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College Education

Education forms the foundation of an individual's character and provides a separate identity differing from the others existing around. The beginning of education of an individual originates from the individual's home through parents and through observation as well as from the people around. As a result it plays an essential part in the formation of an individual's personality. Like Hosea Ballou once said, "Education commences at the mother's knee, and every word spoken within the hearing of little children tends towards the formation of character"(quotable quotes). Education is of many forms including early or basic education at home, education at school or an institution. In this analytical research paper, we will discuss one of the many ways of obtaining education, which is an institute particularly a college as well as its advantages for an individual.

The term 'education' has several definitions, it can be defined as " The act or process of educating or being educated" (definition of education) or as "The knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process"(definition of education). Education also refers to the one received from an educational institution, in other words a college.

There are many advantages for acquiring a college education, which are discussed in the following passages of our research paper:

Study and Personal Skills

Through college education, students can learn to acquire academic skills by taking reading and writing assignments and other work regarding the course syllabus (benefits of college). By undertaking these assignments, students get an opportunity to work and communicate with other students belonging to different backgrounds, groups and associations (benefits of college). Such activities help students in their professional life as they learn to communicate through reading and writing (benefits of college).

College Education provides a better earning power:

Going to College pays big dividends because students graduating from college earn a higher amount of salary as compared to those who don't receive college education. Present figures from the Census Bureau (benefits of college) reveal that the level of education received plays an essential part in determining yearly earnings. People without a college degree earn a yearly salary amounting to approximately $12,447 (benefits of college), whereas well-qualified students are able to earn approximately $83,089 that is by far more than an individual without a college degree (benefits of college). As a result, obtaining college education is considered a valuable asset that not only provides innumerable opportunities to earn better but also results in the growth of the economy on the whole.

College Education creates economic activity:

The opportunity to avail the different activities provided by the colleges and other institutions to their students' assists in producing a healthier and stronger nation. This investment made by the college pays off at a higher level when these students graduate college with a healthy body and a sound mind and start performing and participating in more constructive activities, as a result they play a major part in increasing the economic activity on the whole. With more and more citizens involved in constructive tasks that are crucial for a nation's development, it is not only the individual that reaps the benefits but it is also the society that gets its due share of the goodness of such highly recommendable activities.

College Education augments parental awareness:

Better-educated individuals make better parents. Guardians that can effectively communicate with their children, protect them better against not only the evils of the society but also of the prejudices that our society nurtures and gender as well as racial discriminations. Highly educated parents can further assist their kids in their educational accomplishments and other aspirations of the scholarly nature. Experience proves that children of those parents who are well educated have better vocabularies, are more fluent and confident and more presentable as well as stable emotionally and financially than their counterparts coming from less-educated backgrounds. The stability comes from the homes. And children with more qualified parents are therefore more stable because educated parents are mostly good couples growing into better human beings by participating in a healthy relationship.

College Education provides social benefits:

There are several significant social benefits that college education provides. College graduates make up a nation of constructive citizens for the number of registered voters increases ten folds, people become more aware resulting in a decrease in adult deaths. In addition to this, the crime rate decreases with a nation of well-educated citizens and also experience better working conditions.

College Education provides entertainment:

Colleges and other institutions act as a source of entertainment by holding numerous programs and enjoyable events as well as several other facilities that include the access to library, events like sports competition and fun filled concerts. Such programs at colleges allow students to keep their minds off of the usual course work and to feel a part of the world by engaging into such activities.

College education increases career opportunities:

Obtaining college education can result in various career opportunities for individuals. In addition to this students at a college can learn useful skills all through their life at college.

College Education: An extra ordinarily worthy investment

College life is filled with enriching experiences; experiences that make us learn from our mistakes and prevent us from making similar mistakes again and again. Investing money, time, effort and energy in obtaining college education is worth the effort. Unlike many purchasers, a college education increases in value instead of decreasing. In addition to the above, many students who are unable to invest a huge amount of money, can derive all the advantages like other students receive at a college just by receiving financial aid, and scholarships.

College education equips with skills that help in resolving problems:

At college, an extensive diversity of subjects is available to students that provide assistance in selecting the subject or course of their own choosing (benefits of college). In addition to this the vast variety of diverse subjects provides separate advantages to students. For instance subject matter like mathematics, philosophy and courses related to different branches of science help students in developing reasoning as well as strategic and faultfinding skills (benefits of college). Such skills learned at college help to provide guidance and assistance not only in colleges but also in day-to-day life (benefits of college).

College Education provides a well knitted web of friends and counselors:

By obtaining college education, students learn to know other students, which helps in building connections and friendships (benefits of college). A network of friends, teachers and counselors at college plays a vital part when the time arrives to get letter of reference filled in order to apply for a job (benefits of college).

College Education enhances personal thinking and decision-making skills:

Studying at colleges, students come across a large variety of subjects, as a result they are forced to make independent decisions in order to choose the write course for themselves (benefits of college). Hence college education provides opportunities which help in creating skills regarding decision making as well as independent thinking which is extremely helpful in making right choices and developing self- confidence (benefits of college).

College education strengthens self-confidence:

At college, students are required to fully participate in extra curricular activities that include on stage drama, sports as well as debate contests. Such activities help create and enhance self-confidence in students, which is extremely helpful in professional as well as academic careers. Thus college education plays a vital role in developing as well as strengthening self-confidence in students.

College Education provides a competing advantage in the job scenario:

During college education, students learn to develop certain skills in addition to the ones mentioned in the above passages, which provide assistance in different businesses. Colleges provide different degrees that apply to different kinds of jobs as a result do not restrict their students to a particular job market (benefits of college). The different skills that individuals at college learn help develop flexibility to adhere to ever-changeable environments at workplace. Thus college degrees provide many job opportunities (benefits of college).

Develops skills to communicate and to settle efficiently with different populace:

As students progress from college and move forward in their lives, they come across different environments (benefits of education) as well as different circles which require them to act sensibly and be able to communicate accordingly, the skills learnt at college provide great assistance to them.

College education helps in comprehending societal issues in a better way:

During college education, students engage themselves into activities such as class debates (benefits of college) regarding prevailing political or public conditions and issues which helps in understanding the societal changes as well as the political and governmental issues (benefits of college). Hence, they can better understand what's happening about them.

Personal outgrowth through college education:

By actively participating in extra curricular activities, students at college will develop an edge over other candidates at the time of being accepted for a particular job by presenting a resume laden with such activities. By being one of the all rounder,…

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