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¶ … graduate program in Social Studies is very important for me because it will give the best chance of unifying my interest in helping people through the therapeutic approach. I am very certain that when I finish my graduate program and specialize in the field of my choice, I will offer an immense contribution to the field of social studies and to the understanding of the socio- therapeutic approach in solving people's social problems. I studied psychology and graduated in 2008. The course has enhanced my greater understanding that not all people's problems requires a medical approach and large percentages of people's problems can be solved by the social and therapeutic approach.

After finishing my undergraduate program, I have worked with diverse organizations that have made me gain experiences in the field of social work, which has assisted me in caring for people. Moreover, I worked at AHRC in New York making me to gain wide experience in social study.

The major reason for pursuing graduate program in social studies is to accumulate a body of knowledge in the therapy in order to solve social problems. I intend to purse my Master program because of my understanding that the therapeutic approach can assist in solving people's problem and this has heightened my intention to gain body of knowledge in the therapeutic study in order to address people's social problem.

I will like to focus on the Family-focused Therapy in my graduate program to assist people in unifying families across the world. The Family-focused Therapy is one of the specialized fields of Social Studies used for the treatment of bipolar disorder, and the graduate program will enhance my body of knowledge on the strategy to assist people in solving their family problems. My interest...


Typically, the Family-focused Therapy improves family relationship that can be used to produce better results for the treatment of illness. The graduate program will enhance my greater understanding on the strategy to identify difficulties and conflict of family members, which can worsen patient's illness. Thus, the knowledge gain in the graduate program will assist me to help family members to resolve their problems.

Despite my intention in pursing Social Studies as my graduate course, I still anticipate that I could meet some challenges before finishing my course of study. One of the anticipated difficulties that I may face is the rising cost of living that may hamper my education. Since I intend to apply for a full time program, I will not be able to raise additional fund because of my opportunity costs of temporary stopping work in order to pursue my Master program. However, I will address the problem by reducing my expenses. For example, I will focus on using the university library to cut the costs of buying new books. Moreover, I will subscribe to the top quality academic databases to collect information for my course of study in order to reduce the costs of buying new books. Moreover, I will try to raise loan to complete my graduate study without problem.

The current issue in the world has revealed that social issues are the part of the fundamental issues leading to economic problem in a country. Countries without social harmony may face challenges in integrating families, which can consequently lead to the economic problems. Thus, the field of social study is very important in the society because the experts in the Social Studies are to assist society in solving their social problems. Essentially, the root cause of an economic problem in the society is lack of social harmony, and when social harmony is lacking in the society, countries will face challenges in solving their economic problems. Typically, an individual, families and the community makes up the country, thus, the field of social study is very important for the economic growth of a country.

My intention to solve the societal problem has made the field of the social study interest me in particular. I intend to accumulate a body…

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