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College Experience Essays (Examples)

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University Idea the University Is
Words: 2812 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95210860
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And it is to this end that the university is so distinct in the way that it provides a community which is most hospitable to intellectual and emotional growth.

Difficulty of Harmonization:

Downey (2000) points to a modern vagary of our persistent state of global recession in making the case that it is difficult to find harmony between the stated goals of his trinity. Indeed, though this reflects a certain ideal for university functionality, it contrasts the reality in many contexts. riting on Canada's higher education system, which has been largely subsidized by government funding on an historical basis, Downey (2000) indicates that that more privately run university system in America is becoming a model to public officials. This, Downey (2000) demonstrates, is to the detriment of the university's capacity to reflect the modalities of his trinity in harmony. As he remarks, the Canadian government is finding itself increasingly hobbled…

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Downey, J. (2000). Balancing Corporation, Collegium, and Community. Innovative Higher Education.

College Worth It ' Weighs on
Words: 2549 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 30049514
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To some, that suggests that college is a more viable alternative for many of those who would otherwise have sought jobs in the manufacturing sector previously.

However, there are at least two reasons that such a conclusion may be invalid. First, while many manufacturing jobs have disappeared, many other types of technical jobs opportunities have emerged from numerous new technologies (Klein, 2012). Many of them require vocational degrees and certifications but no college degrees. For many people without specific interests in vocational applications of any college degrees being considered, training programs for these types of jobs is much less expensive, quicker, and more likely to lead to satisfying employment options than a college diploma in a random academic area or one of great intellectual value but few employment prospects outside of academia (Klein, 2012).

Second, vocational training, in general, has changed significantly in the last several decades. Specifically, whereas vocational…


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College -- Importance Values and Goals the
Words: 1005 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6481764
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College -- Importance, Values, and Goals

The global labor market has changed dramatically over the last half century. Increasingly, access to jobs in technology and Internet communications don't require college degrees so much as the ability to successfully contribute to a technology start-up. A recent trend shows technology entrepreneurs hiring savvy undergraduates who have become disenchanted with college (William, 2012). These young whiz-kids -- often programmers who spend their days inventing new software applications and writing code -- reject the idea of spending years in classes that seem irrelevant to their interests and result in enormous student load debt (William, 2012). The problem with this mass migration away from higher education is that there are only so many jobs in the labor market that fit this mold. Like a "one and done" college-age hoopster who shows up on campus just to get noticed, with the hope that they will be…


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University Is as Fr Lawton Believes a
Words: 993 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95558406
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university is, as Fr. Lawton believes, a sacred place where you find "your imagination, develop your skills, and enrich your compassion," then it has an enormous task in the world as we know it today. In the world as we know it today, the very term sacred is on the endangered species list. And yet, sacred is perhaps the underpinning of it all.

There are any number of vaguely similar definitions of sacred in any number of dictionaries. The one that I think applies best here is this one:

regarded with the same respect and reverence accorded holy things; venerated; hallowed. (Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language)

Universities were, in the early days, almost monastic in that there was total dedication of the professors and those being professed to -- the students -- to what they were learning. And what they were learning was, first and foremost, how…

College Class Planned on Waiting
Words: 1373 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79800609
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My children are in school full-time and the oldest is responsible enough to watch the younger for a few hours when I'm gone when they get home, so that does take one worry off of my mind. However, balancing classes with this full-time work schedule will mean a lot of late nights studying and writing papers.

A usually start my day before six, getting the kids ready for school and myself ready for work. Including my commute, I work about ten hours daily and return home around six pm.

Then I do my best to leave my work at the door and spend some time just being with my kids; hearing about their day, what they're learning in school, what the latest trends in their social circles are, and all of the details that I want to know about their lives. We cook and eat dinner together, but I'm afraid…

Experiencing the Sacred
Words: 793 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40950973
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Experiencing the Sacred

Compare St. Teresa's experience of the spiritual marriage with both Muhammad's Night Journey and the Buddha's Enlightenment. The focus should clearly identify similarities and differences.

Teresa of Avila, Muhammad, and the Shakyamuni Buddha all had intense spiritual experiences. Their experience can all be classified as numinous and ecstatic, because they each surrendered their physical selves to experience union with a spiritual dimension. They were each subsumed by their spiritual experiences, imparting either fear or joy. Moreover, each of these individuals made a great impact on religious, philosophical, and spiritual teachings.

There are some distinct differences between these three figures, though. The obvious differences are cultural, geographic, and temporal. St. Teresa of Avila is the most modern of the three figures. She lived during the 16th century in Spain, and her upbringing was steeped in Catholicism. Muhammad lived during the 7th century CE, nearly a thousand years prior…

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College Sports and Recreational Activities Are Traditionally
Words: 1433 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 45138881
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College sports and recreational activities are traditionally dominated by men. Although there have been dramatic increases in women's involvement in sports at the college level, men continue to make up the majority of the participants and spectators of events and activities. The availability of high-quality recreational facilities for athletic training as well as general fitness and maintenance is necessary and integral to sports programs in colleges. It may be assumed that these types of facilities are mostly utilized by men due to their predominant participation in sports and recreation activities.

Even though participation in campus sports and recreational activities still involves men more than women, this doesn't necessarily mean that men value the importance of sports and recreation in college more than women. Milton (1998) was interested in this concept and investigated beliefs among men and women in college as to whether the development of new, high-quality sports and recreation…


Milton, P. (1998). Female and male prioritization of the availability of campus recreational facilities. National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association Journal, 22(2), 30-1.

College Education I Believe Is
Words: 306 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88023782
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Within the field of psychology, I hope to qualify as a marriage counselor - a decision I made after I experienced the pain of my parents' divorce and subsequent break up of my family. For it was at this time that I realized the important role that family plays in an individual's sense of psychological well-being.

As a first step to achieving my career ambition and dream, I plan to attend the University of Findlay, from where I hope to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, followed by a Master's Degree. However, I find that the assistance of a scholarship would go a long way in helping me achieve my educational and career goals. I am, therefore, applying for a scholarship with the sincere hope that my request will be given due consideration.

Universities and Colleges It Has
Words: 440 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 25203937
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Part 2

Universities and colleges have been described as 'loosely coupled systems...'

"What does this mean to you based on the readings?" loosely coupled system is one that only occasionally works, and sometimes produces unpredictable results. Given the disparate goals and social elements of the modern university, a university is clearly such a loosely coupled system. Students come wanting a degree to get a good job and may have to take liberal arts courses they dislike, professors who want to research must teach students with little interest in deeper, critical thinking about life, the university community is diverse and brings together teachers, students, and administrators with different backgrounds and views of the purpose of life and education -- and sometimes students, faculty, and administrators use their position for social change, other times college is simply a place to 'fill time.'

Student organizations, social and extracurricular, may have different interests than…

College Financial the Value of
Words: 2018 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 85206834
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Education on managing or eliminating debt early in one's professional life should also be combined with realistic education on the state of the economy and the impact which this has levied on personal opportunities for financial comfort. To this point, individuals are not finding the jobs for which their education has qualified them, are not achieving a pay commensurate to what they anticipate are their living requirements and are unable to afford many of the fundamental instruments to healthy and intelligent living. Indeed, one source denotes that "in 2007, the Census Bureau estimated that there were nearly 8 million uninsured young adults (ages 18-24), making them the largest segment of the uninsured population. That problem is likely to be compounded with the rise in unemployment and lack of new jobs resulting from the current economic recession." (E-Health Insurance, 1)

Because such matters should be considered a significant priority, the budgetary…

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College Girls Peril Lynn College
Words: 673 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 52773707
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Even today, the image of the over-sexualized college girl persists, in images of girls on 'spring break' who have 'gone wild,' to cheerleaders. Also, although they have dimmed so much, the question as to how to balance work and family life remains for women in a way that it does not for men, harkening back to the idea that women, unlike men, must choose between being either bodies or brains.

The anxieties about female education in recent decades have also become exacerbated by the increasing percentages of women in relation to men on campuses all across the nation. As women make up a disproportionate amount of college graduates, women and men have voiced the concern that men will begin to feel inadequate, and that boys cannot cope with the feminized atmosphere of the classroom. While before it was feared that women could not cope with 'male' subjects like mathematics and…

Values Conflict Universities Provide an Amazing Opportunity
Words: 832 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79727496
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Values Conflict

Universities provide an amazing opportunity for both growth and development in regards to academic development. Universities in particular provide a means of providing a stable and more robust income for individuals seeking a particular specialization. The University of Phoenix, in particular, has a unique method of teaching and providing a quality educational experience. Small class sizes, online specialization, and knowledgeable professors all make the university experience all the more manageable. However, I personally have experienced conflict of values that undermine the overall university experience. This conflict pertains mainly to the notion of academic honesty. I have encountered instances where many of the university values would be compromised by actions. Cheating is particularly important in a university setting. As such, having strong values and convictions regarding cheating is important within the overall university setting (Stuart, 2006).

The experience, looking back, was not unique to me. In fact, many students…


1) Stuart P. Green. (2006). Lying, Cheating, and Stealing: A Moral Theory of White Collar Crime. Oxford University Press.

Positive Benefits of a College Education
Words: 2117 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72668737
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College Education

Education forms the foundation of an individual's character and provides a separate identity differing from the others existing around. The beginning of education of an individual originates from the individual's home through parents and through observation as well as from the people around. As a result it plays an essential part in the formation of an individual's personality. Like Hosea Ballou once said, "Education commences at the mother's knee, and every word spoken within the hearing of little children tends towards the formation of character"(quotable quotes). Education is of many forms including early or basic education at home, education at school or an institution. In this analytical research paper, we will discuss one of the many ways of obtaining education, which is an institute particularly a college as well as its advantages for an individual.

The term 'education' has several definitions, it can be defined as " The…

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Attendance in the College Classroom
Words: 650 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48116633
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Thus, instructors who require mandatory attendance in their classroom are building student responsibility - something they will need in the future when students graduate and head off into the "real" world of employment and families. The argument against this of student responsibility is just as compelling. Many people feel that if the professors control the students throughout their university experience, they will not feel responsible or take responsibility, and this will follow them into their careers, too. Experts Hassel and Lourey continue, "Attendance should not be compulsory because students must feel in control of their education and personally motivated for it to be effective; by requiring attendance, students are robbed of this valuable feeling of control" (Hassel and Lourey). The debate is complicated, and both sides have compelling arguments, however, if a student is ever going to develop a sense of responsibility and dedication to their studies and their career,…


Hassel, Holly, and Jessica Lourey. "The Dea (r)th of Student Responsibility." College Teaching 53.1 (2005): 2+.

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Online College vs Traditional College When Considering
Words: 1022 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97665401
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Online College vs. Traditional College

When considering the ever-changing and ever-growing world of globalization and technology, it is no surprise that such trends have found their way into the educational arena. Accordingly, with the computerization of classrooms and assignments many more worldly citizens have been given access to the valuable education they deserve. Regardless of the subject they teach, almost all teaching professionals have also had to become more educated in the world of technology. For, in addition to the computerization of assignments, technology has found its way into several other aspects of the overall higher education experience. In the modern collegiate world things like applications, grades, transcripts, library resources, textbooks and even exams have all been incorporated into the lives of students and faculty members. In keeping with this advancement of technological integration, countless universities have begun to offer online classes and degree programs, whereby students never enter a…

Attendance Policy in College Argument
Words: 741 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71111526
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Due to the fact that they are paying for their own education, there should be greater freedom on behalf of the student who is paying for their own educational experience. Each student should have greater authority in how they experience their time as a college student because of the fact that they are the ones who are paying for it. College students are investing in their own education. As such, they should have a greater authority and how they choose to use their time during that process.

Still, there are those who may still not have the level of responsibility needed in order to make such crucial decisions about their education. Many students might not have the discipline to study on their own, and thus mandatory attendance actually makes the benefit from forcing them to study in a more fruitful educational environment, with the added advantage of knowledgeable professor guidance.…

Marijuana in College the College
Words: 1841 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97836720
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Studies suggest that 98% of users of marijuana and other illicit drugs also binge drink.

I am prepared for the temptations that smoking marijuana might present as I go through college and will not be easily swayed by the lures of friendship and comaraderie that participating in such behavior might afford me. I can see the dangers and risks that it would expose me to and am not willing to risk a good education for something as dangerous as illicit drug use.

orks Cited

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Rise of the Universities by
Words: 1295 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40761354
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Many of these students will eventually graduate after they manage to get their lives together, just as most of the medieval students managed to gain certificates of learning from their professors.

While many students had trouble with motivation, many others did not. Many of today's students are highly motivated and sure of their future, and so were many medieval students. A majority of the records that exist about medieval student life are from the students themselves, in the form of poetry, manuals, and letters (Haskins 66), and many of these were the top students of their time. Often, the students requested money in their letters, with books and lodging being the main costs for many students. Many other letters indicate that just as today, many students are loath to leave the university environment, and continue in their studies, become "perpetual students." Haskins continues, "Such youths were slow to quit academic…


Haskins, Charles Homer. The Rise of Universities. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1965.

Eating Behaviors in College Freshmen
Words: 1401 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 23565317
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Eating Behaviors in First Year College Students

Drugs and Alcohol

Eating Behaviors in the First Year College Students

Eating Behaviors in First Year College Students

The transition from high school to undergraduate life is perhaps of the most challenging experiences from adolescence into early adulthood. One of the common side effects of this transition is weight gain that occurs during the first or freshman year of college. The paper will discuss how behaviors related to eating habits and alcohol consumption contributes to the general weight gain of first year undergraduates. Among college students, this weight gain is fairly typical and is known as "the freshman 15," referring to the average amount of pounds undergraduates gain over the course of freshman year -- fifteen pounds. It is a requirement of most colleges and universities of the United States that students are mandated to live on campus and eat from a school…


Anderson, D.A., Shapiro, J.R., & Lundgren, J.D. (2003) The freshman year of college as a critical period for weight gain: An initial evaluation. Eating Behaviors, 4, 363 -- 367.

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Dual Enrolment Implications for Community College Leadership
Words: 3247 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48503002
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Dual enrolment has become a popular phenomenon in the education realm in the last one decade. Community colleges are increasingly collaborating with high schools to enable high school students undertake college-level courses while still in high school. This prepares high school students for the realities of college education and socialises them into the norms, attitudes, behaviours, and expectations of college life, in addition to reducing the time and cost of college education. However, challenges such as difficulties in credit transfer, little or no confidence in dual credit courses on the part of colleges and faculty members, lack of a strong policy framework, and ensuring equitable participation abound. These are concerns that college administrators must handle if dual enrolment is to be more successful. It is particularly important for the leaders of community colleges to adjust structures, processes, and practices at their institutions if the fairly new collaboration between secondary and…

Education Community College as Training
Words: 564 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36935485
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Community colleges are well suited to provide many of these basic courses, both for students who will later leave for a larger college and those who attend community college for other reasons.

When it comes to who decides what courses should be offered at the community college, college administrators and teachers are better suited than students in the matter. Educators and administrators have a greater view of what students need to succeed in a job and at other schools. They are more likely to understand the trends within certain fields. Additionally, as advisors and educators, they have a responsibility to turn out graduates who are able to successfully find jobs based on their skills. While students may feel like they understand what they are doing and where they are going, many students simply do not have the perspective needed to guide their own educations.

While community colleges must offer courses…

Programs Have Taken Hold of Many University
Words: 868 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 47095181
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programs have taken hold of many university programs because they offer a "common intellectual experience to stimulate discussion, critical thinking, and encourage a sense of community among students, faculty and staff" (University of Florida). Most of the programs are for first-year students because there is a need to indoctrinate these students into the university experience. Also, students learn to appreciate literature on an entirely new level as they see how one written work can encompass many different subjects. The two books offered, The Red Badge of Courage and The Tempest, offer different experiences for the students, but they both encourage further reading in great literature. However, there is an obvious choice among the two because the potential for discussion ad integration is greater. The Red Badge of Courage is a work that can be understood in a contemporary context and is easily adaptable to multiple subjects.

Students entering college for…

Works Cited

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Return on College Quality IT's
Words: 3511 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17136152
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"Attending a college with a 100 point higher average SAT is associated with 3to 7% higher earnings later in life." (e.g., Kane, 1998, cited by Dale, and Krueger 1999, 1) as higher education constitutes up 40% of total U.S. educational expenditures, understanding "the impact of selective colleges on students' labor market outcomes is central for understanding the role of human capital," Dale, and Krueger (1999, 1) stress.

Previous literature cited by Dale, and Krueger (1999, 1) includes work by "Hunt (1963), Solnion (1973), ales (1973), Solmon and achtel (1975), and ise (1975),...Brewer and Ehrenberg (1996), Behrman et al. (1996), Daniel (1997), Kane (1998), and others." c. BACKGROUND:

To remove the effect of unobserved characteristics that influence college admission, this study considers information on the set of colleges where students were accepted and rejected.

A difficulty interpreting past estimates a many estimates of the effect of college quality on students' subsequent…

Works Cited

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Dale, Stacy Berg and Krueger, Alan B. (1999). Estimating the Payoff to Attending a More Selective College: An Application of Selection on Observables and un-observables.

Community Colleges & Universities -- Comparisons What
Words: 1043 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75297361
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Community Colleges & Universities -- Comparisons

hat are the major differences between community colleges and four-year colleges and universities as far as financial and academic appropriateness for students? For millions of Americans, community colleges have an enormous advantage over four-year colleges and universities -- but what are those advantages? This paper will examine those and other issues relating to the community college vs. A four-year college / university.

Community Colleges and Universities - Comparisons

There are an estimated 2,604 four-year colleges and universities in the United States, according to data in U.S. News & orld Report. There are an estimated 1,151 community colleges in the U.S. As well. Of those, about 1,000 are public community colleges, and the remainder are funded through private channels (American Community Colleges).

The original intent of a community college (in the past they were called "junior colleges" but that title had a slightly un-dignified sound…

Works Cited

American Community Colleges. "Consider a Community College When Studying in the United

States." Retrieved October 10, 2011, from .


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Colonial College What Was the
Words: 360 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 26296551
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3. Most early colleges were always on the "edge of extinction." Why? There are several reasons why the early colleges hovered on the age of extinction. One of the more plausible is the fact that they college life did not appeal to many of the working class, which made up most of the Unite States. Numerous of these saw no practical reason for the college or university. In addition, institutions of higher learning were at the mercy of financial and natural disasters.

4. Did the American people not value education enough to support their emerging colleges? While the American people did value the college and university experience, Americans quickly created for themselves an identity that was different from the English identity. This different identity required a different kind of university. This is what prompted University of Nashville President Philip Lindsley to say, "our busy, restless, speculating, money-making people' required colleges…

Minorities and Employment in the Community College System
Words: 6037 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 11665983
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Diversity in employment within community colleges seems higher than that of four-year colleges and universities on the national level. Research indicates community colleges engage more actively in recruiting and retaining more women and minorities than that of four-year colleges. Recent literature (within the last five years) explains some of the steps communities and community colleges have taken to become more inclusive. This shows not only that community colleges are willing to hire more minorities and women, but that there is also a climate more accepting of hiring minorities and women.

Community colleges undertake a variety of tasks for the satisfaction and success of their students. That is why diversity in faculty may help community colleges achieve their goals. In an article by Hughes, the author explains the need for community colleges to adapt strategies to not only recruit diverse faculty, but also retain them. He also states the inherent challenge…

Factors Affecting the Retention of Students in Community Colleges
Words: 3592 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 2622452
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Education - Theory

Addressing etention Issues in Community CollegesUsing Transition and Ecological/Environment Theory

Many community colleges face serious retention issues that affect student performance, persistence, and learning. The rationale employed in identifying alternative assessments involves overriding standardized test validities and predictive reliability issues. However, there are concerns regarding the derived holistic understanding among student outcomes. The goal of providing college educators through alternative supplemental approaches facilitate standardized testing of various evaluative measures as introduced. The issues of student self-assessment and social and value-added assessments, evaluations, and personal growth portfolios within community colleges had increased. The design suggests an institution of the writing and implementation of parallel outcomes in the studies are linked to different fundamental questions serving as subjects of confirm relevance to campus dynamics and student success.

The levels involved in making the students leave or stay are informative points on student engagement. This includes social and academic connection…


Braxton, J.M., & Doyle, W.R. (2013). Rethinking College Student Retention. New York: John Wiley & Sons,

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Hollywood College Admissions Cheating Scheme Essay
Words: 2714 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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The Hollywood Cheating Scandal exposed what life is like on the other side of the tracks—the side where wealth and fame are used to buy a way into top-tier schools for trust fund kids.  The college admissions cheating scheme involved some big names across a range of industries:  actors, actresses, fashion moguls, Wall Street guys, real estate giants, doctors and many others were all implicated in the scheme along with Ivy League teachers, coaches, and test takers.  This article will discuss what happened, why, and what it means for America.

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Money Can’t Buy Happiness—But It Can Buy You a Four Year Degree with the Right Connections

People have always wondered why some get into the elite schools are others are denied.  Well, the answer is that money talks and always will.  The people who have to do so earn their degrees the hard way—through hard work and…

Experienced Inexperienced Teachers Differences Between Experienced and
Words: 787 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35018905
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experienced inexperienced teachers.

Differences between Experienced and Inexperienced Teachers

One of the most obvious differences that may be mentioned between the inexperienced and the experienced teacher is the very issue of experience itself. Experience in the teaching profession implies a depth of knowledge and insight, as well as the development of intuitive methods of teaching that often cannot be obtained in any other way other than through the teaching process. However there are many other differences that can be noted between the experienced and the inexperienced teacher. The following discussion will include findings from research studies on this topic.

One of the differences mentioned in the literature between these two categories of teacher is that very often the experienced teacher develops a sense of potential and possible problems and contingencies that might occur in the teaching situation and process. This is evident from a study by Griffey and Housner (…


Griffey DC, Housner LD 1991, "Differences between experienced and inexperienced teachers' planning decisions, interactions, student engagement, and instructional climate," Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, vol. 62, no.2, pp. 196-204.

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Implications,2010, viewed 8 December 2010,

Experience Modification Factor
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Modification Factor

Discuss with the safety manager what an experience modification factor is, explain the significance of the organizations experience modification factor rate of 1.80 and discuss how the lack of return to work programs and initiatives has contributed to this modification factor

An experience modification factor is a factor that is calculated for every employer who qualifies, characteristically premium over and above $10,000 or a three-year average premium of $5,000, depending on the state that the employer is in. The modification factor is a value that makes a comparison between the claim profile of the employer and the claim profile that would be anticipated and projected of an employer of the same size or payroll in the similar industry. The experience modification factor rate of 1.80 of the organization is significant to the safety manager (Risk Administration Services, 2016). To begin with, an experience modification factor value of 1.00…

Experienced a Significant Increase in the Cost
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experienced a significant increase in the cost of health care. In 2004, 16% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was spent on health care. In 2010, President Obama signed the "Affordable Health Care for America Act (HR 3962)" that has been a topic of heated debate since discussions began decades ago. Health care funding and design has been a major issue for U..

Provide a discussion that demonstrates you have an understanding of the impact the cost of health care has on the economy. Be sure to discuss the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

According to Forbes (2012), America does not have a debt problem; it has a healthcare one. The price of health care is eating up the economy.

Health care spending is growing to almost 1.5 times the rate of growth of its gross domestic product (i.e. The market value of all its goods and services within a certain…


Forbes. (2012)The U.S. Does Not Have A Debt Problem ... It Has A Health Care Cost Problem 

Focus on Health Reform 

Joan & Bartlett, (2012) A Distinctive System of Health Care Delivery

College Grades Accurately Reflect the Academic Capabilities
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college grades accurately reflect the academic capabilities of students. I base my argument on my personal experience. In order to achieve a 3.74/4 grade point average, I spent not only countless number of hours in studying but also found my self-learning the subtleties of analytical logic and descriptive frameworks. My academic background reflects both of the above novelties: my educational knowledge in areas such as Economics, Mathematics, and Computer Science entails the use of analytical logic, while my interests and education in English, French, and Latin literatures involve the application of descriptive frameworks. The knowledge of integration of analytical and descriptive schemas has provided me ample opportunities to view the intricacies and interactions between different subject areas. My interdisciplinary educational background has been quite useful in making my critical decisions in carrying out my work successfully.

A find that in order to achieve a 3.74 grade point average requires one…

Colleges Ask Their Students to Take Courses
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colleges ask their students to take courses in ethics is because they believe that an ethics course can impact someone's personal value system and ethical context reasoning, not simply to introduce students to various ethical approaches. I agree with this position, as I feel that exposure to various potential ethical dilemmas and how to solve them will help prepare me for some of the ethical challenges that I will face as a police officer. I do not anticipate that the course will cover every ethical dilemma that I am likely to face as a police officer, but that it will give me the background I need when faced with various dilemmas in my personal, educational, and professional life.

One of the areas that I believe ignore when looking at ethical challenges is personal life. However, police officers have the opportunity to wield a significant amount of power, and, with that…

University Career Professional Life and Personal Life
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The value of persuasive writing

All writing is an art, but the art of persuasive writing is a particularly ambitious one: to actually change someone's mind about a particular position or behavior. Persuasive writing can be formal, as in the case of an editorial to the newspaper, or informal, such as a persuasive email to a friend encouraging him or her to exercise more. Persuasive writing is a necessary skill to have in a writer's toolbox -- although writing designed to inform or entertain certainly has its place, being able to genuinely shift someone's point-of-view and see the world in a new way is a vital personal and professional skill.

Whether they know it or not, all students have engaged in persuasive writing by the time…


Packer, N & Timpane, J. (1986) Writing worth reading: A practical guide. New York:

St. Martin's Press. Excerpt available at

University of Michigan Life Sciences
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Tis is not to say owever, tat all classical music is sooting and terapeutic. In fact, te majority of traditional classical music are not terapeutic because tis is not te intent of te original masters. Concertos by Beetoven, Bac and Brams for example all focus on arousing strong emotion rater tan arnessing te power of strong terapy, terefore te pysical presence and rytmic are not necessarily terapeutic. Mozart's no. 23 owever, is an ideal example of terapeutic music. Tis is because te affects of entrainment is easily observed troug studies on te affect of tis music on oters. Wile listening to te music, people say tat it "relaxed and sooted," upon monitoring wit medical equipment it is observed tat te music lowered bot teir blood pressure and eart rates. Te reason is tat Mozart's concerto affects individuals in bot a psycological and pysical sense. Wile te classical music made people… .

Vanasco, Jennifer. American classical music: Exploring roots, reflections. Jan.

1998. Chicago Chronicle. 3 Feb. 2007 .

College Campus Across the Country Students Are
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college campus across the country, students are greeted with the familiar sight of individuals seated at folding tables, with the purpose of marketing credit cards to them. These salespeople are most frequently seen during the beginning of the college semester and are usually young and attractive and smiling, barely older than the students themselves. Quite often, if a student fills out an application for the credit card, he or she may receive a small toy or a gigantic in exchange for his or her pains. hat could be more harmless? hat's wrong with having a credit card on hand, 'just in case?'

However, this familiar sight is one of the many reasons that college students are becoming more and more deeply ensnared in debt. These smiling individuals prey upon students when they are at their most vulnerable. Most of these students have just had to pay hundreds of dollars for…

Works Cited

Indentured Servitude Contract in 17th Century Virginia. Stratford Hall History Resource of Historical Documents.

Encarta Encyclopedia. "Sharecropping."

University of Washington Will Give Me a
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University of Washington will give me a cherished opportunity to meet many of my academic and personal goals. I have always had a passion and interest for my intended major of interior design. In many ways, this stems from the fact that drawing and painting give me with a powerful and effective method to communicate with others. Though painting and the use of lines, I can communicate feelings that are often difficult to express in other ways. Even as a child, I was been blessed with the gift of artistic ability, and learned to reach others through this gift. I am excited to be able to attend an interior design program at the University of Washington, where I can continue to reach others through this gift. I look forward to learning more about art, and combine my abilities and gifts with new skills.

I have a passion about art. I…

University and Me
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university community" is about people. One of the greatest strengths of the University of XXX is in the people that make up its university community. The university community is made of students, faculty and staff that come from a broad range of cultures and backgrounds. It is this diversity that gives XXX a truly multicultural environment that fosters excellence in intellectual and creative thought. As such, XXX' solid academic reputation and reputation for social involvement rests solidly on the strength of its university community.

It is the responsibility of every member of this university community to foster the continuation of this inclusive environment. Each member of the community must actively work together to maintain an environment of respect and inclusiveness. I feel that I can make a solid and effective contribution to ensuring the continuing health of the university community at XXX.

My experience and background are uniquely suited to…

Experience Story
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cat was a street cat who I saw going home from school. When I was about to get on the bus, I saw him and immediately he came to me. I felt touched by this cat's actions and decided to find him a home. The whole process was quite difficult because he wasn't allowed to stay in my home and I only had a limited amount of time to get him adopted.

I literally had to go to school and within the school day find him a home as my neighbor was not going to allow him to stay another night and my mom didn't even want to in the first place. It took everything I had to stay patient and find a way to help Tom. I'm naturally shy with strangers, so having to talk to all my teachers, some students, and my neighbor to help me with the…

Experience With it Organizations
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Organizational Experience

The IT industry has been notoriously fickle, unpredictable, even volatile. Rapid shifts in IT human resources, IT human relations, and IT technologies contribute to the capricious nature of the IT industry. For example, organizations specializing in IT initially turned toward traditional models of business administration and management. However, it soon became clear that IT-based organizations require a new set of rules and behaviors to operate and compete successfully. In spite of the industry's overall unpredictability, IT remains one of the fastest growing, challenging, and stimulating career areas. As a result, IT draws persons from around the world who specialize in a number of different areas. Human resources personnel are sometimes recruited from the more brick-and-mortar type businesses. Unfortunately, if IT is not treated as an entirely new area, organizations risk human resources conflicts and even financial failure.

IT most definitely constitutes an entire career category, even if it…

College Residence Life
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freshman college students do not have the option to live off campus. Instead, they are forced to live in dorms the first year. For many students, however, the cons of on-campus far outweigh the benefits. Financial motivations, the ability to study, lifestyle choices, and roommate compatibility are some of the many reasons why freshmen should have the right to choose their housing situation.

Many financially challenged students may find it more affordable to live off campus. They can reduce their housing expenses by living with relatives or friends, finding an apartment to share with several roommates or renting out a cheap room. Students burdened by financial issues should not be restricted in their options to make college more affordable.

For many freshmen, the dorm does not provide an ideal study and work environment. They find the dorms too noisy and the presence of a roommate in a small space too…

Experienced Rapid Growth in a Relatively Short
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experienced rapid growth in a relatively short period of time, requiring us to make smart decisions related to organizational structure and process. We will need to encourage collaboration to meet our goals. Technology is critical to these changes, and to meeting the challenges that our organization now faces. The increased need for collaboration in the workplace requires a whole new concept of organizational design, structure and culture. Collaboration is actually "crucial" to organizational effectiveness and to meeting organizational goals, notes Shaw (n.d.). How to achieve greater collaboration is difficult, due to the wide range of options available for managers. Collaborative technologies are changing the ways people work, which is precisely the goal in our organization.

Our organization has been relying on the stand-alone machine model rooted in asynchronous collaborative communications concepts such as those Kock (1999) pointed out in his book Process Improvement and Organizational Learning. Yet these asynchronous collaborative…


Kock, N.F. (1999). Process Improvement and Organizational Learning. Idea.

Shaw, S. (n.d.). New reality: workplace collaboration is crucial. EEDO White Paper. Retrieved online:

Teambox. Website:

College Freshman Is Aware That
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This allows for people to work toward removing a few pounds gain rather than many if weigh-ins occur less frequently. Weight obsession is a very possible outcome of this kind of independence, but the truth is that one needs to be aware of weight in order to work with it. Third, a healthy pattern of self-discussion about weight, the factors that an individual currently engages in that lead to weight changes, and making plans to manage weight is exceptionally helpful - Mom's not there to tell you you're fat on a daily basis (which is good for some, but still means that no one is going to be the voice of body reason and awareness except for you).

Ultimately, freshmen experience a host of pressures both good and bad that can result in weight gain. What is important to keep in mind is that good preparation prior to attending college…

College Prepares for a Career
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Through internships, students get an insider's view of the many facets of the criminal justice field, which is under the supervision of a full-time faculty member. The major in this particular field also offers a summer study abroad program that offers credit for the opportunity to study other countries' criminal justice systems.

In addition, most of the colleges and universities offer bachelor's degrees in criminal justice. hile, many colleges also offer graduate degree programs. A bachelor's degree in criminal justice is received generally in four years. hile, two-year programs in criminal justice is offered by majority community colleges, which can be transferred to a four-year college or university. Furthermore, graduate programs take from two to five years after bachelor's degree (Hobsons College View). Most people with graduate degrees become high-level administrators or professors.

Also, criminal justice programs provide extra training for students who are already occupied in correctional administration, security…

Works Cited

Area of Study: Criminal Justice. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. September 2004.

Criminal Justice Studies. United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Criminal Justice Studies. Hobsons College View.

Experiencing a Rapid Growth and
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I will then contribute in coaching the new employee where necessary.

The criteria used in determining whether the newly created job was most effective in helping the company will address its rapid growth and how long you will wait to make this job

Performance evaluation forms will be effective in meeting the company's progress. After the new employees have settled in their new workstation, their production levels will need to be observed. The impact of the new employee in terms of productivity is vital here especially when the company is on a high growth. ome situations will be evident and open enough in case the new employee is heavily involved.

In circumstances where the company forms a new department, the audit, and the accounting department will undertake an analysis of the income brought forward (nell, 2012). The Audit Company and management will calculate the ROI for the new workers. ROI…

Snell, Scott a., & Bohlander, George W. (2012). Managing Human Resources. South-Western



College Pub as a Place
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In this paper, we began with an examination of a college pub as a place where there is a culture of consumption of services and products. Like any other part of material culture, the culture of consumption is just as much a part of technology as it is any other part of material culture. The technology of alcohol goes back into human memory to a time prior to written language. In this essay, we examined alcohol as a technology of consumption in the broader context of human culture .


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Prentice, D.A., & Miller, D.T. (1993). Pluralistic…


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University of San Francisco Not
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And of course with being part of a family, as with anything good and worthwhile, comes responsibility, commitment, and compassion.

Living in different countries has taught me many things, such as tolerance and responsibility. I have also learned to be objective and patient. Life seldom happens the way we plan, but it does happen, so it is important to be aware and appreciative of the positive things and try to turn set-backs and obstacles into opportunities, rather than failures and defeats.

I have great determination. I never give up. I persevere until a task or goal is completed. I am attentive and innovative. I take on new challenges with enthusiasm. Because I am willing and eager to learn new things, I am a fast learner, learning comes easy to me. I have leadership qualities and never shy away from taking the initiative in a situation or circumstance. However, I can…

University Issues 1970-2000
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Faculty Fairness in Compensation, Gender, & Field of Study (1970-2000)

The American university has never been -- and will likely never be -- a perfect or perfectible society, according to Dr. Holborn Grey, an authority on the university and college communities (Holborn, 2010). But on the subject of evenhandedness vis-a-vis faculty resources, when the period in question (1970-2000) is carefully reviewed, there are instances of unfairness in compensation, in gender, and in salaries for faculty in varying fields of study.

hile the media has focused on student issues -- a worthy field of study -- between 1970 and 2000, there has been a dearth of attention paid to the difficulties / challenges experienced by faculty on university campuses. These discrepancies need to be pointed out and rectified.

Unfairness in Compensation for Certain Faculty Members

In the book Faculty Productivity: Facts, Fictions and Issues, the author references a 1987 book by…

Works Cited

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on the Role of Higher Education. UCTV (University of California Television). Retrieved

July 10, 2014, from .

University of Massachusetts Boston
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When I first began my studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, I had no idea how much that experience would dramatically alter the course of my life. Prior to entering the University of Massachusetts Boston, I had worked for ten years as a paralegal. While I found my job interesting and fulfilling, I longed to make a larger contribution to the world about me. I also wanted to learn more about the world I lived in, and the people who populated it. A major in sociology at the University of Massachusetts Boston was an obvious choice.

A worked hard during university, and graduated with honors four years after I began my program. During that time, I was actively involved in the university community. I participated in study groups with my peers, volunteered with student council, had interesting discussions with my professors, and participated in a number of extracurricular…

University of Hawaii and Its Mission 2015
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University of Hawaii has set forth a set of Strategic Directions, its version of a mission statement, to guide the university's priorities during a seven-year period. This document claims that the university system is "committed to improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of current and future generations" ("Strategic Directions," 2015). For any student or faculty, actual or prospective, it is worth asking to what extent the university system follows through with the mission set forth in its Strategic Directions.

Of course, one difficulty with this avenue of questioning is that it raises certain questions about the nature of a document like this. Is an institutional mission statement meant to be understood as a ready-made, self-subsistent blueprint -- the kind of thing where it offers us a vision of something concrete that will actually be built? Or is it meant to be some kind of Platonic ideal which is aimed…

Works Cited

James, Keith. "Corrupt State University: The Organizational Psychology of Native Experience in Higher Education." In Mihesuah, Devon Abbott, and Wilson, Angela Cavender (eds.) Indigenizing the Academy: Transforming Scholarship and Empowering Communities. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2004.

University of Hawai'i. "High Performance Mission Driven System." 2015.

University of Hawai'i. "Strategic Directions." 2015.

College Case Study What Are
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Thus, the college has not only developed values, but has put them into practice using the preceding methods.

What are the greatest challenges facing the institution?

As previously mentioned, the challenges facing the institution are similar to those facing other institutions, including client services, problem technology, professionalism, and environmental vulnerability (Baldridge et al., 2000, p.128-130). In the area of client services, Readers State College has difficulty meeting the needs of all clients, whose diverse demands are often too great for the college to handle. While "the clients demand and often obtain significant input into the institutional decision-making processes" (Baldridge et al., 2000, p.129), that input is not necessary the same for all clients, as the college has not yet found a good balance regarding how to handle the demands from all clients. In the area of problem technology, the college's problems are much the same, as clients demanding different actions…

University Environment Leadership Change a
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(Bass, 2008, p. 874) They may seek these individuals from within, or choose a secondary leader to hold the position, temporarily until a new leader can be chosen. The interim leadership period is frequently a challenging time for the university as many feel that such a situation leave the university in a limbo position with regard to changes, proposed from within and without and challenges to interim leadership may even be greater than they are once a new permanent leader is chosen. Interim directors and presidents are often seen as not worth collaborating with as they will not be in the position long enough to implement real long lasting and transformational change projects.

Behind every presidential transition, of course, is a story that almost never gets told but that is very germane to this account. The untold story is the period of waiting at the University of Michigan for an…


Ahn, M.J. Adamson, J.S.A. & Dornbusch, D. (Spring 2004) From Leaders to Leadership: Managing Change. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies. 10 (4) p. 112.

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College Entrance
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earliest childhood I have been fascinated with architecture. Even as a little child working with crayons and magic markers, I was drawing buildings and bridges while other children drew family members, animals and flowers. My favorite toys were Legos and building blocks, and unlike many boys my age, my pleasure was always in constructing and never in demolition. I pursued the art of building throughout my childhood, and by the time I was in middle school I already knew that I wanted to be an architect. It should be no surprise, then, that when I informally began my college search a few years ago, Ball State University quickly distinguished itself in my mind as a school whose architecture and design programs would help me succeed in my life goals.

I have always stayed focused on my goal to become a great architect and a credit to my family and school.…

College Students and Anxiety
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Anxiety and Learning
Anxiety impacts roughly 18% of the population in one form or another. It is particularly troubling for students in higher academics. This study aims to investigate the question: What factors outside of the classroom increase anxiety in academic performance? This paper will provide an overview of anxiety, discuss how college students are affected by it, examine the factors that cause it, and look at how parents and educators can help those who suffer from it.
What is Anxiety?
There are many different types of anxiety, but generally put anxiety refers to nervousness and a feeling of being overwhelmed by stress about something related to one’s life. There is social anxiety, panic disorder, fears and phobias, separation anxiety, and general anxiety disorder, which refers to a chronic case of anxiety that simply will not go away. The characteristics of anxiety include a feeling of apprehension, tension, restlessness, jumpiness,…

College Is a Huge Transition
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Therefore, my friendships became deeper and more meaningful after college than before college. I also met people from around the world in college, which expanded my mind and my awareness of other cultures. In high school I mostly had friends from similar backgrounds as me, whereas after college I mostly have friends from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

Finally, I am a different person psychologically since entering college: whereas I was dependent, egocentric, and lacked a clear sense of identity before university, now I have a strong sense of self and a clear vision of my future. My pre-college self was more self-absorbed than I am now that I am in university. Whereas I thought mostly of myself before, now I think a lot about worldly issues and matters of global importance like pollution and war. I am also more interested in other people on a personal level than I…

Experiences of Visual Consciousness
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Visual Consciousness

Visual Perception

In conducting this study, the first step I took was to procure a book with a cover on it that I would attempt to read. I have read most of my books, but am unfamiliar with the text on the front of them. I actually selected one of my larger books (it is a coffee table book) in order to maximize my chances of reading. Next, I sat in a comfortable spot and entirely covered my left eye with my left hand. Once I was sure I could not see out of it, I fixated my right eye on a tiny crack in the wall. After doing so, I extended the book in my right hand as far to the right as I could, so that I could not even see it at first. Then, while maintaining my eye on the same crack, I slowly moved…


Baars, B. (1997). In the Theater of Consciousness: the Workspace of the Mind. San Diego: Oxford University Press.

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Experience of Group Interaction
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personal Diary for 30 days with Day 1 group interaction

The first interaction that took place was among a group of undergrad students whose quiz I was invigilating. After the quiz the class started talking amongst themselves and in order to bring some discipline to the class I initiated a discussion. The topic of the discussion was the present job market in our country. Even though the discussion was started by me, later on I mostly stayed quite; coming up with comments a few times but majorly letting the students do most of the talking. By doing this I was able to engage them in a discussion which interested them and which made them spend their time having a healthy debate about their options in the coming future.

Day 2 group interaction

On the second day I went to a retirement party being thrown by my cousins for their father.…

College Deaf Student
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Education Structures for Deaf Students

The paper focuses on six different studies that focus on two different viewpoints on the higher education learning structures for deaf students. The paper first highlights the viewpoints of the students towards their learning structure and then highlights the perceptions of the teachers on the teaching structures and how they highlight the teaching characteristics and structures that prove to be most effective for the deaf or hard of hearing students.

Deaf Student Perceptions of Higher Education

Deaf students generally have trouble in learning the English language across all academic levels despite their linguistic expertise or knowledge. In an earlier study conducted by Berent and colleagues (2000), the researchers highlighted that the deaf individuals or even those who are hard of hearing usually experience learning disabilities (LD) when learning the English language. The combined impact of deafness and LD for English language is difficult to analyze,…


Berent, G.P., Samar, V.J. And Parasnis, I. (2000). College Teachers' Perceptions of English Language Characteristics That Identify English Language Learning Disabled Deaf Students. American Annals of the Deaf, Volume 145, No. 4.

Lang, H.G., McKee, B.G. And Conner, K. (1993). Characteristics of Effective Teachers: A Descriptive Study of the Perceptions of Faculty and Deaf College Students. American Annals of the Deaf, Volume 138, Number 3, pp. 252-259.

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Nickerson, J.F. (2003). Deaf College Students' Perspectives on Literacy Portfolios. American Annals of the Deaf, Volume 148, No. 1.

College Trend Case Study
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Morehouse College

Studying the Case of an African-American College

Morehouse College was officially founded Augusta Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1867. It has a relatively unique and rich heritage serving some of the brightest minds in the black community since its founding. The college has many notable graduates including Nobel Peace Prize laureate Martin Luther King Jr. Despite this rich legacy, the college in its present state has many operational challenges. The size of the student body in 1997-1998 was roughly three thousand students who all paid roughly $18,000 in tuition and fees. The faculty was composed of over two hundred instructors; 165 of whom were full-time and a majority of whom held their doctorate degrees. One of the more popular degree programs was the Business Management and Administrative Services program.

Since the computer began to become developed at an exponential rate since the 1980s, many of the business operations…


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