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Global Marketplace Essays (Examples)

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Global Marketing According to Cleveland and Laroche
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Global Marketing

According to Cleveland and Laroche (2007), the global consumer is characterized as someone who fits in with global consumer culture. This is a culture that has certain characteristics that are static internationally, such that the global consumer can be subject to global marketing. The global consumer is understood in contrast to the local consumer. The local consumer bears strong characteristics of the local market, in their tastes and buying patterns. The global consumer trends more towards international norms. The global consumer is aware of and has some preference for international products and bears similarity to international buying patterns. In essence, the global consumer in Shanghai will have tastes and characteristics that relate more to other global consumers in Vancouver, London or Mumbai than to the people of the local Shanghai market.

Global consumers have emerged as the result of two key trends, identified in Czinkota and onkainen (2013).…


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Global Business Communication Global Communications
Words: 1787 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84014202
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Furthermore it has become critically necessary to be equipped technologically in handling today's increased IT demands for business communication.


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Global E-Commerce Challenges Due to
Words: 3126 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38688476
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As household penetration increases, competition for products in the online marketplace also increases in those areas, as does the need for components to access the online marketplace. Further, as internet skills increase in companies and households around the world, the competitive advantage achieved from coordinating marketing across countries can be significant (Steinbock, 2000).

Microsoft, for example, has developed a huge online presence in response to household penetration increases and increases in online competition. As of November 2005, Microsoft operates websites specifically designed for each of 139 countries worldwide. Each web site contains information in the language of the country, contains products, services, and even images that reflect the culture of the country, and is aimed specifically at the household consumer and business consumer within that country. For example, when accessing the home page for the United States, advertising related products display information for new software called Microsoft Streets and Tips…


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Global Financing Minimizing Risk in
Words: 1115 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61156303
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Policies need be established that dictate how currency is used (Homaifar, 2003).

Trends in international banking suggests that within Europe while the euro may still be the standard currency used, often throughout the world and in international banks generally, much of currency is denominated in the form of dollars (Bertuch-Samuels & amlogan, 2007; Homaifar, 2003). The United States dollar has represented the gold standard among international financial institutions because the U.S. has relatively little exchange rate fluctuation, which lowers the potential risk within the international financial marketplace. To gain operational independence and affirm prices will remain stable, banks want to ensure the currency they use is issued in a country that is stable and holds prestige (Homaifar, 2003). This can easily be assessed by evaluating a country's financial systems, determining whether the banking systems are strong and offer policies and provisions for conducting business using foreign currency as well as…


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Global Business Culture Analysis China
Words: 5751 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 10266160
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Many of them are either uddhist or Taoist, and both of these religions teach respect very seriously. In order to understand the idea of respect amongst siblings in the way that the Chinese individuals see it, it becomes necessary to also understand some of the Taoist and uddhist traditions and beliefs. These are not always seen as being very significant, largely because many individuals in the west do not understand Taoism and/or uddhism, and therefore it gets largely ignored. However, it is also important to understand the importance of schooling and how this affects the way that the Chinese individuals think when it comes to the respect that they show to their siblings (ogdan & iklen, 1992).

Integration of the Elements by Locals

Religion and usiness in China

uddhism is the religion that is generally seen in the Chinese culture. uddhists seek an elimination of suffering. The uddha teaches that,…


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Marketplace Communication in the Marketplace
Words: 1779 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99203502
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As they will determine what road they will travel (the journey), while the stage is how they are achieving their objectives in life. The problem arises, when someone is not willing to use the stage to help benefit themselves. This can have an impact upon the lives of individual and their family, as their actions could have ripple effects. This is significant, because it is highlighting the ethical challenges of giving everyone the freedom to determine what they want to do with their lives. At the same time, there needs to be a way to prevent the negative actions that someone is taking, from having an effect on the general public. In this aspect, there more than likely will be a balance between: the journey that someone is taking, the stage and the laws that guide these actions. As they are helping to provide everyone with some kind of moral…


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Global Entrepreneurship
Words: 499 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86766496
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countries trading and acting as entrepreneurs in the global marketplace and the roles international institutions must now play in world trade regulation. It is important to note that globalization and entrepreneurship on a world scale should be considered a positive development. Countries using the entrepreneurial line of reasoning are generally more creative and have a tendency to offer more individual freedoms for their people. Open competition on the current global scale has controlled world pricing and has created new opportunities for all types of new innovations and services while at the same time increased the entrepreneurial and marketing talents in countries once dominated by restrictive state governments. Basically, entrepreneurship, whether on an individual or an entire country scale, is better for creating wealth. But, there are negatives. There are always those scenarios where these entrepreneurial methods are being used by countries under the control of corrupt or incompetent governments. Therefore,…

Global Terrorism
Words: 5841 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69761973
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Terrorist Groups Are Aligning to Conduct Global Terrorism.

Terrorism used to be a topic limited to only certain sectors of the world, such as the Middle East or South Africa. However, in recent years, it appears that no one is safe in any part of the world. A growing number of countries must take measures to protect citizens and visitors from the threat of terrorism. The Unites States is the latest addition to this list. It has become evident in recent years that terrorism is not a localized event any more, but has become an increasing global problem. It has also become obvious that terrorism requires a global solution as well. Evidence has been mounting that terrorist groups are beginning to connect and form alliances. This gives them greater strength and greater resources. It seems that they are finding common ground and are beginning to coordinate efforts. This will be…

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Global Business Environment
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Social, cultural, economic, legal and political differences among nations have had an important impact on the international business activities of Africa. hile many in the international business community feel that Africa is a potentially huge emerging market, many concerns hold back investors. An understanding of these concerns is vital in both promoting Africa as an international business opportunity, and understanding the inherent risks and rewards in business in Africa.

Social differences between African nations and the international community often act as a barrier to business transactions. Business, like any other human activity, is conducted within the realm of human interactions. As such, social differences can make or break a business deal. For example, African attitudes toward women are often more 'macho' and less liberal than in North America, and an understanding of this difference can ease social concerns.

Cultural differences, which are often closely tied to social differences, can also…

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Facets of global leaders
Words: 1124 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71173612
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Global leadership used to be a bit of a novelty or niche part of doing business. While many businesses have engaged in global commerce and discourse for quite some time, it was much more limited in many other parts of industry. However, the advancement of technology, the internet/computers in particular and supply chain logistics has been a game changer. Also significant is the massive movement of many peoples from their customary and common parts of the world to new endeavors and locales. Whether it be the refugee migrations from Africa and the Middle East or whether it be professionals from Asia finding new frontiers in the West as doctors and so forth, demographics are changing swiftly and significantly and this will require a level of cultural awareness and understanding even for businesses that do not intentionally operate in a global fashion.

Even though much of the developments relating to…

Global Mindsets Importance of the Global Mindset
Words: 1507 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68273946
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Global Mindsets

Importance of the Global Mindset

I agree with the assertion made by Cohen that possessing a global mindset is a key and integral part to being successful in business, particularly if global expansion is an organizational goal or aspiration. To be successful in today's marketplace, leaders must understand that the world is no longer made up of only local/regional/national customers and competitors. It has been shaped by the digitized age we live in. Customers come from everywhere, for just about everything. Similarly, competition does too. This means to be truly successful, business leaders must know how to integrate a number of geographies, cultures, demographics, tastes, preferences, and business strategies from across the globe (Gumbel 2008). Leaders need an appreciation for diverse business relationships and more specialized skills to achieve their goals.

Universal cooperation is a daily business reality. The vast majority of this is due to technological advancement…


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Global HR Management as a
Words: 349 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74835134
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The training program will be multidisciplinary, to give our people all of the tools they need to excel, rather than merely giving them some of the tools they need to function. The fifth component will be to foster cooperation within the company. This will allow our people to share knowledge from all areas of the company with one another. Furthermore, it will provide a more enriching work environment, and allow for the free flow of workers to different parts of the company. These last two components of the plan will help us build a company full of leaders, from which we will derive sustainable competitive advantage.

An international firm's human resources policies support its business strategy. Human resources is one of the most important inputs in any knowledge-based industry, or any firm that seeks to succeed through a differentiation strategy. When human resources policies are not aligned with the strategy,…

Global Overcapacity A Major Cause
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90939977
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S., who is duly aware of their hardships and struggles. Again, there are many reasons why they are not given what they need to succeed (covert imperialism, ideological differences, etc.) but one of the main reasons is global overcapacity. If there are more countries producing goods and services the supply of those goods and services continue to increase. When supply goes up, and demand remains relatively unchanged (or static) one of the only ways to earn a profit is to lower costs (Judis, 2010). Lowering costs means a smaller profit margin. A smaller profit margin means, well, less money for the CEs and shareholders.

ne may think that this theory is a bit of a reach, that there is no conspiracy to retard the efforts of fledgling countries to take a power position in this new "flat" world (Friedman, 2005). And maybe they're right, there is no coordinated effort to…

One may think that this theory is a bit of a reach, that there is no conspiracy to retard the efforts of fledgling countries to take a power position in this new "flat" world (Friedman, 2005). And maybe they're right, there is no coordinated effort to do such a thing, it's just the way the system is set up. Either way, whether it's consciously done or unconsciously done, it's the way it is. The facts bear this out.

For starters, and to circle back to that Chinese proverb, why do countries in power continue to delivery fish, instead of curriculum on fishing techniques? Here is an excerpt, from an article regarding the ill effects of food dumping, that underscores this issue, "Food aid (when not for emergency relief) can actually be very destructive on the economy of the recipient nation and contribute to more hunger and poverty in the long-term. Free, subsidized, or cheap food, below market prices undercuts local farmers, who cannot compete and are driven out of jobs and into poverty, further slanting the market share of the larger producers such as those from the U.S. And Europe" (Shah, 2010). There's two additional points to make regarding this scenario. The first is obvious and an iteration of what's just been said, the reason countries in power give away food, supplies, and other resources is because it subverts the efforts of foreign competition. The other reason countries in power donate food, food in particular, is because it helps diminish the available supply in the U.S., thus reducing global overcapacity. One has, no doubt, heard of corn farmers burning their cornfields to serve a similar end, reduce supply to keep prices high.

In the face of this evidence, one can posit that the IMF and the World Bank are two institutions that work toward helping impoverished countries make it to the big stage. After all, they provide funding and assistance to many countries in need. Well, the rebuttal to this fact is that all money comes with strings attached. Or, in short, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Here is a rather concise description of the effect the IMF and World Bank have on the countries they assist, "the way it has happened has required poor countries to reduce spending on things like health, education and development, while debt repayment and other economic policies have been made the priority. In effect, the IMF and World Bank have demanded that poor nations lower the standard of living of their people" (Shah, 2010). The IMF and World Bank don't mind loaning money to struggling nations, as long as those nations follow their orders. It's really a form of new age imperialism whereby nations in power seek to exploit cheap labor and extract resources from

Global Business Analysis - India
Words: 4108 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29496853
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This behavio is not consideed dishonest; in fact, and Indian peson would be consideed ude if he o she did not ty to attempt to give a peson what has been equested.

Anothe vey impotant aspect of business cultue in India is the meeting etiquette. Meeting Etiquette is influenced by all sots of cultual elements descibed above, including social class. Fo example, in India, one must geet the eldest o moe senio fist, and when leaving a goup each peson must bid faewell individually. Though shaking hands is common, this is only in big cities, whee the natives ae accustomed to Westenes. Men and women, howeve, do not usually shake hands.

The next pat of the business cultue is knowing Indian names, and whee they oiginate. Accoding to one aticle, names ae based upon "eligion, social class, and egion of the county." Fo Hindus fo example, in the noth, people…

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Global Ebusiness Marketing Discussion of
Words: 5239 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98778819
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You need a stable foothold and insight into the dynamics of the marketplace from which to be able to peer effectively into the future.... Marketing research can provide real value by helping to provide the radar that will alert the enterprise to perils -- and opportunities -- ahead" (Duboff & Spaeth 2000, pp. 3-13). Proponents of market research maintain that these activities help to ensure that companies remain consumer-orientated. According to Fuglsang and Sundbo (2002), the value of market research can depend on what type of service or product is involved, and what destination country is intended for export purposes. "In practice," they advise, "this means that new products are more successful if they are designed to satisfy a perceived need than if they are designed simply to take advantage of a new technology. The approach taken by many companies with regard to market research is that if sufficient research…


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Global E-Business Marketing the Advent
Words: 3832 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93266466
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" The final force of collaboration, which Freidman (2006) calls "informing"-which are search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc., which has facilitated "Internetizer technologies" to work together with limitless information all by itself (Freidman, 2006).

Therefore, the initial three flatteners formed the novel stage for cooperation, and the subsequent six have been the novel shapes of cooperation that flattened the world. The last flattener is referred to as "the steroids," and these have been regarded as "wireless-access" along with "voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP)." The steroids have accelerated these novel kinds of cooperation, which has allowed "Internetizer technologies" to execute anyone of them, from anyplace in the world, using any tool (Freidman, 2006).

Triple Convergence

The first convergence took place when all ten flatteners united around the beginning of the new millennium. This formed a worldwide, Internet-enabled in performing ground that permitted manifold kinds of cooperation on R&D and work, regardless of not…


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Global E-Business Marketing

Global Economics
Words: 1588 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96489477
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Global Economics

The September, 2003 supplement to the Economist, Running on One Engine contains a survey of the worlds economy, and outlines how the economic engine in America is similar to the single engine operation in a large commercial airliner. Connections are not made by the writers that an airliner operating on one engine can stay in the air for a limited amount of time, but cannot be expected to fly without problems, nor can it be expected to continue its course as if it were running on all of its multiple engines. The economists carry the metaphor to the country, and the global economy. The single engine is taxed beyond its design capacity. The overworked engine could fail, and thereby leave the airliner no other option but to plummet ground ward. In the same way, the authors say that the American economy, should it stall, could bring the entire…

Understanding this aspect is one of the keys to understanding the principle behind Flying on one Engine. The authors take great pains to describe the precarious position which the U.S. has created by becoming the sole leader in the global economy. Beginning in the 1980's the U.S. economy made larger gains as a global supplier of goods and services than did our major industrialized partners, Japan, China and Germany. According to the supplement, the momentum gained by the U.S. during the 1980's lead to increasing acceleration during the 1990's. Since 1995, domestic demand for goods and services has risen 3.7%, which is twice the rate of the rest of the modern or rich world.

The survey goes on to evaluate the economic policies of Reagan, and how these tax reductionist policies under the Bush administration are continuing to create the increased demand in the U.S., thus fueling U.S. contribution to the global economic pie. In comparison to Germany, China, and Japan, the U.S. has captured more of the global markets, and since the high amount of demand in the U.S. is also creating an import - export imbalance which is not in our favor, the authors suggest that a U.S. slow down could negatively affect the entire globe.

What the Economist supplement does not address is that the taxation policy under Reagan and both Bush's has been the source of the economic growth in the U.S. Across the globe, our major trading partners do not share our policy of reducing taxes to stimulate growth. Germany, Japan, and China all have created an interdependent relationship between business and government.

Global Warming Is Probably One
Words: 1847 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 273816
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Americans will face important decisions as consumers, voters, and global citizens.

We need to understand that global warming has to be treated as a problem for all in order to properly solve it. If we continue to see it as a political issue as we sometimes do, it will never be fully resolved. Earth has to be made livable for everyone. It is not a place for first world or third world countries. It is a place for every human being and all life present here. Thus the issue must be seen clearly and humanitarianly instead of turning into another senseless political debate.

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Global Finance Inc Gfi IT Risk Assessment
Words: 2947 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46515639
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When it comes to the risk assessment of Global Finance, Inc. there were identified vulnerabilities that were occurring in the locations of Technical Security, Management, and Operational. Vulnerabilities at the company are looked at as being weaknesses that could possibly be oppressed by a group of threats or just threats in general. Basically, all of these vulnerabilities are able to be alleviated by safeguards that are recommended. These safeguards are security features and certain controls that, when included or added in the information technology environment, alleviate the risk that is connected with the operation to what are the manageable levels. However, a complete conversation of the vulnerabilities and suggested safeguards are discovered in this report. If the safeguards suggested in this risk assessment are not applied, the outcome could be alteration or damage of data, disclosure of sensitive information, or denial of…


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Global Marketing and Management
Words: 4276 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 2744509
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Global Marketing Strategies and Management Techniques of Apple Inc.

The central objective of this report is to perform an environmental analysis of a country in which our selected company shall aim to establish a market for its products and services. The company chosen for the purposes of this report is Apple Inc. The country selected for the analysis is The People's Republic of China. The aim of this report is to assist the management of Apple Inc. In assessing whether the country presents a viable business opportunity or not. The product chosen for this purpose is the Apple iPhone 4S.

The Apple iPhone 4S is said to be the best technology that the company has come up with in the iPhone product line. With the dual-core A-5 chip, 8 megapixel iSight camera, io5 and iCloud functions coupled with a speech recognition personal assistant dubbed Siri, it is one the most…


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Available at:

Global Marketing Management the Question
Words: 1312 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 76326088
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By boosting the benefits part of the value equation to match the increase in the price part of the value equation, KFC can been able to thrive in Malaysia, but with a very different value equation from what it offers to American consumers.

For global marketers, it is therefore important to remember that the value equation not only remains important as the product or brand is taken around the world, but that the value equation changes in each country around the world. Another example is Starbucks, which succeeds in Japan's congested cities not because the Japanese like its coffee (they are tea drinkers) but because Japanese city dwellers have tiny apartments unfit for socializing, so they enjoy the comfort of a Starbucks as a place to meet people. The value equation of Starbucks is very different to Japanese than it is to Americans and the company has succeeded by marketing…

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Global Nova Case Study Globalnova a Case
Words: 1673 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 75918788
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Global Nova Case Study


A Case Study in Entrepreneurship and Corruption

Company Origins

GlobalNova was conceived by a Brazilian Engineer while working for IBM. He allied himself with a Brazilian Politician from the southernmost State of io Grande do Sul (S). Politician approached a local business Tycoon, whose family controls the largest steel company in Brazil, for start-up financing for "a company to exploit the internet." (Gerdau, 2011) Tycoon, thinking that Politician was looking for the usual political hand out, readily agreed. Tycoon frequently mentioned that his family recognized the realities of making sure that his representative in Brasilia was treated well. Later he was astonished to learn that his money had actually been used to fund the early operations of GlobalNova. (Consultant, 2011)

Voice over the Internet

From the initial "fuzzy" objective, Engineer decided that the best opportunity would be to use the internet to transmit international long…


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Global Entrepreneurship the Company Has
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Moreover, the company takes a strict and innovative approach to procurement. Each link in the supply chain must guarantee the best quality at the lowest price. Bombardier systematically applies the Six Sigma quality program to all of its manufacturing and financial units. Six Sigma's goal is to enable companies to respond more promptly and effectively than the competition. Most importantly, the company has a permanent development program that supports the career advancement of the employees and succession planning at all levels, as Bombardier's success has always been largely based on the skills, entrepreneurial approach and commitment of its people (Smith, 1995).

Seeing that the company takes a proactive and leadership roles in managing its value chain, we believe that the company is capitalizing on its strengths. To sum, the company takes several steps diversifying activities around its value chain. The company's overall strategy and management approach is geared to an…


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Finance Function of Global Corporation
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He also explains the beneficial effects of funding companies abroad in order to gain a financial and political interest in them and in their surrounding countries. This tactic weakens the internal market yet strengthens the parent company (Fan et al., 2008). Additionally, the utilization of internal capital allows for more effective monitoring than bank lending (Gertner et al., 1994, p. 1211). These options simply were not available prior to the current global marketplace, which is why the author's deconstruction of these tactics and their effect on international financial management well support his primary argument that CFO's need to be cognizance of financial differences in today's market.

Desai alludes to implications of his argument near the end of his argument in which he disseminates a series of best practices. These practices consider the unifying elements of the three ways in which he supports his argument, through the financing of international capital…


Desai, M.A. "The finance function of global corporation."

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Motivating Staff in a Global Economy
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Motivating Staff in a Global Economy

More and more organizational analysts are referring to the modern workforce as increasingly integrated and interconnected.

This has occurred in part because of globalization. More and more organizations are branching out, running in multiple countries and providing services to global customers. As the workforce changes and becomes more dynamic, people are increasingly reliant and interdependent within the scope of the workplace. Global integration is a trend that has wide-ranging economic, social and organizational implications.

Globalization has resulted in significant changes including an increasingly common practice of outsourcing job roles

Organizations are starting to look for ways to decrease the costs associated with doing business and increase productivity. One way to do this is to outsource job roles.

As more employees face the potential loss of their job because of outsourcing, more and more employers are realizing that motivating staff is becoming a more difficult…


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30(2): 31, 2000.

Lindner S Philosophy of Going Deep to Penetrate Global Markets
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Penetrate Global Markets

Global marketing in today's world depends upon a mix of technological and cultural understanding as Spillan (2012) points out: the "reach of the Internet to unknown places" and the "social environments that exist in global regional market segments" help to drive the global economy and the markets that exist within it. Therefore, comprehending how the Internet and various social media outlets intersect and interact with social environments, especially in developing worlds, is supremely important in assessing one's role in the global market strategy. This is essentially also the point of Luca Lindner (2015), president of McCann Worldgroup and author of "Why Global Marketing Must Move Beyond Cultural Stereotypes and Go Deep." When Lindner advises that marketers "go deep," he means that marketers must tap into the "local" economy and culture of the environment they seek to reach: after all, the trend in recent years is a rise…


Greenstein, T. (2011). The Fed's $16 Trillion Bailouts Under-Reported. Forbes.

Retrieved from 

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South Bend, IN: St. Augustine's Press.

Understanding Issues pertaining to retailers going global
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Issue: Retailers going global
For United States together with European retailers within a still-troubled economic climate, the key to develop could be as difficult to attain as it can be difficult to disregard. Money-strapped consumers are, even now, not opening their own wallets, as confirmed by the decline in American retail product sales this past year. Simultaneously, lifestyle standards all over the world have already been increasing for a long time. Certain countries and parts that, at one time, functioned primarily as suppliers of cheap-labor together with raw materials within the global economic climate now feature engaging national marketplaces with powerful sales of the products created by United states, British, as well as other Western retailers. Within this atmosphere, increasingly more retailers of all sizes and shapes happen to be going overseas to maintain their expansion. And it is an open playing area. Besides the typical suspects, retailers have found…

Cultural Distance: How Is it Measured, And How it Impact on Global Marketing Operations

The persistence of cultural distances is relevant for the global multinational marketing operations exposed to multiple cultures in their everyday activities. This indicates that marketing across border introduces complexities because it forces global marketers to tailor their approaches and practices to each cultural context they carry out their business activities. As a result, this paper will discuss concepts applicable to different aspects of cross-border operations. The primary focus of the paper is on multinational business corporations (Baumann, 2007).

This study shows how Hofstede's model is still the most relevant piece of reference for a successive cross-cultural analysis despite it being a widely criticized. The paper compares and contrasts Hofstede's famous concepts with Turner and Schwartz, Trompenaars and Hampden's valued inventory. It will attempt to provide empirical evidence of how cultural diversity influences the global markets by…


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The Global Auto Parts Industry Outlook
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auto parts industry on a global level and highlight potential opportunities as well as problems facing manufacturers. The industry has undergone a number of significant changes in recent years, including the globalization of automobile use in developing world nations such as China and India. Environmental concerns and regulations have also impacted the industry.

Global Industry Selection

As car use becomes more and more ubiquitous throughout the world, the significance of the global auto industry will increase exponentially. To better understand developments within automobile manufacturing, it is also essential to better understand how components of automobiles are sold and sourced internationally. Just as automobile companies are subject to radical shifts in consumer demand, so are the organizations which manufacture auto parts.

Industry Description and Competitive Environment

The auto parts industry is more competitive given the current downward pressure upon prices. American consumers are growing less enamored with high-cost luxury vehicles and…


Automotive 2020: Clarity beyond the chaos. (2008). IBM.

Bosch in North America: Four Years of Solid Growth. (2014). Bosch. Retrieved from: 

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Expansion of Services and Capabilities Global Outsourcing
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Services and Capabilities: Global Outsourcing

Global outsourcing has become a common trend in the last few decades. Organisations, especially multinationals, have increasingly taken advantage of globalisation, technological advancements, and worldwide political and economic integration to outsource business processes and manufacturing operations to off-shore entities. Indeed, outsourcing is no longer a mere temporary or short-term solution to cost minimisation -- it is now part of business and corporate strategy (Oshri, Kotlarsky & Willcocks, 2015). Today, organisations in diverse sectors and industries rely on global outsourcing to keep up with consumer demand and competition while at the same time maximising operating margins. Nonetheless, global outsourcing presents its own fair share of challenges. This paper explains the pros and cons of global outsourcing and provides examples of firms that have successfully adopted supply chain globalisation.

A major advantage of global outsourcing is cost reduction. Generally, outsourcing is motivated by the need to produce…


Oshri, I., Kotlarsky, J., & Willcocks, L. (2015). The handbook of global outsourcing and offshoring. 3rd ed. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Barrar, P., & Gervais, R. (2006). Global outsourcing strategies: an international reference on effective outsourcing relationships. Hampshire: Gower Publishing.

Competing in the Global Economy
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Askov points out that many adults returning to the educational system after failing to meet its standards will not succeed in a system that is built upon the same ideals. Race, class, gender, and corresponding power structures also play into how educators approach adult learners. Adult education presents a host of challenges not present in elementary education, problems that refer to the very values upon which the society is formed. Research and theories in psychology and learning present multiple perspectives upon which educators and policy makers can build a more promising future for adult learners. Visions for the future include embedding metacognitive skills into adult learning programs. Adult learners need literacy skills, not so they can score well on standardized testing but so they can reach their highest potential as human beings. Grassroots movements may be the key to promoting adult literacy throughout the country, to making adult literacy and…

Olde Distillerie Going Global With
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The rules and regulations are designed to level the competition and to disrupt advantages of a country based on price and favored tax status. All of the countries in the union must abide by these tax and trade regulations. In January of 2004, Denmark and Sweden were forced to remove import restrictions on alcohol purchased for personal consumption (EPHA, 2007).

A recent decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) determined that the Swedes have attained a monopoly on alcohol. They are attempting to limit the general consumption and limit underage drinking in their country. Alcoholism is considered to be problematic in Sweden and lawmakers see a need to take measures to attempt to curb overall consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The effects of this decision are two-fold, when one considers the impact on expanding Olde Distillerie products to Sweden. The first affect is that this decision supports alcohol as an…


Celtic Whisky Campagne. 2003. History of Whisky and of Distillation (I).[Online]Available at: Accessed 24.

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Management Wal-Mart's Challenges in the Global Market
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Wal-Mart's challenges in the Global market

Wal-Mart as the world's leading retailer has been spreading very fast extending its power across the world market. This began with the nine countries in South America, Asia, and Europe. This expansion is likely to extend even in the near future. As the company attempts at penetrating the hypermarket culture in different countries, it has encountered a battery of severe problems in the process of its global operations. Joint ventures and acquisitions of local businesses have become a major challenge in nationalism economies. Therefore, strict rules and regulations imposed by governments have blocked Wal-Mart's business operations. Late entry and miscalculating competitors have destroyed location opportunities and tampered with Wal-Mart's relationship with local suppliers. The company experienced big challenges in the global market due to its inability to adapt to new local cultures. In addition, sex discrimination, unions, and low wages prompted employees to…


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Economy Doing The State of the Global
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Economy Doing?

The state of the global economy has been an issue at the forefront of discussion and debate for the last several years. In his 2011 State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama urged bipartisan cooperation for the continued economic revival of the nation, which drives the economic recovery of the world. The President promised increased spending on education, technology, transportation and research, all of which should strengthen the economy by making the U.S. A stronger competitor in the global marketplace. He also promised to slash spending and reduce the deficit, although the specifics of these cuts were not detailed in his speech (Benac, Kuhnhenn, Werner & Superville, 2011). Various economic indicators support the claim of the President, and economists that the economy has improved since its devastating crash in 2008. Yet, full recovery may still be years away.

Tanneeru (2009) noted that was debate about when and…


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Global Credit Crisis on UK Northern Rock
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Global Credit Crisis on UK Northern ock Bank

The lingering effects of the Great ecession of 2008 still remain, but most authorities appear to agree that the corner has been turned and global economic recovery is well underway. The cause of the Great ecession of '08 was primarily the sub-prime mortgage meltdown that occurred in the United States, and its effects were already being experienced as early as September 2007, when the United Kingdom experienced a mass market run on Northern ock Bank, the first in the nation's history. The global credit crisis that resulted from these events has been felt in differing degrees by the nations of the world, but few countries in the increasingly globalized international community have been entirely immune from its effects. To gain new insights into this fiasco, this paper provides a corporate profile for Northern ock Bank, followed by a review of the relevant…


'Corporate Profile.' (2011). Northern Rock Bank. [online] available: http://companyinfo.

'Directors' report and financial statements for the period 3 July 2009 to 31 December 2009.'

(2010). Northern Rock Bank. [online] available:  / downloads/2009_NR_plc_Financial_Report_and_Accounts.pdf.

Global Human Resources Management More
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The research was consistent in emphasizing the need to take factors such as the psychic distance that is involved between home markets and other countries into account as well as how powerful cross-cultural factors will influence business operations. The successful deployment of managers to foreign countries, though, was also shown to require careful consideration in the selection of appropriate candidates, the provision comprehensive training preparatory to deployment and debriefing upon their return to gain valuable insights concerning their experiences that can be used to fine-tune future training for other managers.


Andreason, a.W. (2008). Expatriate adjustment of spouses and expatriate managers: an integrative research review. International Journal of Management, 25(2), 382-383.

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Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, 8(2), 98-99.…


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Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, 8(2), 98-99.

Global Impact as Well as How it
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global impact, as well as how it related to the programmatic level. ased on that original idea and any feedback you received from your classmates in the Discussion, you will extend that idea and develop an outline for a logical, scholarly argument on the topic

Trend in the field: Offering high quality, low-cost products through outsourcing

Like many businesses, my bus company is faced with the challenge of offering low-cost products in an increasingly competitive international transportation marketplace. Globally, no single autobus firm can command more than 20% of the marketplace (Global bus market, 2013, Free Patents Online).Our buyers want products that are of high quality, meet national safety standards, and yet are priced competitively. To meet this challenge, many companies, including my own, have used outsourcing as a way to lower labor costs. We have recently opened up a factory in China. The decision was a difficult one, and…


Barboza, David & Louise Story. 2007. Toymaking in China, Mattel's way. The New York

Times. Available: 

[19 Jan 2013]

Global bus market. 2013. Free Patents Online. Available:

Global Branding of Stella Artois Porter's 5-Forces
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global branding of Stella Artois

Porter's 5-forces analysis of the beer industry

Bargaining power of buyers

The bargaining power of buyers is very high in the beer industry. Consumers have many choices, spanning from other alcoholic beverages to other brands of beer, including smaller labels as well as the major brands. Also, beer is not strictly a necessity. Consumers can conceivably 'do without' if the price is too high.

Bargaining power of suppliers

The bargaining power of suppliers is also very high in the beer industry. Beer companies are critically dependent upon obtaining specific input goods to create their brews. They need a high volume of input goods to produce their product, and they need a timely and steady supply. Good relationships with bottlers and distributors are also required to take the product to market.

Competitive rivalry

Competitive rivalry is extremely high. All of the major beer brands are fighting…


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Retrieved at:

Marketplace the Hidden Persuaders Marketing
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The Hidden Persuaders ends on a very negative note, stressing how the commercial media has even co-opted teenage rebellion. However, new uses social media do not have to be negative -- anti-smoking and AIDS awareness are examples of campaigns that have been conducted through Twitter, Facebook, and other online venues (Evans 2006). But the problem with social media and marketing remains that it is often hard to see who the metaphorical puppeteer is, orchestrating the enthusiasm or outrage of the latest cause, campaign, or advertisement.

orks Cited

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Global Economic Downturn on the
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Industy analysts pedict that moe touble lies ahead fo the mining industy in Austalia as well, but given its poduction of many of the wold's stategic mineal esouces that ae needed fo a wide ange of industial pocesses, it is likely just a matte of time befoe companies such as Rio Tinto witness a esumption of demand by its majo expot patnes in the futue.


Austalia. (2009). U.S. govenment: CIA wold factbook. [Online]. Available: https://www.cia.


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Times. [Online]. Available:


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Finding the balance. New Yok: Routledge.…

references in industrialized countries:

Finding the balance. New York: Routledge.

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Occupational Hazards, 64(10), 89-90.

Mudrooroo, W. (1999). Mining the earth without minding the Earth. World Literature Today,

Global Warming Fact or Fiction
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Climate Change

Global arming:

Fact or Fiction

Global arming is a controversial topic largely because of its sprawling prediction of worldwide catastrophe, an image which is far exaggerated from the reality of global climate change. If it were to be a more subtle phenomenon, say an increase in cloud cover, or more sunny days in February, then people would not pay any attention to the matter and would go on living their carefree lives. This is not the reality however, as science predicts massive changes to the way all of humanity will have to live due to climate change. Some may scoff at this allegation, and some may seriously change their habits in fear of the future. For the sake of comparison, I will present global warming believers, and global warming deniers and will analyze the motivations for each side to stretch its influence, whether in the political realm or…

Works Cited:

"The Basics of Global Warming - Science of Global Warming - Environmental Defense Fund." Environmental Defense Fund - Finding the Ways That Work. Web. 25 July 2011. .

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Global Entrepreneurship
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Group Overviews

L. Jones

he World Bank Group: he role of the World Bank is to provide loans, policy and economic and technical advice and assistance and "knowledge sharing services" to poor and economically imperiled countries. It is a United Nations agency Made up of 184 member nations. hese nations both are responsible for financing and spending (loaning) World Bank funds.

he United Nations Development Programme: the UNDP uses its global members to forward the agenda of the United Nations in the areas of "democratic governance," reduction of poverty, prevention of, and recovery from crisis events, advice and knowledge sharing and assistance on energy and environmental issues, as well as knowledge sharing and assistance on HIV and Aids prevention.

he International Monetary Fund:

he IMF is an organization of 184 member countries that seek to cooperate in matters of global monetary issues, trade, employment, and poverty reduction worldwide.…

The ILO is a UN agency that is concerned with social justice and human and labor rights. It puts forward international labor standards in its conventions and recommendations including issues of human rights (association, freedom from forced labor, equal opportunity, etc.). It also provides technical assistance in vocational training, employment policy, labor administration and law, working conditions, management, co-ops, social security, and labor statistics and occupational safety. 

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development: The OECD is a group of 30 member countries that puts out publications and statistics on economic, social issues, trade, development, and science and innovation. It also examines "emerging issues" and strategies that policy makers might use in individual cases. It also provides surveys and information reviews on individual nations. 

World Trade Organization: The WTO is a global international organization that deals with the rules of trade between nations. It negotiates member trade agreements aimed at helping "producers of goods and services, exporters, and importers conduct their business." Thus, the WTO member nations agree between themselves on issues of trade and import/export issues.

Global Political Economy Globalization
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There is a concerted effort to bring developing nations into the global trade system. There are certainly success stories of nations that have been able to enjoy advantages from joining this system -- China in particular comes to mind -- but there is room for debate as to whether or not the neoliberal trade system is actually desirable for developing nations. There are a lot of issues at play, starting with the basic economics.

In general, the theory of comparative advantage argues that nations should open up trade, so that they can produce the goods in which they have a comparative advantage and sell them to buy the goods in which they do not. There are some fairly significant real world limitations to this theory, however. One is that trade is usually governed by absolute competitive advantage, not comparative advantage. If a company wants a good at a low…


Masnick, M. (2016). Countries sign the TPP ... whatever happened to the debate we were promised before signing? TechDirt. Retrieved April 20, 2016 from 

Nguyen, J. (2016). 5 economic effects of country liberalization. Investopedia. Retrieved April 20, 2016 from

Components of a Business Plan Global Decision-Making
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Global Decision Making: Components of a Business Plan

Every business needs a blue print that will articulate the route it intends to take to achieve its goals. A good example of this is a business plan, which is a document that shows the practicability of various business objectives and it is also used by potential clients and investors to determine how capable the business is to meet their needs (Pride, Hughes and Kapoor, 2008). For a business to interpret its vision to outsiders, it needs to demonstrate how applicable the business concepts are for success and profitability, which poses a great concern for majority of businesses in this era of globalization. However, one way to guarantee this is to use well-designed components that can be used both locally and internationally. This text looks at the most useful components of a business plan and recommends changes that should be made if…


Brown, R. L & Gutterman, A.S. (2009). A Short Course in International Business Plans: Charting a Strategy for Success in Global Commerce. California: World Trade Press

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Pros & Cons of Global Communications
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Global Communications

The world of global communication is storied, vast and wide. It can also be very treacherous and unpredictable for people that are not in the know about what is involved, why things have to be done a certain way and so forth. This report will be a brief literature review of three articles that all pertain to global communications. The articles will relate to web-enabling for competitive advantage, the role of entrepreneurial networks in the exploration and exploitation of certain peoples and a case study about one of IBM's newer corporate volunteer programs. While these articles may seem to be about different things, they are all part of the different pieces and parts to the global communications landscape and all are worth of at least a cursory review. All of these articles pertain to the practice of business using global communications in the right way, the wrong way…


Kok, A. (2015). Demystifying Organizational Learning. Kellogg College, 1(1), 596-600.

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Vasilchenko, E. (2011). The Role of Entrepreneurial Networks in the Exploration and Exploitation of Internationalization Opportunities by Information and Communication Technology Firms. Journal Of International Marketing, 1(1), 88-92.

Role Modern Accountant Corporate & Global Business
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ole modern accountant Corporate & Global Business the paper Double Spaced Times New oman Font Size

In many ways, the role of the modern accountant in corporate and global business has substantially changed from that in previous times. The effects of globalization are ever increasing; thus, it is necessary for accountants to be cognizant of global developments more than ever. Additionally, the financial crisis of 2008 has resulted in significant regulations that have changed the way that accounting is practiced to include a greater degree of transparency for all parties involved: company representatives, stockholders, and regulators. Due to these developments, one can argue that the role of the accountant has never been more important than it is in contemporary society, especially when one considers that in addition to newer developments accountants are also charged with the primary responsibilities that they have always had.

From an extremely pragmatic standpoint, accountants are…


Guthrie, S.L. (No date). "Immanuel Kant and the categorical imperative." Retrieved from

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Do Global Problems Require Solutions by Global Agencies
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Global Problems equire Solutions by Global Agencies? If So, Which?

Today, the world is rife with problems, but the historical record suggests that it always has been. In sharp contrast to the past, though, modern global problems are truly enormous in terms of their diversity and scope. While emerging economic powerhouses such as China, India, Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia are reaping the benefits of an increasingly globalized marketplace, the demand for food and fuel has skyrocketed along with their prices. Competition over scarce resources has always been a source of conflict, but current signs indicate that the competition for resources in the future will become truly fierce because current supplies of fossil fuels are being depleted at an increasingly faster rate. In this environment, regional conflicts and even global war are potential outcomes that will require global solutions. To determine which global agencies will play a role in implementing and…


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Green Housing Marketplace the Economic
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In a field like housing construction, whether it is tradition or green, human resources have the highest importance. Their quality and experience is reflected in the quality of the houses they build. Smaller construction companies cannot afford the highest skilled personnel, which creates a major disadvantage.

It is difficult to say whether these companies are financially sound or not on medium term and long-term. The financial investments required by constructions and the financial sustainability of these companies on long-term suggest that there are no financial difficulties affecting large construction companies.

But these companies are also subjected to the economic and financial crisis and also to the fluctuations of the market. Financial possibilities of customers have a direct influence on the financial performance of construction companies. Given the global market conditions, it is expected that the incomes of construction companies will decrease.

The success strategy of large construction companies is a…

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Strategic Advantage Competitive Advantage Within the Global
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Strategic Advantage

Competitive advantage within the global retail sector

The resource based theory

Conceptual framework- esource-Based Theory

The e-retail strategy

In this paper, we explore the concept of resource-based view in gaining of strategic advantage within the global retail industry. Our focus will be in the use of information technology as a resource in drawing an e-strategy for the purpose of gaining a strategic advantage with a focus on the global retail sector. The organizations in our focus being global leading retailers; Wal-Mart, Metro AG, Carrefour and Tesco.

The high level of competition within the global retail industry has seen several players resort to the use of certain resources and competencies in order to maintain a lead over their competitors. These resources are strategically harnessed and applied in order for the affected firms to maintain a strategic advantage. In this paper, we explore the concept of resource-based view in gaining…

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Teaching Note Swatch and the Global Watch Industry
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Swatch and the Global Watch Industry

Until the 1970s, Switzerland was the global leader in the watch industry. However, as technology advanced, digital watches were introduced and quickly began replacing the quality analog pieces that had been made for centuries, by the craftsmen of Switzerland. Digital watches were cheaper to manufacture. They also had the added value of mass production, which the handcrafted Swiss pieces simply could not produce. For the first time, the watch industry now included timepieces that anyone could afford.

Swiss watchmakers saw the development of inexpensively produced, mass production digital watches, but failed to take action. Quite rapidly, the Swiss lost valuable market share, in the industry. Their mid-level segments were quickly lost to Japanese watch manufacturers. The only market segment they could still compete in was that of high-end pieces. A decade later, understanding that mass-produced watches were here to stay, Swiss manufacturers decided to…

Applying Global Strategies at the
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Are there any market specifics that may suggest a different strategy for each of the markets?

A number of market specifics were identified in the case study, including consumer preferences for the types of shampoo and conditioners that were offered and whether they provided the desired outcome (German consumers wanted products that made their thin hair appear fuller, for instance). Similarly, the widely held perception of the company's products as being associated with feminine cosmetics in France, for example, largely limited its premium brands to older women. Likewise, Franch and Quintana emphasize that consumers in different European countries have different hair-washing practices, and while French consumes were washing their hair more frequently than in the past, they still languished far behind their counterparts in other countries such as Germany where consumers washed their hair twice as often -- and therefore consumed twice as much shampoo.

The concentration of new product…


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Multicultural Leadership Tolerance for Ambiguity in Global
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Multicultural Leadership

Tolerance for Ambiguity in Global Managers

Each worker and manager in today's world is affected by globalization. This does not mean, however, that all individuals in each organization are equally prepared or equally capable of meeting the demands of a world in which traditional boundaries are overrun and even erased. One of the key qualities, especially for managers and other leaders, of succeeding in the world of global companies and global markets is a higher tolerance for ambiguity than would otherwise be needed. Bringing together people of different cultural values, traditions, and needs (whether this collection of differences occurs in the workplace or in the marketplace) requires an ability to be highly flexible. And key to the ability to be flexible is the ability to tolerate ambiguity (Williams, 2001).

To bring together the different voices of worker and consumers in a way that allows the strengths of diversity…


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Human Trafficking Is a Global
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A previous casualty of trafficking names Given Kachepa, said that human trafficking is so concealed you will not be aware of who you're fighting because the victims are so frightened, they're not going to say anything that is happening to them (the Associated Press, 2005).

Nevertheless, the fatality of human trafficking acquired some main characteristics that makes this person appealing to the trafficker in accordance to the aimed trade that they are being employed -- for female victims, this may varies from simply being female, or being beautiful or having exotic characteristics, to possessing skills to operate a sewing machine quickly; or for men, having massive physical strength or simply age are often main characteristics; in both instancesm the victim is to be expected to have some defenselessness that will make him/her be effortless to ensnare with ideas of exciting city life and job prospects (Iselin & Adams, 2003).



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Demands Being Placed on the Global Transportation
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demands being placed on the global transportation industry are creating unprecedented requirements for international commerce during a period when peak oil is being approached and the need for more environmentally responsible alternatives has become especially pronounced. The responses to the varied needs of the global transportation industry have included research and development of alternative energy sources as well as innovative supply chain management approaches that make global transportation more efficient and reduce energy requirements in the process. This paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature to develop a current overview of the global transportation industry and the challenges it faces in the future. A summary of the research and important findings are presented in the paper's conclusion.

Global Transportation Challenges


Innovations in telecommunications have contributed to an increase in global transportation needs as international commerce and business-related travel have grown significantly in recent years. At…


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