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Art of the Critique Film

Words: 2817 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70469556

The birds flying away in the end are representative of the freedom to love each other that Allie and Noah now have with each other. No physical bounds can restrain them. These elements became apparent on the fourth viewing. I then went back through the scenes to see if bird imagery was hiding in other scenes. Birds were found throughout the story, such as Noah providing bread for Allie to feed the birds, a mockingbird on the porch after they make love, etc. Upon closer examination, this emerged as a central tool for conveying the theme that Noah and Allie's love was as wild and free as the birds.

An analysis of "The Notebook" is a prime example of how the technique of viewing the film several times until the layers emerge can reveal deeper meanings with each viewing. In order to understand how the various elements of the film…… [Read More]


Boggs, J., and Petrie, D. (2008). The Art of Watching Films (Ashford Custom 7th ed.).

Mountain View, CA Mayfield.

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Goudreau, K. (2006). American Beauty: The Seduction of the Visual Image in the Culture of Technology. Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society. 26 (1): 23-30.
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Clash of Civilizations There Is

Words: 637 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99971854

It is probable that Cameron inspired his film from the traditional conflict between Christianity and Islam. Some of the most influent forces in society have been devoted to impose their power over the rest of the world, similar to how humans did not hesitate to take up arms against the Na'vi when the latter did not want to comply with the former's requests.

In Avatar, the human race is apparently determined to demonstrate that it is unwilling to accept compromise and that it is determined to prove its superior strength despite the consequences. The masses are aware that the new world order is closing in and that they have to be among those who are more powerful in order for safety to be ensured. Cameron's film practically reflects feelings in society today and in the recent years in an apparent attempt to alert people about how it is essential for…… [Read More]


Dir. Cameron, James. Avatar. 20th Century Fox, 2009.

Huntington, Samuel P. (1997). "The clash of civilizations and the remaking of world order." Simon and Schuste.
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Technology in Can You Hear

Words: 616 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 75471511

" Turkle claims that "our fragile planet needs our action in the real," which is exactly what the little girl was trying to point out. Her appreciating the animatronic animals more than the real ones is a product of technology saturation.

Technology has become an annoyance: we all experience the "sense of encroachment of the device" on our personal time and it is difficult to cut ourselves off from the world. Yet technology is a blessing. Turkle points out that the shy and inhibited are hiding behind their virtual selves. Indeed they are: to their advantage. Many readers would agree that technology has allowed the shy and socially awkward to engage socially with others without having to sweat or take anxiety medication.

Being constantly connected with the world is a choice we make. Technology is not deadening us to the world, as Turkle implies. Quite the opposite: technology is enhancing…… [Read More]

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It Was Saturday Morning and

Words: 1462 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66936287

I asked him if he felt like the commercials made him want to have the
things he saw on TV. Initially he said no, but then corrected himself and
said that many times he would see a toy or game on television on a
commercial that he would like to have, but did not expect to receive at any
time immediate since it would appear to be too expensive or the time from
birthday or Christmas was too long. He appeared to know a lot about the
toys that were on the commercials and he told me that many of his friends
would have one toy or another, and would say whether the other child liked
the toy or not, whether it was "cheap" or not. My friend and I watched two
episode of Avatar, and one episode of another show called Drake and Josh.
The latter is a live…… [Read More]

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Crash by Neal Stephenson Neal

Words: 948 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25775938

Real life establishments like Enzo's pizza place can realistically be established, but what is involved to keep the business going is considered virtual. People are designed so they can obtain human facial expressions, but the lives of these avatars are virtual. Fast food establishments like MC Donald's are located in the Metaverse. However the meal cannot be realistically tasted there. There are things like Mr. Lee's Hong Kong that gives a sense of choice to use reality or virtual reality. Mr. Lee preferred to use non-human systems instead of hiring a large human security force-like a real police force.

The Avatars in Neal Stephenson's cyberpunk novel Snow Crash have similar qualities to humans. ut Avatars are to be designed with a computer and consist of elite images with vibrant color, or in black and white images. Among people working on virtual reality and cyberspace interfaces, an avatar is an icon…… [Read More]


1. Snow Crash (Bantam Spectra Book) by Neal Stephenson, edition (May 2, 2000)

2. Virtual Reality: The Revolutionary Technology of Computer-Generated Artificial Worlds - and How It Promises to Transform Society by Howard Rheingold, edition (August 15, 1998)

3. About virtual reality from the Internet at 

4. Information about Snow Crash from Wikipedia
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Network Support Technologies Case Study

Words: 2733 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 47154371

Network Support Technologies Case Study

Project Scope, Schedule, and Budget

Type and Configuration of the Network

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

User Policies and Legal Issues

Life of Equipment

Project Costs

Providing an Online Radio Service

Second Life

Information is now growing at speeds never thought imaginable. Today's world of Information Technology (IT) has provided the dynamic platform in which exponentially growing information resources emerge. This complex arena of knowledge management provides tremendous advantages to modern society. It allows individuals greater and faster access to resources that, in turn, can be used to facilitate more accurate decision making. This is especially true in the realm of academia.

Avington College's students will reap tremendous benefits from providing a blended e-learning solution. E-learning provides many inherent advantages through its method of delivery. Digital content can be implemented nearly as fast as it is created with virtually no risk of obsolescence. hen e-learning is…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Barbara Means, Y.T. (2009). Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies. U.S. Department of Education.

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Elliot, M. (2005, July 15). Retrieved May 9, 2010, from
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Hindu Mythology

Words: 1871 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90539263

Hindu Mythology]

In general, mythology is defined as the collective stories that belong to a specific culture and embody all the religious beliefs and values. In Hinduism, the myths truly depict the spiritual essence of this tradition that traces its roots to the Indus Valley as far back as 4000 BCE. In fact, even today Hinduism mythology continues to be an integral part of this ever-changing global culture and remains as important as the Bible or the Koran.

Indian civilization, Hinduism in particular, is based on a broad enough philosophical foundation to encompass individuals of all faiths and beliefs. The early historian Williams in Brahmanism and Hinduism (455) emphasized that the interest in Hinduism lies in its ability to be continually adaptable to the continual diversity of human character. Philosophers appreciate the religion's spiritual and abstract aspects. The poets enjoy its aesthetic and ceremonial offerings. Individuals who relish seclusion, laud…… [Read More]

References Cited

Bulfinch's Mythology. New York: Thomas Crowell, 1855.

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Forty, Jo. Mythology: A Visual Encylopedia. New York: Sterling, 2001.

Hackin, J. Asiatic Mythology. New York: Thomas Crowell, (n.d.).
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Prophets and Gods the Roots of Christianity and Ancient India

Words: 1012 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73247749


On the surface, Hinduism and Christianity could not be much more different. Ancient Hinduism offers a colorful pantheon of playful deities, some of which assume animal characteristics such as Hanuman and Ganesh. Stemming from its Jewish roots, Christianity presents a much different view of the origin and structure of the universe. Christian cosmology is more tightly ordered than that of Hinduism. Strictly monotheistic, Judaism imparted a mistrust of pagan polytheism to Christianity. Christian deity is unitary but also triune, in the worship of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Herein lies the strongest connection between worship in ancient India and worship in early Christianity. Hinduism, like Christianity, has a triune God concept. The Hindu God Brahma is the Supreme God, but God has three manifestations as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Each of these gods has its own expression and role in the Hindu cosmology. hereas Brahma is…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Bhagavad Gita

Bible: Old and New Testament

Das, Subhamoy. "Top 10 Hindu Deities." Retrieved online: 

"The Origins of the Universe." BBC. Retrieved online:
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American Sign Language

Words: 1635 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 10253866

sign language in public settings for people who are deaf.

Writing notes as a way to communicate with people who are deaf is convenient, for people with normal hearing, and recommended, by people with normal hearing. In the world of hearing people, recommendations for using note writing as a way to communicate with people who are deaf is common.

Communication at work. Employers are advised to supplement their communication with employees who are deaf by writing notes. For example, Equal Access Communication, an advocacy organization suggests that supervisors may wish to keep a white board or a chalk board by the work area of an employee who is deaf. The supervisor is reminded to keep the writing simple and concise, first establishing the subject to be discussed and then providing an explanation. Further, the supervisor is reminded that the person who is deaf may experience difficulties understanding idioms or double…… [Read More]


Emmorey, K., Borinstein, H.B., and Thompson, R. (n.d.). Bimodal bilingualism: Code-blending between spoken English and American Sign Language, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies and University of California, San Diego. Retrieval 

Teplin, E. (2008, August 26). Representing deaf and hard of hearing people: Legal requirements & practical suggestions. The Hennepin Lawyer. Retrieved

Internet sources accessed
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To a BSN Program From an RN Program

Words: 1740 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 76765864

Psychiatric Nursing Education: Challenges and olutions

There is a growing demand for nursing professionals, with rapid proliferation of educational programs for nurses. Nursing education requires opportunities for 'hands-on' clinical practice, yet locating sites for practice is non-trivial, requiring considerable creativity from nursing educators and clinical support staff. These challenges can be particularly difficult for mental health practice. For example, the dynamic is altered when the instructor is present for a student/client one-on-one interaction, yet the instructor's presence may be required (Kidd et al., 2012). Past mental healthcare courses for nurses used psychosocial assessment tools and/or work with processed client recordings. Another approach is 'standardized patients' (Robinson-mith et al., 2009); Kameg et al., (2009) mentions instructor-manipulated patient simulations. Instructional plans always have factors such as clinical/laboratory space, instructor/scheduling time, and equipment costs (Brown, 2008).

Personal and Global Perspectives

Presently, many professional registered nurses are not always enabled to fully utilize their…… [Read More]

Salaries for qualified APRNs vary considerably between teaching and clinical positions (Fitzgerald et al.,2012). Educational salaries are considerably lower as are benefit packages. Thus there is an on-going tug-of-war, with increased demand for APRNs in clinical/practice settings, requiring more APRNs in education, and a simultaneous dearth of APRN-educators, making it more difficult to produce the needed clinical workers. Monetary and societal remuneration, in terms of social appreciation, are lacking for the very educator-professionals who are most needed.

Another change in the clinical field is the nurse's role in treatment of psychological illnesses. Nurses are involved in education concerning psychotropic pharmaceuticals. The role of communicator with the family is a part of routine practice for APNs. Patient and family education, administration of medications, medication monitoring (efficacy and safety), and prescription are new directions requiring considerable training and responsibility. As discussed by Drill & Prendergast (2011), a patient is not a 'solitary island', but includes family/loved ones who must be considered to achieve full support from the family. Without familial support, medication adherence is far less likely, as also occurs for nutritional and other prescribed regimes. Thus, the APN needs to have studied 'family system theory' and be aware of particular customs to bring about desired outcomes (Drill & Prendergast, 2011). The role of the Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) in prescribing pharmaceuticals has been growing, and with it the necessity for advanced pharmaceutical education including interactions with other medications and diet. Drill & Prendergast (2011) expressed concern that use of pharmaceuticals has led to neglect of other therapeutic options.

While modern psychotropic pharmaceuticals have altered treatment protocols for psychiatric patients, this assisting factor does not remove nurses from patient care. A patient's life is
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Nationalism in Movies Film as

Words: 1634 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Movie Review Paper #: 61776509

Effectively, then, the insurgency is leftist, and in the cases of these films, the left wins, either by proxy or by morality and the world is once again a better place.


Braudy, L. And M. Cohen, eds., (2009). Film Theory and Criticism. Oxford University


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"The Patriot." (1998) Film Clips. Cited in:

"V for Vendetta." (2005). Film Clips.…… [Read More]


Braudy, L. And M. Cohen, eds., (2009). Film Theory and Criticism. Oxford University


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Hayward, S. (2006). Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts. Routledge.
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Dongria Kondh Peoples of India

Words: 2696 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 89410283

82). He introduced plantations that included potato, cabbage, tomato, chilli and brinjal, and helped the Dongria Kondh create irrigation channels from the streams flowing down the mountains (Sachchidananda, p. 83).

The anthropologist also succeeded in resolving feuds and negotiated trades with the Domb so they could enjoy the benefits of fresh fruit and produce without exploiting the Dongria Kondh. According to Sachchidananda on pae 84, among the benefits of having a person who truly understood and cared about the Dongria Kondh and the Domb was that there was a more peaceful interaction between the two indigenous tribes. A "pragmatic rather than mere humanistic approach" certainly aided in solving development and socioeconomic issues as well (Sachchidananda, p. 84).

Vedanta Resources' mining proposal

Meantime, a proposed mining project that was conceived by the Vedanta Resources (of London, UK) -- owned by Indian tycoon Anil Agarwal -- created a major controversy over the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Bedi, Rahul. (2010). India vetoes mining in tribal region. Irish Times. Retrieved Dec. 4, 2010,

From EBSCOhost (an 9FY3606474806).

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Hopkins, Kathryn. (2010). Indian Tribe appeals for Avatar director's help to stop Vedanta.
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Film Is a Comprehensive Work

Words: 2389 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9052026

There is a direct correlation with, say, Henry Hill's cocaine abuse and the increasingly rapid cuts between shots. Faster-paced narrative parallels quicker-moving shots. When viewers finally see the film in the theater, the finished product reads like a cohesive narrative when in fact the filmmakers strung together disparate shots and cuts and combined them later after thousands of hours of painstaking labor. Analyzing a movie must therefore include respect for the editorial prowess of the post-production crew.

Editors must be intimately familiar with the screenplay they work with, especially in films that do not have a linear narrative. For instance, Christopher Nolan's 2000 film Memento describes one man's struggle with memory degradation. elying on a non-linear plot, the filmmaker depended on the post-production crew to adequately convey the disjointedness of amnesia. Other elements like dramatic irony, in which the audience is privy to information that protagonists do not have access…… [Read More]


Bellour, R. (2000). The Analysis of Film. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

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Brown, B. (2002). Cinematography: Theory and Practice. USA: Elsevier Science.

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Second Life and Distance Education

Words: 952 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88033665

However, surprisingly, distance educators have not caught onto the trend. Web 2.0 applications offer users an experience beyond the typical University experience. Second Life offers the ability to add the social element and interaction that is often missing from the distance education experience. If traditional universities and public entities see the opportunity to use Second Life for education, and to disseminate public information, then this would seem like the next logical step in improving distance education programs. Students could attend a virtual classroom that is like a brick and mortar classroom in many ways.

One of the key difficulties in implementing online education in an online world is that students may not have access or the skills necessary to function in an online world. Second Life requires the most advanced graphics cards and systems to run. It will not run on older systems or those that do not meet the…… [Read More]


Hoover, Aaron. (2007). At UF, distance learning moves off the planet. February 7, 2007. University of Florida News. Retrieved December 20, 2008. (2008a). Second Life Universities and Private Islands. Retrieved December 19, 2008 at (2008b). Second Life Universities and Private Islands. Retrieved December 19, 2008 at
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Emoticons in My E-Mail and Text Communications

Words: 1333 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29256127


In my e-mail and text communications with friends and family, emoticons are actually infrequent. I receive them more than I use them myself. There are a few different ways to analyze this. Emoticons are intended as the "graphical representations of facial expressions" when using technology-mediated modes of communication (Walther & D'Addario, 2001). They act, therefore, as a substitute for non-verbal communication in face-to-face speech. It has been found that emoticons are generally outweighed by the verbal component of the communication. Further research has showed that the most important communicative value of emoticons are as a means of communication not emotions, but context. Emoticons tell the message recipient how the message is to be received (Skovholt, Gronning & Kankaanranta, 2014).

I have found that the latter tends to be true. Emoticons are used by myself in outbound communications mainly in situations where there may be interpretation issues with the text.…… [Read More]


My English Pages. (2014). What are stylistic devices? Retrieved November 18, 2014 from 

Skovholt, K., Gronning, A. & Kankaanranta, A. (2014). The communicative functions of emoticons in workplace emails. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. Vol. 19 (4) 780-797.

Walther, J. & D'Addario, K. (2001). The impacts of emoticons on message interpretation in computer-mediated communication. Social Science Computer Review. Vol. 19 (3) 324-347.
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Marketplace the Hidden Persuaders Marketing

Words: 1546 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98383782

The Hidden Persuaders ends on a very negative note, stressing how the commercial media has even co-opted teenage rebellion. However, new uses social media do not have to be negative -- anti-smoking and AIDS awareness are examples of campaigns that have been conducted through Twitter, Facebook, and other online venues (Evans 2006). But the problem with social media and marketing remains that it is often hard to see who the metaphorical puppeteer is, orchestrating the enthusiasm or outrage of the latest cause, campaign, or advertisement.

orks Cited

Constantine, a. "A Celebrity Bank Card, if Not the Bankroll." The New York Times.

November 26, 2010. December 5, 2010.

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Joshi, P. "Approval by a blogger…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Constantine, a. "A Celebrity Bank Card, if Not the Bankroll." The New York Times.

November 26, 2010. December 5, 2010. 

"Children, adolescents, and advertising." Pediatrics. 18. 6 (December 2006). 2563-2569
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Technology for the Deaf His

Words: 3084 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 34005990

Three years later, the company improved its picture clarity and introduced the "emotional intonation" feature, considered important components of visual language. ut at present, only 10% of the deaf and hard-of-hearing know about VRS. The Internal Revenue Service refuses to accept VRS calls. And VRS can be performed only with high-speed internet access. ut companies, like Sorenson, provide videophones for free. Those who have no high-speed internet access or a videophone may use IPP relay. It is similar to the outdated TTY but performs faster and more smoothly. The deaf user types his message on a computer.

For the working deaf who need to use the telephone, Able Planet launched the wireless device. This is a telephone and a hands-free set for a cell phone to address these difficulties in the use of a telephone. The technology enables wireless communication with a telecoil in hearing aids. At the same time,…… [Read More]


Associated Press. Hearing Impaired Get Help with Wireless Device. Deseret News:

Deseret News Publishing, 2003. Retrieved on October11, 2009 from;col1 

Bergstein, Brian. IBM Develops Virtual Deaf Interpreter. Oakland Tribune: ANG

Newspapers, 2007. Retrieved on October 11, 2009 from;col1
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Strategy and Human Resource Management

Words: 3649 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70683823

In 2004, it established its operations in Mexico to cash in on the high rate of diabetes in this country. Diabetes is responsible for 13 out of every 100 deaths in Mexico and Novo Nordisk expanded into this Latin American market. It also encompassed Mexico as part of its global campaign and its representatives went to schools and villages to spread awareness about the disease and the ways and means to cope with it.

The H system that was implemented in Mexico was different from the one that existed in Denmark and this was mainly due to the differences in culture, work attitude of the people and national factors that have a profound impact on the employment benefits of the workers. For example, in Denmark, every worker gets to participate in the decision making process. This is a part of the Danish culture and comes from the long-standing democracy and…… [Read More]


Shields, John. 2007. Managing employee performance and reward: concepts, practices and strategies. Boston: Cambridge University Press.

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No Author. No date. Human Resources UC Berkeley. UC Berkeley. [Online]. Available at:
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Hanuman Is a God Who Helped Rama

Words: 1007 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38190554

Hanuman is a god who helped Rama, an avatar of Vishnu, in rescuing his wife, Sita, from King Ravana of the Rakshasas, and symbolizes the pinnacle of bhakti, a Sanskrit term from Hinduism meaning loving devotion to the supreme God (Hanuman pp). He is also believed to be an avatar of Shiva, and also the source for the Chinese mythological character Sun ukong, and is most popular in the north of the Indian subcontinent (Hanuman pp).

Hanuman is the son of a cursed apsara, a celestial being called Punjisthala, who due to the curse becomes Anjana, a female monkey, so Hanuman is also called Anjaneya (Hanuman pp). She is the wife of Kesari, a "mighty monkey who once killed a mighty elephant that caused trouble to sages and hermits, therefore he got the name of Kesari, namely the lion, and is also called kunjara sudana, the elephant killer (Hanuman pp).…… [Read More]

Work Cited

Hanuman1. The Hutchinson Encyclopedia; 9/22/2003

April Fairs Festivals: Hanuman Jayanti

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Security Issues of Online Communities

Words: 15576 Length: 60 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35642606

This researcher rejects the existence of online communities because computer mediated group discussions cannot possibly meet this definition. Weinreich's view is that anyone with even a basic knowledge of sociology understands that information exchange in no way constitutes a community.

For a cyber-place with an associated computer mediated group to be labeled as a virtual settlement it is necessary for it to meet a minimum set of conditions. These are: (1) a minimum level of interactivity; (2) a variety of communicators; (3) a minimum level of sustained membership; and (4) a virtual common-public-space where a significant portion of interactive computer mediated groups occur (Weinreich, 1997). The notion of interactivity will be shown to be central to virtual settlements. Further, it will be shown that virtual settlements can be defined as a cyber-place that is symbolically delineated by topic of interest and within which a significant proportion of interrelated interactive computer…… [Read More]


Al-Saggaf, Y. & Williamson, K. Online Communities in Saudi Arabia: Evaluating the Impact on Culture Through Online Semi-Structured Interviews. Volume 5,

No. 3, Art. 24 - September 2004

AnchorDesk Staff. (2000). Sign of Trouble: The Problem with E-Signatures.

Retrieved April 9, 2005, from ZDNet AnchorDesk Web site: http://reivews-
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Miguel Nicolelis a Monkey That Controls a

Words: 575 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37122817

Miguel Nicolelis a Monkey that Controls a Robot With It's Thoughts. No, Really.

The video concerns brain wave technology, as narrated by Miguel Nicolelis. The video begins with a brief introduction to the nature of what Mr. Nicolelis refers to as "brainstorms." Interestingly, he offers an audio representation of these brainstorms, with the claim that brainstorms constitute all that human beings do and are in a lifetime. Towards the more specific part of the talk Mr. Nicolelis brings up the example of the monkey called Aurora, who has been used for brain experiments by a reward system. For the reward of juice, Aurora has been taught to play a computer game with a joystick. Later, the research extended to connecting Aurora's brain to a robotic arm, where she used only her thoughts to control the remote arm for successfully playing the game and receiving her reward. Later still, the research…… [Read More]

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Virtual Collaboration Is a New

Words: 2973 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60803429

There are several characteristic that are evident with the software system use in virtual collaboration technology. The first characteristic is that most of these tools are web based and are downloadable; they also have the ability to offer a text chat feature in real time, thereby allowing for the synchronous communication among various users.

The platforms also has VoIP functionality, thereby giving them the ability to transmit sound over the laid down internet infrastructure. The virtual collaboration platform has the ability to allow screen sharing. This therefore allows the individual users to allow their partners to have a look at what they are working on their screens in an instant. The platform must have a presentation facility that allows for the presentation of Power point slides to the audience. The system also has Whiteboard-Live annotation tools which provides the users with a whiteboard type experience and look with the added…… [Read More]


Ackoff, R.L. (1971). Towards a system of system concepts.Management Science,

17(11):661 -- 671.

Bhaskar, R., Lee, H.S., Levas, a., P'etrakian, R., Tsai, F., and Tulskie, B. (1994). an-alyzing and re-engineering business processes using simulation. In Proceedings of the 1994 Conference on Winter Simulation, pages 1206 -- 1213

Biuk-Aghai, R.P. (2000a). Virtual workspaces for web-based emergent processes. In Fourth Paci-c Asia Conference on Information Systems: Electronic Commerce and Web-Based Information Systems, pages 864 -- 880, Hong Kong, China
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Speech Changes in the Structure

Words: 871 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66167466

The benefits of the Internet as an information dissemination medium are manifold, but that does not mean that true, classical criticism has lost its value. Indeed, despite the cutbacks at newspapers, classic criticism is more vital than ever. "Critics are soldiers in the on-going culture war," cott contends, inferring that the role critics play is often greater than the act of writing a review. The way people think and view the world is often shaped by criticism. When the standards of criticism are compromised, as happens when editorial control is lost, then the influence on the way people think can become negative.

cott's argument was not lost on the generally older crowd in attendance at the Carlos Museum. The Academy itself plays an important role, along with critics, in defining the elements of popular culture that have the most value. While the public has flocked to see sci-fi eyepopper Avatar…… [Read More]

Scott's argument was not lost on the generally older crowd in attendance at the Carlos Museum. The Academy itself plays an important role, along with critics, in defining the elements of popular culture that have the most value. While the public has flocked to see sci-fi eyepopper Avatar in record-breaking numbers, the Academy chose the Hurt Locker, a movie that Scott called "the best non-documentary about the Iraqi War," as its best picture for 2009, indicative of that film's role in telling the story of today's world. The declining role of critics in media must stand as cause for concern among its members as well, in the face of multiple online sites for movie ratings that are both democratic and chaotic.

A.O. Scott joined the New York Times in 2000 as a film critic and now writes in a number of that paper's sections, and has a syndicated film-reviewing show At The Movies. He writes about a broad range of popular culture topics for the Times, anything from The Simpsons to Romanian cinema. He was born in Massachusetts but currently lives in Brooklyn.

The speech was well-received by the crowd, which notably did not include many members of the Internet generation. Scott's fears about the state of criticism were not tempered with much optimism on the night, although he admitted that he had little sense of where the profession was going. Although he derided the "miserable state of criticism today" and had some particularly choice words for Internet critics, he also gave credit for the value of the Internet. At this point, both classical criticism and contemporary criticism share the marketplace. Whether that is a good thing or not is up for debate, with Mr. Scott seemingly on the side of classical criticism. Whether that wins out, however, has yet to be determined. When pressed about his views on the future of criticism, Scott quipped "Your guess is as good as mine."
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Negative Impact of Videogames on

Words: 4076 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 72184598

while the parents were asked to complete the Conners' Parent Rating Scale (CPRS). This helped the researchers obtain information regarding the behavioral abnormalities, hyperactivity, inattention, ADHD, etc.

Statistical analysis of the gathered information clearly revealed an increase in inattentive behavior (p ? 0.001 for both Internet and console video games) and ADHD (p = 0.018 and 0.020 for console and Internet games, respectively). The researchers also concluded that students who engaged in video gaming for more than an hour showed significantly lower academic performance with (Grade point average (GPA), p = 0.019 and 0.009 for console and Internet games, respectively). The association between the time spent on playing video games and the YIAS (p < 0.001), was clearly evident indicating the development of video game addiction among the subjects who played for more than one hour daily [Philip and Terry, (2006)]. This study shows that children playing video games may…… [Read More]


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3) Jerald J. Block, M.D., 'Issues for DSM-V: Internet Addiction', Am J. Psychiatry

165:306-307, Mar 2008, Available online at,
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Interactive Art Is an Artistic

Words: 3548 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48817508

Interactive art usually contains computers, sensors, and other devices that allow the art and the user to interact with each other. Video and computer games have brought a different set of artists to the field. The tools have changed as well with the advent of voice analyzers, robotics, actuators, LED's, and etc.

Is the line between real reality and virtual reality getting blurred? Virtual describes the animated form and how closely it resembles the original. Users and the environment interact freely with each other in worlds that are replicas of our own environments. When we watch movies, we are watching real actors but in a virtual landscape or scene. Is this really different from watching the animatronics characters? Mixed reality refers to environments or situations that contain elements from both the virtual and the real world. The two are entwined to create the optimal effect on the user.

Computer and…… [Read More]


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Historian Comparison Giddens's Late Modernity

Words: 860 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46661694

Giddens believes "the 'rules' of social order may only be 'in our heads' - they are not usually written down, and often have no formal force to back them up - but nevertheless, people can be shocked when seemingly minor social expectations are not adhered to" (Gauntlett 2001, p.2). For Giddens, while language and symbols may be manipulated, human beings are still empowered to change them -- there is no utter subsuming of the real by symbols because of our ability to be conscious of 'the rules' of the social order.

Baudrillard offers an explanation of why things seem 'less real' in the postmodern present, but Giddens denies that 'we' are in a state of postmodern reality at all. Tradition may be dead, Giddens states, but we have merely replaced it with a new, post-traditional culture. We have not gone 'beyond' culture as Baudrillard suggests, and the postmodern love of…… [Read More]


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Edgar Allen Poe Romanticism of

Words: 1927 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 11954279

While Poe relates these as true stories, as opposed to the works of his own imagination, one can't but read them also as the fantastical longing of husband wanting to deny death's ability to separate him from his beloved wife.

After Virginia died, Poe went on a frenzied search for a female replacement. Not that any woman could have truly replaced Virginia in his eyes, but only that he found himself quite incapable of maintaining himself without a woman's influence. Poe pursued and was briefly engaged to poetess Sarah Helen Whitman, however the engagement dissolved largely due to Poe's growing reputation as a drunk. After Whitman, Poe passionately pursued Annie ichmond, though for her marriage to another man, their relations remained platonic. At the same time Poe was writing impassioned love letters to ichmond, he formed yet further platonic bonds with Sarah Anne Lewis, and poetess Susan Archer Talley. Finally,…… [Read More]


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Town by Thornton Wilder Uses

Words: 661 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4856372

By capturing the these seemingly simple values in the life of a "typical" American small town, ilder was telling a profound story that exploded the accepted norms of drama and in one explosion catapulted the American play from the nineteenth century to the twentieth via the chautauqua esque visage. This is why it is a mistake to typecast ilder as a traditionalist. Rather he was a modernist that translated Asian and European ideas into the American idiom via drama (ibid, xv).

ilder's experience of this style of drama came about as he was influenced by the economy of the storytelling of Noh drama. This drama style boldly compressed a huge time span into a short period of time with a minimum of scenery (ibid, xvi). This gives it an appeal that is beyond just the American experience. The popularity of the play around the world attests to the play having…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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York, NY: Theater Communications Group, 1998.

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Piano Lesson Ghosts of the

Words: 1899 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 14601229

This is certainly suggested in Boy illie's ruthless and callous demeanor with respect to an heirloom for which his father gave his life. Doaker reports at one point that "he say he gonna cut it in half and go on and sell his half. They been around here three days trying to sell them watermelons. They trying to get out to where the white folks live but the truck keep breaking down. They go a block or two and it break down again. They trying to get out to Squirrel Hill and can't get around the corner. He say soon as he can get that truck empty to where he can set the piano up in there he gonna take it out of here and go sell it." (ilson, 29)

Boy illie's representation of the blind ambition to advance casts this path in a particularly negative light, but also denotes…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Life of Bees Racial Enlightenment

Words: 1851 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 38883005

Though her mother had passed, there would be maternal, familial and nurturing love to be found in the warmth and kindness of those whom she would meet here. ith the Black Madonna photograph as a compass and the pressures of the changing Civil Rights climate as a motor, Lily ultimately had found personal redemption in the implications of both. It is no matter of coincidence that the author so aggressively intertwined the conditions of Lily's confrontation of her own demons concerning the death of her mother with the personal revelations that, on a broad social scale, underscored the Civil Rights Movement as a whole. Indeed, the resolution finds Lily in a place of relative emotional equanimity, having confronted the truth about her mother, having faced the anger of her father and having ultimately settled on her life in the Boatright's community. Accordingly, "August and her community become Lily's new family,…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Hobbes and the Intercession of

Words: 3820 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99261003

The second part of this book introduces the more central aspect of his argument's epistemological motive, with the prescription for proper leadership extending from a view that is ethically, intellectually and socially instructed. e can easily detect here the strands of ideology which would be invested into Hobbes view many centuries hence. This is to say that at the crux of his argument, Plato writes that "until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, and those commoner natures who pursue either to the exclusion of the other are compelled to stand aside, cities will never have rest from their evils." (Plato, Book V) in subsequent explanation, he determines that a virtuous ruler will ultimately find the right to rule his people as a consequence of his worthiness to lead the greater…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Marketing an Exploratory Study on

Words: 1501 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 81111702

A special part of the walk-through is the online shopping part, wherein the researcher will ask the participant on how he/she goes about with his/her online shopping activity.

Note on triangulation

The proposed three-method design for this exploratory study is the researcher's way of ensuring that research results are triangulated. Combining the general findings from the diary and FGDs and specific online shopping behavior from the in-depth interviews would create a more complete picture on the general landscape and specific aspects of consumers' attitudes towards and behavior on online marketing strategies for healthcare products.


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Misunderstood Role of Women in

Words: 6335 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 10368160

A view of this event captures an incredible sea of worshippers flowing like a human river in the footsteps of the prophet Mohammed, who it is said arrived at this spot some 1400 years ago to pay homage to Abraham.

The role of the woman as it is understood through the ritual reenactments are quite different from the unequal stance which is often assumed of Muslim women today, with Hagar and Ishmael given tribute as well. Exiled to the dessert valley that would become Mecca, Hagar would give birth to the numerous Arab peoples, and would be enabled to do so by the salvation of the angel Gabriel. In many ways, this story parallels the matriarchal role of the Madonna to Christianity, who was likewise guided by an angel in a time of crisis. Islam tells that Gabriel was sent down to bring water to Hagar in the desert in…… [Read More]


AI. (1999).

Pakistan: Hounour Killings of Girls and Women. Amnesty International.Online at

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BBC. (June 2003). Pakistan's Sharia Law Is Criticized. BBC News. Online at .
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Marketing the Effect of Movies

Words: 3008 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4622442

As a testament to the respect he garners in the neighborhood, however, he is allowed to pass by without being sprayed by the water.

Radio Raheem's warrior status is first challenged in the film by a group of Latinos hanging out on their front stoop. They are listening to the radio, which is blasting Latin music. Suddenly, Radio Raheem appears, with his ghetto blaster pumping out Public Enemy. The Latinos react in anger, and turn up their music in order to drown out Radio Raheem's. This contest goes on for a few more takes, but it is ultimately Radio Raheem who emerges victorious in attaining maximum volume. The "fight" against the "power" has been won - at least momentarily. As Radio Raheem marches down the street, leaving his victims behind, a small black child runs up next to him. Radio Raheem gives the child a high five.

In another important…… [Read More]


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Visions of Vitality and Morality

Words: 2970 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89869634

He was attuned to her; he understood such things. He said he understood." Her helplessness and general withdrawal from the family are emphasized when she realizes that she cannot find a role that suits her: "she tried these personalities on like costumes, then discarded them." Again, as in the case of hopin's story, the conflict is internal as the character is revolting against itself. At first, the woman thinks she cannot handle the roles of mother and wife, but gradually she realizes that she cannot find any role she feels comfortable with. The emotional lack of attachment to her husband and son are soon extended; she no longer feels comfortable with anything in her life.

The main theme, that of dissatisfaction with one's life, is greatly emphasized by the mood of the story. The mood is created especially by the choice of setting; the plot takes place only inside the…… [Read More]

Chopin, Kate. "Kate Chopin: The Story of an Hour." 1998.

Goodwin, Gail. "A Sorrowful Woman."

Van Der Zee, Karen. A Secret Sorrow. Canada: Harlequin Books, 1981
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Metropolis Does Improvements in Technology

Words: 1241 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8733191

But the film's aesthetic brings forth another Marxist tenant even more effectively, perhaps, than Marx ever could, that the technological capabilities and innovations born of the Industrial Revolution have polarized the haves and have-nots even more effectively. The leisured classes enjoy more leisure, while the workers toil on machines, the leisured classes enjoy more manufactured goods and services produced upon the property they own, enjoying the benefits of technology while those who work hardest profit least from technology. Industrialization and the technological revolution that enabled the factory system to exist made class divisions even more permanent and inexorable, even while the idea that 'anyone' could work hard and prosper through labor and achieve land ownership is a myth that sustained many workers, though only a few could accomplish this dream of becoming part of the non-laboring middle classes.

On an even more pervasive level, technology has created a divide between…… [Read More]

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National Lambdarail Assumptions for the

Words: 1754 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34501699

(National LambdaRail)


As the NLR seeks to bring diverse research communities together to confront and solve complex challenges "of building network architecture, end-to-end performance, and scaling," (Tash 32-33), the thought presented from Disraeli stressing that a leader must "follow the people," (Smith, and Cohon) aptly portrays the thought this researcher contends best relates the conclusion gained from this study. Just as a leader "follows" and notes the needs of people he/she serves, if NLR notes the needs of those it serves, it will in turn, lead in its field in its quest to "light the future." (National LambdaRail)

orks Cited

National Lambdarail Launches Transit and Peering Project. (2006, April 20) Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh PA. 10 Feb. 2008

NLR National Lambda Rail...light the future." (2008)" National LambdaRail. 10 Feb. 2008

Tash, illiam R. Ph.D. (2006). Evaluating Research Centers and Institutes for…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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NLR National Lambda Rail...light the future." (2008) " National LambdaRail. 10 Feb. 2008
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Smartups Rob Ryan in His

Words: 1945 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58140405

(Drucker 68) service business needs to develop a good relationship with customer, and thisc an mean developing a relationship with local clientele while also creating an image that might serve to attract customers more broadly. Delaney notes some of the ways information should be used in achieving this sort of relationship with customers:

To ensure the success of your marketing plan, each of your goals should result in an action plan. For example, if your research shows that your prices are too high, you must have a strategy that lowers them. Otherwise the information is useless. Determine who is responsible for each action plan and what resources you'll need to implement it. (Delaney 120)

Schmit and Allscheid also note the importance of service marketing to business and point out what many companies are doing about the issue:

In the face of current economic realities, U.S. business organizations are searching for…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Black Enterprise 25(4)(November 1994), 120.

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Technology and Relationships Technology Has

Words: 790 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85508027

Another problem with e-mail is it can actually impact how we feel about ourselves and our importance in the world. I'm truly disappointed on days when I connect to my e-mail and don't have any messages from friends. I may know that Eddie Bauer is having a sale, but that isn't meaningful communication. Psychologically, when friends don't communicate, we feel a little down (Leonard 242). I suppose this isn't any different than not receiving a letter from someone, but we like the instant gratification now of an e-mail or im.

I think one of the most fascinating ways that people are coming together today is through online gaming. These virtual worlds encourage people to create characters and act out a role doing all sorts of things. Many find it entertaining, but it really is detrimental to relationships because people create avatars (characters) nothing like themselves, sometimes not even the same…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Pham, Alex. "Boy, You Fight Like a Girl."

Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum

9th ed.). Ed. Laurence Behrens and Leonard J. Rosen. New York: Pearson Longman, 2005.
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Visteon and IBM Visteon Founded

Words: 2286 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28857155

This is aggravated by the fact that companies may be fleeing the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley act that demands certain standards of fairness and equitability from American-based corporations.

Trends in outsourcing

Outsourcing seems to be a trend that is on the increase in the U.S. To the extent that the ICA sees most opportunities and businesses by 2020 being produced from abroad (Das, 2010). Another -- and fascinating trend seems to be one of "everse Outsourcing" (Das, 2010) which is defined by ICA as the "reversal of the outsourcing pattern between two markets consisting of businesses and workforce" (p.3). This is of encouragement to people who fear loss to American economy and American jobs since here non-American companies are increasingly hiring American individuals to perpetrate certain tasks, whilst Internet employment sites connect American freelancers to specific companies often located in China, India, or Brazil to work, either via virtual or…… [Read More]


Das, P. (2010) A new Avatar of outsourcing. ICA Institute.

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Social Machinery.Com, Ten trends for the 2020 worker. Social machinery.
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Codeswitching Code Switching -- How

Words: 3716 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 45990159

The most proficient language users, namely bilinguals, favor inter- and intrasentential CS which "require most knowledge of both languages" (Poplack 1980:606) whereas tag-switched sentences are preferred by less proficient and non-bilingual speakers who, in comparison to their first language, are less competent in their second language.

3. Grammar of Intrasentential Code Switching

As already mentioned in chapter 2.2.1 the switching of languages within a single sentence is no random occurrence. As many researchers observed that "bilinguals tend to switch intra-sententially at certain (morpho) syntactic boundaries and not at others" (Poplack 2004:1). According to Poplack (2004:1) the government of grammatical constraints on CS has become a largely accepted fact. "Though, there is little consensus on what they are or how they should be represented" (Poplack 2004:1). The question arises in which way two separate grammars merge to one grammatically correct sentence and which grammar governs the switching. The following chapter gives…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Everlasting Love Celine Dion in

Words: 863 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87900383

He has won numerous other awards, including the Golden Globe Award and the Grammy Award (Ibid).

Unfortunately for Horner, this success has also been a source of huge controversy. He has been criticized for ofter transposing hooks, orchestral motifs, or even larger passages from other musical scores of his own or more controversially from other composers and from other major motion pictures. These allegations are the main points of ferocious debate between supporters and detractors of Horner. hatever the case, one must admit that the raw power of the music has one going all the way in their matching up their attention and their emotion immediately with film characters who have become cultural and cinematic icons in an unforgiving world ("Filmtracks").


To sum up, Celine Dion in My Heart ill Go On has been rated as one of the best soundtracks ever made. It is the opinion of this…… [Read More]

Works Cited

"Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On - Music Video Titanic Sondtrack ." Graphic. Youtube. Celine Dion. 2009. Web. 3 Oct 2011. .

"Biography for James Horner ." Imdb, 2011. Web. 3 Oct 2011.


"Modern Composers." Filmtracks., 2011. Web. 3 Oct 2011.
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Company Issues and Leadership for

Words: 2455 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 50854108

Short-term wins creation

In this case, the insistence is on the enhancement of credibility for change through demonstrating gains made. In the case of News Corp, those who excel in change related initiatives could be rewarded and recognized going forward.

Building on Change/Consolidation of Gains

Here, quick wins should be taken as a beginning and not as an end. Hence in a way, victory must not be declared before the whole change process is over. When it comes to News Corp, efforts could be undertaken to ensure that each success or failure is taken as an opportunity to learn.

Institutionalization of New Approaches

Lastly, change should and must be made to stick. Hence effectively, change should be made part and parcel of the organization by anchoring the same on the corporate culture. In regard to News Corp, to embed change on the culture of the organization, efforts may be undertaken…… [Read More]


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Shapiro, A. (2010). Creating Contagious Commitment: Applying the Tipping Point to Organizational Change, (2nd Edition). Andrea Shapiro.
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Electronic Brainstorming in Education Coined

Words: 1613 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 41924022

Accordingly, the presence of baseline fallacies and perceived individual contributions are inherent to electronic brainstorming technologies that impair its productivity.


Electronic brainstorming may eliminate some perceived barriers encountered with verbal or traditional brainstorming. In spite of perceived barriers with either electronic or traditional brainstorming, it is a popular method of group interaction in both educational and business settings. Although, expert arguments continue about its productivity, brainstorming is still a widely used method for developing creative solutions in a group setting. As variations and improvements evolve, brainstorming research will ensue to study its productivity effectiveness. Within the educational arena, its use will improve student engagement and educator's contribution to enhance and to further academia causes. Insomuch, viable solutions are spawned from uninhibited input, thus resulting in a higher probability of quality problem solving.


Easton, AG 1992, 'Teaching in the electronic boardroom', Journal Of Education For Business, 67, 3, p.…… [Read More]


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Heard a Fly Buzz by Emily Dickinson

Words: 923 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26204652

heard a Fly buzz" by Emily Dickinson

In her poem "I heard a Fly buzz," Emily Dickinson explores the moment just before the death of the narrator, as she watches a fly buzz about in the final moments before sight fails her. In comparing the human experience to the buzzing-about of a fly in the face of a mortal curtain, Dickinson presents a simultaneously clinical and emotionally subjective consideration of death that examines the minute physical details of a scene in order to extract some ultimate meaning before the finality of death. The fly serves as a reminder of the banality of death as well as the importance of the meaning bestowed by human perception.

According to Eric ilson, in his essay "Dickinson's Chemistry of Death," "Dickinson, avatar of Janus, takes a double stance […] she approves the power of the scientific method for exploring the corpse while undercutting the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Dickinson, Emily. "I heard a Fly buzz.", 2011. Web. 5 May 2011.


Ryan, Michael. "How to Use a Fly: A Column."American Poetry Review. 33.2 (2004): 15-17.

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French Colonialism in Western Africa

Words: 4744 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88899622

By the second night, a group of men had mutinied and attempted to kill the officers and destroy the raft, and by the third day, "those whom death had spared in the disastrous night […] fell upon the dead bodies with which the raft was covered, and cut off pieces, which some instantly devoured" (Savigny & Correard 192). Ultimately, the survivors were reduced to throwing the wounded overboard, and only after they had been reduced to fifteen men, "almost naked; their bodies and faces disfigured by the scorching beams of the sun," were they finally rescued by the Argus, which had set sail six days earlier to search for the raft and the wreck of the Medusa (Savigny & Correard 203).

Theodore Gericault's the Raft of the Medusa captures the moment on the 17th of July when the Argus first became visible to the survivors, and his choice to reflect…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Alhadeff, Albert. The raft of the Medusa: Gericault, art, and race. New York: Prestel, 2002.

Athanassoglou-Kallmyer, Nina. "LEtat Et Les Artistes: De La Restauration a La Monarchie De

Juillet (1815-1833) / Salons." The Art Bulletin 85.4 (2003): 811-3.

Blair, J.A. "The Possibility and Actuality of Visual Arguments." Argumentation and Advocacy
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Differences Between the Technology in Use in 1910 and the Technology in Use Today

Words: 2234 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25941352

Technology in Use in 1910 and the Technology in Use Today

Technology during 1910 and its rapid evolution to the present era:

The 19th century witnessed major upheavals in science and technology ushering a gamut of changes and widespread ripple effect on the society. The dawning of science in industry brought about by the Industrial evolution was a watershed in global technology that continued to shape the future of mankind. It was in that era when development of large scale metal working techniques popularised steam power. ailroads appeared and facilitated in mass migration of populations. Urbanizations started, commerce flourished, fortunes were made and a new class of affluent appeared. Major scientific inventions like electromagnetism by Clerk Maxwell and greater sophistication of electricity brought about technological changes and improved quality of life with telegraph, electric light and radio transforming the world for the better. (Jeff, 2002)

Development in natural science spearheaded…… [Read More]


Chandrinos, K.V; Trahanias, P.E. (n. d.) "Beyond HTML: Web-based Information Systems"

Institute of Computer Science, Retrieved 15 March 2012 from 

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EEA. (2010) "SOER 2010 -- Assessment of global megatrends"
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Hard Times in His Novel Hard Times

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Hard Times

In his novel Hard Times, Charles Dickens is not shy in confronting what he sees as the paramount social evils of his day, particularly when those evils come in the form of ostensibly beneficent social movements themselves. In particular, Dickens satirizes Jeremy Bentham's Utilitarianism through the characterization of Thomas Gradgrind and Josiah Bounderby as men of cold reason and hard facts, and uses the fates of the various characters to demonstrate the destructive potential of Utilitarian ethics when applied without a comprehensive, objective standard for determining good and bad. The city of Coketown represents the physical embodiment of the cruel, alien world produced by the enactment of Utilitarian policy, and contrasts with its creators expressed dedication to facts and reason. By considering the characterization of Gradgrind and Bounderby, the setting of Coketown, and the narrator's particular use of language throughout the novel alongside the philosophy of Utilitarianism as…… [Read More]

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Humanities and African Diaspora

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America is in the Heart is Carlos Bulosan's autobiography, which he uses to reflect the living conditions of immigrant Filipino workers in mid-twentieth century America. By doing so, Bulosan's effectively highlights the Filipino experience with an American society where democratic values had yet to overcome racial and class prejudices. Bulosan achieves this by documenting his experiences in a manner that is calculated to reveal the gap between the American promise of opportunity and the reality of a country where racial discrimination comes in the way of achieving success.

Bulosan's work, however, should not be interpreted as an indictment of American society. On the contrary, he shows a touching faith in the promise of democracy and equality. Therefore, his objective appears to be more in the area of a plea to all Americans that true democracy lay in extending the promise of a land of opportunity to all social classes and…… [Read More]

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The Civil Rights era was witness to several organized movements that worked to dismantle the practice of segregation and to procure basic civil rights for the black community. These movements were largely distinguished by a difference in political ideology leading to a conflict, at times, between Black Integrationists and Black Nationalists.

The integrationist movement believed that a policy of co-operation with the majority culture was the route to achieving positive social goals for the blacks. However, it must be noted that the basis of this belief stemmed from a fundamental faith in the institution of democracy and democratic processes. The integrationist movement also pursued the political idea that black and white unity must be achieved if America was to fully realize the values of democracy and equality. Thus, this movement advocated that both communities should work towards achieving a closer understanding of the other's culture. Indeed, this is the reason why integrationist leaders believed strongly in empowering the black community through education and greater involvement in the affairs of mainstream America.

The Black Nationalist movement, on the other hand, subscribed to the view that development of a strong racial identity and solidarity was the only way to bring about social change. Therefore, black nationalists promoted the idea that blacks must withdraw from the majority culture and, instead, develop a distinct identity in all walks of life. This meant the creation of a new political consciousness, the development of Negro self-expression through the arts, and the establishing of a distinct culture. In other words, Black Nationalism was based on the idea that black consciousness would lead to a sense of pride, dignity, and self-esteem, which, in turn, would lead to the black community being given its rightful place under the sun. Unfortunately, the call for Black Nationalism was, at times, misinterpreted as a movement towards black militancy and, therefore, as a threat to white supremacy.
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U S Intelligence in China the

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The withdrawal was supposed to aid the Communists in controlling the areas vacated by the Japanese, who had succeeded in controlling vast portions of Manchuria.

Stalin's efforts were aimed at forcing "the GMD [Guomindang or Chinese Nationalist Party] to make economic concessions, to prevent a united China from allying with the United States, and to placate Washington on the international arena by giving in to American demands for withdrawal," but in actuality he not only laid the groundwork for the Communists' eventual victory, but also opened up a window for the possibility of a U.S.-Communist alliance that would have destabilized the Soviet Union's power; as will be seen, the United States failed to capitalize on this opportunity, but the fact remains that Stalin's withdrawal seems to have backfired.

Stalin's withdrawal was not directly aimed at ensuring a Communist victory, but rather was an attempt to destabilize the country so…… [Read More]


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Allah and Brahman Perhaps the

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Modern Protestantism tends more to suggest that salvation is purely the work of God, and that the human need only accept salvation and all past and present sins will be forgiven, requiring them to do nothing more to be saved. In this schema, good works are merely acts of devotion. In either case, the death of Christ provides forgiveness for sins, and the soul which has been forgiven is upon death taken into heaven where it is purified and allowed to live eternally in luxury thereafter. The only downside, here, is that one has only one life in which to accept Christ. Anyone failing to do so in that time, is sentenced to never-ending punishment and pain.

The uddhist idea or Enlightenment, on the other hand, leads to a Nirvana which is the cessation of pain and suffering and one-ness with the universe. This enlightenment comes from the individual learning…… [Read More]


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Alexander the Great Began His

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Both points-of-view may be absolutely correct, but neither really addresses the issue of whether or not Alexander was truly great.

Perhaps the best way to evaluate Alexander's greatness is to look at the lasting effects that he had on civilization.

First and foremost, Alexander conquered the known world. "Before Alexander world civilization had been dominated by eastern cultures - Persians, Egyptians, and Babylonians. Alexander shifted the spotlight once and for all. From now on the western societies of the Romans and the Greeks would take over the torch." Alexander used the gold reserves of conquered Persia to build new cities and ports, which he used to spread the Greek civilization around the world. In fact, "the economic system that began to take shape after Alexander's reign remained virtually unchanged until the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th century." hile the Greeks may have found Alexander's successes great, not all of…… [Read More]

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Virtual Cultures in Today's Information-Oriented

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An example of this virtual culture is the fan culture, wherein individuals having a similar belief or likeness for an idea or another individual (also identified as "cult hero") come together and form a community wherein they talk about their beliefs, and create a culture uniquely identified only to them. Examples of these fan cultures are Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter fan groups/bases.

In the following years, despite Macionis' expressed fear for these virtual cultures, this form of culture will develop to give way to new, hybrid cultures that will potentially develop as a result of the continuous innovation and creation of computer- and Internet-mediated technologies. Moreover, these cultures will become important in that it will reflect the kind of groups and individuals extant in the society. These virtual cultures will mirror peoples' values, beliefs, and traditions. And most importantly, virtual cultures will become the 'culture…… [Read More]

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IPV4 to IPV6 Distinguishing Characteristics

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Hence more than 200 trillion blocks of a lot many trillions more unique addresses are possible for allocation. This unique advantage equips ISPs, Govts, MNCs and Universities to allocate themselves virtually unlimited address space ushering the sustained growth of the Internet helping online transaction more secure. IPv6 also provides several enhancements to the present Internet experience over its previous avatar which seems impossible within the present IPv4 framework. Embedded security features and optimised transmission of huge amounts of data, the maximum expected characteristics of IPv6 is all set to transform the Internet into a secured universe and lend the user an experience where enriched content can be distributed and consumed. (Johnson, 2011)

Transitioning challenges to IPv6 confronting industry and Govt:

In changing over to IPv6, immediate costs are associated that varies according to network needs and business. The cost differences depend on network infrastructure, types of services, and future requirements…… [Read More]


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Man Has First Walked on

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Indeed, 3D movies lead to various physical issues such as nausea, headaches and eyestrains. Therefore, these factors nullify the thesis statement that asserted 3D effect brings value and new definition to the modern cinema.


3D effect in the movies and films is considerably one of the most fascinating and remarkable developments in the history of cinema. Through the 3D technology, the captivating properties of cinema is profoundly enhanced and progressed, as 3D films has acquired the key attributes of virtual reality.

The history of 3D technology in the films and movies advent from long time back, however, in the recent times, it has emerged as one of the most significant attractions for the theater audience and has sustained the long history of 3D technology. In fact, the shift of movies and audiences towards 3D technology shed the light on the fact that it would continue and expand over the…… [Read More]


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Reasoning Skills Fallacy Hunt

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Red Herring Argument / Petition Principi:

Heard from friend who is supporter of the ancient astronaut theory. She seemed to believe it telling me that that intelligent extraterrestrial beings had almost certainly visited Earth in antiquity and made contact with humans in certain points of our history. his she argued was indicated from certain ancient texts such as the Ramayana that, for instance, has gods and avatars who travel from place to place in flying vehicles, whilst the Book of Genesis, (chapter 6 verses 1 -- 4) mentions "sons of God [who] went to the daughters of humans and had children by them" -- which she, along with others, maintains refers to extra-terrestrials. he Book of Ezekiel too has a description of winged creatures flying in the Chariot of God who looked like humans which indicates that that Ezekiel had seen spaceships.

hese arguments -- all spurious -- not resting…… [Read More]

This perpetrates a number of fallacies since: (a) has nothing to do with the argument (b) is abusing the other (c) is confusing one with many (Islam is composed of many sects aside of which many Muslims have different ways of practicing their faith.

(Source: Associated Press -- Wed, Dec 5, 2012

Palestinians to UN: Stop 2 big Israeli settlements)