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Executive Summary Essays (Examples)

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Diesel Marketing
Words: 1508 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59190707
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A concise executive summary. This should define a) the context in which the decision must be made, b) the most important problems facing the company, c) your quantitative and qualitative goals, and d) an outline of the recommendations.

Renzo Rosso of Diesel needed to make tough decisions about the branding strategy of his new line and he needed to make these decisions in a hurry. StyleLab was the new upscale product line of Diesel SpA, the Italian casual wear company famous for its cult Diesel jeans and controversial advertising. StyleLab would be considered creative, and would target the luxury segment market that was interested in casual wear. Renzo Rosso, Diesel's president and founder had the Renzo Rosso, Diesel's president and founder, but he was still unsure what the appropriate branding strategy for the new line should be.

Renzo Rosso had 3 alternatives:

1.sub-branding (e.g., DieselStyleLab)

endorsement (e.g., StyleLab by…

Executive Salaries With the Current
Words: 3105 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 36815529
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It has been shown that the acquisition of talent not an area specific to each individual position at top companies. The highest-performing companies build pools of talent from which they can draw as needed (Michaels et al., 2001). Thus, there will inevitably be talented people who are at times underutilized. Their higher-order needs are not being met and thus they must be generously compensated. Otherwise, when the time comes to move someone from the organization to a fulfilling, higher-order executive position, the talent will not be there.

CEO pay proponents also point out that the bulk of the "excessive" executive compensation comes in the form of stock or options. These instruments were brought into executive compensation packages specifically to align the interests of management with those of the shareholders. It was the shareholders and the boards of directors who initiated this, as a means to protect shareholder wealth. There have…

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Executive Information Systems and Digital
Words: 1122 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61827368
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5). Although Web portals also provide executives with the ability to aggregate large amounts of data from various sources, there is still the issue of sorting out all of this information in meaningful ways. Indeed, many executives are faced with so much information that it is comparable to trying to sip from a fire hose. In contrast to Web portals, digital dashboards "is a personalized portal that provides consolidated information for an individual user" (Abel, p. 6). Finally, digital dashboards also provide executives with the ability to view the information offline, thereby adding portability to the EIS approach (Abel).

Examples of Executive Information Systems and Digital Dashboards. One of the more popular EISs in use today is SAS, described by one of its vendors as "the market leader in providing a new generation of business intelligence software and services that create true enterprise intelligence. SAS is the only vendor that…


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Lilly Software. (2008). Infor Global Solutions, Inc. [Online]. Available: system.asp.

Executive Review II What the
Words: 400 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Corporate Writing Paper #: 75469052
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I think as a company we made some good moves -- we were well positioned when we invested in capacity but we simply underestimated our competition. As a result, we fell to 4th in the market and had to reinvent ourselves.

What the competition did and our response

Our response: We retrenched to our original strategy. We had intended at the outset to follow a differentiated strategy -- do dominate the high-end niches. We launched the Phoenix to symbolize our revival and set out to capture the Innovator and Mercedes markets. It worked. We knew we had a good, efficient sales team, one that was probably more efficient than those of our competitors. We took advantage of that, and put out the best computer on the market.

The strategy was a success. While the top two competitors were chasing after the mass market and doing a good job at that,…

Executive Pay the American Federation
Words: 1604 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 71741792
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Corporate executive pay needs to be reconsidered. Proponents of corporate greed will claim all sorts of outlandish reasons why their mansion on the iviera is benefitting the worker making $7 per hour in the fields. Companies will even use spurious research methods to justify corporate executive pay. The Institute for Policy Studies and the Center for Corporate Policy (2007) notes that "amounts for restricted stock, pension benefits, deferred compensation, and severance pay" are rarely factored into the evaluations of corporate executive pay to make it look like chief executives are not making as much as they actually are. Hiding money, misreporting money, and misreporting data are just a few of the ways corporate America is ruining America. It is high time the people of the United States took back their nation from the greedy corporate executives. A score of executives are laughing all the way to the bank while millions…


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Executive Proposal for the Purchase of Hackershield
Words: 1473 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Professional Writing Paper #: 61355154
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Executive Leadership Team, Advanced esearch

Hackershield Security Testing Software

Today, security has become an integral part of information technology networks and Advanced esearch is in need of an improved approach to its security precautions. The purpose of this executive proposal is to provide the company's executive leadership team with a description concerning the benefit of testing and identifying vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers through the use of Hackershield Security Testing Software, including a description of the application, its purpose and associated benefits in support of its purchase and implementation. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings concerning the benefits of Hackershield Security Testing Software together with recommendations for its purchase by Advanced esearch are provided in the executive proposal's conclusion.

eview and Analysis

Description of Hackershield Security Testing Software

This application uses a proactive approach to information technology (IT) security by actively scanning, testing and identifying…


Ethical hacking and countermeasures: Attack phase. (2009). EC-Council: Cengage Learning.

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Product and Service Design Processes Product Executive
Words: 642 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12287185
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Product and Service Design Processes

Product Executive Summary: Tire Design

The approach to designing tires is driven by a highly regulated product market. The standards for safety, ergonomic design and functionality are governed by a number of basic qualifying conditions that must first be met. Therefore, the appropriate design approach begins with ensuring that these conditions are met both in terms of design and the machinery and equipment that will be used to drive production.

Beyond this, design approach is governed by the required output of a given production facility. This, in turn, is determined by client demand and imposed shipping schedules and deadlines. By establishing partnerships with automakers and other larger production operations, the tire design process is governed by clear outlay of production expectations. Designing the production approach must center on achieving these expectations. For this to occur across multiple settings and with a wide range of partnerships…

Customer Retention Strategies - Executive
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27986599
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As has been mentioned in the introduction, the four tactics that comprise this strategy include providing a dedicated and exclusive customer service manager to the largest accounts due to their complex, often urgent, and difficult-to-solve problems and requests; the use of value-added promotions and coupons including added services that by themselves would be only marginally successful yet when bundled with other tactics appears to be working; the utilization of segmentation strategies for isolating the unmet needs of customers and designing loyalty programs for them and developing product line extensions to fulfill those needs; and the development of event-based marketing programs to involve and include customers in the major decisions surrounding the company. Our CEO is a big believer in advisory councils and uses these both for market research and customer retention.

The company excels at execution yet relies on anecdotal and a very imprecise methodology for actually quantifying the impact…

Executive Presentation
Words: 546 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20987101
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Difficult Internal Client

Situational Analysis

Organizational efficiency depends substantially on the ability of all departments, business units, and individual personnel to collaborate effectively toward a common goal. When personality conflicts and the idiosyncrasies of particular team members threaten to interfere with optimal operational efficiency, the entire organization potentially suffers. Therefore, it is necessary for management to establish mechanisms, protocols, and procedures for negotiating around potential barriers posed threats to efficient collaboration and to optimal internal communications.

Statement of Goals and Objectives

The fundamental purpose of this presentation is to outline a method for addressing the potential difficulties posed by difficult internal clients. Ideally, that entails identifying the potential problem in advance before it materializes and manifests itself in operational inefficiency, developing an approach for minimizing any difficulties, and executing that approach successfully. The ultimate goal is to mitigate the potential cost in time, achievement in operational goals, and in human…

Retail Sales Management Executive Summery PC World
Words: 1107 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41121562
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etail Sales Management

Executive Summery: PC World is a huge UK retailer that is ever expanding into the technology marketplace. From PC's to washing machines, they offer a one-stop shop for everything technology related. With an appealing advertising system that attracts the middle class Englishman, it is no wonder that their business continues to grow.

PC World is a retailer within the Dixons etail businesses. The stores are located in the United Kingdom and it is the largest chain of computer retail stores in the UK and Ireland with a total of 163 stores. This report will review the overall retail sales management of PC World and how the store's overall strategy allowed for its wide expansion.

Background on Sector: PC World is a retail computer store that specializes in selling computers and computer-related technology. They also carry printers, ink, accessories, games, as well as entertainment technology including televisions, DVD…


Fiveash, Kelly (2007). "PC superstore unhinged by Linux."

PC World Ireland

PC World UK

Thomas, Dan (2006). "Dixons owner signs 120m outsourcing deal with Capita."

Inflated Executive Salaries in the Following Paper
Words: 1144 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 10356025
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Inflated Executive Salaries

In the following paper the researcher will analyze the reasons why companies feel CEOs are justified to have inflated salaries. The researcher will first outline the issue of executive inflated salaries, then sum up the arguments of the opposition. In the end the researcher will present his/her own arguments and finally conclude with what he/she gathered through the research.

With the emergent of technological-based environment, companies have mushroomed in the stock market to include internet-based firms to register as corporations, equal to those brick and mortar blue chip companies. The nature of the consumer behavior along with the market behavior, force companies to reconsider their strategies. For this purpose they hire executives to assign the task of changing the direction of these companies around less remain behind in profit making. In pursuing these tactics, they inevitably increased the value of CEOs in the industries. Today CEOs are…


1. Miller, D.J., [10-01-1995]. CEO salary increases may be rational after all: referents and contracts in CEO pay.. Vol. 38, Academy of Management Journal, pp 1361(25).

This is a study on the issue of CEO's salaries and why it is rational to pay them based on their performance. The article also outlines why it is important for the corporations to realize that CEOs should be paid in accordance to their contractual agreement.

2. Brinsley, J. [July 2, 2001]. Boards Tighten Reins on Executive Pay.(Los Angeles corporate executives ranked by pay) Los Angeles Business Journal.

This is a magazine article that outlines the various organizations and their Salaries, pointing out that they are not in accordance with their performance or profit level.

Intel Summary the Number of Transistors Incorporated
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35781862
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Intel Summary

"the number of transistors incorporated in a chip will approximately double every

months" according to the postulation known as Moore's law ( Moore's Law and Intel Innovation. N.D.). Developed by the co-founder of Intel Gordon Moore, the theory he posited has propelled Intel to keep "pace for over 40 years, providing more functions on a chip at significantly lower cost per function, and has described the basic business model for the semiconductor industry" ( Moore's Law. N.D.). Intel since its launch in 1968 has been at the top of the technology industry with specialization which encompasses both semiconductors and microprocessors. "A recent survey by brand consulting firm Interbrand, ranked the company as the seventh-best global brand -- outranking clients like Apple Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co. And Dell Inc." (Shannon, K. October 10, 2010). he story behind Intel's forty year ascendance is one of innovation and a commitment to growth,…

The microprocessor did not begin with its use in PC's however; this application was quickly ascertained as the PC market exploded in the 1980's with offerings from Apple and IBM. Intel's first foray into this microprocessor market was the 8086 which competed directly with the other big player in the industry Motorola and their 68000. Throughout the 1980's Intel battled Motorola in the market for supplying microprocessor chips to PC makers. With strategic operational plans such as "project CRUSH and "project CHECKMATE," Intel which significantly trailed Motorola in market share authored an impressive turnaround. "Some market segments were three or four to one in favor of Motorola. By the time we finished, it had turned the other way" (Collis, D. & Pisano, G. May 22, 2008).

As the PC market boomed into the 1990's Intel began to realize the vast potential of breadth and scope of this market as well as its significant potential for revenue. Intel's offerings after the 8086 included the 80286 and the 80386, which "brought a major transformation of Intel's organization" (Collis, D. & Pisano, G. May 22, 2008). Initially Intel had sourced manufacturing of the 8086 and 80826 to other firms due to its still heavy spending concentrations in DRAM technology however, with the 386 Intel took responsibility "to commit to supplying the entire needs of the industry" (Collis, D. & Pisano, G. May 22, 2008). This shift meant a massive deployment of resources to production, a move which Andy Grove indicated, "motivated us to get our manufacturing performance up to snuff" (Collis, D. & Pisano, G. May 22, 2008).

As Intel moved toward production control they also faced a new challenge as IBM began developing their own components for use in their PC's no longer needing Intel's product. "Fortunately for Intel a young firm named Compaq rushed to fill the gap" (Collis, D. & Pisano, G. May 22, 2008). Compaq's surge into the marketplace allowed Intel to continue developing microprocessors which were state of the art and industry leading, as well as developing a long-range strategy which

Business Summary Fortress Finance Was Incorporated in
Words: 546 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34293286
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Business Summary

Fortress Finance was incorporated in March 2012 and since then, it has been involved in the business of offering short-term loans to salaried middle-class clients in the state of New York where it maintains active presence.


The company targets the New York's salaried middle-class. The Council of the City of New York, in its 2013 Report on the State of the City's Middle Class, defines the middle class as "households with incomes between 100% and 300% of median income." As of 2013, the state's middle-class working age adults totaled almost 2 million.


According to the Council of the City of New York, the middle-class was worst hit by the 2008-2009 recession. It should also be noted that in the council's own admission, New York is "one of the most expensive places to live in the country." To make matter worse, housing costs have been…

Market Summary Swot Analysis Victory Motorcycles
Words: 874 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 54769487
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Even public transportation is growing more expensive, given that cash-strapped states are raising fares.

SOT Analysis:


Victory offers customizable bikes with great value and power, according to its promotional literature. I


Victory began as an "offshoot" of Polaris Industries, which is mainly known for marketing snowmobiles and ATVs. Amongst the target audience, particularly in the South and areas where snowmobiling is uncommon, it may have little brand recognition.


The economic downturn and demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles could be capitalized upon as a great opportunity for the company -- more individuals are likely to be seeking out motorcycles as a mode of transportation.


In a recent head-to-head of Harleys and Victories, one trade magazine said that Victory produced the superior model, but Harley had the better-known name: "It comes down to cooler character of the Harley vs. The better handling, more powerful Cross Country. I know…

Works Cited

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Victory Motorcycles. Official website. October 7, 2010.

Exec Summaries the Medical Center
Words: 513 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89944382
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Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility

Bad debt is not a major problem for the Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility, and though operating expenses are increasing at a fairly modest rate (with the notable exception of benefits to employees, which are increasing more rapidly) they are not running rampantly out of control. Despite this, the medical facility is operating at a loss that appears to be growing more significant for reasons that organization has very little control over. Federal and state funding has been used in part to cover the operating expenses of the facility, which does not meet its full expenses through patient revenue, however these sources of government funding have dried up and can no longer be considered in the organization's operating budget. As it is unlikely that this governmental spending will resume at any point in the near future, the facility will need to find other ways to…

Women Executives for Many Individuals
Words: 873 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35747322
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As it pertains to the physical differences women have to miss some time at work after having a child to allow their bodies to heal. Missing this time from work can be detrimental to pursuing certain management positions. However men who become fathers do not have this same type of barrier. In addition, although many fathers are more involved with the daily care of their children, mothers are still the primary caregivers (Sumer, 2006). With this being understood, women often have a harder time balancing work and family life (Sumer, 2006).

In some cases it may be difficult for women to find childcare and as a result they may not have the luxury of being able to work the long hours that male counterparts can work. Some corporations have attempted to assist working mothers as it relates to childcare by offering childcare facilities in the workplace (Sumer, 2006). It appears…


Mitra, a. (2003). Access to Supervisory Jobs and the Gender Wage Gap among Professionals. Journal of Economic Issues, 37(4), 1023+.

Nelson, T., & Levesque, L.L. (2007). The Status of Women in Corporate Governance in High-Growth, High-Potential Firms. Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, 31(2), 209+.

Sumer, H.C. (2006). Women in Management: Still Waiting to Be Full Members of the Club. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 55, 63+.

Senior Executives Dupont Divesture Conoco Divesture Whether
Words: 1807 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8318197
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Senior Executives DuPont divesture Conoco


Whether the divesture is made from a financial perspective is a function of all underlying factors responsible for producing the expected results. Underlying factors include the financial stability of the company as a holistic organization, and the reasons behind the divesture with respect to the current industry positioning. Additionally, the divesture is anticipated to save money. The expected increase to profits, if any, and the expected decrease in operating costs as a function to the increase in profit, should be estimated.

The notion of the DuPont Company divesting Conoco Corporation is to say that Conoco is a failing brand that is reducing the profitability and perhaps the growth rate of DuPont as well. Financially, the divesture is a means to reduce costs if the expense of maintaining a specific line of business becomes exceedingly prohibitive when considering the current underlying profitability of the business…


"DuPont Plans IPO to Start Conoco Divestiture." Oil & Gas Journal 1998: 37. ABI/INFORM Global. Web. 3 Apr. 2011 .

Gulf Oil Corporation Takeover Summary
Words: 611 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37941286
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he main battle was expected to take place between SOCAL and ARCO. he latter was confronted with substantial debts and could only bid as much as $75.00 per share. Keller had doubts about the actual amount of money he could bit. His company had limited debts and they could easily receive a bank loan. But there rose the question of whether the Golf Oil Corp. stocks were worth the additional risks and whether they represented a secure source of future profit.

However, the outcome of the bidding was a surprise to most participants to the auction, as the winner was declared small company Mesa Petroleum. hroughout this biting, Mesa Petroleum had increased their share in Gulf Oil up to 13.2%.

But Boone Pickens' objective was to enter the corporation's board of directors and participate to the decision making process. Further on, Pickens borrowed $300 million and purchased 13.5 million shares,…

The company that now possessed 21.3% of Gulf Oil's stocks was an old competitor of the corporations'. The two companies, represented by Mesa CEO Boone Pickens and Gulf Oil's CEO James Lee had previously bid against each other in order to purchase Cities Service, auction lost by both companies.

Even if James Lee's motto was "discoveries and acquisitions," in the year prior to the big auction (1984), Gulf Oil Corporation's CEO decided to cut down on the funds destined to new discoveries in the area of oil. He based his decisions on the popular belief that in the near future, the international petroleum price would remain the same, and as such the company could not generate additional profits to invest in new technologies.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette, February 23, 1984

Brand Image of Sears
Words: 2050 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80371160
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Executive Summary

Sears is a retail company that offers a range of products and services via brick and mortar locations and online shopping portals. Its brand focuses on offering quality proprietary brand products and in-home services in an industry that is currently led by larger retailers like Wal-Mart, Target and Amazon, the e-commerce giant that is single-handedly changing the nature of retail today. In order to stay competitive, Sears is focusing on building brand loyalty among the young target market with disposable income—the 25-30 year old demographic; it is differentiating itself from its competitors by focusing on providing quality products and services as opposed to only discounted options. Sears’s main selling point, therefore, is its quality brand products—like Kenmore and Craftsman—that appeal to homeowners, especially to new homeowners who are in a prime position to develop brand loyalty to the types of appliances and services that only Sears can offer.…

U S Protectionism Article Summary US
Words: 363 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60467853
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S. would suddenly lose control of the Alaskan oilfields, that the Chinese would become highly opportunistic in terms of raising oil prices, and finally, selling Unocal to a Chinese-led corporation is tantamount to handing over trade secrets. Dobbs relies heavily on fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) to fuel the debate over not selling Unocal to CNOOC, despite the potential return to shareholders and the fact that China is the world's leading consumer of oil for production today. This fact alone speaks volumes to their need to drop the cost per barrel of oil to continually stabilize their currencies as their economy grows nearly 10% every 90 days during this period of 2005. Mr. Dobbs relies on FUD along with a healthy dose of nationalism to argue against increasing global shareholder value and in turn driving down the costs of energy.

Dobbs (2005) - Chinese Bid to Buy Unocal Was Bad…

In the article Chinese Bid to Buy Unocal Was Bad Deal for America by Lou Dobbs published on August 19, 2005 Mr. Dobbs argues that the sale of Unocal to Chinese-Based Chinese National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) is not in shareholders' interest despite the offer being at one point $2B above rival bidder Chevron's bid. Dobbs continues to argue that the value of Unocal is best measured from an egalitarian-like approach to balancing all shareholder constituent needs, from stockholders to employees to institutional stock investors. The discussion of shareholder value is again discussed at the end of the article, this time with the point being made that Unocal, as the provider of a strategic energy resource for the U.S. should be "off the table" as an asset for sale globally. Heralding the work of Representative Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) who was the leader of Japanese-bashing by Congress during the 1980s, Dobbs further discusses the sale of Unocal to CNOOC in the context of a strategic error in a war for energy. To further exacerbate the bleakness of selling Unocal the article also points out that the U.S. would suddenly lose control of the Alaskan oilfields, that the Chinese would become highly opportunistic in terms of raising oil prices, and finally, selling Unocal to a Chinese-led corporation is tantamount to handing over trade secrets. Dobbs relies heavily on fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) to fuel the debate over not selling Unocal to CNOOC, despite the potential return to shareholders and the fact that China is the world's leading consumer of oil for production today. This fact alone speaks volumes to their need to drop the cost per barrel of oil to continually stabilize their currencies as their economy grows nearly 10% every 90 days during this period of 2005. Mr. Dobbs relies on FUD along with a healthy dose of nationalism to argue against increasing global shareholder value and in turn driving down the costs of energy.

Dobbs (2005) - Chinese Bid to Buy Unocal Was Bad Deal for America. Lou Dobbs. Human Events Online. August 19, 2005. Accessed from the Internet on January 4th, 2007

Leadership Style Book Review Summary of Book
Words: 1203 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27254786
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Leadership Style Book Review: Summary of Book

"Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken," reads the quotation on the title page of 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Leader: Becoming the Kind of Person Every Team ants, by management guru John C. Maxwell. The word 'leadership' on its own often brings to mind rather stultifying and outdated modalities of leading by command, much like a general, or cliches about being true to one's values. Besides, few readers will be put in charge of a military unit, or hold the title of CEO -- but virtually every individual who participates in the business world will one day either lead or be part of a team designated to work on a particular product or target area of interest for the company.

To suit the needs of today's marketplace and corporate structure, thus John C. Maxwell offers a different concept…

Works Cited

Maxwell, John. (2002) 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Leader: Becoming the Kind of Person Every Team Wants. Atlanta, Georgia: Maxwell Motivation, Inc.

Absence Within the Neurological Community of Executive
Words: 1250 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71645576
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absence within the neurological community of executive function performance testing for various real-world activities (that include multi-tasking) on subjects who have suffered brain damage (Baum & al, 2008). By testing real-world functioning via the EFPT, the researchers, as occupational therapists, hoped to provide more accurate information on the ability of subjects to function independently in their day-to-day existence and to perform functions within society (Baum & al, 2008). This study served as a test of the validity and reliability of the EFPT model on patients with mild to moderate stroke, as a follow-up to previous studies of EFTP validity and reliability on subjects with multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia (Baum & al, 2008). Hypothesis: Stroke will have a negative effect on executive functioning in real-world tasks.

esearch study design and characteristics

This was an empirical, quantitative, conclusion-oriented, lab/simulation research study using the EFTP. The EFTP measures executive cognitive functions (initiation, organization,…


Baum, C., & al, e. (2008). Reliability, Validity, and Clinical Utility of the Executive Function Performance Test. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 62 (4), 446-454.

Etisalat Review Mission & Vision Summary 3 Leadership
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 31904599
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Etisalat Review

Mission & Vision ummary..3

Leadership WOT..4

Etisalat Review

Founded in 1976, Etisalat is a company that has a major name for itself over the course of its existence. Indeed, they are in the telecom and communications sector and they operate in the United Arabs Emirates. The mediums of communications and telecom that they facilitate include wireless, data and voice services. They are led by Charman Essa Mohammed Al uwaidi, Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Abdul Karim Jalfar and Chief Human Resources Officer Abdulaziz Al awaleh. The have a Board of Directors and they are publicly traded.

Mission, Vision & Leadership tyle ummary

The website for Etisalat is very clean and easy on the eyes. They have a very good translation into English and they offer a pretty good summary of the countries and areas in which they operate including udan, Morocco and Mali, just to name a few. Their…


The strengths of Etisalat are numerous. They lead a company that provides telecom services to the developing parts of the world. This takes resolve, discretion and careful planning as well as a regimented organizational behavior standard. Operating in such widespread and different countries requires discipline and strong leadership in each of the member states that an organization operates in. By extension, the organizational behavior and leadership of Etisalat is strong since they are operating in such disparate and different areas yet they are thriving and doing well. A last strength of the leadership can be found on their website and that is the Corporate Social Responsibility Report that was issued in 2012. Examples of Etisalat's strong organizational behavior structure and leadership within this report would include its partnerships with groups like Pacific Controls and others so as to extend their operations and reach into different countries. Other countries that Etisalat has thrived in include Nigeria, Egypt and Afghanistan. They have a multi-pronged approach that is touted by the leadership as being emblematic of Etisalat's strong performance and character which includes employee relations, human rights, public policy participation and society/community involvement. This stands in contrast to many companies that engage in an organizational behavior pattern of shutting people out and not treating other people as equals even though precisely that happens quite a bit in the parts of the world in which Etisalat operations (Etisalat). To cater and serve such areas that are sometimes (but not always) quite chaotic and poor is quite an accomplishment. Indeed, the Telecom World Middle East Awards tabbed Etisalat as the "Best Operator" during its awards in 2014 ("Etisalat crowned," 2014).

A weakness of Etisalat is that while they are doing quite well in chaotic areas, the risks that they encounter are much higher and this would make it much less likely for investors, especially those outside of the Middle East and Africa, to invest a whole lot of faith and money into their efforts. As shown in the three appendices, many of the first, second and third tier of countries in conflict are in Etisalat's market or very close to it. This is a weakness to the leadership and its organizational behavior standard because even with the dialog and strong organizational behavior culture that Etisalat exhibits and touts, they still have a lot of exposure to problems in the countries that they current operate in. It is something that could their business but yet it is largely (but not entirely) out of the control of Etisalat's leadership. Another weakness is that at least part of Etisalat's business is dependent on what is provided to them by others including Sandvine. This positioning and strategy by the Etisalat leadership subjects Etisalat to risks that they could theoretically control but cannot as they have assigned that power to Sandvine

My Experience for an Executive Assistant Position
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I have two significant experiences in a supportive position that have direct relevance to the executive assistant position for which I am currently applying. First, I was office administrator for the entire San Francisco office for Kim Coates. With little to no supervision, I performed tasks ranging from spreadsheet creation and management to the preparation of budgets. I would answer attorney and staff inquiries, handle office space expansions, and delegate tasks to office personnel. In Kim Coate's absence, I managed to keep the office organized and running effectively according to the mission and goals of the organization.

Currently, I work for a nationally-recognized law firm in a position that directly supports the Office Administrator and two senior partners, one of which serves via appointment by Mayor Gavin Newsom. One of the partners is also a member of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which…

Toyota Process Improvements Toyota Summary
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This should always be the case and bad things will happen again if Toyota stumbles. The fact that Toyota is not a domestic car maker will be used against them by opportunists.

Dealer/Parts Network

A struggle that has been encountered by many car makers is the "complex web" (as the case study calls it) of dealers, parts suppliers, offices and so forth that have to be managed when running a car company. Toyota has nearly nine thousand employees in the United States alone and they (as well as the dealers) are strewn across the United States.

The management of inventories, parts and customer support in general needs to be as complex as it needs to be but it should not be made less simple than it can be. Building up the corporate morass of bureaucracy is idea because it limits the company's ability to react to crises, such as the…


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Yahoo. (2013, February 24). TM Competitors | Toyota Motor Corporation Common Stock - Yahoo! Finance. Yahoo! Finance - Business Finance, Stock Market, Quotes, News. Retrieved February 24, 2013, from

Internet News Information Business Executive
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Generally, Wikipedia pages also include references and many of them are legitimate sources of information. In that sense, Wikipedia can be helpful as a starting point for online research more than as an authoritative source of any information.

Website 3 -- the National Anti-Vivisection Society:

The National Anti-Vivisection Society appears to be a legitimate organization with many links to established animal welfare organizations such as the Human Society of the United States and ASPCA. On the other hand, it is more of an advocacy site than an information or news site. The main concept of the organization is based on subjective belief and opinions in connection with the relative rights of non-human animals. While that position actually seems appropriate and more justifiable than the opposite position (i.e. insensitivity to the suffering of animals for human benefit), it is not, strictly speaking, based on objective facts. Because the website is…

Employment Law in Vietnam Summary of Minimum
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Employment Law in Vietnam

Summary of Minimum Statutory Entitlements

Annual Leave

Maternity Leave

Form of Contract


Discrimination Laws

Data Privacy Legislation

The Mandatory Social Security Fund

Employee Compensation

Summary of Visa Requirements

This booklet provides general advice only and should not be treated as a substitute for legal advice. While care has been taken to ensure that details are correct, no responsibility can be taken for losses arising from the reliance upon its contents. Should you have any speci? c questions please contact Dao Nguyen on +84 8 822-8860 or email at dao.- -- .

© 2008. Mayer Brown LLP, Mayer Brown International LLP, and/or JSM.

Mayer Brown is a global legal services organisation comprising

legal practices that are separate entities ("Mayer Brown Practices").

The Mayer Brown Practices are: Mayer Brown LLP, a limited liability partnership established in the United States; Mayer Brown International

LLP, a limited liability…

B-eye-network com and Eweek com Summary Description
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com does not deliver. Alternatively does track breaking news in over 30 different areas of the it industry, and also has increasingly begun to use online videos to further explain core concepts.

Both sites however do not have more expanded coverage of leading edge technologies including latent semantic indexing, the use of search bots or automated routines to find and build semantic models of data from the Internet, and do not support the ability to benchmark once vendor against another. Both sites also don't go to the depth of technical information that does for example, for the hands-on practitioners of it development.

Why the site will or will not be used as part of a professional resources list

Both sites are very popular with it professionals from the developer level through management and to the senior management level. Both sites also provide excellent content and are on many…


Dyche (2002) - the CRM Handbook. Jill Dyche. Addison-Wesley Pearson Education. ISBN 780201 730623.

The Hard Side of Change Management (2005) - From the article of the same name. Harvard Business Review. October 2005. Harold L. Sirkin, Perry Keenan, and Lana Jackson.

IT Managers Have Become Adept at Cost-Cutting (2004) - From the article of the same name. Computer Weekly Magazine. Page 42. October 26, 2004.

Mitt Romney President Candidate Summary
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Some big endorsements have gone Mitt Romney's way, from an early endorsement from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, to several endorsements from other republican governors around the country. Big names like Donald Trump have also recently endorsed Mitt Romney, proving that he has strong ties in the fiscally conservative business community. In the states in which Mitt Romney has faced primaries, he has received dozens of editorial and local endorsements from a plethora of different sources.

Mitt Romney is putting all of his time and money into markets he thinks that he can win, but also is trying to reach at least second place in every state that he cannot win. ith this strategy, even in his weak states such as South Carolina, he still appears to be the second favorite, and the strength of his campaign is not questioned. Mitt Romney is most favored in states which have a…

Works Cited

Please note that these works were not directly cited, nor were they paraphrased. The knowledge of the above essay is my own, but the following were consulted during the research process:

"Mitt Romney Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story -" Famous Biographies & TV Shows - 03 Feb. 2012 .


Mitt Romney for President | Mitt Romney for President of the United States of America in 2012. 03 Feb. 2012 .

Orgnet com Summary Description the Website
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Finally the site has two o moe appoaches to finding and seaching content, futhe undescoing its value to a wide audience of uses as well.

Value and Benefits Deliveed

The geatest value this site delives is a wealth of content on the subject of netwok analysis, including the ability to tansfom significant amounts of data into a contiguous, unified data set fo analysis. Thee is also extensive industy analysis and insight into the aeas of netwok analysis as well. Fo all of these benefits howeve, the site does not povide enough guidance on whee to find actual softwae to accomplish these analyses as eadily as it could. This is an excellent site fo finding intelligence about the subject, yet it lacks actual softwae to do analysis.

Inclusion in Pofessional Refeences List

Despite the limitation of not having softwae available it deseves to be included in a pofessional efeences list.


references as to how network analysis works and its broad use are especially fascinating, as is the analysis of social networks and influence.

Bottom Line Evaluation

This is a very valuable site, one that has an excellent portal structure easy to navigate as well.

Leadership Movement Issues Leadership Moment Summary
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G. Lack of Strategic Vision

A strategic vision defines the desired or intended future state of an organization or enterprise in terms of its fundamental objective and/or strategic direction. It represents a long-term view of how things should be. Without a strategic vision, a company may achieve short-term tactical success, but is likely to struggle in the long-term (Greenfield, 2000).

Indeed, Salomon had been successful for many years as Gutfreund assumed the role of "senior statesman and public spokesman" for the bank. As such, his focus was constantly changing. He was rarely at headquarters due to his frequent international travel to support the company's growing investment banking business. A more strategic focus would have realized the importance of compliance in the financial services industry that demands strict adherence to the letter of the law and the company would have responded through the creation of a vision that embraced corporate…


Cunningham, T.M. (2002, August 27). Leadership 101: Integrity. 

Greenfield, G. (2000, December). Achieving tactical success without a strategic vision.

Leadership styles and bases of power. 

Montana, P., and Charnov, B. (2008). Management (4th ed.), Barrons Educational Series, Hauppauge: New York.

Cioinsight com Summary Description the Intent
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The site also has a strong set of navigational tools for quickly finding informational elements of information. Lastly and most significantly the site has excellent writing which has been honed through users of research by its authors and by their approach to interviewing practitioners in the key fields of it covered on the site. The investigative style of writing brings the entire site a high level of credibility with readers as well.

What information was expected to be found and was not there in general it is difficult to find sites that report back failures of large it projects as the companies involved do not want their names in the public media. That is one of the larger shortcomings of all sites, yet CIO does get to the point of discussing failures at the enterprise level and backs away from naming companies. The site also does not mention specific…


Microsoft Survey 2006 - Microsoft survey blames users for CRM failures. Computer Business Review Online. June 29, 2006 

Sweeney 2006 - Software as a Service in the ERP World. AMR Research. Boston, MA. June 22, 2006

Skills for Business Leadership Executive
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" Nevertheless, the research to date indicates that participative management techniques can provide a major return on the investment. According to Angermeier, Dunford and Boss (2009, p. 127), "Employee perceptions of the extent to which their work climate is participative rather than authoritarian have important implications for critical work attitudes and behavior."

The research to date has confirmed that employees in highly participative work environments outperformed their counterparts in nonparticipative management organizations (Angermeier et al. 2009). For example, a study by Angermeier and his associates found that employees working in participative management settings provided 14% better customer service, committed 26% fewer clinical errors, demonstrated 79% lower burnout, and were 61% less likely to leave the organization than employees in more authoritarian work environment. According to Angermeier et al. (2009, p. 128), "These findings suggest that participative management initiatives have a significant impact on the commitment and productivity of individual employees."…


Angermeier, I, Dunford, BB & Boss, AD 2009, March-April, 'The Impact of Participative

Management Perceptions on Customer Service, Medical Errors, Burnout, and Turnover

Intentions,' Journal of Healthcare Management, vol. 54, no. 2, pp. 127-134.

Biech, E 2001, the Pfeiffer Book of Successful Team-Building Tools: Best of the Annuals. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer.

Economics - Book Summary Book
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Toward the end of the decade, Wall Street investment firms began hiring PhDs in mathematics and physics to create incredibly complex algorithms capable of modeling elements of the stock and futures markets. In most cases, the creators of these algorithms knew next to nothing about the financial industry, and the executives who employed them knew (literally) nothing about the mechanisms their firms had begun to rely on for their trading strategy. Destabilization of the Home Mortgage Industry:

In the early 1970s, stock analysts at Salomon Brothers, another Wall Street investment firm, developed a new kind of security based on home mortgages, called mortgage-backed securities. In principle, this allowed the conversion of illiquid (i.e. non- tradable) assets like the debt represented by home mortgages to be converted into a tradable commodity for profit. This new form of commercial transaction evolved into incredible levels of complexity after the widespread incorporation of mathematical…


Phillips, Kevin. "Bad Money: Reckless Finance, Failed Politics, and the Global Crisis of American Capitalism" New York: Viking (2008).

the role of financial managers vis a vis macroeconomic environment
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Executive Summary

The financial manager's role is to understand the impact that different internal and external factors will impact the company's ability to achieve its financial and market objectives. The macroeconomic environment has both direct and indirect effects on the company. The major macroeconomic variables such as inflation, interest rates, unemployment, GDP, and exchange rates can all directly influence the financial performance of the company. But these variables also impact on things like government policy, so there are indirect impacts on financial performance as well, and the financial manager also needs to understand these.

The main tool that financial managers use are complex financial models. These models seek to illustrate the impact that different variables have on the company – both internal and external variable. Forecasts are created using different macroeconomic and market variables, and these forecasts can highlight a range of different financial conditions, along with the expected impacts…

Merrill Lynch Barge Scenario Case Summary --
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Merrill Lynch Barge Scenario

Case Summary -- Enron, a Texas-based energy company, was created in 1985 and had such phenomenal growth it was soon the seventh largest company in the U.S. until its bankruptcy in 2001. Enron was involved in a number of scandals, among which was the Nigerian Barge Case. Essentially, Enron attempted to sell interest in three power-generating barges off the coast of Nigeria, but was unsuccessful. By December of 1999, Merrill Lynch agreed to buy Enron's interest. Enron "loaned" ML 75% of the money, offering ML a guaranteed return of 15% on 7 million dollars ($1.05 million in 6 months). Essentially, the entire deal was a fraud, designed only to make Enron appear more profitable than it was. Most of the Enron promises were verbal, and the situation was never really a "sale," but a short-term leverage loan. Enron's objective, in fact, was to improve the way…


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