmart announces investments in Argentina for over 100 million dollars

Read Book Facundo and the Construction of Argentine Culture
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Diana Sorensen Goodrich, Facundo and the Construction of Argentine Culture, University of Texas Press, Copyright 1996, 230 pages. ISBN 0292727909.

This paper reviews, analyzes, evaluates and critiques the book Facundo and the Construction of Argentine Culture, by Sorensen Goodrich. This book itself presents an in-depth analysis of the book Facundo or Civilization and Barbarism by Domingo E. Sarmiento, which is a classic text, a book that is said to be the great liberalist text of the 19th century.

Sarmiento's book traces the turbulent personal history of Rosas, which is used as an allegory of the turbulent history of Argentina, all the while arguing from a liberal perspective, of the many and varied benefits of freedom and democracy. Often, throughout Sarmiento's Facundo, this argument for democracy in Argentina is argued most forcibly by letting the barbarism of Facundo speak for itself. Through the quite detailed chronicles of the bloody political…

Dutch Culture
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Dutch Culture

Introduction to Cultural Differences

It is obvious that differences in cultures are very important, though these differences are difficult to handle. The failure to understand and appreciate that differences in cultures bring variety to lifestyles leads to embarrassment, uneasy relationships, and failed businesses. Culture permeates both life and death. Take, for instance, the high rate of plane crashes in Korea from the year 1970 to 2000. The discovery made from the analysis of the black boxes from the crashed planes show that the flight engineers and the co-pilots in the cockpits carry out actions only in deference to the captains. Even at the wake of the possibility of a crash, the flight engineers and the co-pilots rarely made suggestions that would go against the good judgment of the captains.

In this presentation, culture is seen as a shared system of values, beliefs, assumptions and projections which are imbibed…


Agar, M. (1994). Language Shock: Understanding the Culture of Conversation. New York: Quill.

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Narcoterrorism and the Future
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Mexico faces an array of drug-related problems ranging from production and transshipment of illicit drugs to corruption, violence, and increased internal drug abuse. Powerful and well-organized Mexican organizations control drug production and trafficking in and through Mexico, as well as the laundering of drug proceeds. These organizations also have made a concerted effort to corrupt and intimidate Mexican law enforcement and public officials. In addition, the geographic proximity of Mexico to the United States and the voluminous cross-border traffic between the countries provide ample opportunities for drug smugglers to deliver their illicit products to U.S. markets. The purpose of this study was to develop informed and timely answers to the following research questions: (a) How serious is the trade in illicit drugs between Mexico and the United States today and what have been recent trends? (b) How does drug trafficking fund terrorist organizations in general and trade between Mexico and…


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