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Marjane Satrapi Persepolis Graphic Book

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Marjane understands how fear fuels despotism. Fear prompts people to act in spite of great personal risk or else repress their true will and even sacrifice their integrity. Wise from a young age, Marjane pinpoints the deeper motivations in human nature to either conform or to rebel, understanding systems of political power and the motivations for social movements. Even prior to the Revolution, Persian people experienced systematic oppression through pressures to conform to their traditions. As her father says, “We Iranians, we’re crushed not only by the government but by the weight of our traditions!” (Satrapi, 342). The Revolution brought with it a far more intense mechanism of social and political control than in generations before, though, leading to the internalization of intense fear and also behavioral externalizations of repression and anger. Marjane’s views are often dichotomous, perhaps owing to her youth, and yet she also exhibits a striking mixture…… [Read More]

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