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It is probable that Cameron inspired his film from the traditional conflict between Christianity and Islam. Some of the most influent forces in society have been devoted to impose their power over the rest of the world, similar to how humans did not hesitate to take up arms against the Na'vi when the latter did not want to comply with the former's requests.

In Avatar, the human race is apparently determined to demonstrate that it is unwilling to accept compromise and that it is determined to prove its superior strength despite the consequences. The masses are aware that the new world order is closing...


Cameron's film practically reflects feelings in society today and in the recent years in an apparent attempt to alert people about how it is essential for them to change their perspective regarding the world and concerning their priorities. In the contemporary society, one does not necessarily have to belong to a certain religion, race, or community, as people are inevitably either with the West or with the East. Just like in the case of the Na'vi, it is futile for individuals to claim that they want to maintain a neutral attitude, given that the circumstances make it impossible to stay that way. Cameron's motion picture can be understood as a demonstration of how things are going to evolve if people continue to behave as they do and if no one steps in and reforms society.


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