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Looking for hypothesis topic for research paper relating to diversity and inclusion and the effect on corporate culture?


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There are a number of topics you could research if you need to discuss how diversity or inclusion impacts corporate culture. It is one of the most relevant topics for the modern workplace and it impacts corporations in a number of ways. There is no doubt that corporations have been trying to become more inclusive and increase their diversity.  We have compiled a list of 10 potential topics and titles you could use for an essay on those broad topics.

  1. The Role of Empathy in Diversity and Inclusion: How Empathy Can Make People More Welcoming, But Can Also Increase Hostility to People Outside of a Group
  2. Why Warmly Welcoming Employees Can Help Increase Feelings of Inclusion in the Workplace
  3. While Top-Down Diversity Is Important, It Is Not Enough To Increase Diversity or Inclusion in the Workplace
  4. The Role of Quotas in Diversity: Are Quotas Enough to Increase Inclusion and Can a Corporation Boost Diversity without Introducing Any Type of Quotas in the Workplace
  5. Can Diversity Training Really Help Eliminate Prejudice in the Workplace
  6. What Can Companies Do When They Have Employees Who Are Prejudiced?
  7. What Responsibility Do Corporations Have to Enforce Diversity and Inclusion in Their Employees During the Employees’ Non-Working Hours: Is There a Responsibility to Fire or Punish Employees Who Are Prejudiced Outside of Work?
  8. How Diversity Can Help Make Companies More Appealing to Consumers: Why Savvy Corporations Are Embracing Diversity
  9. The Surprising Diversity Leader in the United States: How Walmart’s Workforce and Its Commitment to the Center for Racial Equality May Be Changing the Nature of Inclusion in the Workplace
  10. Leaning In, Inclusion, and Women in the Workplace: Does the Pressure for Women in Power to Mentor Other Women Decrease Inclusion for Women in the Workplace?

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