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Capstone Essays (Examples)

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Integrated Business and Management Assessment Ibma Portfolio
Words: 439 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 31040455
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Integrated Business and Management Assessment (IBMA) Portfolio

Business Capstone Project: Outcomes

Demonstrate effective communication skills.


• Making good use of the English language in the presentation of business and management topics

• Effectively communicating grasp of business and management topics

• Identifying how the presentation was appropriately adapted to the audience

• Being organized and concise in written communication

Learning Statements:

• I have expanded my vocabulary regarding business-related concepts on both a practical and theoretical level.

• I have improved my ability to use email and other forms of technology to communicate in a professional manner.

• I have learned how to tailor my language and persuasive strategies to different audiences (lay vs. professional, colleagues vs. strangers).

• I have learned how to effectively use outlining to improve my public speaking and my research papers.

Evidence Used to Support Learning Statements:

• Tab C-1, Physics Homework, p.…

Neo-Confucianism Is a Philosophy Which Was Born TEST1
Words: 587 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: Array
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leader within the educational sector, it is critical that that qualities of good leadership be reflected upon the entire course of ones career.The management and leadership of academic institution is in deed a challenge that often results in poor performance in our contemporary schools (Schmoker,2001). In this paper, we present an elaborate reflection of my views on educational leadership principles that I have explored in the context of your MAED program and my career, and offer a summary of how my development as a professional educator has informed my practice that led to completion of the Capstone Project and my overall degree program.

Educational leadership principles

The very first principle of quality leadership practice is the evidence of candidate learning. This means that all the educational programs must provide enough evidence that the candidates have indeed learned and comprehended the educational curriculum.In order to do this, it was necessary for…


Carsey, MK and Gable, RK (2011). Beginning Teachers' Perceptions of Preparedness to Differentiate Instruction for Diverse Learners.

Paper presented at the 43rd annual meeting of the Northeastern Educational Research Association, October 19, 2011, Rocky Hill, CT.

Heacox, D. (2009). Making differentiation a habit: How to ensure success in academically diverse classrooms. Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Publishing, Inc.

Kinsella, E. (2007) Embodied Reflection and the Epistemology of Reflective Practice, Journal of Philosophy of Education, Vol. 41, No.3 pp. 395-409.

Scheduling Software for a University's
Words: 11316 Length: 45 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 8038768
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CELCAT, though, is just one of dozens of vendos competing in the class scheduling softwae industy as well as many open souces options that ae fee of chage, and the thousands of colleges and univesities that have undetaken the selection pocess have done so lagely without the benefit of a set of best pactices that can be used fo this pupose. As a esult, it is easonable to suggest that many of these educational institutions failed to ealize the full spectum of benefits that can accue to the effective use of class scheduling softwae applications based on an inappopiate selection o intenal factos that constained its implementation and use. Theefoe, it just makes good business sense to identify how these educational institutions can appoach the selection pocess and what factos need to be taken into account in identifying the most appopiate softwae choice.

Oveview of Study

This study used a…

references Window...

Reporting and Printing

1. Week - shows the timetable of the whole week (days x lessons) for the selected object type. For example, if Teacher is selected, all teachers' timetables are shown on one screen. The X axis will contain the teachers' names and the Y axis the days and the lessons.

2. Day - shows the timetable of one day for the selected object type. For example, if Group is selected, all groups' timetables are shown on one screen for the selected day. The X axis will contain the groups' names and the Y axis the lessons of the day (see graphic below).

3. Personal - shows a personal weekly timetable of the selected object. For example, if Room is selected, shows the timetable of the selected room for the whole week. The X axis contains the day names, and the Y axis the lessons.

Integrative Project Cincom Systems the
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 85040133
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A change management strategy that concentrates on getting the feedback of the sales teams, who will be the primary uses of the CRM system, and also the engineering team who will want to evaluate it, are both critical. This focus on shared ownership will overcome the political factors and forces that will push for the SaaS-based CRM system to be not installed and used. The sales teams however will need the system to complete more accurate quotes, orders and update customer records. The future of enterprise software is on the SaaS-based platform, and Cincom will need to embrace this direction and learn to capitalize on it in order to growth profitably in the future.

Cincom Systems Organizational Environment and Structure

Cincom Systems is organized into five separate divisions, each concentrating on enterprise software applications and platforms. All of these divisions are integrated on a common Microsoft platform or protocol stack,…

It has also allowed each business unit to concentrate on its core business very closely and clearly, accurately defining expectations and results that can be achieved to key customers as well. The Cincom Manufacturing Business Systems (CMBS) division sells ERP systems to manufacturers, many fo them members of the Fortune 500. The Acquire business unit sells a customizable quoting and product configuration system, and Cincom Synchrony sells a call center application suite. Cincom Smalltalk is a development organization that evangelizes the Smalltalk development language. The Cincom outsourcing services group sells services of the Indian subsidiary who builds both internal and customer-sponsored applications. The mission of Cincom is to deliver up to a 30 times increase in value to customers who choose to standardize their businesses on their solutions. The culture is highly focused on analytics, metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), often measuring overall performance of applications within customer sites. The best-performing companies rely on analytics, KPIs and metrics to stay aligned to customers and ensure success fo initiatives (Conejero, Figueiredo, Garcia, Hernandez, Jurado, 2011).

Organizational Structure

The structure of this organization is highly decentralized with each business unit have a general manager and a series of directors responsible for marketing, sales, product management and product development. Internal systems are specifically designed to allow for rapid information and knowedlge sharing, further increasing innovation. The reliance on knowedlge sharing systems to further support and enhance the development of innovation in firms shows significant potential to revolutionize enterprise software (Linke, Zerfass, 2011). This is exactly what Cincom is attempting to do with its focus on intensive levels of knowedlge sharing and collaboration, including the highly decentralized organizational structure and relative freedom of development groups to pursue their own plans without having to be constrained by a single, overriding engineering and development team. This focus on decentralized innovation has made it possible for

Simulation a Discussion of How
Words: 1865 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 81124326
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Thus, placing the business emphasis on meeting the customers' expectations is imperative.

Finally, when finance is the bottleneck, nothing at all can run smoothly. Finance is the engine that powers all of the other business functions. You could have the most high performance business model imaginable but without enough assets to fund the model all is lost. For example, if the supply chain and marketing operations are strong but finance isn't providing the budgets necessary for these functions to run at optimal levels then this acts like a handicap for the whole of the business. It is incredibly important for the finance department to accurately match the funding to the meet the requirements of all the various functions. Furthermore, since this cannot always be accurately predicted, it is best for finance to have fast acting mechanisms to quickly adapt to meet the needs.

We mentioned briefly examples of when one…

Wal-Mart Corporation Mission and Vision Statement Analysis
Words: 4775 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 23416857
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Wal-Mart Corporation

Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Linking Wal-Mart's Mission and Vision to Their Strategic Goals ands Objectives

Assessing the Link Between Wal-Mart's Financial Performance And Its Strategic Goals

Wal-Mart Competitive and Marketing Analysis

Wal-Mart Marketing Analysis

Selecting An Appropriate Strategy (low cost, differentiation or niche) For Maximizing Organization's eturn on Shareholders

Potential Wal-Mart Merger & Acquisition Strategy

Incentive and eward Strategies for Wal-Mart Employees

Evaluating How Current Strategies Define Ethicacy Levels at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart atio Analysis

Income Statement Analysis, 2007 -- 2011

Wal-Mart Capstone Analysis

Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

The foundations of the Wal-Mart value chain and its global success is predicated on how well this company aligns every internal system and strategy to their unique value proposition of Low Price Everyday (LPED) leadership. This unique value proposition galvanizes the mission and vision statement of Wal-Mart and is one of the foundations of their success and continued growth.…


Nabil Alghalith (2005). Competing with IT: The UPS Case. Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, 7(2), 7-15.

Jonathan Birchall. (2009, October 23). Walmart set to focus on growth outside U.S.. Financial Times,16.

Susan Christopherson 2007. Barriers to 'U.S. style' lean retailing: the case of Wal-Mart's failure in Germany. Journal of Economic Geography: Transnational Retail, Supply Networks, and the Global 7, no. 4 (July 1): 451-469.

Richard De Santa. (1998, January). Technology. Supermarket Business, 53(1), 18.

Organizational Change in the Public Sector This
Words: 6104 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 9103024
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Organizational Change in the Public Sector

This research proposal explores the feasibility of management in the public Sector as an organizational paradigm and new model in organizational development. The literature review reviews numerous journal articles that explore on the key concepts of change management strategies from a public sector project management perspective. The authors suggest that employee's participation, effective feedback across the board, and empowerment of subordinate staffs is a major step in transforming public organizations. This proposal further hypothesis that establishment of long-term and productivity advantages are crucial throughout the organization.


Research Questions



Factor 1: Need for change

Factor 2: implement a Plan for change

Factor 3: create political internal environment for Change

Factor 4: Support and Commitment from managers

Factor 5: enhancing External Support

Factor 6: Provide Resources for change

Factor 7: establish Change

Factor 8: ascertain comprehensive Change

Determinants of implementing…


Abramson, Mark A., and Paul R .Lawrence .2001. The Challenge of Transforming

Administration and its influence on organizational change. Management Decision,

50(10), 1843-1860, Review 62: 555-67.

Armenakis, Achilles A ., and Arthur G .Bedeian .1999 .Organizational Change: A Review of Associates.

School-Wide Inquiry Into Learning and Teaching Performance
Words: 690 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 32396986
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school-wide inquiry into learning and teaching performance and participating in professional inquiry as a colleague" I have often found my school lacking (Copland & Knapp 2006). My current Capstone project is on the phenomenon of 'teaching to the test,' or the extent to which the pressures of standardized testing have inhibited teacher's creativity and limited the development of individuated curriculums in schools today. Copland and Knapp (2006) suggest that under ideal circumstances, a partnership exists between teachers and administrators as they engage in a joint effort to discover what works and what does not work when comparing teaching strategies. But I often find (which is not uncommon amongst teachers) that the standardized test becomes a kind of 'third party' in the relationship between teachers and other stakeholders.

ather than engaging in research to determine what works and does not work to enhance learning, instead teachers and administrators alike must shape…


Rose, L.P. (2009). Students as researchers: a framework for using action research. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 20(2).

Errors in the ICU
Words: 1240 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 20109837
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Medication Errors

One of the major challenges impact healthcare providers is medical errors. These issues are challenging, as they will have an adverse impact on quality and safety. In the case of the ICU, these challenges are becoming more pronounced. This is because of the different conditions and large number of patients they are working with. A good example of this can be seen with insights from Orgeas (2010) who said, "Although intensive care units (ICUs) were created for patients with life-threatening illnesses, the ICU environment generates a high risk of iatrogenic events. Identifying medical errors (MEs) that serve as indicators for iatrogenic risk is crucial for purposes of reporting and prevention. We describe the selection of indicator MEs, the incidence of such MEs, and their relationship with mortality. We selected indicator MEs using Delphi techniques. An observational prospective multicenter cohort study of these MEs was conducted from March 27…


Data and Statistics. (2014). CDC. Retrieved from: 

Marcucci, L. (2012). Avoiding Common ICU Errors. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Marino, P. (2012). ICU Book. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

McClean, S. (2011). Intelligent Patient Management. New York, NY: Springer.

Why Active Learning is Important in Schools
Words: 2521 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 44689587
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Early Childhood Special Education and English Second Language Capstone Proposal

As Tomlinson (2010) points out in "Notes from an Accidental Teacher," a "zeal for learning" is one of the five elements and practices that make up effective teaching (p. 22). This element has the most significance for me because I count it as the most essential aspect of what it means to be able to teach -- one must be eager to learn. A teacher cannot pass on to students what he or she does not know or already possess. Thus if a teacher has no zeal for learning, it is to be expected that the teacher will have nothing to pass on to students. The desire to learn and to accumulate understanding is a necessary foundation for teaching: it is like the soil full of nutrients that the tree's roots must stretch out and reach so as to obtain…


Dobbs, D. (2011, October). Beautiful brains. National Geographic, 220(4), 36-59.

Landecker, H. (2009). Diagram this headline in one minute, if you can. Chronicle of Higher Education, 55(36): 10-12.

Sipe, R. B. (2006). Grammar Matters. The English Journal, 95(5): 15-17.

Vera, E. M., Israel, M. S (2012). Exploring the educational involvement of parents of English learners. School Community Journal, 22(2), 183-189.

Flight Deck and Human-Machine Interface
Words: 3048 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 47590366
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Flight Deck Human-Machine Interface - "What to Expect in the Future"

This paper will analyze the issues associated with the flight deck human-machine interface. The data for this research will be collected through a number of secondary sources. Quantitative analysis of the collected data will be performed on the basis of frequency and types of accidents and the causes of accidents that occurred after the introduction of this technology. Qualitative analysis of the collected data will be performed on the basis of previous researches that were conducted on the issue under consideration. On the basis of the results obtained from this analysis, various recommendations will be proposed so that this technology can be further enhanced and the issues associated with it can be eliminated. The paper will also analyze aviation safety legislation and propose the changes that should be made in the legislation to make this technology safer and more…


Boy, G., & Carlo Cacciabue, P. (1997). Optimization of automation in the civil flight deck, pp. 1-19. European Workshop to Develop Human Factors Guidelines for Flight Deck Certification.

Chialastri, A. (2012). Automation in Aviation, pp. 79-100. Croatia: InTech Europe. Retrieved from 

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. (2014). College of Aeronautics: Undergraduate Capstone Policy Guide. Retrieved January 1, 2014 from

Funk, K., Niemczyk, M., Suroteguh, C., & Owen, G. (1999). Flight deck automation issues. The International Journal of Aviation Psychology, 9(2), 109 -- 123.

Realities of Globalization for Companies
Words: 6319 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 32327239
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Transportation and Logistics Management

Tanya Combs

"Globalization is the growing economic interdependence of countries worldwide through increasing volume and variety of cross-border transactions in goods and services, freer international capital flow, and more rapid and widespread diffusion of technology" (International Monetary Fund -- quoted by ushton, et al., 2007)

Globalization's impact on the world economy, in particular on the logistics and transportation management of the economies of the world, has been momentous. World trade has grown at "double the growth of GDP" over the past 15 years or so, and for developing nations, their share in world merchandise trade has skyrocketed by over 31% since 1950 (ushton, 2007). More trade -- knocking down barriers to economic interaction -- means stronger economic growth, and globalization has stimulated trade; specifically it has helped the freight market enjoy healthy annual growth rates up to 10% annually on an international basis (ushton, 22). The…


Alkanaani, K. (2013). Marketing strategies and global logistics under globalization.

Operations Management, No. 4, retrieved March 1, 2015, from

Blanchard, D. (2013). Supply chain & Logistics: Globalization Blues: Too Many

Companies are Victimized by Their Own Supply Chains. Industry Week, Retrieved

Focus on Leadership Culture and Systems
Words: 880 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 73700215
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Healthcare: A focus on Leadership, Culture, and Systems


As organizations are growing progressively competitive, it is very clear that the need to even extend to other entry modes really does vary considerably in positions of not only price experienced by companies but likewise benefits and drawbacks. his capstone will discuss the relevance of how a more holistic change management approach will be needed to include new leadership models, organizational transformation, and driving towards a "system-ness culture. In today's changing healthcare environment, cost pressures are at an all time high. oo often, most health systems are focused on reducing costs via improving operational efficiencies, which is extremely important.

It is also becoming more and more obvious that all organizations are out their facing challenges that come from within the business; for instance, an establishment's internal environment may be affected by inadequacies, changes in the workforce, or…

Taylor HA, G.B. (2013). A conceptual model for transformational clinical leadership withinprimary care group practice. Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, 89(56), 345-356.

Uding, N.K. (2009). Parent and community participation in program design. Clinical Nursing Research, 18(4), 68-79.

Zarubi, K.L. (2012). Putting patients and families at the center of care. Journal of Nursing, 38(6), 275-281.

Understanding How to Apply Ksas
Words: 1468 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 56788678
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Strategic Project Management

For any organization, one of the biggest challenges in strategic project management is incorporating the different personalities together with specific objectives. The result is that conflicts will emerge and they will fail to achieve their larger goals. To deal with these challenges all firms must have a clearly defined strategy that will assist them throughout the entire process. To help them, there is a focus on the talent / skills in order to make it work and create a logical framework. Together, these different elements will illustrate the best approach for achieving these larger objectives. (Schmidt, 2009)

What kinds of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) are required? Who needs to be on your team and what will their contribution be in terms of KSAs? How will you address the gaps? Identify the talent the project requires. Explain how you plan to get those needs met.

The company…


England, G. (1983). Japanese and American Management. Journal of International Business Studies, 14 (2), 131 -- 142.

Hofstede, G. (2001). Culture's Consequences. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Kelly, L. (2006). Crossvergence and Cultural Tendencies. International Journal of Management, 12, 67-84.

Osland, J. (2000). Beyond Sophisticated Stereotyping. Academic Management Perspective, 14 (1), 65 -77.

Change Management in the NFL
Words: 8314 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 85473156
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Leadership and Organizational Change Potential in the NFL

Organizational Problem or Opportunity

Description of the Problem or Opportunity

Purpose of the Investigation



Summary of Section Highlights

Problem or Opportunity Background

• Current State of the Target Organization

• elevant Organizational Processes or Systems or Functions

• elevant Theory

isk Management

Organizational Change

Lewin's Change Management Model

McKinsey 7-S Model

Kotter's 8 Step Change Model


Corporate Social esponsibility

Investigative Steps

Investigative Approach and Design Strategies

• Investigative Approach

• Theory Thread Strategies

• Data Collection and Preparation Strategies

Investigation Parameters or Limitations


Findings of the Investigation


elevant Analysis

Overall Findings: A Synthesis


Interpretation and ecommendations 34

Organizational Implications 34

ecommendations 34

• Implications for Decision Makers 35

• Future esearch 35

Summary 36

eferences 37

Executive Summary

The National Football League (NFL) is currently the most popular sport with American adults, however this position is…


Bass, B. (1985). Leadership and performance beyond expectations. New York: Free Press.

Bass, B. (1999). Two decasdes in research and development in transformational leadership. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 9-32.

Benta, D. (2011). On Best Practices for Risk Management in Complex Projects. Informatica Economica, 142-152.

Business Dictionary. (N.d.). Change Management. Retrieved from Business Dictionary:

Improving Nursing Retention Rates by Reducing Burnout
Words: 538 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 82635495
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Improving Nursing Practice by educing Burnout Levels

Nursing may be the most stressful of all professions, and it is not surprising that many nurses abandon their careers after experiencing the rigors of their workplace. A growing body of research clearly shows that nurses in general and those working in emergency department settings in particular are at the highest risk of any profession for experiencing professional burnout syndrome (Hamaideh & Ammouri, 2011). For instance, Hamaideh and Ammouri (2011) emphasize that, "Many nursing tasks by normal standards are distasteful, giving strong evidence to support the belief that nursing is a stressful profession and that some causes of stressors are found in different areas of work, especially in areas where multiple and complex skills are required such as emergency rooms or departments" (p. 174).

Because there is already a critical shortage of professional nurses in many Western nations, identifying opportunities to reduce burnout…


Hamaideh, S. H. & Ammouri, A. (2011, February). Comparing Jordanian nurses' job stressors in stressful and non-stressful clinical areas. Contemporary Nurse: a Journal for the Australian Nursing Profession, 37(2), 173-179.

Karwowski, W. (2006). International encyclopedia of ergonomics and human factors. Boston: CRC Press.

Nikolaos, A. (2012, June). An examination of a burnout model in bsasketball coaches. Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 12(2), 171-175.

European Union's New Emmissions Proposal
Words: 6246 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90118636
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(Jordans, 2008) "Europe's unilateral approach will only lead to legal battles and trade wars," Bisignani also stressed. (Jordans, 2008) a hint of this contention occurring in the future was evidenced recently when 27 nations, including the U.S., China and 25 other countries, registered opposition to the EU's attempt to include commercial airlines in its cap-and-trade program by supporting an ICAO-run program. This signal confirmed united opposition to the European Union's intentions to develop a separate, regional emissions trading system. U.S. officials warn that the inclusion of U.S. And other non-European airlines in the EU cap-and-trade program "may break international aviation and trade laws." (Jordans, 2008) Although reasons differ, along with official warnings, scientists raise questions regarding the European program. Airlines, experts basically agree, contribute approximately 2% of man-made emissions of carbon dioxide, a gas reportedly contributing to global warming. Perceptions, nevertheless, differ regarding the impact of other gases aircraft emit,…


Aircraft emissions capped to tackle climate change." European Commission, 20 Dec. 2006. Retrieved June 17, 2005, at .

Aviation and the Environment." Finance Wire, May 7, 2008. Retrieved June 16, 2005, at /doc/1P3-1474988211.html.

EPA to Revise Aircraft Engine Emission Standards." IHS, 30 Nov. 2005. Retrieved June 17, 2005, at .

FAQ on Aviation Emissions and Climate Change." HIS, 2 Jan. 2007. Retrieved June 17, 2005, at .

Deinstitutionalization Importance of a Historical Literature Review
Words: 4057 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 94795957
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Evaluating theoretical framework also assists in determining whether the structure directs the research study. This process entails identification of constructs or concepts, assessment of definitions, relationships, variables, hypothesis, methodology and findings.

Discussion Question Two: Will there always be a theoretical framework that aligns with your chosen topic of study? Why or why not?

Theoretical framework entails the collection of combined concepts that are not essentially well established (Aparasu, 2011). Theoretical framework determines the things a researcher measures and the statistical link to look for. Through theoretical framework, researchers engage preconceived ideas. For instance, some people deem that human beings are untrustworthy and lazy. Such basic beliefs regarding human temperament influences how a researcher views things when conducting a research. In this regard, not understanding the actual framework is an enormous concern. Theoretical framework directs the researcher to what he/she views in his/her environment, and what he/she does not notice in…


Aparasu, R. (2011). Research methods for pharmaceutical practice and policy. New York:

Pharmaceutical Press.

Beck, C., & Faan, C. (2013). Routledge international handbook of qualitative nursing research.

New York: Routledge

Psychology & Nbsp general Taumatic Brain
Words: 5753 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 54980300
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The accident occurred while the actress was taking a skiing lesson. She initial experienced no symptoms from her fall, but later complained of a headache and was taken to a local hospital. Reports indicate that her fall was not very spectacular and occurred at a low speed on a beginner run. She was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. (Quinn, 2009)

However, while it is true that sometimes there are no immediately obvious signs of a severe brain injury, at other times there are.

Severe Traumatic Brain njury

The symptoms of a severe traumatic brain injury (which can result in permanent neurological damage) include a number of cognitive problems including inability to concentrate, problems with memory, problems in focusing and paying attention, ability to process new information at a normal rate, a high level of confusion, and perseveration, which is the action of doing something over…

In describing the course of their patients, experienced clinicians who use HBOT to treat patients with brain injury, cerebral palsy, and stroke refer to improvements that may be ignored in standardized measures of motor and neuro-cognitive dysfunction. These measures do not seem to capture the impact of the changes that clinicians and parents perceive. Caregivers' perceptions should be given more weight in evaluating the significance of objective improvements in a patient's function. Unfortunately, studies have not consistently measured caregiver burden, or have assessed it only by self-report. Studies in which the caregivers' burden was directly observed would provide much stronger evidence than is currently available about treatment outcome. (AHRQ Publication Number 03-E049, 2003)

In other words, this somewhat alternative treatment produces results that are more meaningful to the injured person and his or her caregivers.

I have focused here primarily on the biochemical end of treatments for those with traumatic brain injury because it is this level of treatment that offers the long-term possibility of the greatest level of treatment. Such treatments as are described here have the chance to cure traumatic brain injury. But until these are perfected, every other kind of treatment and therapy -- from drug treatments to speech therapy to the love of friends -- will remain priceless.

Educational Challenges Spelled Out in Specifics
Words: 3347 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 37702565
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diversity of learning styles and needs represented in a typical 21st century classroom. As the United States continues to see an increase in multi-ethnic, multinational populations, the children of immigrants that bring diverse cultures and ethnicities to American shores are represented in the classroom. This presents a serious challenge for the educator, since the diversity of students reflect a wide range of competencies, skills and levels of intellectual comprehension. Within the context of that diversity the instructor must embrace a pivotal 21st century learning challenge -- meeting the learning needs of students who may fall behind without one-on-one instruction and the learning needs of more advanced students seeking to surge ahead while many students in the classroom may be struggling simply to stay up with the assignments.

In order for students to reach their optimum level of academic achievement, the system must change and the philosophy of instruction must change…


Ashford University (2014). Assessment in the 21st century. Retrieved November 30,

2014, from .

Framework for 21st Century Revision. Creativity and Innovation.

Leston-Banderia, C. (2013). Methods Teaching through a Discipline Research-Oriented

Psychology Master's Degree Methodology Degree
Words: 2396 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70293634
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The subject promises to
approach issues of theology, sociology, ethicality and behavior with
necessary interdependency.

sychology: rofessional Ethics and Legal Issues (523), though an elective,
seems to be an absolutely indispensable channeling of study time. The
examination of issues of ethical and legal centrality to the research or
practice of psychology should arm future professionals with the underlying
information and philosophical orientation needed to approach this complex
field with sensitivity, objectivity and integrity.

Teaching Introduction to sychology (GIDS 524) is an elective which should
serve to further the knowledge and information obtained in Advanced
Educational sychology (GIDS 521), continuing to refine the ideas and
theories instructed through my larger course of study into a set of tools
for the demonstration of this knowledge. Here, I anticipate sharpening the
skills which I already possess to serve in the instructional capacity on
the interdisciplinary relevance of psychology.

hase 1:
This first phase…

Psychology: Professional Ethics and Legal Issues (523)

Spring 2010:
Advanced Educational Psychology (521)
Teaching Introduction to Psychology (GIDS 524)

Evaluating Another Groups Work
Words: 701 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83808157
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colleagues' and other students that I had the chance to see helped m evaluating the study that I had done, the manner of presentation of the study and the addition of certain elements in the study that I had paid less importance to.

In a nutshell, it can be said that the process of going through and evaluating the work of the colleagues have certainly changed the manner in which I now look towards the presentation of a problem and trying to provide suggestions for a credible solution to the problem. The exercise has helped me to prepare myself in a manner that I now accord more time and energy towards thinking strategically as well as critically about various issues that are of concern to me. This is the major change or learning that I have gained from this exercise and through the review and viewing of my colleagues' presentations…


Ardis, M., Hole, E., & Manfredonia, J. (2013). Creating a Marketplace for Multidisciplinary Multi-university Systems Engineering Capstone Projects. Procedia Computer Science, 16, 1036-1042. 

Goldberg, J. (2014). Faculty Internships for Capstone Design Instructors: Maintaining an up-to-date Capstone Design Course [Senior Design]. IEEE Pulse, 5(3), 62-64.

Hoem based diabetes managemnt
Words: 792 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 80814155
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Long-Term Management for Diabetic Patients Under the Home Setting

Aubert .E.,, (1998).Nurse case Management to Improve Glycemic Control in Diabetic Patients in a Health Maintenance Organization. A randomized, controlled trial.

This is a report on the research on the comparison of diabetes control in patients receiving nurse case management and patients receiving usual care. The research took a randomized controlled trial model. The research was conducted in primary care clinics in a group model health maintenance organization. It involved 121 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and 17 patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus. The intervention that was used in this case study was that the nurse case manager followed the written management algorithm with the direction of the family physician and an endocrinologist. If there were any changes then they would be communicated to the primary care physician. The patients received ongoing care through their primary care…


Aubert R.E.,, (1998).Nurse case Management to Improve Glycemic Control in Diabetic Patients in a Health Maintenance Organization. A randomized, controlled trial. Retrieved June 13, 2017 from 

Baty P.J., (2010). A Systematic Approach to Diabetes Mellitus Care in Underserved Populations: Improving Care of Minority and Homeless Persons. Retrieved June 13, 2017 from

American Revolution A History by Gordon S
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American evolution: A History" by Gordon S. Wood. Specifically, it will contain a narrative review of the book. Wood's book is a modern look at history, and at the results of the American evolution. While there are numerous books on the subject, this one is relatively easy to read and understand, and short enough not to put off the reader. It is an excellent reference for anyone interested in American history.

The author's thesis is set in the Preface of the book, where he notes, "The evolution, in short, gave birth to whatever sense of nationhood and national purpose Americans have had" (Wood 26). In addition, author Wood believes that as history moves on, the true meaning and how historians view the American evolution has altered, and this book is an attempt to illustrate these new views of a more than 200-year-old revolt. More than anything else, Wood wants modern…


Wood, Gordon S. The American Revolution: A History. New York: The Modern Library, 2002.

Managing and Identifying Barriers
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Managing Barriers

Barriers encountered in the Capstone project revolved around the idea that the staff felt it was not there job to read rhythm strips, and did not make the time to get off the floor for any continuing education. Good leadership can help eliminate these kinds of problems, as the problems have to be addressed from the standpoint of people who will insist that everyone does his or her job and makes the time to get involved with things like continuing education. As can be seen, there are generally a number of barriers that are encountered when trying to implement a change in practice. Even if that change will resolve a problem or address a concern, many people are still going to be resistant to it. The main barriers can include resistance to change from staff, lack of leadership, lack of resources (both financial and fiscal), environment, communication, and…


American Nurses Association. (2001). Code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements (Publication no. CEN21 10M 08/03). Washington, DC: Author.

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Pexton, C. (2005). Overcoming the barriers to change in the healthcare system. Retrieved from

Nursing Simulation
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Lewin model of change can be useful as a way of encouraging people to get motivated about changing an ingrained policy that is no longer serving the organization. The first, foundational step of the model is the need to 'unfreeze' current standard operating procedures and to convince workers of the need for change. In the scenario you described, it seems as though there was a base level of understanding of the workers about the need for more effective use of bar code medication administration (BCMA) at the end of twelve months, given the organization had already had this program in existence for one year with a compliance rate of 90%. However, there was clearly a failure in terms of the implementation of the actual change component in terms of the design of the training program. The 'refreezing' should not take place until the standard operating procedures have taken hold in…

Future a Reflection Upon Where
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In the healthcare field teamwork has a very important place. Doctors and nurses must often work together, but these people must also work with assistants, PAs, volunteers, and administration. Working as a team makes things easier and they tend to also operate more smoothly, which is preferable no matter what business a person is engaged in.

What professional organization(s) have you or will you join? I currently belong to: The International Association of Administrative Professionals, the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators, and the Texas Association of Health Unit Coordinators. I intend to keep these memberships current, but have not made a decision as to whether I will join any other organizations at this time.

What conferences or workshop will you attend? Although I do not have anything specifically in mind, I intend to go to any conferences or workshops that I will be able to attend around my work/school…


Marion, R., & Uhl-Bien, M. (2001). Leadership in complex organizations, Leadership Quarterly, 12(4), 389-418.

Peterson, Cheryl a. 2001. Nursing Shortage: Not a simple problem - no easy answers. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, Volume 6, Number 1, Manuscript 1. Retrieved at

Organizational Change Drivers of Organizational
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A lack of any purposeful or directional change had led to a stagnancy in sales and a lethargy amongst the establishment's staff, and though the owner recognized this she did not seem to have an understanding of how to change it. This period happened to coincide with the departure of one of the more senior employees, and the owner used this opportunity to hire an assistant manager with previous H experience; this individual developed new incentives and deeper levels of organizational involvement for all employees, which proved to be very successful at motivating individuals and creating a more adaptive and customer-oriented business. The assistant manager was very much brought in as a change agent for the organization, and demonstrated how successful such new insight to an organization can be when approached in the proper manner (Schabracq 2007).

In both of these instances, there was a clear moment when change began…


Fisk, P. (2008). Business genius: A more inspired approach to business growth. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Capstone.

Schabracq, M.J. (2007). Changing organizational culture: The change agent's guidebook. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.

Fidelity Investments Human Resources
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Fidelity Investments- Human esources

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments- T&D Program

H Transformation strategy- Fidelity Investments

Key Issues identified in interview


Change management

Technology utilization

Business Case: Context of program application

Mission Metric

Financial Metric

Operational Metric

H redesign


Table 1- Implementation and Accountability of L&D program

Figure 2 Business Case ationale for T&D program at Fidelity

Figure 3- H edesign Elements

This H Learning and Development (L&D) program proposed for Fidelity Investments is aimed at addressing the key challenges faced by the firms in its human resource management. There are several instances when H function has contributed to the bottom line of firm as well as pursued an egalitarian culture of society. Present program is spanned over 5 weeks and will be implemented in Americas & Canada region initially. With successful implementation of this L&D program in one region (Americas & Canada), further implementation will be recommended in…


Ahadi, H.R. (2004). An examination of the role of organizational enablers in business process reengineering and the impact of information technology. Information Resources Management Journal (IRMJ), 17(4), 1-19.

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Financial Ratios From Income Statements
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Financial atios From Income Statements:

Accounting in hospitality management is carried out to identify and document financial issues and produce information regarding an organization's assets, liabilities, and investments. Through this process, the management of a hospitality establishment understands and interprets financial ratios, which are crucial for basic control of operations in the establishments. Some of the most important financial ratios in hospitality accounting include average daily rate, occupancy percentage, room sales to total sales, cost of food sold percentage, profit margins for rooms and F&B, housekeeping cost per occupied room, and cost of beverage sold percentage. These financial ratios can be determined or worked out from a company's income statements or operational data (Casado, 2006, p.103). For the 310-room hotel in Costa Mesa, California, the Occupancy percentage is 7,755: 310 = 25.02%

Cost of labor percentage for rooms is 103,202: 437,433 = 23% for F&B is 113,349: 302,188 = 37.5%…


Casado, M.A. (2006). Hospitality Accounting. In Hospitality management: a capstone course

(chap 9, pp.97-105). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

Christianity and Business
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Your Name
INDS 400-001
August 06, 2014
Business and Religion
IPS Integration Essay
Cognate/Career Synthesis Paper:
Incorporating a Christian orldview
Presented in Partial Fulfillment
EDU 400: Capstone
Your Name
John Doe
EDU 400-001
06 August 2014
Business and Religion Synthesis:
Incorporating a Christian orldview
Incorporating a more Christian worldview would be largely beneficial to a range of careers as such a perspective can help guide all endeavors along a more moralistic path. The last decade or so has brought us some of the most staggering corporate scandals that the human race has ever known. These were scandals which crippled the economy and which brought the nation to untold amounts of financial struggle and unhappiness. To this day, the government and private businesses are still working manically hard to dig the country out of a completely destructive great recession. The more we understand how such corporate scandals were started and…

Works Cited
Cornwell, Lisa. Son of Madoff\'s accountant kills himself in Ohio. 18 November 2012.

Hedge Fund Management Technique the
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2.3: Theme I: This study's first theme defines hedge funds and presents a synopsis of their history.

2.: Theme 2: Ways hedge funds compare to mutual funds are noted in this section, this study's second theme.

2.5: Theme 3: segment denotes techniques hedge funds utilise in investing.

2.6: Theme : A number of ways rising and falling markets impact hedge funds, this section's theme links to the thesis statement for this thesis/Capstone.

2.7: Analysis: The analysis section presents a number of pertinent points retrieved from the reviewed literature.


3.1: Introduction: This final chapter's introduction reviews the original study aim and objectives presented at the start of this thesis/Capstone, relating to hedge funds techniques. This section also recounts this study's thesis statement.

3.2: Discussion: During this segment, this researcher relates final considerations regarding hedge funds techniques, cross-referencing several points the reviewed literature noted. This researcher also…

4. The Investment Advisers Act.

The Securities Act of 1933, (SEC):

…oversees the mutual fund industry's compliance with specific regulations, including, the Internal Revenue Code which set additional requirements regarding a fund's portfolio diversification and its distribution of earnings, and the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD) oversees most mutual fund advertisements and other sales materials. In addition, mutual funds must have directors who are responsible for extensive oversight of the fund's policies and procedures. For virtually all funds, at least a majority of their directors must be independent from the fund's management.

Divergence in Cultures
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Cultural Literacy is the ability of understanding and taking part fluently in a given culture. This is the knowledge, understanding and application of history, contributions, and perspectives of the different cultural groups when it comes to a particular project or in a comprehensive research question. It is the ability of associating an individual's knowledge, understanding and applying history, contribution, perspectives and the impacts on their own cultural groups. The groups are not limited to ethnic, religious or social groups but include groups that are associated with industry, professional and other work or even recreationally related entities.

Examples of cultures

Social cultures, which is a cultural concept, which is created by people of a social system and the way they interact with others. This is the external reference frame when it comes to the context of culture and it can be termed as group culture. It normally encompasses the languages that…


Helmreich, R, Merritt, A & Wilhelm, J. (2007). The Evolution of Crew Resource Management Training in Commercial Aviation. Retrieved July 22, 2014 from 

Muqbil, I. (2008). Aviation Trends And SafetyRisks Identified. Retrieved July 22, 2014 from 

Federal Aviation Administration. (2009). Capstone Archival Material. Retrieved July 22, 2014 from

Small Business - Banking Start-Up
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Video Tape and Disc ental


Catalog/Mail Order


Health and Personal Care Stores


Table 2: Comparisons of Most isky Small Business (, cited by Telberg, 2003)

An Engine of Economic Growth

More and more, Craig, Jackson and Thomson (2007) argue, policymakers perceive the small business sector "as a potential engine of economic growth. Policies to promote small businesses include tax relief, direct subsidies, and indirect subsidies through government lending programs." These authors stress that encouraging lending to small business purports the Small Business Administration's (SBA's) primary policy objective of the loan-guarantee program. In their study, Craig, Jackson and Thomson (2007) implement empirical research to focus on SBA-guaranteed lending, utilizing a panel data set of SBA-guaranteed loans, they assess whether SBA-guaranteed lending discernibly impacts local economic performance. Ultimately, these authors cautiously conclude that "There is a positive (although small) and significant relationship between the level of SBA-guaranteed lending in…


Authority, purpose and scope. (2002). EXTENSIONS of CREDIT by FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS (REGULATION a). Retrieved November 10, 2007, at 

Bannock, G. (2005). The Economics and Management of Small Business: An International Perspective. New York: Routledge. Retrieved November 12, 2007, from Questia database: 

Bielski, L. (2006). On the Hunt for the Meaningful Segment: With a Deluge of Customer Information to Choose from, Bankers Struggle to See Their Customers in More Refined, Specific Ways. ABA Banking Journal, 98(9), 45+. Retrieved November 12, 2007, from Questia database: 

Brew, J. (2007). Taxes: The Forgotten Piece of Bank Profits Investigating Two Overlooked Strategies Could Put You on Your Way to Cutting Taxes by Half. Got Your Attention?. ABA Banking Journal, 99(5), 22+. Retrieved November 12, 2007, from Questia database:

2Ndgrade Weather Lesson Plan Weather A Second Grade
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2ndGrade/Weather Lesson Plan

Weather: A Second Grade Thematic Unit

The proposed thematic unit is designed for a general education classroom at the second grade level. The suggested time frame is three weeks, but the unit could be either shortened slightly or extended by adjusting the number of activities. eading activities include shared reading and self-selected reading from a variety of books provided by the teacher. The book selection should include multiple genres and multiple reading levels. A suggested list is included. Writing activities engage students in the five stages of the writing process. Students will create a weather journal that includes their writing and a reading log. Students may also include notes about weather observations.

Instructional Focus: Grade 2

Subject: Science


Literacy and Writing Standards for Pennsylvania

Met in this unit:

eading Informational Text: Students read, understand, and respond to informational text -- with emphasis on comprehension, making connections…


The teacher can select titles such as those suggested for a classroom library. The titles represent a mix of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Some of the titles may be selected for read-alouds. When selections are shared this way with the whole class, the teacher should preface the reading with a discussion about reading strategies (e.g., setting a purpose for reading, tips for figuring out unfamiliar words), genre, and/or style.

Adamson. T. (2011). How do you measure time? Bloomington, MN: Capstone.

Barrett, J., and Barrett, R. (1978). Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. New York: Atheneum.

Breen, K., and Friestad, M. (2008). The kids' book of weather forecasting. Danbury, CT: Ideals.

Air Traffic Control Free Flight
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Air Traffic Control Free Flight System

Free flight represents a positive change in airline traffic management system. It promises efficiency and profitability to the industry, which is going through a rough period.

The 1978 deregulation of airlines was perceived as a revolutionary change in the airline industry. Similarly, in the field of air traffic control, the 'free flight' system promises to be the most important change ever since the introduction of radars in communication and aviation management. The rapid advancements in satellite technology have given a tremendous impetus to the field of communication and Satellite-based navigation equipments promise to be the future trend in aviation control. The phenomenal growth in air traffic and the difficulties in regulating it have highlighted the shortcomings of the present air traffic control system. The American airline industry is incurring a loss of around U.S.$3.5 billion annually due to the inefficiencies in the present centralized…


1) Ken Kaye, "About Free Flight: History," Accessed on April 22nd 2004,

2) Mica R. Endsley, "Situation Awareness, Automation & Free Flight," Accessed on April 22nd 2004, 

3) CAASD, "CAPSTONE," Accessed on April 23rd 2004, 

4) Mario S.V. Valenti Clari, "Cost Benefit Study of Free Flight With Airborne Separation Assurance," Accessed on April 23rd 2004,

Healthcare Communication Theory in Healthcare
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One of the more controversial questions that arises when discussing group interactions is if one person need to lead the group, for the group to be effective (Lane, 2000, Decision mapping). In healthcare, some type of hierarchy is essential. Treatment decisions cannot be made through consensus alone, especially when a patient's life is in immediate danger. Also, seniority and areas of expertise are essential to define -- a more experienced nurse's decision-making ability must have priority over a novice nurse's. Certain areas of expertise, like the staff's registered nutritionist, must be respected when providing care. In fact, research in support of a communication theory known as decision-mapping notes that "groups with ineffective leadership" are less rather than more cohesive (Stephens 1999). Knowing there is an effective source of leadership can produce confidence. However, some consultation between different people, including the patient, family, nurses, physicians, and other caregivers, is ideal when…

Works Cited

Cartwright Stephens. (1999). Recasting groupthink as a consequence of ineffective leadership: Is cohesion the problem or the solution? Small Groups' Communication Context.

Retrieved January 20, 2009

Lane, Derek (2000). Groupthink. Small Groups' Communication Context.

Retrieved January 20, 2009 at

Chang Proposal - Milestone 4 Type Text
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Chang Proposal - Milestone #4

[Type text] [Type text] [Type text]

N 451- Capstone Project Milestone #4: Design for Change Proposal

Christopher D'Ambrose

N 451 Capstone Course

Quality of patient care is a paramount concern of healthcare professionals. When nurses experience interruptions while they are working, the quality of care patients receive can be negatively impacted. Interruptions have been shown to disrupt working memory, disrupt on-duty focus, induce frustration and stress, contribute to accidents, and lead to patient care errors (Bennet, et al., 2010). Interruptions that occur when nurses administer medication to patients are a particular concern. The incidence of interruptions is higher than might be surmised; according to Day (2010), 19.8% of all procedures did not have any disruptions or clinical errors. Biron, et al. (2009) reviewed 14 observational studies of nurses providing patient care, in which they found that 6.7 interruptions occurred each hour during mediation administration. This…


Bennett, J. (2006). Effects of interruptions to nurses during medication administration.

Nursing Management (Harrow), 16(9), 22-3.

PMID: 20222227 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Biron, A., Lavoie-Tremblay, N., and Loiselle, C.G. (2009). Characteristics of work interruptions during medication administration. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 41(4), 330-336. doi: 10.1111/j.1547-5069.20009.01300.x

Middle Range Theories in Nursing
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Middle Range Theories
Middle range theories are among the most commonly used theories in research alongside grand theories. This capstone project seeks to examine whether the use of a multidisciplinary approach helps to decrease readmissions within 30 days of newly diagnosed patients with Chronic Heart Failure (CHF). The middle range theory that will be applied on nursing research for this project is the Core, Care and Cure Theory, which was developed by Lydia Eloise Hall. This theory suggests that core, care, and cure are interconnected though they vary depending on the patient’s condition (Cosejo, 2018). This theory identified the core as the individual or patient receiving nursing care based on his/her own goals while the cure is the attention provided to patients by clinical professionals and care is the primary role of a professional nurse. Core, Care and Cure Theory suggests that these three components work together toward promoting the…

Student Assessment and Standardized Tests
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There are, for example, many ways for a student to present an understanding of the causes of the U.S. Civil War" (1999, p. 35).


The research showed high stakes standardized testing approaches are becoming increasingly commonplace in the nation's schools, and the outcome of these testing regimens has enormous implications for the students involved, as well as for their teachers and schools. The research also showed that by formulating standards to match these standardized tests, teachers run the risk of "teaching to the test" rather than providing their students with the type of education that is needed in the 21st century. While they are more complex and difficult to administer, the research also showed that portfolios and other assessment techniques such as capstone projects provide a more comprehensive and accurate way to determine how well students are learning and where they may need help.


Blasi, M. (2005). Standardized…


Blasi, M. (2005). Standardized tests: A teacher's perspective. Childhood Education, 81(4), 242-

Garcia, N. & Fleming, J. (1999). Are standardized tests fair to African-Americans? Journal of Higher Education, 69(5), 471-472.

Neill, D.M. (1999). Transforming student assessment. Phi Delta Kappan, 78(1), 34-35.

Sacks, P. (2000). Standardized minds: The high price of America's testing culture and what we can do to change it. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Publishing.

Waterfowl Preservation Improvements in Wetland
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The researcher especially appreciated the "Rights, rongs, and hy" (Fielder 31-35) section relating to managing duck nests.

Content Analysis

Information about Paul C. Fielder, an avid outdoorsman, who has been a practicing wildlife biologist in ashington State for twenty-three years is plainly positioned to inform the reader. The reader learns that Fielder "manages a ood Duck Nest Box program in the enatchee vicinity of the Columbia River which involves over 100 nest boxes." Fielder's efforts in this program reportedly significantly increased the presence of ood Duck populations in North Central ashington (Fielder 2)

Fielder explains that the individual wood duck hens in ashington lays approximately 6 to 12 eggs per nest; with the average totalling 10 to 11 eggs. "The eggs are pale brown to tannish white and are generally 2 inches by 1-1/2 inches in size" (Fielder 12). The ducklings hatch 28 to 32 days after the female duck…

Works Cited

Ducks Unlimited. 2008 3 Mar. 2009. Ducks Unlimited, Inc. 3 Mar. 2009 .

Fielder, Paul C.. Guidelines for Managing Wood Duck Nest Boxes in Washington State. 2000, Feb. 3 Mar. 2009 .

Frahm, Randy. Duck Hunting. Capstone Press. 2007,M1 .


Change Management A Case Study
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In this system, in which we must increasingly compete for students and research dollars and create new sources of funding, international university rankings are the utmost importance." (Probert, 2006) it is emphasized in this report that these changes are of great significance toward ensuring "greater strategic capacity within the Faculty." Probert (2006) relates two key changes which have been proposed and states them as follows:

1) the reduction in number of existing departments to ensure increased accountability and improved governance structures, and;

2) the creation of a Faculty Executive based on the Heads of School and key Associate Deans. (Probert, 2006)

There are two benefits from these changes noted and stated specifically is: "Growing Esteem requires us to work collaboratively as a Faculty in new ways (for example, in the management of the A, the improvement of the graduate student experience, development of Graduate Schools, multi-disciplinary teaching and research, as…


2007 BA Curriculum Review: Terms of Reference (2007) Faculty of Arts Renewal Strategy. The University of Melbourne. Online available at 

Considine, Mark (2007) Curriculum in the University of Melbourne Bachelor of Arts: Report of the Review Panel. 26 Sept 2007. Online available at 'AgostinoReport.pdf

Draft for Consultation (2007) the University of Melbourne - Implementing the Melbourne Student Services Model. Proposed Staff Transition Processes. 7 Sept. Online available at 

Melbourne Student Services Model (Student Services Hub) Implementation Project Reference Group (2007) the University of Melbourne. Online available at

Cars Table That You Will
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CARS Data Criteria and the Literature Review

All of the data was taken from professional, peer reviewed journals, or scholarly dissertations that have been submitted in the pursuit of doctorate in nursing. All of these sites fulfill the CARS criteria regarding the data points.

However, this is not enough in graduate school. While the CARS research mostly surrounds Online sites, professional journals, theses, or dissertations can also be biased. The authors can also have hidden agendas. In addition, they can also have more subtle biases and defects. For instance, they can have faults in their research that are subtle and unintended. This is known as selection bias. In the professional literature about healthcare interventions do the following: "selection bias refers to systematic differences between comparison groups in prognosis or responsiveness to treatment." In outfield, unlike many others in academia is especially critical because it can result in the death or…

Organizational Change and Development in Public Sector
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Organizational Change and Development in Public Sector

Additional points are in red per

Rewrite Edition April 6, 2012

Organizational Change and Development in the Public Sector

One of the most challenging aspects of organizational change is defining a compelling enough vision for associates and employees to concentrate on so they see the value of changing how they work and why. Empirically-based studies indicate that transformational leaders are the most effective at clearly defining and executing a compelling vision that leads to long-term change in an organization (Pardo-del-Val, artinez-Fuentes, Roig-Dobon, 2012). The following proposal for a capstone project focuses on the qualitative factors that contribute the most to successful change management strategies that lead to long-term, permanent change occurring throughout an enterprise. Transformational leadership is essential for the development of an organizational culture that values long-term learning, which is the foundation of long-term productivity gains in an enterprise (Pardo-del-Val, artinez-Fuentes, Roig-Dobon,…


Research Method

Change management is inherently qualitative in nature as it is often an internalized aspect of behavior in organizations (September, McCarrey, Baranowsky, et. al., 2001). Translating these inherently qualitative aspects of organizational behavior into quantitative measures of performance requires a research method that captures the quantitative, external perceptions and actions of respondents throughout an organization. The research method is therefore predicated on attitudinal measures of perception and performance. The research method therefore includes the research design based on random sampling and Likert scaling to quantify attitudinal

Leadership and Joint Operations
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leadership different for joint operations? Do you think this is a critical component for effective military leadership for today's military?

The need for the United States to act jointly as part of a community-based international effort vs. striking alone has become increasingly important. There are more multinational threats posed in the form of non-state actors like terrorists as well as an upsurge in rogue regimes. This requires a different military philosophy. "To mount security operations, there are certain constraints. These constraints are that they will be expeditionary; multinational; will involve nonmilitary agencies; and will last a long time."[footnoteRef:1] It is critical that the military leadership of the United States is able to work with the military of other nations and international bodies. Joint operations demand acute cultural sensitivity: unlike a national operation, in which all soldiers share a common culture and background, not all military bodies universally share such characteristics.…


Fielder, Dave "Defining command, leadership, and management success factors within operations." PKSOI Factors. June 2011

Johnson, David. "Preparing potential senior Army leaders for the future." RAND, September


Myers, Richard. "Capstone concept for joint operations." U.S. Department of Defense, 2005.

Application of Altruism in Psychology
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One of the magnificent means of reaching across space and time with the main aim of touching the lives of people is through performing random acts of kindness. Making public and educating individuals on the importance of kindness certainly makes the world a better place. In each stride course of expanding knowledge there exists a chance to go deeper; to discover more about the capabilities of our divine nature. This is similar to kindness. Acts of kindness are actually not hard to perform. A motive is established, and you do it. It makes one feel very good (Random Acts of Kindness, n.d.).

Personal Encounter

Personally, I believe that there is nothing more fulfilling than doing a pleasant thing for another person. Just a few weeks ago I was at the corner store, and there was a woman standing ahead of me in line. When she was requested by the…


Farsides, T. (2007, August). The psychology of altruism. Retrieved from 

Random Acts of Kindness. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Whitaker, S. (2014, August 10). Capstone Psychology Essay. Retrieved from

Analyzing Translation of Research in Evidence Based Practice
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Evidence-Based Practice

Translation of esearch in Evidence-Based Practice

Nursing involves men and women who are willing to help the patients with their skills like health maintenance, recovery of ill or injured people and the treatment. They develop a care plan for the patient sometimes in collaboration with the physicists or therapists. This paper discusses the current nursing practice in which I am involved and needs to be changed.

Identification of a Current Nursing Practice equiring Change

Description of the Current Nursing Practice

Children of all age groups are facing a grave problem these days: obesity. It is considered as a chronic disease when the weight-gain reaches dangerously increased level, which becomes risky for the health. The raised body mass becomes dangerous for children and some schools are now looking into this matter with concern. They are sending notices to the parents to take care of their child's diet, and within…


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Reflection Paper on the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program
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DNP degree was recognized by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing as representing the highest level of preparation for clinical nursing practice in 2004 and the first doctor of nursing practice (DNP) program was offered in 2001 by the University of Kentucky (Moore, 2014). In contrast to doctoral of philosophy (Phd) nursing program which is research-oriented, DNP programs are regarded as terminal degrees for teaching (Moore, 2014). Nevertheless, DNPs are also required to perform basic research for a wide range of applications with a view towards improving clinical practice (Moore, 2014).

esearching a topic of interest has become far easier than it was in 1957 when the famous German scientist Wernher von Braun explained that, "Basic research is what I am doing when I don't know what I am doing." Today, doctors of nurse practice (DNP) enjoy a veritable cornucopia of academic, professional and scholarly research resources, but the…


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Tim's Coffee Shop Business Simulation
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This essay is on a business simulation for Tim's Coffee Shoppe. This is a final assignment for course AB 298: Associate's Capstone in Accounting. This example essay was provided to a students in Kaplan University to assist them with completing their own paper.
Essay Prompt:
Executive Summary

This section provides an overview of your findings. This section should be no more than half a page at the most, but a paragraph that is about 6-8 sentences is about the right length. This summarizes everything you wrote about in your report. This is also the conclusion for your report. If a business person did not have time to read an entire report or business plan, the Executive Summary should be the overview of the information.

Regulations and Management


Provide a paragraph or two regarding what you observed concerning Tims adherence to regulations. Identify the impact that at least 4 Federal…

Child Abuse Professional Knowledge and Abilities
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("About Us," 2010)

The way that this organization can impact a career is: by giving someone experience in working with different organizations and people. This is important regardless of what you are doing to be successful, Network for Good partners with various charities; which means that you can be able to learn how to work with the different organizations and people within them. Over the course of time, this will improve your overall managerial abilities by being able to effectively work in a variety of scenarios. This can lead to long-term career success, by learning how to be an effective leader, who can work well with other people.

Clearly, Network for Good can provide individuals with the chance to be able to make a difference on the issue of child abuse. This is because they partner with of 1.5 million charities and offer numerous ways that anyone can make a…


About Us. (2010). Retrieved February 10, 2010 from Network for Good website: 

National Child Abuse Statistics. (2010). Retrieved February 10, 2010 from Child Help website:

William Penn as Its Name
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In 1682, the Quakers purchased East New Jersey. Penn then sought to extend the Quaker region. The King granted Penn a land charter, the area that is currently known as Pennsylvania, and that charter made Penn a sovereign ruler and the world's largest private landowner. Penn named the region Sylvania, but Charles II changed that to Pennsylvania, to honor Penn's father. (See Jacobson, pp. 43-55).

Pennsylvania was a very interesting colony. First, it guaranteed absolute religious freedom to its inhabitants. Second, it guaranteed the traditional rights of Englishmen. It guaranteed free elections, trial by jury, and freedom from unjust imprisonment. All of these guarantees were contained in Pennsylvania's first constitution, which was written by Penn. Penn also set about establishing a government much like the modern American government, which divided the legislature into two houses, and limited the power of the sovereign. Penn also introduced the idea of constitutional amendments,…

Works Cited

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Population Consists of Patients Entering
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This created problems in the care of patients that should have been admitted to other units, as well as for all patients receiving care in the emergency department on an inpatient or an outpatient basis.

In addition, research was undertaken that examined alternatives to simply increasing the efficiency with which ED patients are either treated and released or admitted on an inpatient basis, and it was found that increasing staffing level and other practices were still insufficient. The research all quite clearly suggested that the practice of inpatient boarding in emergency departments was detrimental to patients as well as to medical, nursing, and support staff, and was also not cost effective for hospitals. It was recognized that a huge benefit could be derived from a comprehensive and conclusive survey of the issue, which would lead to clearer recommendations for nursing and medical staff as well as hospital administrators than have…

Olmec Ancient Civilization
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4. Social and Political Life

There is a general paucity of information about the actual societal and political structure of the Olmec. While there is not much evidence to build a comprehensive picture of the daily and social life of these people, there is enough available data from certain archeological sites to provide some reasonable speculations.

One of the assumptions that is derived from the excavation of sites at San Lorenzo and then at La Venta is that the society was very centralized. This in turn has led to the view that the society was highly structured, with a hierarchical basis of order and class stratification. This also implies the existence of a ruling elite and a system of power and control, which was possibly based on religious beliefs. This view of the structure of the society is summarized as follows: "Olmec society was & #8230;highly centralized, with a…


Griffin Gillett G., the Olmec World: Ritual and Rulership, / (accessed 8 November, 2010).

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Business Change What Do the
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Finally, Change in approach is a more tactical answer to Change Character. It is using specific techniques to engender change within and organization or population (Chapman, 2005).

Discuss the difference between business development based on problem solving vs. business development-based learning. Within any organization, individuals tend to see themselves as cogs in the wheel, not really making much of a difference to the success or failure of the organization as a whole. It is really at the micro level that change (learning, evolution, etc.) takes place. The enemy is not external; it is falling into an internal rut and seeing only the short-term, instead of broadening the picture. Learning is not easy; people, and therefore organizations, are sometimes resistant to movement. However, thinking about one's position within an organization as a critical part of the whole, dedicating oneself to team learning, "suspending assumptions and entering into genuine thinking together" allows…


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Organizational Behavior the Basic Objective
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Smith provided the appropriate managerial direction which struck the right balance between creativity, performance and productivity. His farsightedness which encompassed a wide vision was long-term, ambitious and the same time entirely practical and feasible. (Section 7: Leadership and Management, p. 243)

Having earlier steered a floundering company towards a successful path, Smith's work was uphill. He had to drastically change the organizational culture and structure while reducing conflict within the very talented set of employees and provide them with a collective direction. He was also expected to reduce the atmosphere of uncertainty prevailing in the organization and use the "countercultures" of the earlier two companies to foster innovation and creativity and thus get a competitive advantage for the new organization. (Section 2: Organizations & Culture, p. 64)

d. Organizational goals, vision, mission, objectives and values

Organizational mission defines the very reason for its existence. It basically refers to a general…


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Motivation the Success of Any
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In the absence of both factors, employee motivation will not work. Green and Butkus also shared that although Vroom's model had been widely accepted for a number of years, it lacked applicability that it cannot be used in practice.

Aside from Vroom, Green and Butkus (1999) also shared about Green's own Belief System model. This model was actually a practical application of Viktor Vroom's Expectancy Theory and was reported to be better utilized by the workforce. The Belief System Theory focused on using a structured and facilitated meeting between the supervisor and the staff. This meeting becomes a venue to discuss motivational problems on the areas that Vroom had developed and will provide the manager and the employee with a specific period to help address motivational issues in their workplace.


Whiteley and Kerr's ideas focus on an individual's motivation and how it can be used to help him contribute…


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Educational Assessment Research Bowen G L
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Formative assessment gives teachers the opportunity to provide students with feedback in time to improve learning. Fluckiger, Vigil, Pasco & Danielson (2010) describe several techniques to provide formative feedback to students more frequently and to involve them more fully in the process. Although their techniques were developed specifically to enhance the learning experiences of postsecondary students across a variety of disciplines, teachers of students at all levels can adapt the ideas to their classrooms. Their goals are to "give feedback in time for revisions to occur, provide scaffolding for learners, inform instruction, and most importantly, involve students as partners in assessment" (Fluckiger et al., p. 140). The researchers believe their techniques result in improved instruction, enhanced student learning and better student products. Helping to build a productive classroom climate in which the emphasis is on learning, not grades achieved. Instructors can improve assessments by incorporating both formative and summative assessments…

Study Island. (2011). Retrieved from 

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success. Social Behavior & Personality: An International Journal 38 (4), 553-560.