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Balance Scorecard for Fatura Business Organizations Operate
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Balance Scorecard for Fatura

Business organizations operate with the sole objective of effectively utilizing the input factors in order to maximize on the output. For this case, output is measured in terms of performance, which, essentially relates to the profits or customer satisfaction. In the industrial age, most managers relied heavily on conventional financial metrics as the only strategic measure to align the activities of the organization to the goals and objectives of the same organization. However, this perspective has gradually shifted in the information age. Balanced scorecard is the most recent strategic tool that most organizations currently use in their planning and management activities. It is crucial as far as the alignment of the business activities to the objectives of the firm, boost both internal and external communications, and assess the organization performance relative to strategic goals. BSC is classified into four quadrants that include customer, financial, internal business…


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Balance Scorecard and Its Relationship
Words: 1272 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94857442
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This particular perspective is used in the accurate identification of infrastructure that a given company must acquire so as to compete in the future dynamic and highly competitive global market place.

The Balanced Scorecard has not just been praised for its theoretical soundness but has actually produced real results. Prickett (2003) noted that in 2003, a study that involved 35 firms in the UK proved that the best performance measurement strategies were implemented by firms that employed the Balance Scorecard approach of measurement. This study further indicated that companies that had been successful in their measurements because the Balanced Scorecard approach successfully identified certain critical indicators after a thorough consultation with all sectors of the firm's business team (including the lower level and the front line employees).

Extant literature on the Balanced Scorecard approach have shown a constant praise of the model. This is because as noted by Hagood and…


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Sustainability Balance Scorecard Analysis
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Sustainability Balanced Scorecard

The balanced scorecard is a tool for management that supports the positive execution of strategies instigated by the corporation. This report makes the aim to assist Wave Master Limited Company (WML) with the further analysis of sustainability. In particular, the report comes up with a strategic map for the company's objectives and thereafter creates a scheme for the formation of a sustainable balanced score card (SBSC). These strategic objectives are categorized in accordance to the perspectives of the SBSC that is suggested. The study goes on to further offer justification as to why such strategic objectives were classified and categorized in that particular manner. In concurrence with assignment two, we make the assumption that the sustainability reports and analysis made previously are appropriate and suitable to be used for this study. In developing the sustainable balance score card, the approach used in this study is that of…


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Core Competencies Balance Scorecard
Words: 653 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 30025965
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Miley Cyrus

The core competence analysis emphasizes whether an organization has unique selling points that will help it succeed in business. These are relevance, difficulty of imitation, and breadth of application (MindTools, 2013). Miley Cyrus scores well on all three counts, which means that she has the core competencies needed to succeed in the entertainment performer field.

Cyrus has maintained a high degree of relevance, which is critical to success as a popular entertainer. She parlayed a high level of exposure in a role as Hannah Montana into an adult music career. In particular, she has taken steps of late to cement this transition both for her fans and for the media. Had she not taken these steps, her relevance as a child performer who is no longer a child would be in steep decline. By re-inventing herself as a mature performer in the mainstream she has improved her relevance.…


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