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Life in a Bag Speech

Calculator (Future)

The calculator represent what I want to do with the future- as an accounting major, I do eventually want to become an accountant for a prestigious firm in a big city somewhere. The calculator most definitely symbolizes to me, what I want for my future a good job in a field that I am good at. My vision for the future obviously includes having a good job, which means I will be able to support a lifestyle of comfort with some luxuries included like vacations and a nice home. Without a god job, it will be impossible to attain all of these things that I desire for the future. The calculator has the ability to provide me with a future that I will be proud of.

Something from Ghana (Past)

Being an immigrant from Ghana, it is important that I remember where I came from as it provides motivation to help me move forward. It is incredible that I have been in this country since 2003 and feel like I have made great progress; but, remember where I have made progress from is absolutely key. I have worked hard to reach where I am currently and know that always remembering where I came from, will help me move successfully into the future. It will help me provide the motivation needed to get through those tough situations that confront me

3. Passport (Moving from Past into the future)

The passport represents to me helping me move from the past into the future- it has helped me come from Ghana to the United States and thus means a lot to me. Furthermore, I do enjoy travelling quite a bit and have been to South Africa, London and Italy in the recent past. The passport represents to me the importance of always having somewhere to go, to explore new things and new cultures. Hopefully, tying back in with the calculator, having a good job will allow me to go on vacation and explore new countries and also allow me to travel back to Ghana so I can see how far I've come in life. As a 27-year-old, my passport is important in connecting with my past but also in connecting me with my future.


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