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Francis of Assisi
Words: 912 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67434322
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Saint Francis of Assisi was born at Assisi in Umbria in either 1181 or 1182, the exact year of his birth is uncertain, and died there October 3, 1226 (Saint pp). One of several children, he was born into a wealthy family (Saint pp). His father, Pietro Bernardone, was a successful cloth merchant and his mother, Pica is said to have come from a noble family of Provence (Saint pp). Francis was baptized Giovanni, later however, his father altered his name to Francesco (Saint pp). Francis grew up as a privileged citizen by indulgent parents who satisfied his every whim (Saint pp). He was handsome and gallant and so enjoyed the finer offerings in life that one biographer referred to him as "the very king of frolic" (Saint pp).

Francis was around twenty years of age when he was captured prisoner during a skirmish with the Perugians, and while held…

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Francis of Assisi. 

St. Francis of Assisi

Catholic Dogma on Sexuality
Words: 1938 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 65883295
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St. Augustine's "Confessions"

The idea that sex should be equated with sin is a Catholic tradition that has its roots in the writings of Saint Augustine. Prior to this there was little opposition or shame associated with sexual activity, especially in the Classical world. Augustine's Confessions is a book that detailed the early part of his life, his paganism, his obsession with sex, and his ultimate conversion to Christianity. Although born into a world where sex was a common and open part of life, Augustine seemed to transfer his obsession with sexual activity into an equally vehement campaign for celibacy. To Augustine, sex had been the focus of his pagan life but upon his conversion to Christianity sex became equated with the sinfulness of paganism and the corruptibility of humankind. In this role sex plays an important part in the Confessions and Augustine's Christian philosophy.

Augustine was born into a…

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Crashaw Passivity as Active and
Words: 4120 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91811489
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Again, this feminine passivity outshines masculine action in its ability to experience divine and even human love.

As Crashaw continues, the erotic imagery becomes more emboldened and perhaps slightly more ambiguous, not clouding or confounding interpretation but suggesting several alternatives that work towards the same end of demonstrating the purity of passivity in its relation to the divine. After setting up the concept of virginity, love, and an active passivity with the juxtaposition of love with blood, Crashaw either extends or shifts this image further with the lines, "Scarse has she Blood enough to make / a guilty sword blush for her sake" (25-6). There is the clear surface image that juxtaposes the child with the soldier; the child is so small that she would scarcely stain the sword of a soldier that slays her, and already the grotesque nature of this image emerges as a means of shocking the…

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Declaration of Human Rights How
Words: 1074 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59848578
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In that regard, the university strives to ensure that it creates an environment conducive to the exchange of meaningful information.

The Declaration's Article 26 clearly points out that "everyone has a right to education" (UDHR). In this case, the Declaration recommends that the accessibility of higher education be enhanced. Further, in the second part of Article 26, the Declaration states in no uncertain terms that:

Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups… (UDHR)

Saint Leo's core value of community attempts to establish a spirit of interdependence, unity as well as belonging. By ensuring that the relations between people are based on respect and mutual trust, the University succeeds in promoting tolerance. This in my opinion is in line with…

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Racism in the Criminal Justice
Words: 1566 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18653002
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The cases only took approximately four to five minutes implying to an unseen assembly line of justice. The study also brought to light the fact that minority cases from outside New York were listened to by an all white jury (Ingram, 2009).

The other part of the criminal justice system that witnessed high levels of racial prejudice is the correctional departments. Discrimination has been witnessed in the way prisoners of colour have been treated. Black inmates are less likely to get early release date compared to the white prisoners as they find it hard to find acceptable addresses that is crime and drug free. Whites have several options of where to stay compared to blacks thus a black prisoner is forced to stay longer in prison waiting for final release date. Convicts from minority groups have stiffer penalties for having conflicts with white convicts than with fellow blacks. This is…


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Young Girl Esperanza Is Sitting
Words: 656 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90692470
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7. Esperanza was being asked (or told) by Dona Trini that she was going to have to service more clients than just Mr. Haynes, and Esperanza told Dona that maybe an enemy was using a spell against her. Dona told Esperanza that she could think of eight enemies already.

8. Haynes was smuggling Esperanza across the border, and was sweating profusely. The immigration officer at first waved him through, but then yelled at him to stop. He recognized Haynes as the judge that had let his brother off with parole when accused of smuggling pot across the border.

9. This quote concerns the priest whom Esperanza has been contacting long distance in order to 'confess'. By his words, he has fallen madly in love with her (or at least in lust) and wishes for her to return posthaste, or perhaps never at all.

10. Esperanza met a man at a…

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Sociological Theory
Words: 3338 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14590401
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Sociological Theory

Sociology as a field of study entails examining and understanding the behavior of human groups and associated social behavior. In understanding these aspects, the sociologists have, their focus primarily concentrated on the human interactions. These human interactions revolve around how the different social relations influence the behavior and attitudes of the people and how the societies originate, form and change. Human interactions are vast, and so is the field of sociology. It covers virtually all the topics of human life, from gender, race, religion, education, politics, health, group behavior and conformity among others. Sociologist focus on how the society and people influence other people since most personal experiences has their origin from external or social forces.

Sociological imagination

The social and external forces exist within the society in the form of interpersonal relationships between families and friends. Additionally, these relations form from the encounters in the academic, religious,…


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Prince One of the Lessons
Words: 902 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 8590595
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And yet what they are looking for could be found in one single rose, or in a little water" (96-7). I have learned to look beneath the surface of things to understand what they actually mean. The sad truth is that people do spend a lot of time running around and not getting very much done. e get caught up in routine and forget to look for the simple things in life that make us happy.

3. One idea I did not know about before reading this book was that it was about space travel. I think it is interesting that the narrator finds all kinds of characters doing all kinds of things and yet, through all of his journeys, his lessons are simple. Men, wherever they are, are not so different. hen they grow up, they lose the kind of magic that they used to see the world with.…

Work Cited

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Rich Are Actually Sinners This
Words: 1477 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10141100
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According to Harvard's student handbook, people who conduct the hazing practice will be held responsible for what happens even though it happens to a lot of people, which indicates it id a standard process (Preventing Hazing at Harvard).

People will argue that others want to be victims of hazing because it is apart of the educational culture and most individuals had been through it (the Hazing eader). Furthermore, some believe that it is no big deal until someone becomes seriously injured or found dead especially when they can buy their way out of trouble, which makes them sinners.


Throughout history, rich people have proven that they are sinners because they tried to stop others' religious beliefs. For example, Hitler was a powerful and rich man who created the Holocaust because he did not want people to be different from him. It is unfortunate that people are often mistreated for…


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Ethical Codes or Programs 1
Words: 2508 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 33282034
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Another main factor that has also been mentioned above is the factor of Personal Development that is held highly important at Saint Leo University. The administration and education board at the university feels that it is essential for every educational institution to have the kind of educational setup that will promote the progress of every individual's mental, physical and spiritual being in an appropriate and composed way (ALA/ACL, 2008).

esponsible Stewardship is another important factor in the educational setup of the university as the administration feels that an individual's capability and service spectrum can not be fully utilized without his or her ability to truly use the resources available to him or her. The administration feels that they, as an institution, can use all the resources available to them and their students towards not only developing their university but also their community as well as the neighboring communities (ALA/ACL, 2008).…


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Loss of Family Is a
Words: 2386 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42955800
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This stream-of-consciousness writing is in a secret journal, for the writer will get into trouble if what she writes is found by Sister Theo, who "checks our letters home. e're not allowed to say anything about the school" (Sterling 12). If the journal is discovered, the girl may suffer abuse at the hands of the teachers. riting is an act of defiance that the girl sees to be worth the risk.

The time of the story was a disturbing part of Canada's history. The use of Residential Schools actually predates Canada's existence as a country (meaning before Confederation in 1867, and the system served as a means of containment and control if the Indian population. As the Europeans acted out the myth of the New orld as an undiscovered and undeveloped land, the existence of the Aboriginal peoples complicated the myth and challenged the government that was instituted. Policies were…

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Aspects of NIMS Training
Words: 1849 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 57454576
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National Incident Management System issued by the federal government and the St. Leo University's synthesis of this proposal. In this essay, critical definitions of key terms are explored to understand the specific context of their usage. Once a common understanding of these terms are explored, the paper will delve into the specific ways the system correlates to the core value of "Community" St. Leo University wishes to espouse. Next the paper will explore the more relevant points dealing with the economic, social and legal implications of this relationship. The essay will conclude with a summary and generalization of the past performance of this relationship and speculate on future endeavors related to the topic.


The 21st century was ushered in the estern hemisphere with violence, confusion and anxiety as seen in the events and aftermath of the violent attacks occurring on September, 11 2001. The military tactic known as "…

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How Does a Person Live Meaningful Life
Words: 1579 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 69741463
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How Does a Person Live a Meaningful Life?

One of the questions which have perplexed humankind is how to live a meaningful life. This is because there have been a number of theorists and philosophers, who provided insights about the best ways to achieve these objectives. Over the centuries, these views are constantly shifting. This is because experiences and social attitudes will shape a person's insights.

To fully understand the meaning of life requires focusing on key ideas from the different philosophers. This will be accomplished by discussing central figures from each module in terms of their contribution, the pros / cons of their ideas and how this relates to their understanding of life. Together, these different elements will illustrate how each one of these theories is influencing the way someone can live a fulfilling life.

Epictetus -- Freedom

Epictetus is focused on several different areas to provide a…


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Joseph Smith and the Book
Words: 6695 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24061704
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On June 27, 1844, hundreds swarmed the jail and brutally murdered the Smith brothers, leading their followers to conclude that they were martyred (Sisk).

At Joseph's death, righam Young was president of the Twelve Apostles of their church and became the leader of the largest faction within (Sisk 1992). Some who separated from Young's group formed their own, called the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, under the leadership of one of the brothers of Joseph Smith. In 1846, Young's group declared that the "saints" would leave Nauvoo and they settled in Utah the following year and, for the next 20 or so years, many moved to Salt Lake Valley to join those "saints (Sisk)." The growth was so tremendous that many ascribe greater magnetism to Young than to Joseph himself in attracting followers. It is noted that the current-day Mormon Church has millions of such followers…


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Montanism Theology Like Many Early Heresies
Words: 3085 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 91419614
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Montanism / Theology

Like many early heresies, Montanism has not left behind much in the way of written testimony: only one Montanist writer, Tertullian, has works that survive, and it is primarily in his work that the statements of the Montanist movement (Montanus, Prisca and Maximilia) survive in quotation. Gonzales notes that, among many differing interpretations of Montanism, one view sees them as something like "an early Pentecostal group." [footnoteRef:0] It is clear from accounts of Montanism that it included the emphasis on the Holy Spirit, including manifestations of glossolalia, that are seen in contemporary Pentecostals. ut overall, Montanus seems to have combined several contradictory impulses into his schismatic movement. The first hinged upon greater involvement of women in ministry: the heresy of Montanus is seldom mentioned without reference to "those demented women Prisca and Maximilia," as Saint Jerome calls them in his letter to Marcella refuting the Montanist heresy.[footnoteRef:1]…


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Temptation of St Anthony an
Words: 1244 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52529861
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A devil with wings outstretched stands ready to catch the viewer in its teeth, and if one is not careful his eyes are directed upward to the circling demons who parade in the air on their beasts, creating an uproar and ruckus. (These demons are of a unique variety as well -- like witches they reverse the order of nature and these beasts fly on fish, disrupting the senses, but in a weirdly humorous and fascinating way. Teniers' depiction of temptations achieves exactly what temptations set out to do -- distract.)

Line and Texture

The manner in which these demons distract is playful too: they disrupt, yet reinforce. They move in a circle, but the circle is hampered by the lines they effect. For example, one devil pierces another with a long shaft, while the flying fish add an aspect of horizontality to the circular motion of their flight. These…

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Desire to Attend MIT Why I Desire
Words: 3046 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2307410
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Desire to Attend MIT

Why I Desire To Attend MIT

"Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are" (eagon, 2010, ¶ 1).

Challenges in life have helped me not only discover who I am, as the introductory quote by eagon (2010), an American historian and musician, asserts. They also strengthen and help me realize who I can become; a person who actively approaches life with a positive, optimistic attitude: an individual who discovers opportunities in life's challenges. During this essay, I recount a number of my life's challenges and the ensuing lessons that have helped shaped me and my life. I also relate reasons as well as the rationale for my desire to attend MIT. Growing up as a Palestinian in Jerusalem, challenging opportunities regularly presented experiences which helped me to change for the better as I learned more about myself.…


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Clare of Assisi
Words: 4723 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 64373905
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Clare of Assisi

Saint Clare of Assisi was not a feminist in the modern sense, but then again no such ideas existed at all in the 13th Century. By all accounts, though, she was a formidable and powerful woman who was the first in history to found a religious order. In the society in which she was born, women were politically, socially and economically powerless, and quite literally the property of their fathers and husbands. This was a feudal, authoritarian and patriarchal society, and even aristocratic women like Clare and her friend St. Agnes of Prague were forced into arranged marriages by their fathers. Indeed, both Clare and Agnes defied their fathers when they insisted on entering religious life as followers of St. Francis of Assisi, and Clare's family disowned her. She was not a political rebel or revolutionary, but she did have a utopian vision of society that was…


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Gothic Sculpture Art Represents the
Words: 1187 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 75016062
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There is an emphasis on harmony in this structure that shows a new way of thought, and this sense of harmony would be carried over into other works of art of the period and later periods, harmony now being seen as an important artistic virtue. The elaborateness of the decorations have become identified with the Gothic period. As can be seen from the column from Saint-Denis, this sort of elaborate decoration took many forms and most often built sculpture into the building itself. The column from Saint-Denis also shows the power and importance of aesthetic harmony in the figure of a king seeming to emerge from the column itself. This element was not just an aesthetic but a philosophical statement of the time. Suger was much preoccupied with speculations on the metaphysics of light, which governed many of his decisions about the architecture of the building. At the same time,…

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