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Laziness Essays (Examples)

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Flow the Idea of Solely
Words: 1021 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31461441
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As was so eloquently stated in the article, "the important thing is to enjoy the activity for its own sake, and to know that what matters is not the result, but the control one is acquiring over one's attention" (Csikszentmihalyi 1997). Acquiring a mindset of flow is not an easy task, but it is one that will reap many benefits if actually done the right way. Instead of getting things done or conducting specific tasks just because it needs to be done, one needs to take a step back and truly indulge themselves with the particular task at hand. It may seem more difficult to focus on the task and understand it -- become one with it -- than it is to just complete something and get it over with. But what needs to be realized is that the idea of understanding and getting to know oneself is what is…


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Bible That Ye Be Not Slothful but
Words: 646 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80857332
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"That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises," (Hebrews 6:12). The promises referred to in the Bible include spiritual gifts like wisdom, and also the gifts of material abundance and fecundity. The Bible teaches that laziness, or sloth, is incompatible with wisdom or success. Moreover, the Bible teaches that only foolish people are lazy and slothful, because they allow themselves to be distracted by desires. The person who is distracted does not work, and when a person does not work, he or she cannot eat. "The desire of the sluggard kills him, for his hands refuse to labor," (Proverbs 21:25). Hands that refuse to labor are naturally hands that cannot provide food to sustain the body, let alone spiritual nourishment for the soul.

Thus, the Bible makes the connection between laziness and foolish desires. It is desire that causes laziness,…

Work Cited

Bible: English Standard Version; King James Version

Editing Work I Chose to Base My
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76757810
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Editing Work

chose to base my studies on J. because we shared a lot in common; we are both Christians living in a predominantly Muslim country. He is eleven years old. His parents are Jordan nationals who have lived in Bahrain for at least two years. J goes to school at Naseem nternational School where work. The school offers PYP programs. Lessons are conducted in English; however, Arabic lessons are also offered per week. Majority of kids in this school are Muslims most of whom are Bahrainis. Other nationalities making the student population are Saudis, Lebanese, Jordanians, few South Africans, and other Arabian Gulf countries. Teachers are a mixture of nationalities. Some of them are Arabs, others South Africans, while some are Europeans.

Different research methodologies were used to collect information on J's school progress and behavior. Some of the methodologies used were, to mention but a few, unstructured interviews,…

In an unstructured interview with his IT teacher on 16th November, 2012, that lasted 30 minutes, the teacher reiterated that J. had social problems that apparently made him unpopular with other students especially student S. The student created a lot of problems for J. during IT lessons. S repeated virtually everything that J. said in an insulting manner. He only has one physically small boy as a friend in the entire I.T class. The teacher had no problems with his behavior or performance in his lesson.

In an unstructured interview with Ms. Y, the school counselor, in her office on 18th November that lasted for 30 minutes, she pointed out that J. was a sensitive well mannered child who stuck to agreements he made. She maintained that J. was always on the receiving end because his classmates, who are predominantly Bahrainis, are naturally provocative while J. was not aggressive. She made such observation based on an incident when during break time play student S. violently pushed a necklace out of J's hand. This provoked J. into pushing student S. away. When the two of them were called into the counselor's office, student S. brought a fake witness to support his case. The witness claimed that J. provoked S. into a fight. Student S. claimed that he just tripped by mistake and this made the necklace to drop. The fake witness made it difficult for Ms. Y to defend J. despite the fact that she knew that it was not J's fault. She observed that J. is very clever and quiet and that's why he was provoked quite often. She affirmative that J. situation was aggravated by the fact that he was a Christian learning in a Muslim school, sentiments that J's father also believed in. She also pointed out that J. was provoked by his fellow students because he was not a Bahraini.

In another interview with Ms. Y on 2nd December, 2012, she opined that M, B,

Sociological Theory What Makes Democracy Work
Words: 1768 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11144404
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Sociological Theory: hat Makes Democracy ork?

hen it comes to "Classical Sociological Theory" and "Contemporary Sociological Theory" there are numerous sociological theories that try to inspect and interpret why and how society purposes; looking at the influences such as mass media, education, the family and the church. All of these theories have their own ideas as to how these numerous establishments distress how should be and is -- some facets of these theories intersect with each other and other facets are totally different. Theories for instance Functionalism and Marxism attempt to describe civilization as an 'absolute truth' (they each look at culture on a macro scale) they trust that set development of society is unavoidable; there is a construction to life and civilization that seldom permits for change.

According to Tocqueville (pp.104) concerning Classical Sociological Theory, his argument is that throughout time our world has seen a lot of different…

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Protestant Ethic and the Evolution
Words: 7228 Length: 23 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62928220
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Any one who tried to gain enough power and wealth would be considered a threat to the power of the church and was therefore quickly deposed of their wealth.

Weber proposed that even though Catholics tolerated a greater display of outward wealth, Protestant doctrines asked the followers to concentrate on mundane pursuits. It also asks its followers to accept a lower station in life without a hierarchical structure to force the issue. There were no examples of upward mobility or examples of extravagance to follow. The Protestant faith in promoted a pride in one's work and the "work and Save" ethic. The members were self-motivated, not forced into submission by the Church. This was a key difference between these two philosophies. Weber claimed that this attitude was much more productive than the Catholic idea of wealth attainment. The Calvinists had a word which meant ones calling, or duty on earth.…


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Hemingway the Snows of Kilimanjaro
Words: 1780 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15878269
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For many critics, no other short story by Ernest Hemingway is as overtly autobiographical as the Snows of Kilimanjaro. Richard Hovey goes as far to say that the story "must have been (Hemingway's) effort to purge himself of long-accumulated guilts" (83).

This paper examines how the parallels between the story's protagonist Harry and Hemingway reveal a theme of the conflict between financial comfort and the artistic calling. It shows how Hemingway depicts a writer, literally rotting from within, as he reflects on his own moral corruption and the loss of his artistic integrity.

As the story begins, the reader quickly learns that the protagonist, a writer named Harry, is dying. A scratch sustained earlier has become infected and has poisoned his blood, causing a gangrenous infection. Harry knows that death was coming, but he could no longer muster any horror or fear. Instead, all he feels is "a great…

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Reebok and Nike
Words: 2361 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64794492
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eebok and Nike are athletic apparel companies with differing promotional strategies and marketing. They sell similar products, particularly sneakers and are known globally as companies that promote athletic lifestyles through their sporting goods. The footwear industry, for which Nike and eebok have their niche is a tough industry to not only market in, but also sustain profits. Both companies although different in their approach, have managed to create a brand that appeals to a wide and broad market. esearching their promotional strategies and company profiles, the differences and similarities become visible lending to possible analysis of both of the companies' strong and weak points.

eebok's promotional campaigns are different from Nike's. A good example of this is eebok's 2002 promotional campaign using a well-known Irish footballer as the central focus. The company timed its advertisements with the footballer before the beginning of the World Cup of that same year. His…


Chu, S., & Huang, S. (2010). College-Educated Youths' Attitudes toward Global Brands: Implications for Global Marketing Strategies. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 22(2), 129-145. Doi: 10.1080/08961530903476188

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Media's Stereotyical Portrayal of Blacks
Words: 2333 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57955821
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But Martin Lawrence bugs out his eyes a little and he's a coon. It makes no sense.'7

The defense seems somewhat warranted. After all, if all characters in the sitcom Martin were white, and acted the same way, such behavior would be attributed to the standard stupidity showcased on television. Much like the quote earlier about sitcoms and stereotypes leveling things, television in general fails to showcase the brightest and most sublime of human endeavors.

Lawrence is not alone in criticisms aimed at contemporary black actors. In her essay, "Stereotypes of History: Reconstructing Truth and the Black Mammy," Jennifer Kowalski claims, "actors such as Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and Tyler Perry, have once again recycled the first existence of the Mammy/Aunt Jemima character." The "mammy" stereotype is "represented as full-figured women with strong and defensive attitudes, especially toward men who may bring harm to their loved ones." Lawrence recently starred…

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Washing Haas Janet P And
Words: 524 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29874060
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Naturally, any problem that results in 1.7 instances of illness and 100,000 preventable deaths is automatically extremely clinically significant. What makes this topic especially clinically significant is that nosocomial infections are largely a function of behaviors that violate established principles of standard hygiene and antisepsis in clinical settings. If the information can be used to publicize the importance of reducing hospital acquired infections and to increase healthcare worker compliance with antiseptic protocols, it could greatly improve the safety and quality of the American healthcare system.

Primary Barriers to Hand Washing Compliance

The main barriers reported in connection with the low rate of hand washing compliance in U.S. hospitals include ignorance, laziness, habit, and convenience. Ignorance comes into play when healthcare providers fail to consider how vulnerable hospitalized patients are to infection and how easily bacterial infections can be caused by hand-to-hand or hand-to surface contamination. Laziness is an issue because…

Decision Making & Procrastination in
Words: 374 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 4053338
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The watch was designed to allow the wearer to log onto the Web. It had microchips capable of doing anything a laptop could do. So out it came. Problem was that you need a keyboard and monitor big enough to see and use. The Web watch, amazingly, had neither. You had to hook it up to a PC to use it! Swatch introduced it too soon due to its enthusiasm over the technology. Perhaps they should have procrastinated (Matlack, 2000).

Chrysler and General Motors. Their procrastination, greed and laziness in sticking to the big, expensive, gas-guzzlers when the foreign car market was moving elsewhere -- into the U.S. And profitability -- and the resultant loss of business, cancellation of dealerships, and layoffs of tens thousands of workers, has to be the worst business decision in modern history.


Matlack, C. (2000, September 11). ad timing for Swatch's web watch. Retrieved…


Matlack, C. (2000, September 11). Bad timing for Swatch's web watch. Retrieved July 1, 2009, from Business Week:  procrastinate. (2009). In Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. Retrieved July 1, 2009, from

Social Loafing A Plan for
Words: 1978 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 7012080
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Lack of rewards for individuals, unintended rewards for loafing: Having some individuals who are collectively-minded paired with workers with a 'what's in it for me' attitude can result in the more generously spirited workers' good will being relied up, while others take credit.

A five best practices

1. Create a common work culture: Friends are often less likely to 'socially loaf' on work teams (Kunishima & elte 2004).

2. Using dispersed teams with a lack of social facilitation factors can be undercut by increasing levels of difficulty and responsibility "As tasks become more difficult and participants perceive they can make a unique contribution to the task, social loafing decreases" (Kunishima & elte 2004).

3. Task uniqueness -- by ensuring members of the work teams have specifically defined roles, there is less of a chance to feel as if others can pick up the slack (Kunishima & elte 2004).

5. Punishment…

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Special Education Case Study During
Words: 698 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 97885341
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The teacher was understanding of the student's disability, but knew he could overcome it and was simply being lazy. I gave the teacher a copy of the student's reading level test results and this sparked an idea and a solution that proved most effective. The teacher mentioned that there were abridged and simplified versions of the books, most of which were at a 4th grade or slightly above reading level. The plan was to use an abridged book for the first novel in order to help the student gain confidence and then allow him to tackle the regular novel for the second book of the year. Additionally, the student would not be made aware of the switch in texts to prevent any additional laziness or excuses from being utilized.

Over the next few weeks I worked with the student using the book. It was a battle getting him to focus…


Brock, S.E. (1996). Reading Comprehension Abilities of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Journal of Attention Disorders. Vol 1.3, 173-185.

Cutting, Laurie; Hollis Scarborough (2009). Prediction of Reading Comprehension: Relative Contributions of Word Recognition, Language Proficiency, and Other Cognitive Skills Can Depend on How Comprehension Is Measured. Scientific Studies of Reading. Vol. 10.3, 277-299.

Evil Is Powerpoint Business Author's Contact Information
Words: 1242 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 45025613
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Evil is PowerPoint?


Author's contact information with further details of collegiate affiliation, etc.

Edward Tufte is not fond of PowerPoint. To say he is not fond of PowerPoint is an understatement. Edward Tufte hates PowerPoint; he firms believes that it is evil. This paper serves as reflection of the PowerPoint and Tufte's attitudes about PowerPoint. I am conflicted in this matter. I both agree with his position and also disagree with his position. Tufte is correct when he states that PowerPoint has the power to change behaviors and institutions. PowerPoint is being used more often in corporate or professional settings as well as in the educational setting. This is both good and bad. He makes a strong point; the skills required to write reports diminish as the use of PowerPoint increases. PowerPoint, he argues makes every assignment turn into a sales pitch.

How Evil is PowerPoint?

In the 21st…

Are the Poor Lazy
Words: 1416 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9412373
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working poor are poor because they work too few hours and are lazy. While working additional hours reduces the chance of poverty, many full-time and year-round workers are still poor, due to the low wages they receive (Quammen, 1996). In addition, of those who could climb out of poverty by working year-round, many are unable to do so, due to disability, age, or individual circumstances. This paper will examine whether or not the poor could potentially escape poverty by working 40 hours per week, year-round.

According to Coryn (2001): "Research shows that stereotypes and attributions for poor people and poverty are overwhelmingly negative in the United States. The act of attribution is one in which one ascribes or imputes a characteristic (or trait, emotion or motive, etc.) to oneself or another person. Several studies have identified three fundamental attributions for poverty: individualistic/internal, structural/external, and fatalistic. Individualistic/internal attributions are those that…


Coryn. C. (Fall 2001). Antecedents of Attitudes Toward the Poor. Annual meeting of the Great Plains Students' Psychology Convention, St. Joseph, MO. Tagler, MJ.

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Advise Students on the Proper Techniques for
Words: 660 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62147773
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advise students on the proper techniques for citations as well as on the consequences of plagiarism, this form of cheating is becoming even more popular with the advent of the orld ide eb, according to Julie Ryan's article "Student Plagiarism in an Online orld." However, Ryan also notes that the Internet also makes catching cheaters easier than ever and suggests the use of basic search engines like Alta Vista and Yahoo to aide professors or teachers in snagging dishonest students. Plagiarism essentially entails passing off someone else's work as one's own, and the act can take several forms, from purchasing ghost-written material from a willing writer to blatantly cutting and pasting blocks of text from online or print material. Regardless of the means or method, plagiarism is illegal and unfair.

hile Ryan does not delve deeply into the various psychological reasons behind cheating, she does mention that laziness is one…

Works Cited

Ryan, Julie. "Student Plagiarism in an Online World." Found online at .

Positioning of a Product in a Marketplace
Words: 1199 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 16366809
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Perceptual mapping is a method by which a product can be positioned in the marketplace. It allows marketers see where the competition is positioned, which is valuable for a couple of reasons. One is that the product can be positioned in a blind spot, an area on the map where there are few competing products. The other is that the marketing team understand which competitors represent the most direct threats, and why.

The product we are mapping is a line of Coca-Cola mixed drinks. These included Coke & Rum, Whiskey & Coke and other such mixed beverages. Such products are known in Europe and are particularly common in Germany in the same premixed format that we are charged with launching. In North America, however, there is little knowledge of these products. Consumers are only familiar with drinks they have mixed themselves. Moreover, consumers are familiar with the Coke brand,…

Haught Empty Spirits in the
Words: 1640 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75607030
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Rather than preaching or even attempting to define what the righteous path is, simply living the righteous path is better and more righteous. Silence, in other words, is a major source of righteousness itself, and the calmness of silence is its own reward.

Perhaps the most direct, simple and yet profound way in which the various elements of Dhammapada's statement can be approached is through Haught's concept of action. Especially prevalent in Western religions, according to Haught, this is the concept that direct action must be used in accordance with and to bring about religious principles and beliefs. Good action, according to Dhammapada's statement, leads to good living, with joy the natural result of righteousness. This has not always been seen as a cycle that reaches completion in this world in the Judeo-Christian religions or in many Eastern traditions, but through re-birth, ascension to heaven in the afterlife, or even…

Burnout the Acceleration Trap Refers
Words: 1890 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 47278037
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Human resources must also become involved at the solution level. The department may not set strategy but it may be able to provide counseling for employees during a period where the company has identified an acceleration trap and is attempting to resolve it. Human resources can also ensure that the needs of the company during this period -- such as additional employees to relieve some workload -- are met thereby facilitating the recovery process.


Burnout is a major strategic issue for any organization, and it often comes as the result of an acceleration trap. Today's intense competitive environment and increasing pace of life are driving burnout in the workforce. hen burnout hits on an organization wide level, it can erode productivity, profits and the company's employer brand. The strategic implications of burnout, therefore, are long-term and self-sustaining.

hile companies do need to enter periods of accelerated activity, managers need…

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HRM Human Resource Management and
Words: 1742 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32210034
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Their responsibility would be to create a highly coordinated symbiosis between the virtual and the brick-and-mortal approaches to communication. For each correspondence or interaction that is engaged by phone conferences, through online bulletin board or by email listserv, there would also be a parallel physical meeting and an actual memo bulletin board. Accordingly, the two members selected for this responsibility would work to apprise one another closely of the steps each will have taken to ensure consistency and clarity in communication.

It may even be appropriate to partner Kate and Hans on this project as each seems to vociferously and accurately represent that experiences and expectations of their respective generations. Ultimately, they do appear to share the common ground of having the best interests at heart for all members of the museum's staff. This may make them aptly suited to the respective roles of protecting the value of interpersonal communication…

Works Cited:

Hall, D.T. & Richter, J. (1989). Balancing Work Life and Home Life: What Can Organizations Do to Help? The Academy of Management Executive, 2(3), 213-223.

Excessive Coffee Drinking and Behavior
Words: 1181 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 61669915
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There have been several studies that have confirmed the effects of caffeine and the personality dimension of impulsivity (Smith 2002). Performance, according to Smith (2002), is "an interactive function of task difficulty, caffeine and impulsivity" (2002).

Performance on an easy letter cancellation task was improved as caffeine dose increased, but on a difficult task impulsive subjects (less aroused) improved while non-impulsive subjects (more aroused) improved then deteriorated. Other results do not fit this pattern and could reflect other individual differences such as expectancies or caffeine usage (Smith 2002).

Another study conducted by Sawyer, Julia and Turin (1982) showed that caffeine does indeed play a role in behavior, which includes changes in "arousal, anxiety, and performance" (1982). Once again, Sawyer et al. (1982) found that personality plays a big role in caffeine's effects on humans as does sensitivity, adaption to caffeine, and the way that caffeine may interact with both nicotine…


Dews, P.B. (1984). Behavioral effects of caffeine. Caffeine. Springer: New York.

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Health Weight and Society the
Words: 2114 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 24641455
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It is imperative to persuade children to go outside and play and to educate them about exercise. They have to learn that there is such a thing as too much or too little. The best thing one can do for their kids is to take walks because it's beneficial to their health (the Media, 2007). Although a good argument can be made that it is not the media that leads women to get eating disorders and that it is instead society that perpetuates this, I think it could be said that one goes hand in hand with the other.

The manner that the main stream media portrays women in the images that they depict has a definite influence on the way that women feel and how they believe that they need to look like. There is a constant barrage of overly think women seen in advertisements that lead women to…

Works Cited

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Education Level and Job While
Words: 1310 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 36840608
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As you do this you should distance yourself from career barriers such as apathy, motivation, laziness which we term as personal barriers and those like family pressure such as expectation to run family business, avoidance of career that are below your stature and finally peer pressure.

Now on long-term career planning which involves a window of about five years or more with a wider set of guidelines and of cause preparation. As we all know that thing do change that is right from businesses to career through to workplace and whatever skills you have acquired today may not be of much help in years to come hence in long-term career planning it is a matter of developing core skills that will be always valued by employers (with identifying being your major doing verb).once these is done then your journey goes on, now with exact career examination and recognition that will…


Randell S. Hanson, Developing a strategic vision for your career, 2008

Tony Jacowski, Overcoming your job limitations and enjoy a rewarding career,2008

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Narrative Frame Narrative Framing One-Thousand
Words: 638 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24916468
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As the story progresses, the donkey develops methods to trick the ox again to send him back to work, but this portion of the story seems to be of lessened importance to the story to the father, who initially stops his tale at the point where the donkey becomes obsessed with ensuring that the ox gets back to work. Scheherazade's father is trying to impress upon her the dangers of letting the mind become obsessed with an idea, and though this is not the ultimate lesson of the story it is the part of the story that is important in context, and thus affects the telling of the story. No story exists simply on its own; each creation and retelling of the story has its own purpose, motives, and interpretations based on the personal experiences and beliefs of the teller and each of the people hearing the tale. There are…

Economic Sociology
Words: 3188 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19705023
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Shame in My Game: The Economic Sociology of Poverty

Poverty in America is such a politicized topic that it can be difficult for even the most neutral people to discuss. Part of the reason that poverty is so political is that most Americans have a romanticized notion of the free-market system and believe that the American dream is easily achieved if one applies sufficient hard work. However, the reality is that while America may be a free-market economy, it is also an economy where the wealthy have much greater access to politicians than the average individual, and where much of the socio-economic political structure has been developed to preserve wealth for the upper-class. Another reason that poverty is such a political issue is because poverty is so linked to race in America. Many people reject the notion that the fact that so many minorities are trapped in lives of poverty…

Works Cited

Newman, Katherine. No Shame in My Game: The Working Poor in the Inner City. New York:

Knopf and Russell Sage Foundation, 1999. Ebrary. Web. 5 Apr. 2010.

Columbus in Retrospect What's Your
Words: 545 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 25579702
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Queen Isabella initially challenged the basis of Columbus' right to enslave the subjects entrusted to her by the Pope.

4. How did Spain explain the purpose of the Encomienda system?

According to their view, the Indians were to be rightfully Christianized by Spanish forces. Since they resisted their efforts, the Encomienda suggested that enslavement was a tool necessitated to overcome the Indians' reluctance to work and their "laziness." Their enslavement into forced labor was a means of imposing order on them and of disciplining them as part of the duty of the Spanish to motivate the Indians to convert to Christianity.

5. How did the Spanish colonists and the King respond to Montesinos' critique of their treatment of the Indians? Why did the King have this reaction?

The Spanish colonists and the King responded that the Indians had a natural obligation and duty to accept their Christian teachings. In the…

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris
Words: 618 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31286963
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David Sedaris

The experience of learning a new language, especially at an adult age, should be both pleasant and rewarding, especially if one has the opportunity to learn it among those who are its native speakers. There is hardly something I can imagine being more pleasant than learning French in Paris. Yet, David Sedaris' essay, Me Talk Pretty One Day, presents an unfortunate experience as a beginner enrolled in a French class in a school in Paris.

Sedaris' enumeration of the places he got a discount for as a consequence of his enrolling in school is announcing a humorous story about the experience a forty-one-year-old has when going back to school to start all over again, just like a six-year-old. Since the discount tickets to puppet shows and Festyland are more appropriate for the latter kind of age, the irony of an adult of forty one still getting them is…

Haggai This Is a Guideline
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Haggai's messages consisted of a call to rebuild the temple of God, encouragement to do so, and promises from Yahweh (God) that He would bless them if they completed it. His audience was the people, Zerubbabel, who led the first contingent of Jews out of the abylon captivity, and Joshua, son of Nun and the man Moses appointed his assistant. He encouraged the people to stop wasting time and build the temple. They were convinced that it was not the right time to build the temple. However, their response was obedience.

Haggai's last message was more specifically for Zerubbabel from God. It said that God is going to overthrow the nations of the earth, and, when he does, He will make Zerubbabel a ruler under Him.

efore Haggai' first message, the people were suffering because God was not blessing them. Their relationship with God was not close. They had lost…


The NIV Study Bible. (1985). Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan.

Family Dysfunction Economic Distress and
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It shows the selfishness of Dewey Dell, who is only concerned about her pregnancy and gives other family members little thought. It shows the long-suffering, to the point of self-immolation, of Cash. It shows the rivalry of Darl and Jewel, both vying for their dead mother's affection. And it shows the innocent simplicity, bordering on mental instability, of the young Vardaman. Each of these family members was affected in different ways by this destructive family dynamic.

Anse, in one of the most telling passages in the book regarding his relationship to the family, goes down the list of family members and whines about how each has cost him money in some way, further complaining that he has to work, when he does so, even though he doesn't have any teeth (35-37). Wadlington argues that because the story is set in the south and Anse is the "master" of the house,…

Black Films as a Reflection
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The Aftermath

Uncle Tom characters were common in both white and black productions of the time, yet no director before Micheaux had so much as dared to shine a light on the psychology that ravages such characters. By essentially bowing to the two white men, Micheaux implied that Old Ned was less than a man; an individual whittled down to nothing more than yes-man and wholly deprived of self-worth. At this point in the history of black films, with some of the most flagrant sufferings of blacks exposed to the American public, the only logical path forward that African-Americans could take was to begin making cogent demands to improve their collective social situation.

Slowly, black characters in film took on greater and more significant roles in film. Sidney Poitier was one of the most powerful film stars of the mid twentieth century. In roles like the 1950 film by…

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Work Values and Generational Differences
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Coaching management styles work best for Generation Xers, complete with prompt feedback and rewards for results (Eisner, 2005). They use a team of people to support their own personal individual efforts and bring a talent for problem-solving to the workplace (Smola & Sutton, 2002).

Generation Y looks for management that will further their professional development. This young generation performs best when working for and with those who hold the same values. As they often were involved in decisions in the home, from an early age, they often expect to have decision making capabilities in their professional lives as well. For this reason, an inclusive management style works best for this generation, with feedback on their performance. When treated professionally and given challenging work that fits their skills, Generation Y performs best (Eisner, 2005). Armour (2007) notes that like Generation X, Generation Y have high expectations of their employer and their…


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Macroeconomic Theories and Nickel and
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Bronfenbrenner's four systems consist of microsystems (i.e. nuclear family, neighborhood, schools, etc.); mesosystems (i.e. The specific connections between the individual and microsystems); exosystems (i.e. external environment and circumstances such as the work experiences of the parents); and macrosystems (i.e. The larger elements of society such as national culture and political climate). The additional (fifth) system is the chronosystem (i.e. The long-term patterns that describe the lifetime experiences of the individual in society such as in relation to the other four systems).

Ehrenreich's observations and conclusions seem to most exemplify the influence and effects of Bronfenbrenner's exosystems and chronosystems. Specifically, the exosystems concept explains how damaging to the child it can be for a parent to work in demeaning and backbreaking work day after day, especially without realistic hope of improving the life circumstances of the family. The privations of poverty are compounded by the various detrimental consequences of primary caretakers…

Idiocy V Attentiveness in the
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I completely agree with Crawford's assessment of idiocy in today's society. It seems like much of the modern world is geared towards diminishing or eliminating any sense of personal responsibility: kids are over-diagnosed with ADD and ADHD because parents don't want to take responsibility for disciplining them (not to mention the fact that such diagnoses, when made presumptively, also excuse behavior that should be the child's responsibility), customer service representatives at major companies provide dismal service because they will never talk to the same customer again and aren't really monitored, and people cheat all the time as a way of performing the motions without any real investment in the results. Attentive people are the only reason anything gets done.

Social Class
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Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class directed by Loretta Alper. Specifically it will evaluate how work and social class is perceived in this documentary film and other television shows. The working class always seems to be the brunt of negative humor and satire on television and this documentary explores that phenomenon, from the 1940s to the present day. If a person bases their opinions about the working class only on television, they will come to see an uneducated, group of buffoons who are entertaining but certainly not enlightening. Instead of poking fun at the working class, the media should acknowledge the contribution most working class families make to the American culture.

The film opens with the statistic that about 62% of Americans are members of the working class, and that means they are the average people you might meet on the street, stroll a shopping mall with, or dine…

Nude A Critical History the
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The beauty of the human body is bought into derision by its wearing socks and the loss of hope for the earth is represented by the gas mask. Adam is no longer necked, his wardrobe consists of a mask and socks. An imaginary character is bringing him to life, while two cans of spray lay beside him. The central character in the episode of creation does not life too seriously since it did not even take the socks out. Adam's whole attitude is the very expression of carelessness and a certain degree of laziness. He leaves himself in the hands of a cartoon character to save him from destruction.

Five centuries later, the Creation episode of the istine Chapel becomes a motif for a pop artist who wants to present the world with the results of its foolishness and lack of better judgment. The capital of "western Christendom" was presented…

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Working People the Plight of
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Thus, these two stories point out a variety of plights for the working person of the modernist time. First, they both suggest that socioeconomic status and occupational status is very closely tied to respect within the community. ithout a good job, both stories imply, it is easy for one to be looked down upon in addition to being chastised. Second, the stories point out that working conditions can be so deplorable that they affect a person's mental and emotional functioning and characteristics. This certainly occurs in Abner's case, as he is driven to a violence that eventually kills him because of the work that he must do, toiling daily for those who have more wealth and power. For Krebs, too, the conditions of fighting as a soldier have so impaired his emotional and psychological faculties that he finds it difficult to assimilate into the society and the family that he…

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Gwendolyn Brooks & Houseman Gwendolyn
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Thus only innocence in Brooks' poem is in relation to the likely readers. The innocent person is the naive reader, who might hope that things could be different for the students, or who thinks that the students' lives of petty criminality and sensual pleasures seem attractive, in contrast to a middle-class existence. This is not the case, advises Brooks, stressing her theme of thwarted and ignored promise with spare yet haunting poetic brushstrokes. To fully understand the meaning of the poem, and the voices of both the poet's foresight and why the speakers sound so falsely proud of their lifestyle, the reader must appreciate the social context from which Brooks is 'coming from.'

A.E. Houseman's poem is written in a far more formal style, along the lines of a traditional English lyric. The British poet takes on the voice of a young man, who was told not to give his…

Fun With the Fundamental Attribution
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The fact that she always got everything done that she needed to failed to impress itself on my mind because of the manner in which everything was accomplished. It never seemed like she was working that hard or cared especially about her job, and I almost instantly decided that this was due simply to a laziness in her personality before deliberating on any other possible outcomes. Several days after she was hired, I learned that she had recently suffered an immense personal tragedy, and that this was the primary cause of her demeanor.

This was a very poignant case of the fundamental attribution error because I instantly labeled a person based on my perception of their personality, rather than realizing -- or even entertaining the possibility -- that there was a simple (albeit profound) external explanation for another's behavior. ockenbury and ockenbury (2006) stress that this error is more common…

Hockenbury and Hockenbury (2006) explain the fundamental attribution error as "the tendency to attribute the behavior of others to internal, personal characteristics, while ignoring or underestimating the effects of external, situational factors; an attribution bias that is common in individualistic cultures" (515). Simply put, Hockenbury and Hockenbury (2006) mean that the fundamental attribution error occurs when one judges more about personality than the external factors of a situation may warrant.

My own conscious experiences with the fundamental attribution error have been thankfully few and far between, but I can recall one instance particularly clearly due to the embarrassment I felt afterwards. A new employee had recently started where I work, and they always appeared to be mopey and disconnected form their work. I assumed that this person was lazy and a bit of a whiner from the expression on her face and the way she moved and went about her job. The fact that she always got everything done that she needed to failed to impress itself on my mind because of the manner in which everything was accomplished. It never seemed like she was working that hard or cared especially about her job, and I almost instantly decided that this was due simply to a laziness in her personality before deliberating on any other possible outcomes. Several days after she was hired, I learned that she had recently suffered an immense personal tragedy, and that this was the primary cause of her demeanor.

This was a very poignant case of the fundamental attribution error because I instantly labeled a person based on my perception of their personality, rather than realizing -- or even entertaining the possibility -- that there was a simple (albeit profound) external explanation for another's behavior. Hockenbury and Hockenbury (2006) stress that this error is more common in highly individualistic societies, and this incident supports this statement.

Wuwei in the Daodejung the
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An excellent example of this principle is the art of cooking. hen one cooks, they may follow a recipe. However, if they find in the middle of the recipe that the dish is cooking too quickly, they may have to exercise flexibility and make adjustments to avoid ruining the dish. They cannot follow the recipe without thought, but must make adjustments as they go along. Flexibility must occur spontaneously and must be integrated into what the situation requires (Fox).

Practicing the uwei produces a seamless dance in which the elements are not noticed of their own accord (Fox). hen the actions are appropriate to the situation and the proper amount of flexibility is applied, no one will notice the transitions that have taken place. If one turns down the flame on the stove, naturally, as if without effort, no one will notice. However, if one were to choose to follow…

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Plato's Republic Forms of Government
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While this is not yet true for the United tates, might the country be dangerously close? If one could return to the events on 9/11, is it not possible that the diminished freedoms brought about by legislation such as the Patriot Act and its successor almost smack of tyranny? These are important questions to consider if the much-mentioned American "way of life" is to be preserved. Tyranny is far from desirable, and governments would do well to consider its dangers as these might relate to democracy.

The answer to this question is therefore dangerously close to yes, if certain paradigms are not curbed and warnings not heeded. While I do not fully agree with Aristotle's placement of democracy in the sequence so far away from the ideal tate, it is nonetheless important to consider specific governmental paradigms. Citizens should take great care when choosing their rulers. Many believe that the…


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British Conservatives Why and to
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19 No. 2, pp 28-37, Available from[April7, 2008]

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The word is derived from the Latin conservare which means to protect, preserve, save

Burkean" doctrine refers to the writings and philosophy of Edmund Burke, an 18th century British statesman who is considered to be the father of Conservatism in much of the Western world

For Burke even "very plausible schemes with very pleasing commencements have often shameful and lamentable consequences" (Quoted by Harries, 2003, p.31)

The Exclusion Bill sought to 'exclude' King Charles' brother from the throne as he had converted to Catholicism the Tories, being strong supporters the king's right of succession and the Anglican Church, opposed the Bill while the Whig Party supported…


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Nyt Bestseller the Title of
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What Beck and Balfe fail to recognize is the inconvenient truth of statistics showing that European countries are leagues ahead of the United States on basic but quantifiable quality of life factors ranging from measures like access to education and health care or income disparity. Beck and Balfe love to rant about the French and it becomes painfully obvious their tantrum is rooted in jealousy. The authors spew what many readers will recognize as a 1980s mentality: blind pursuit of the American Dream in spite of its failure to nurture a large portion of the nation's citizens. As predicted, Beck and Balfe rage against anything slightly resembling socialized medicine by waving the Communist banner.

Readers who can get beyond the amusing antics will still find tidbits of truth in the pages of an Inconvenient Book. The chapters cover every possible topic imaginable from child sex offenders and the harmful effect…

Narrative of the Life of
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1 p.81)

Why a]re the dearest friends and relations now... prevented from cheering the gloom of slavery with the small comfort of being together and mingling their sufferings and sorrows? Why are parents to lose their children, brothers their sisters, or husbands their wives? Surely this is a new refinement in cruelty, which, while it has no advantage to atone for it, thus aggravates distress, and adds fresh horrors even to the wretchedness of slavery... I have even known them gratify their brutal passion with females not ten years old; and these abominations some of them practised to such scandalous excess, that one of our captains discharged the mate and others on that account." (Vol. 1 p. 206)

On the other hand, there is a paradoxical problem that probably undermines that hope: awareness of how much worse slaves were treated earlier in their lives could have also allowed some of…

Thomas Malthus' View of Modern
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However the arguments presented do indeed sound accurate, they cannot be applied to the contemporaneous economy. If Malthus' suggestions were applicable three centuries ago, today, they do not stand a chance. This is generally due to an increase of the earth's population that requires as much subsidies as possible. However it is true that most people purchase and consume more than it would be required, it is also true that there are starving peoples that possess limited capabilities and that need to be aided and fed. On the other hand, the idea of producing only as much as to maintain a level of subsistence is shuttered by open international markets. Today, all countries maximize their comparative advantage to produce the best goods they can and then use them to purchase the items they cannot produce internally. As such, the fertile soils countries' decision to produce more that their population needs…


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Education Nursing Ethics This Is
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Specifically, they failed to change gloves in-between cleaning incontinent patients and subsequently applying ointment to other parts of the body, and handling patients' clean bed linens, food trays, and personal belongings. One several occasions, I witnessed nurse's aides fail to change gloves in-between different patients. I saw a phlebotomist unnecessarily contaminate sterile dressings by careless handling. When questioned, she responded that her method was more time efficient. I also noticed everyone from nurse's aides to senior residents routinely place containers used for waste collection onto food carts, in some cases after picking them up off the floor.

In general, it seems to me that the routine of sometimes mundane or repetitive tasks -- even in the healthcare profession -- leads to carelessness and an apathetic attitude on the part of people entrusted to ensure the health and welfare of vulnerable patients.

Without condemning any of my colleagues for their lapses,…

Intelligence Is the Capacity of
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Genetic factors are responsible for almost everything that establishes the core of a particular individual. Almost all diseases and abnormalities are the result of our genetic predisposition such autism, neurofibromatosis and other genetic diseases. There are instances wherein part of a person's immunity, susceptibility and resistance to some infectious diseases are inherited and form part of his genes.

Our character and personality effect our emotions and sensation and is part of our genetic heritage. Lethargy and laziness is frequently inherited factor and thus, determines the input and other resources available from our environment. A human being who is too tired and lazy to learn will not profit as much from education as a highly motivated individual with the same level of intelligence.

The quality of output of our brain is dependent on the quality of the input of the system. However, it is the brain, governed by our body and…


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Hoobler Thomas and Dorothy Hoobler
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There is a record of a similar account found in a chronicle of the Spanish voyager to the new world Hernando De Soto (134). Afterward, in Smith's account, Smith says that Powhatan told Smith he was now a 'friend' which would be an unusual way of describing a man Powhatan actually rather than ritually intended to kill. Powhatan then invited him to return to the English settlement to find suitable presents for this new 'friend.'

Besides the most famous and enduring myth attached to Smith, the Hooblers' use of Smith's own diaries, letters, and autobiographical accounts provide illumination of the early colony. Smith was unsparingly critical of his fellow settlers. After "many months had passed," it became clear that the "preponderance of gentlemen would prove disastrous for the colony (85-85). The chief characteristic of an English "gentleman" was that "he could live without doing manual labor" (85-86). This qualification, although…

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Death in Spanish Literature While
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In his novels he focused on characters, motivations, and reactions to the forces around his characters. He realistically examined Spanish politics, economy, religion, and family through the eyes of the middle class, addressing the cruelty of human beings against each another in his novels Miau and Misericordia. Galdos was called the conscience of Spain for his realistic observations of society with all its ills. (Columbia 2005) His plays were less successful than his novels.

In 1907 he became deputy of the Republican Party in Madrid. He went blind in 1912, but overcoming this tragedy, he continued to dictate his books until his death. Other works translated into English are Tristana (tr. 1961) and Compassion (tr. 1962) Outside Spain his Novelas Espanolas Contemporaneas are the most popular. Perez Galdos was elected to the "Real Academia Espanola" Real Academia Espanola (Royal Spanish Academy) in 1897. A statue of him was raised in…

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Giftedness Literature Review Giftedness the
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In the disjunctive approach one if gifted if one has a high level in any of the abilities attributed to giftedness. "One is gifted if one has a high level of this ability or if one has a high level of that ability, and so forth" (Borland, 1997, p. 14). In essence," Disjunctive definitions imply that there are different and distinct forms of giftedness and lead to the logical conclusion that programs must be multifaceted to address these various kinds of giftedness adequately" (Borland, 1997, p. 14). In the view of some educationists (Borland, 1997) this stance has some practical problems with regard to the development of curricula and identification issues; it is obviously more difficult to identify gifted children across a wide range of different types of intelligence, each with different criteria of giftedness.

Conjunctive theories and perceptions of giftedness are more integraive and holistic in design. An example…


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Exercise and Gymnast Injuries to
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And a way to avoid injuries to the elbow, that is fairly obvious, is to use thicker landing mats, and to get expert training in how to fall properly. For males, injuries to the wrist have been identified as being caused by training on the pommel, because "the wrist is exposed to repetitive forces of up to twice body weight during this activity."

Exercises using the plyometric strategy are very useful for gymnasts; plyometric exercises are the "rapid deceleration and acceleration of muscles" that in turn help create a stretch-shortening cycle," according to kinds of exercises train the muscles, and train the nervous system to carry out in an effective way the stretch-shortening cycle, which can improve the performance of a gymnast. Drills using plyometrics also help the athlete develop "rhythm, speed, power and even muscular endurance," the Special Olympics site explains. All plyometric exercises must be carried out…

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Leadership Is Skill Talent and
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The five-factor model is a classification system of personality traits organized in five broad dimensions i.e. openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The model was derived from factor analytic studies of a large number of existing measures on personality traits, and has been established as generalizable across cultures (McCrae & Costa, 1997; McCrae & Costa, 1999; McCrae & John, 1992).


The leadership should reflect extra-version; this dimension represents the leader to be optimistic, assertive, and sociable. The leader should serve as intervening means of transmission, expression, or communication. Extraverted leaders are capable of exercising their influence in an assertive manner to communicate in an effective method.


The leadership requires the individuals to be disciplined, organized, and persistent. The leader should watch over or guard against carelessness, laziness and inefficiency. Conscientious leaders are consistently methodical, responsible, and thorough in their decision-making and activities.


Leaders are…


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Chocolat There Is No Better
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Clarence-Smith 6)

In so doing the commodity market and global trade developed a new history for chocolate, one that makes it a very fitting liberator in the small French village depicted in the film.

This new history is a story of sweetness and power, that is, the power to define what constitutes refined taste (Mintz 1985). All these accounts relate how Spanish nuns or monks were the first to domesticate a bitter, cold drink judged to be "more fit for pigs than for human consumption" (compare Constant 1988, 29; Robert 1990, 20). Chocolate was supposedly tamed by adding heat, sugar, and more refined flavorings such as vanilla, cinnamon, amber, and musk. This triumphant transformation heralded the introduction of chocolate to European nobles at court. "Hot, flavored, sweet; virtually nothing recalled its savage origins and, throughout the seventeenth century, the brown ambrosia would attract new followers" (Schiaffino and Cluizel 1988, 18).…

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Chool Age Observation I Observed
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The preschool period is generally considered to be three to five years of age (4). I observed a five-year-old female playing at a playground. The tasks witnessed were running, playing on a slide, ascending stairs, and climbing on a jungle gym (a circular interlocked metal object with a ladder). Play was performed in the presence of her mother and older brother. The preschooler is a very social individual who is making friends and exploring the world (4).

This child had a tendency to mimic the actions of her older, seven-year-old brother. He made a point of showing his sister when he walked up the slide rather than sliding down it. Repition is a coping behavior and helps children learn (2). She was so amused by her brother that she started to copy the action and, when mastered, called to her mother to watch her perform this amazing feat. The child…

Integrated Corporate Communication and Corporate
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Corporate communications involves not just the message, but the idea that communications are managed, and are connected to corporate objectives (Cornelissen, 2004). Therefore, when communication possibilities were limited, corporate options were limited, and one did not see communications management perspectives that advocated the type of intimate connection between communications and corporate strategy that one sees in a modern context (Cornelissen, 2004). What this makes clear is that CC is not simply, or even primarily, about communications; it is an overall corporate strategy that helps define how a corporation interacts with the world.

The emphasis on communication is very different from how corporations were traditionally, historically structured. Traditionally, strategic planning occurred at the top of the corporate structure, management was considered a mid-level activity, and operational control was the function of first-level management, and this corporate strategy was used in most workplaces (Oliver, 1997). However, as institutional hierarchies were challenged and…


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Puerto Rican Migrant as Coming
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In the city of New York there was a strong Italian, Jewish, and Black presence but nothing along the same lines ever developed for the Puerto ican community. The concerns of the Puerto ican community failed to ever gain a political foothold in the city where nearly 90% of all migrated Puerto icans lived (odriquez-Morazzani, 1999).

As the vast wave of migrating Puerto icans began to reach middle age in the 60's and 70s they had still not achieved a standard of living that was remarkably improved from what they enjoyed when they first migrated to the United States. Their numbers had increased significantly as migration had continued and their birthrates had skyrocketed but the typical Puerto ican family still made far less than the typical White American (Wilson, 1996). The rate of employment among Puerto icans was twice that of White Americans and Puerto ican women were virtually non-existent…


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Psychology Theories and Models of
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There's an understood supposition of opposing causal agency at work. No matter what pressures and factors came to bear, the addict could have done something else, but simply decided not to (Choice and Free Will: Beyond the Disease Model of Addiction, 2010).

A more behavioral approach to understanding addiction is the social learning model, which suggests that people learn how to behave by watching others in their environment and by duplicating actions that create affirmative consequences. One learns to take drugs or alcohol through ones connections with family, friends, or even popular media. And through personal experimentation with drugs or alcohol, one learns that they like the way drugs make them feel. Whether it is the elation of a high, the augmented confidence they feel while intoxicated, or a reduced sense of social nervousness, intoxication can be a positively reinforcing state of being.

As one discovers how much they like…


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Principal Ideas or Arguments Advanced
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The metaphor of the jigsaw puzzle-- "what good would it do to finish early? Three, the jigsaw puzzle isn't the important thing. The important thing is the fun of four people (one thin person included) sitting around a card table, working a jigsaw puzzle"-- illustrates that fat people enjoy the process of life and live in the moment, versus thin people who are purpose-driven and obsessed with completing tasks, even leisure-time activities that are supposed to be fun.

Q5. Identify the author's purpose and discuss whether or not she achieved that purpose.

The purpose of the author is to deflate society's obsession with perfection and to turn a bit of conventional wisdom -- the superiority of thinness and perfectionism -- on its head. The essay, through humor, achieves this purpose. Asserting the position in a serious way would likely have given rise to a debate about the health problems fostered…