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Controlling TV Programmes The Debate on Whether
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Controlling TV Programmes:

The debate on whether or not to adopt stricter means of controlling television programmes arises from the impact of certain programmes on the viewers. This debate also emanates from the cultural and ethical concerns raised by various people regarding the suitability of certain television programmes. According to research on television, it has emerged that programme-makers and broadcasters sometime fail to draw the line when showing certain programmes. As a result, certain sections of the public has lost their degree of trust in television programming arguing that there should be stricter measures to control television programmes while others differ with them.

Arguments Supporting Stricter Control of TV Programmes:

The increased loss of trust and ethical concerns regarding television programming has resulted in various people supporting the adoption of stricter mechanisms of controlling TV programs. The proponents of such measures point at the following reasons & #8230;

Negative Impact…


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31, 2011, from

Television Journal Wide Flat-Screen Televisions
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The range of television programs that I watch includes HBO dramas like "Six Feet Under," animated comedies like "The Simpsons" and "South Park," and occasionally the news and "The Daily Show." I also enjoy watching professional sports on TV too. The shows I watch occasionally relate to my daily life but usually they do not. For example, "Six Feet Under" portrays relationships and family more realistically than any other show I know but for the most part the shows I watch, including "The Simpsons" are exaggerated, which is why they are funny. I enjoy shows that make me laugh, but some dramas like "CSI" are occasionally fun to watch, even if they have no bearing on my every day life. In generally I like shows that entertain me for whatever reason, whether they make me laugh or whether they simply distract me for an hour or two.

TV Analysis for Food Products
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Convenience rather than creating cuisine is the priority of Kraft ads. Adult tastes are given less of a priority than suiting the palate of children. Nutrition is paid homage to, but only in the sense of giving a family a starch, protein, and vegetable on a plate in the Hormel TV dinner advertisement.

One ad that occurred towards the end of the show, a Domino's Pizza advertisement, seemed to clash with the demographic of the other advertisement. However, the cheapness of Domino's many specials enables a mother to feed a large family quickly.

It is interesting to compare the Martha advertising with the advertising for later-night television programs aimed at a younger demographic, with a larger male audience. These ads favor snack food like sodas, have hipper and more conceptual features, and in the case of many fast food advertisements like KFC and McDonald's, often feature minority actors, even those…

Television Ratings Are Most Frequently
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(eilly, 1980) The program had the highest per episode viewer ratings of any before it and the plot has been called "the shot cheered round the world." (eilly, 1980) Another great example is the M.A.S.H. season finale, as the program held a huge record for most viewers of any finale in television history and the viewership record has served as an enduring benchmark in television until the Super Bowl XLIV, in 2010, when the battered city of New Orleans LA sent the Saints to the super bowl and the whole nation was rooting for triumph for the city, and the team. Many contend that the viewership rating was skewed in large part due to the expansion of the Nielsen system as well as the vast number of televisions in homes today, as compared to the M.A.S.H. finale in 1983. According to the record the M.A.S.H. finale had 105.97 estimated viewers…


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Television's Hit Series the Apprentice
Words: 1203 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54026870
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That relieves all the pent-up anxiety of a Trump wannabe. Therefore, such a viewer remains content with his or her current life, acquiescing to (and as a result reinforcing) current hegemonic power structures (i.e., the real power of big corporations, and corporate players like Trump, over all the rest of us)).

"The Apprentice" is especially successful at pro-hegemonic reinforcement, moreover, since it focuses on a subject we all (except for those born independently wealthy, or winners of huge lotteries) recognize and experience day-to-day: work. Hegemonic power of corporate workplaces, and, by association, a national government that allows, and encourages, corporate uses and abuses of power, are validated by "The Apprentice's" implicit suggestion that a high-powered corporate career, the higher paid and more prestigious the better [the stuff that makes the Ken Lays of the world tick], is exciting, fun, glamorous, where the winners are, and something to aspire to, rather…

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TV and Violence Doctors Monroe
Words: 2006 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11018742
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It said that most parents would support new limits to be established on content of television programs and shows. Approximately half of the surveyed parents and their peers expressed concern that their own children saw what they saw on TV. More lack and Hispanic parents expressed this concern than did white parents. More than three-fourths of them said that inappropriate television and media material worried them the most. Two-thirds of them said they closely watched TV shows their children watched. Those who said they could not do very much said that the exposure had gone too widespread to be controlled or that they were too busy. The Kaiser study also reported that one in four of the parents surveyed admitted that the media were the main negative influence on their children. The rest said it had positive influence and the rest said it had little impact. Four in the 10…


Better Nutrition (2002). TV Bashed. 2 pages. PRIMEDIA Intertec: PRIMEDIA Company

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Television and American Pop Culture
Words: 2689 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56818111
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Cable television also opened up the medium to numerous types of television programming that had previously been excluded, simply because it could never have competed with the demand for mainstream types of programs during the same time slot.

Initially, cable television was only available in the largest markets like New York and Los Angeles and it was priced out of the range of most consumers. The technology also required a cable connecting the television to the channel box, which often was the size of small dinner platter. Within a few years, the technology advanced to the point of providing microwave remote controls that were no larger than those already included with many television sets.

The addition of virtually unlimited available channels resulted in the creation of dozens of specialty-interest program content such as cable television channels dedicated exclusively to history, science, nature, sports, politics, and comedy, to name just several.…

Television Exposure in Pre-School Children
Words: 2856 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 8909257
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There was also significant risk of increased attention problems associated with watching nonviolent television for the same age group, but no risk was associated with viewing educational programming. Older children ages 4 and 5 showed no increased risk five years later for attention problems from watching violent or non-violent programs. This second study was based on data collected from parents of 933 children and shows that the effect of violent television content on attention problems is much higher than previously estimated when program content was not identified." (Seattle Children's Hospital Research Institute, 2008)

The work of Josephson (2005) entitled: "Television Violence a Review of the Effects on Children of Different Ages" states that children at the preschool age, or between three and five years of age "...begin watching television with an "exploration" approach. They actively search for meaning in the content, but are still especially attracted to vivid production features,…


Reebye, Pratibha (2005) Aggression During Early Years - Infancy and Preschool. T h e C. A n a d I a n C. h I l d a n d a d o l e s c e n t P. s y c h I a t r y R. e v I e w F. e b r u a r y 2-0 0-5 (1-4): 1. Online available at$file/Feb05AggressionDuringEarlyYears.pdf 

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Screen Violence Tied to Boys' Aggression: Study (2007) Reuters News. 5 Nov 2007. Online available at

TV Violence on TV Has
Words: 1578 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20673318
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Attitudes and practices varied by age of the child and the gender of the parent.

Colorito, Rita. (2002) "Violence on elevision News Programs is a Serious Problem." Is Media Violence a Problem? Ed James orr San Diego: Greenhaven, 2002. 24- 30.

Colorito says that even though rates of crime decreased in the 1990s, television news coverage of violent crime increased. V news shows like 20/20 and Dateline frequently show stories on horrible crimes, sometimes with bloody crime scenes and re-enactments of the crime. his makes people think that there is more violent crime than there really is.

Felson, Richard. "Mass Media Effects on Violent Behavior." Annual Review of Sociology 22. 1996. [Electronic Version]

he topic of violence in the media has been continually debated over the past several decades. here are a lot of empirical studies that show the effects of V on aggression. However, no review looked at the…

The topic of violence in the media has been continually debated over the past several decades. There are a lot of empirical studies that show the effects of TV on aggression. However, no review looked at the criminal aggression. The author concluded that even though the possibility of TV and film violence can lead to violent crime remains, most of the studies show that viewing violence does not cause crime.

Kirsh, Steven. Children, Adolescents, and Media Violence. A Crtical Look at the Research. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2006

This book gives a very good overview of variety of studies about media violence and children and adolesence. The book includes information on what is aggression and different theories about aggression and human behavior. Kirsh wants readers to be critical of the studies they read and make sure they are scientific. Although he does not believe that violence in the media is harmful based on the studies, he does say that it should not be ignored. He concludes by saying that there should be more positive media for younger children when they will be effected most.

Television and Cultural Plagues in America American
Words: 2696 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76505751
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Television and Cultural Plagues in America

American society is both one of the most litigious and one of the most violent in the world. ut violence is not the only cultural quagmire: Sexual promiscuity -- along with the itinerant sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies -- is another cultural minefield. And of course, racism, drug use and alcohol abuse are other major, seemingly unsolvable problems.

A common thread behind these social problems is the fact that social critics and activists blame television and its centrality to American culture for all. Television's pervasiveness especially among children is the concern. Today, often with both parents working and out of the house, latchkey kids come home from school and immediately turn on the television and start absorbing its disparate and often uncontrolled and only lightly censored messages.

Consequently, activists point their finger at television for corrupting the minds of our youth and steering…


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TV Violence on Children the
Words: 2062 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 83827954
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In contrast, TV influences children in abandoning the theories they were taught and embrace other concepts, most related to violence. Also, after being exposed to TV violence children feel that it is perfectly natural for them to behave similar to the characters on TV (Langone, 1984, p. 48).

It is extremely important for a child to be assisted by an adult when watching TV. Studies have shown that children are influenced by the way adults perceive TV programs, meaning that a child is likely to gain a better understanding of right and wrong when he or she is supported by a mature individual. Even with that, TV violence can negatively influence children, as they will merely hide their aggression in the cases when they are assisted by an adult who disapproves of violent behavior in watching TV (Langone, 1984, p. 56).

Children are generally willing to do anything in ordered…

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TV on Children While the
Words: 802 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 22350773
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Children (boys especially) are predisposed to watching scenes of violence for long periods of time without feeling the need to change the program. Consequent to this, they are expected to display antisocial behavior.

Cartoons are essential in influencing children, given the fact that most seem innocent to most parents, thus preventing them from wanting to change the channel. Studies have shown that cartoons have a more negative influence on children in comparison to violence seen directly on TV. hile cartoons do not necessarily influence a violent behavior in children, they are apparently responsible for children having a decreased capacity to create neurotic connections.

Advertising is yet anther domain which catches children of guard, taking into consideration that they are less capable of ignoring advertisements. hen they are specially made for children, advertisements have an even greater influence, as they can affect their "beliefs, values, and moral norms" (Moniek Buijzen, Patti…

Works cited:

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The Role of Technology I The Development of Television and Motion Pictures
Words: 951 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31890839
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Television's elationship to Science and Technology

Scientific knowledge has led to the development of machinery, and equipment among other provision of technology. Notably, computer technology is a product of scientific knowledge: the advancement of the science and the engineering knowledge has led to the increase in the practical application of knowledge. As a result, the technology has continued to advance leading innovation and modernization. Television is a product of scientific knowledge and thus led to the transmission of knowledge of science from one region to another. Television has had gradual improvement in different time. For example, in the ancient time, the transmission of news and entertainment was limited and only in the black and white. As seen in the modern society, television has advanced from black and white images to colored photographic images (Williams, 1974). The improvement in the mode of transmission of images…


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Proposed Story Pitch for TV Program About Low Income Residents
Words: 399 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76343160
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Story Pitch: Supporting the Development of Hell's Kitchen

Today, more and more people are acutely conscious of the need to improve the lives of residents of our inner cities. This proposed story will showcase the positive activism surrounding the development of the Hudson Yards Business Improvement District (BID), including the "open space" movement to bring more parks and preserved greenery the neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen so residents can exercise, enjoy time with their children, and experience a respite from the pressures of their lives. At a time when people are growing increasingly cynical about the ability of government to help them, they are crying out to hear a story like this, one which indicates how local residents can make a change. BID is committed to providing district-wide services for community improvement and will extend from West 30th Street to West 42nd Street, from Ninth Avenue to the east side of…

TV Show Critique -- Gossip
Words: 2313 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 2620896
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Too bad the only thing suave about him was his outfit. Even if it was only as suave as it could have been if he'd kept the Armani from Barney's" (qtd in Naugle 52).

In addition to this, is the constant spreading of lies and rumors to climb up the social ladder and the constant intrusion into the lives of other people could also teach teenagers to be uncompassionate and cruel in order to get the things that they desire.

It is true that Cecily von Ziegesar wrote about her own teenage experiences (Naugle 19). She also and tried to avoid preaching to teens and creating overly good characters, as she herself hated these types of novels (Ibid). The Gossip Girl novels and the television show do not intend to cause the readers or viewers harm or expect them to imitate what they see on television or read in books.…


Barnett, Rosemary V. Helping Teens Answer the Question "Who Am I?": Physical Development in Adolescents: Part 1. University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. 2008

Barnett, Rosemary V. And Sally Moore. Helping Teens Answer the Question "Who Am I?": Physical Development in Adolescents: Part 4.University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. 2009

"Frenemies, Season 3." HBO: Sex and the City. 2009. Home Box Office, Inc., May


Program Proposal and Evaluation Plan
Words: 2874 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40516326
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This in turn adds more pressures on the Australian social and economic structure, making diabetes the seventh most fatal disease in the country. The diagram below proves that fact.

Diabetes deaths, 1984-2004


The main objective of this research included:

An increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables amongst the sample within the six months allotted for the program. The percentage aimed at was at least 80%

To record decrease in the overall body mass and weight of the participants within six months

To record increase in the overall physical activities of the participants within six months, either through engaging in riding or running (National Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults 1999)

To follow up on the research and make sure that the participants are doing well and still implementing what they learned in the program

Strategies for the Friends with Diabetes Program, Derived From the Ottawa Charter for Health…


Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006, Diabetes in Australia: A snapshot, 2004-05,

Australian Bureau of Statistics 2009, National Health Survey: Summary of results, 2007-2008,

City of Onkaparinga 2006, Individual incomes, 2006,

City of Onkaparinga 2006, SEIFA index of disadvantage,

Television Crime Dram Has Been
Words: 819 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 66343561
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(Fishman & Cavender, 1998) To some degree this, as well as the fictional license many "reality" and "reality based" programs take with technology applications put a great deal of pressure on real law enforcement and force public scrutiny that many find unwelcome. (Arcuril, 1977)

The challenge is then placed squarely on law enforcement as well as their support systems, like crime scene investigators (usually for legal reasons a completely separate entity), to resolve crime in hours rather than days, months or years. Most people who have been victims of crime are fundamentally aware that these images are functionally unrealistic, and yet they and others are still building a case, through viewership for the value and continued desire for such programming. The visual imagery, possible through technology has also challenged the public to learn to stomach, and even covet more and more Technicolor representations of "reality." Where Perry Mason utilized static…


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Television and America There Have Been Many
Words: 1429 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81160321
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Television and America

There have been many technological advances within the past sixty years that have fundamentally influenced the way that we live in the United States. Among the most influential is the invention and proliferation of the television.

Though there are other advances which, are equally important it is still the television that dominates the background noise of nearly every home. In fact most homes have more televisions than they have bathrooms. It is not unusual for television to be the single most used avenue for national and international information. "From its early position as a new medium for political coverage in the 1950s, television quickly supplanted radio and eventually newspapers to become by the early 1960s the major source of public information about politics."

This information includes political, social and popular issues that have helped shape the culture of America. It is through the influence of television and…

Lynda Lee Kaid. "Political Process and Television." 2003 

Paul Schatzkin "Television is 75" 2002

Television Americans Frequently Refer to
Words: 1033 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1859603
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The Contest" draws attention to the level of humor that pervades the lives of television show characters, especially characters on sitcoms. hile many people do enjoy hearty laughter and excitement with their friends on a regular basis, few in real life do so to the extent of the Seinfeld characters. It is possible that people who watch the show are attempting to discover ways to enliven their real-life friendships, to infuse more humor and outrageousness in them. hether through devising masturbation contests or not, individuals use ideas from shows like Seinfeld to add color and lightness to their often troubled lives. hen our relationships fall short of being as lighthearted as the relationships depicted on Seinfeld, we may be disappointed.

In the spirit of "The Contest," when we claim that we are "master of our domain," we are relying on Seinfeld to provide us with euphemisms related to sex. Seinfeld…

Works Cited

Common Culture."

Crawley, Mark. "Favorite Seinfeld Episodes." Retrieved July 21, 2005 online at 

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TV Impact on Youth
Words: 1505 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54600338
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TV & Internet

Mass media technology has become omnipresent in our society. It is not uncommon for children to now be raised with personal electronics, constant television and an overall barrage of sensory stimulus. Moreover, electronic devices are becoming the main means of communication for the younger generation, which can challenge their ability to relate to others. While many in the media have called into question the impacts of these socio-technical changes, others point the benefits that technology offers, and note that change is inevitable and the negative effects are overblown. This paper will take a look at the effects of television and Internet consumption on the young generation.


There are a number of different influences the have been hypothesized for children based on their exposure to television and the media, none more prevalent than the argument that children are exposed to much more violence throughout their childhoods than…


AAP. (2011). Children, adolescents, obesity and the media. Pediatrics. Vol. 128 (1) 201-208.

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Television's Negative Effect on Society
Words: 938 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 13917784
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As children are our future, showing violent and frightening images on television has a negative impact on society because it aids in the creation of a society that is both aggressive and fear. And what causes war and conflict other than aggressive fear?

n addition to creating a society filled with those who are both aggressive and fearful, television creates a society filled with those who do not succeed academically and intellectually, preparing the world to spiral into a downturn of less than qualified leadership. According to Hedley et al.'s book, the negative correlation between television viewing and academic performance can be supported by five major studies. These studies, conducted mostly during the 1980s, used data collected primarily from educational and academic sources, such as the Educational Testing Service, the California Assessment Program, and the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Susan B. Neuman, in Literacy in the Television Age, a…

In addition to creating a society filled with those who are both aggressive and fearful, television creates a society filled with those who do not succeed academically and intellectually, preparing the world to spiral into a downturn of less than qualified leadership. According to Hedley et al.'s book, the negative correlation between television viewing and academic performance can be supported by five major studies. These studies, conducted mostly during the 1980s, used data collected primarily from educational and academic sources, such as the Educational Testing Service, the California Assessment Program, and the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Susan B. Neuman, in Literacy in the Television Age, a book published in 1999, adds to this data by arguing that the television could have been a great educational tool. Tha I t is not, and is rather a tool commonly seen as eroding academic ability, certainly speaks volumes to its nature. Neuman argues that three arguments have been made, associating television with negative affects on society. Some have argued that television takes time away from more academic pursuits like reading and imagining, while others suggest that it shapes the way that students' think. The other argument holds that TV makes students exhibit poor behavior during class. Clearly, one of the most important pursuits of a child or adolescent's life is education. Without it, society will be doomed to malfunction. Because television impacts education negatively, it has a negative impact on society.

Now that we've established how television can have a negative impact on society through encouraging violent behavior and poor academic performance, we can start to consider what can be done. Clearly, children are the focus of television's negative affects on society. Therefore, it must be children that are targeted in order to improve this situation. The burden must fall on parents, who should closely monitor what children watch and how much television they watch a day. Parents should encourage children to engage in other, more intellectually stimulating behavior, such as reading. By doing this, the negative societal affects or television can be removed. So make sure the children in your life aren't watching too much TV or shows that are inappropriate for them.

Thus, the television has been a wonderful invention that has helped us travel to other worlds. But the amount of children watching televisions for periods as long as their parents go to work is causing problems, impacting society negatively. In order to create future leaders who are not aggressive or intellectually stunted, parents must strictly monitor children's television watching.

Cultivation Theory Television Has Become a Necessity
Words: 1221 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55032306
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Cultivation Theory

Television has become a necessity in today's world. From news to entertainment, from gossips to drama, from cooking to adventure, everything is showcased on it and this grab the attention of everyone despite of the race, gender, age, ethnicity or nationality they belong to. Almost all the people consider TV as their friend and an essential part of their lives and scientists, theorists and researchers have proved that what is shown on TV changes the viewer's perceptions and attitudes over the period of time. As rightly pointed out by Hammermeister, Winterstein, and Page (2005) in their research, "aside from occupational duties and sleep, the American nation spends more time watching television than at any other activity." (p.253) They also highlighted the fact that a normal American spends around 3-4 hours daily on watching TV which makes it 7-10 years of watching TV by the time he turns 70.…

References (2013). Cultivation Theory. Retrieved from:  [Accessed: 17 Nov 2013]. (2013). Cultivation Theory. Retrieved from: [Accessed: 17 Nov 2013].

Gulisano, L. (2013). Cultivation Theory. Retrieved from:  [Accessed: 17 Nov 2013].

Hammermeister, J., Brock, B., Winterstein, D., Page, R. And Y (2005). Life without TV? Cultivation theory and psychosocial health characteristics of television-free individuals and their television-viewing counterparts. Health communication, 17 (3), pp. 253-264.

Effectiveness of Television Advertising on 20-Something Females
Words: 2689 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 95780156
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Television Advertising on 20-Something Females

Effectiveness of Television Advertising

Television is a traditional, yet the largest communication medium used by business corporations to promote their products and services to their potential customers. Advertisements done on television reach large target audience in both urban and rural areas. Every television advertisement has a specific target audience which constitutes the most potential customers for the company. The response rate and reaction of audience to television advertising is much greater than all other traditional and contemporary marketing mediums. Companies use targeted advertising on this medium to achieve better results of their marketing efforts.

This paper aims to evaluate the effectiveness of television advertising to young female consumers with age group of 18-25. It is widely believed that television advertising largely influences the behavior of young females which then becomes their attitude. Young females with age group of 18 to 25 are highly active viewers…

Works Cited

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Frith, Katherine & Mueller, Barbara. "Advertising and societies: global issues, 2nd Edition. New York: Peter Lang. 2010. Print.

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Quality TV Some Critics Might
Words: 1542 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 3397657
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Quality TV generates interest about social problems

Quite often, fictional TV programs can raise national consciousness and awareness about social problems. Through fiction, viewers care about people far away because problems and issues are personalized and humanized. For example, the HBO program Oz about life in prison has generated compassion about the fate of incarcerated individuals and motivated calls for prison reform in a way that seeing someone in handcuffs on the nightly news cannot. The Sopranos was not simply a high-quality TV drama, its location in a suburban community also forced viewers to think more critically about their daily lives, like the lies, pain, and murder that lay behind the closed doors of affluent suburban New Jersey. The use of violence in these shows is designed to accurately depict life

Quality TV is cinematic

Violence has become part of the cinematic vocabulary, and modern television dramas with legitimate aspirations…

U S Television Sitcoms on Emotional
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One study revealed Berry (2003) found that young children's retention of emotional information was greater in children viewing family sitcom than those who just watch an animated films or moppet program. This result justifies the fact that children are more likely to learn more due to the presence of human characters in family sitcoms as they find these characters more close to the reality than either cartoon or Muppet characters.

On investigating the type of family interaction shown in family sitcoms it was revealed that majority of family interactions were constructive or supportive in nature. Nonetheless, just about one fourth of these interactions were found to involve argument or negativity. Research shows that even though large amount of verbal and nonverbal interactions between siblings in family sitcoms were positive, nearly 40% of the examined behaviors were found to be negative (e.g., bullying, inappropriate remarks). (alma, Molen and Juliette, 171) As…

Works Cited

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Friends TV Series 1994 Friends TV Show
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Friends TV Series 1994

Friends TV Show



Crux of the Series

Popularity and Viewership

Viewers eviews

Critics on "Friends"

Christianity Perspective of the Show

The paper is all about the TV Show "Friends," an American sitcom about six friends living in Manhattan, New York. We will be viewing the show's happenings, critics and fans' views on the show, its popularity, its progress, the main storyline and its implications in accordance with the religion Christianity. The sitcom is a comic sitcom that goes around the lives of these six friends and how they deal with the problems they face in their lives and the happiness they share together. It is all about loving, sharing and caring for friends and has a very positive approach towards life. This is the major concept behind the show and this is what we will be analyzing and highlighting upon in…


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IMDb Users. User Ratings for Friends.  (accessed 27 August, 2012).

Future of Broadcast Network Television Is and
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future of broadcast network television is and suggest some possible strategies that networks (not cable) might engage in to increase their viewership and maximize their profit potentials

What is the future of broadcast television?

Traditional broadcast television, for all intents and purposes is dead. Yes, it still exists in some forms: there have been 'must see' shows in recent years, such as Lost and Modern Family. But the nation will never again huddle around a few television stations, all united by a common bond of viewership. During the 1970s and 1960s, television was the central uniting thread linking Americans of all races, creeds, and economic classes. Everyone stopped to watch the Vietnam War unfold on the news, to see racial issues dramatized in All in the Family or to watch hot new artists on American Bandstand. Today, television is atomized and segmented. Moreover, even the best of television does not…


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Hilmes, Michelle. "U.S. television in a multichannel age." TV History Book. London: BFI, 2003,


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Abstract Between TV Series and the Society
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TV Series and the Society

Ekin Ozan

Lanfranco Acetti

The social set up in most communities in the world is indeed eroded with lots of images and teachings especially from the media. Among the major influences the lives of individuals in the society are affected by television programs and series. Most of the TV series that are relied to the individuals of a family in a particular setting basically influence the decision and the activities of the many individuals in either a negative or a positive manner. Indeed the most affected are the minor in the society, which are the children1.

From the healthcare providers' point-of-view, the media especially the television play a very important role in the escalation of the chances of teenage pregnancies and adolescent malpractices among the youths in America. These youth frequently use the media like television series, music movies and magazines in their plight for…

Media Television Industry Narrowcasting Is
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Government officials and elected officers become unwilling to provide limited public funds to broadcasters whose audiences are becoming smaller, forcing public service programmers to reach for larger audiences with different types of program content. "While multiple program sources -- cable, home video -- make it unlikely that these systems will move toward "mass audience programming" it is the case that the face of broadcasting is changing in these contexts" (Narrowcasting, 2012).

Digital signage networks for narrowcast advertising are becoming part of the mainstream and not some sort of on the edge experimental medium reserved for the daring and advanced. ather than being seen as a risk in the eyes of media buyers, they are becoming a vital communications path for marketers and advertisers wishing to sway consumer spending decisions at the point of purchase. It isn't particularly surprising that narrowcast digital signage networks are entering the mainstream. Advertising buyers and…


Little, D. (2007). Digital signage -- InfoTrends sees significant growth for narrowcasting.

Retrieved from -


Narrowcasting. (2012). Retrieved from

Is the Concept of Flow Still Relevant Television Studies
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Flow' still relevant? Television studies

Flow, as Csikszentmihalyi (1990) has instigated, portrays the condition in which populace are so engaged in an action that nothing besides it appears to be of major concern (p. 4). Flow was originally referred to elaborate the emotions of individuals who are associated to sports or a profession which requires utmost dedication during a most exuberant occurrence. Csikszentmihalyi (1977, p. 72) illustrates the status of flow as a tapering of the focal point of consciousness, so that extraneous observations and beliefs are cleansed away, by the absence of reticence, and by receptiveness to unequivocal objectives and explicit responses, and by a sagacity of management over the environment. Csikszentimihalyi's flow constituents have been sorted by Hoffman, Young and Novak (2000) into three basic phases, which namely are flow antecedents, flow occurrence, and flow consequences. long with this sorting it also emphasizes that attentiveness and power are…

As deduced by Csikszentimihalyi (1990), the constructive flow effects are likely to occur in listening to songs, as well as being busy and energetically meeting the medium on numerous occasions, with meticulous targets (e.g., in what manner bass portion from the Chicago Symphony is analogous to the Los Angeles Philharmonic?). At the similar instance Csikszentmihalyi (1990), belittles the inert action of television viewing by explaining that Television can offer uninterrupted and effortlessly reachable information that will attract the viewer's interest, at a very minimal expenditure in terms of the intuitive energy that requires being endowed (p. 119). This is further increased, in my opinion, when the viewer has a choice of what he watches. This simply means that while watching television does leave the viewer with wasting time, watching something that they might not necessarily like and let their mind drift; that is not the case when watching something that they downloaded or recorded hence they will have more mental stress during that session. Furthermore, the limited level of time in this fast paced world does leave for more and more interest in watching only that which the viewer personally downloads or records as opposed to tuning for live coverage when time is of the essence to get something more important done.

Even though the possibility that television can offer the types of objectives and regulations that are incumbent in flow actions (p. 120) like a few types of amusement sources cannot be eliminated. Csikszentmihalyi (1990) indicts a remarkable relaxation industry (p.162) with offering more inert expense for the populace at a bigger magnitude with the introduction of recording and downloading options.

Whilst sitting in front of a television and watching a particular program does not augment our mental capabilities but instead corrodes the existing ones. Many believe that this is due to the lacking

Broadcast TV Narration the Assigned
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Due to the reliance on the chronology of events, cinematic productions
also have all the events connect with each other until the conclusion is
reached. One event leads to another, with the characters remembering the
previous events and reacting to them accordingly. In television
productions, the characters are often always reacting to new events without
remembering what happened to them in previous episodes. The conflicts
between the characters can often occur repeatedly, but the circumstances
surrounding those conflicts change from week to week. It's part of
television's reliance on the segment that makes this necessary to keep the
audience interested.

With any presentation, there is a reliance on the series of events that
happens and the order in which those events happen. With cinema, that's
what happens with each production. When looking at television, however,
the series of events relies more on the interplay between the characters
than it does…


Ellis, John. Visible Fictions: Cinema, Television, Video (London:
Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1982) Ch.9.

Young Children Impact of Television Watching
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The Effects of Watching Television in Young Children
The current technological era has ensnared the young generation into a web of virtual reliance, making them dependent on various types of media outlets. The user – friendly components of media outlets have equipped the youngsters with the ability to customize any content into their own individual preferences. Young people are not limited to feeding but also they are able to design media materials which suit them. This situation is a far cry from what the older generation was inclined to while growing up, hence in most cases, this creates a generational conflict (Radesky, 2015).
The prevalence of technological and digital devices has created exposure among youngsters, with some being as young as 4 months. This is in comparison to children in the 1970s who became exposed to media such as the television from the age of 4 years. Research has shown…

Future of Television I Hate
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The governments of China clearly believe that if they do not ban shows where the premise is based on the voting then it could lead their citizens to want the right to vote in the government on their own opinions. The influence that television has, in this case by indirectly helping Chinese citizens move in the direction of being slightly more "democratic," is seen as a threat- it is hard to believe that television could threaten the national security of a world super power.

The current influence that television has on individual's lives is only growing stronger as technology continues to develop. Recent developments have shown that television will now be in "three-dimensions," so that individuals who view TV can be full immersed in the movie or show they are watching ("ho Needs It"). But is that even necessary when nine out of ten homes have televisions in their homes…

Works Cited

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Negative Effects of Television on
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For small amounts of viewing, achievement increased with viewing, but as viewing increased beyond a certain point, achievement decreased. That function was found for each of the 3 ages studied, but optimal viewing time -- the apex of the function - was different at each age and decreased with the age of the students. (Razel, 2001)

Research Showing Positive Effects on Children

On the other hand, there is some research that disagrees that television has a profound negative effect on a child's behavior, health and cognitive ability. This research does not support the hypothesis that television is bad for children. There is observation

Television and Children 7 research that shows that television can be a positive influence in a child's learning process. The television can inform, entertain, and educate children in many ways.

Even though there is an abundance of children's shows that promote violence and other generally un-educational topics,…


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American Television Industry Is the
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This allows them to spread the costs of producing high quality shows around dozens of countries, such that each country can receive the show more cheaply than it would cost to produce a program of comparable quality domestically. The author of that article make a moral judgment on the fairness of this practice, but the idea is entirely rooted in intelligent economic theory. The U.S. television industry is able to produce better programming for less per viewer, specifically because it cultivates these economies of scale. By producing with an audience of hundreds of millions in mind, the U.S. television industry is seeking those economies of scale as a source of competitive advantage. Today, most such programs are produced by media conglomerates that can offset the initial production cost of a new program with profits from other, established revenue streams. This allows them to take more risks with respect to research…

Works Cited:

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Violent TV Effect on Kids Effects of
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Violent TV Effect on Kids

Effects of Violent TV Programming and How to Impose Limitations to Exposure

"Violence on Television -- What Do Children Learn? What Can Parents Do?" By the American Psychological Association (APA) provides an introspective view into how violence on television affects children and presents an argument that exposure to violence should be monitored. Alternately, Tim Goodman provides an argument based upon personal opinions and observations in which he defends television programming and shifts the blame of exposure onto the individual. Both articles provide an insight into violence on television and what can be done to limit exposure to said violence.

In "Violence on Television -- What Do Children Learn? What Can Parents Do?," the American Psychological Association provides evidence that supports their claim that exposure to violence on television has a negative impact on children, provided these children are exposed to violent television programming. According to…

Watch a TV Show or
Words: 2215 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 83138485
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Did your view of media literacy change over the course of the class? How will your consumption of media be affected?

As a result of taking this course, I think I have become a more critical consumer of the media. When I see a commercial, I am hyper-aware of how the product is being positioned in the market, and what types of narratives are being used to play upon the goals and aspirations of the target audience, such as being a 'good mom,' or 'hip and sexy' or even to live pain-free into one's old age. Although I was always aware of advertising, now I am better able to see how advertising works upon the psyche of the consumer. I also notice how certain ads are featured during certain kinds of television programs, or on certain Internet sites, to specifically reach a demographic.

I think I may also be slightly…

How Television Affects the Way We Speak
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Television has a significant influence on the way that we speak. Entertainment is a strong cultural influencer of how we communication, and television has for decades been among the most prominent entertainment mediums in our society. Our speech patterns are influenced by the norms of our society in that not only do we imitate the way we hear others talk, but we also learn from it. Stamou et al. (2012) note that television is often a leader in changing societal norms, and this influence extends not only to the way we talk but how those ways change our view of the world around us.

Profanity is a good example to use, because of television's longstanding ban on the use of profanity. Specific words were long-deemed obscene (a few still are) and were not allowed by the FTC on public broadcast. In that way, television essentially defined the line between…

Works Cited:

Stamou, A., Maroniti, K. & Dinas, K. (2012). Representing "traditional" and "progressive" women in Greek television: The role of "feminine" and "masculine" speech styles in the mediation of gender identity construction. Women's Studies International Forum. Vol. 35 (2012) 38-52.

Babel, M. (2009). Phonetic and social selectivity in speech accommodation University of California, Berkeley. Retrieved December 2, 2012 from

LA Internship Program Throughout the Course of
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LA Internship Program

Throughout the course of the program, I have gained great insight into the technical, cultural, and academic aspects of entertainment, media, and production. This insight, coupled with my experience, has helped me to better understand the demands of production, and has allowed me to understand the planning that is needed to successfully complete projects. The courses I have taken, and am currently taking, have contributed to my academic success, and have afforded me with the experience and knowledge necessary to continue to pursue a career in electronic media and production. Furthermore, I believe the LA internship program will further strengthen my development and understanding of production by allowing me to see how the process is utilized outside an academic environment.

Presently, I am enrolled in a number of classes including Script Writing, Videography, Media Arts II, and Hip Hop: A Race, Gender, and Class Perspective. Script Writing,…

School-Based Bullying Prevention Programs the
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They predict age and gender variations relate to bullying concerns. Of the 25 cartoons implemented in the study, two depict characters with different shades of skin color where skin color appeared to be an issue. One cartoon relating to sexual orientation was not used in several countries. Smith et al. report Olweus to assert bullying to be characterized by the following three criteria:

1. It is aggressive behavior or intentional "harmdoing"

2. which carried out repeatedly and over time

3. In an interpersonal relationship characterized by an imbalance of power. (Smith et al., 2002, p. 1120)

In their study, Smith et al. (2002), participating researchers in the 14 countries to completed the following

1. Listed and selected bullying terms as well as social exclusion in the applicable language.

2. Used fundamental focus groups with participating children to confirm usage and extensive comprehensive of terms.

3. Using cartoons, sorted tasks to…


Anti-Bullying programs for schools. (2009). Retrieved March 3, 2010 from 

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116 . Retrieved March 3, 2010 from

History of US Space Program
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Space Program

hen the Soviets successfully launched Sputnik I, the first ever artificial satellite, in orbit on October 4, 1957, the event took the Americans and the entire western world by surprise. Sputnik I was just a 2-foot sphere with nothing more than two tiny radio transmitters on it, but the symbolic significance of the event -- the implication that Communist Russia had taken a significant technological lead over the United States was a massive blow to the American nation's pride. It signaled the start of the Cold ar space-race between the two major super powers of the time and developed into a race for putting the first man on the moon that culminated in the historic "giant leap for mankind" on July 20, 1969 when Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. This paper focuses on the history of the U.S. Space Program, the role…

Works Cited

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PBS Programs Summary and Analysis of a
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PBS Pogams: Summay and analysis of a elationship to global entepise

Lidia's Family Table

Despite the populaity of the Food Netwok, many popula cooking pogams still emain on PBS. Lidia's Family Table is one of the most successful. Ove the couse of this pogam, the Italian-Ameican chef Lidia Bastianich cooks vaious Italian delicacies of he homeland, often with membes of he family, including he own mothe, son, daughte, and gandchilden. Howeve, what is so emakable about Lidia is the way she has geneated inteest in authentic Italian egional dishes, vesus the standad spaghetti and meatballs and pizza that have become accepted staples in so many households. Lidia has been known to cook meatballs but with a much wide vaiety of othe meats than is taditional fo Ameicans to eat. She has made lasagna with peaches, homemade gnocchi, and even cooked with abbit. Lidia makes genuine Italian cuisine accessible to all…

references this when she notes that dishes with butter and cream and not nearly as bad as we might thing. She also always ends her meal with a class of wine.

Effect of Television on Society
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Television on Society

Television has helped to create and perpetuate perceptions of gender and race.

Television and Perceptions of Gender

How children form ideas about gender

Perpetuating gender myths through entertainment programming

Gender portrayals on prime time news

Racial Stereotypes on Television

Television in shaping the perception of black people

Television and stereotyping Asian-Americans as the model minority

Television played a great role in colonial domination of American Indians.

Conclusion and change - where to now?

In his famous dictum of the medium is the message, Marshall McLuhan illustrated how mass media, as an extension of human capabilities, has tremendous personal and social consequences (McLuhan: 23).

Television is in a particularly strong position to initiate such consequences. After all, the great majority of American homes have at least one television set, putting the medium in an unparalleled position to affect American society.

Television also has a power to shape an…


Bird, S. Elizabeth. "Gendered construction of the American Indian in popular media." Journal of Communication. (49) 3: 61-83. Proquest. Proquest Direct. Los Angeles Public Library, California.

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Young Minds and the Television
Words: 1935 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 80962086
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Television on Children and Youth

As one of the most easily accessible, affordable entertainment forms, television is one thing people everywhere in the world have in common. Regardless of the way television has been described over the decades since television has entered regular people's houses, anyone who has witnessed children watching TV knows that it captures children's and adolescents' attention with excessive force and it holds the power to keep them glued to the screen. Even today, in 2014, when the internet claims a good portion of the viewing time dedicated to television in the past, television is reported to have kept a good deal of its influence. Parental control is thus crucial to the way television influences children's minds and shapes their development.

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, children in the United States watch an average of three to four hours of television a…

Works Cited page:

The American School System. Grades, School Hours and Terms. Available at:  retrieved: Oct. 7th, 2014

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Bad Influence TV Has on
Words: 758 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4373894
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("hat do I Need..." para on "How big a presence...") The "American Academy of Pediatrics" believes that too much television at such an early age can negatively affect brain development since the first 2 years of a child's life are especially important in the growth and development of the brain and a child needs good, positive interaction with other children and adults in this period. (Ibid.)

The link between violence on television and violent behavior in children has been well established in numerous studies and is particularly disturbing. Statistics indicate that the typical American child is exposed to 12,000 violent acts on television a year and children's TV programming alone contains about 20 violent acts an hour. (Ibid.) Children imitate what they see and watching violent TV programs teaches children that violence is an acceptable way to solve problems. According to the "American Psychological Association," besides learning aggressive behavior, children…

Works Cited

Alexander, Allison. "Children and Television." The Museum of Broadcast Communication. 2005. November 13, 2006. 

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How Television Viewing Affects Children." Bulletin #4100: University of Maine Cooperative Extension. 2006. November 13, 2006.

Bandura TV Violence Today's Society
Words: 750 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36575516
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This behavior was observed in more than eighty eight percent of the children. In order to show that learned behavior is not necessarily short-term, when the children were reintroduced to obo a few months later, 40% showed the violent behavior.

In assessing whether watching excessive violence on television causes long terms aggressive behavior, research studies should be more comprehensive. They should take into account factors such as chemical or neurological imbalances, family history of violence, emotional and physical abuse or genetic factors. Whether it is indisputably proven that watching violence on television causes aggressive behavior or whether it isn't, one should realize that over indulgence is never a good thing. They can have physical, emotional and sociologically negative impacts.

Parents have an important role to play. Instead of relying on federal guidelines for television program ratings, parents should make up their own minds about whether a child should watch a…


Bandura, a. (1977). Social learning theory. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall.

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Siegel, L.J. (2003). Criminology (8th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.

Behaviors From Television
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Watch at least three different episodes of the same television program. Analyze what behaviors are repeatedly observed, what influence these behaviors may have on individuals who watch the program regularly, what stereotypes are reinforced by the program, and what long-term effects may result from the program. Also examine the advertising content with regard to the target market of the ads (gender, age, socioeconomic status (SES)). Be sure to include SCHOLALY* research to help make sense of your results (with proper citations).

History of the Simpsons

The Simpsons is a TV sitcom that is full of stereotypes and that has been used for entertainment for years. In fact, it is the longest running sitcom in American history (Susman, 2003). The show is ranked 17th of today's most popular shows and is ranked 25th of all time. The program features the typical American dysfunctional family exaggerated to a comedic extent. There is…


Davis, Brian. (2009, October 12). Ratings: The Great Wife Hope. Message posted to

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Volume 55, Issue 4, pages 707 -- 727,

Susman, Gary. (2003, January 17). Ay, Carumba. Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved from,,409190,00.html

Effect of TV Adverts on Children Using Quasi Experimental Design
Words: 1230 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 37393538
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Quasi-Experimental Design on the Effect of TV Adverts on Children

This study carries out the evaluation of a research titled "A quasi-experiment assessing the effectiveness of TV advertising directed to children" (Goldberg, 1990 p 445). The paper examines the extent the research hypotheses have been able to address the study. The paper also examines the research dependent variables and independent variables. Moreover, the study investigates the extent the author has adhered to both external and internal validity for the research.

esearch question the study Addresses

Goldberg, (1990) carries out the experimental research to investigate the potential impact of television advertising on children. Although, the author does not provide the research questions, nevertheless, the author tests two hypotheses using the quasi-experiment to assess the effectiveness of television advertising that has been directed to children.

ationale for the study

The rationale of the study is to assess whether children exposed to higher…


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Reality TV and Society
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Social Identity on Television

Keeping up with the Karashians is a reality television program that illustrates several different aspects of social identity as it is conceived of and witnessed in the United States today. One of the most salient factors of social identity that is regularly evinced on this particular television show pertains to notions of class. In fact, one can posit the notion that the very premise of the show is that it allows viewers to literally watch the life and times of those who are exceedingly rich. Social identity is represented in Keeping up with the Karashians as wealth and fame, as the most eminent members of this show inadvertently are.

From the show's inception, as well as the inception of many of its more notorious characters, wealth and fame have featured fairly prominently in its depiction of reality. Almost all of the major characters have enjoyed wealth…


Hill, A. (2005). Reality TV. London: Routledge.

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Portrayal of Women in Music Tv Film
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Portrayal of omen in Music, Tv, Film, Advertising, & Other Media Since 1990

This essay addresses how the portrayal of women has changed in one segment of the media (music, tv, film, advertising) from the early 1990's when the book here the Girls Are: Growing Up Female ith the Mass Media by Susan J. Douglas was completed. Discussed are the commonalties between women currently important to American pop culture and the women examined in the book, the differences or changes that have occurred, whether conditions have improved for women, and whether there has been a continued backlash against feminism in American popular culture over the last decade. Four sources are used. APA.

here the Girls Are: Growing Up Female ith the Mass Media

Susan J. Douglas in her book "here the Girls Are" examined the portrayal of women in the pop culture of the last part of the 20th century.…

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Media. Random House, Incorporated. March 1995.

The Representation of Women in Advertising. .

Voluntary in School Free Reading Programs Elementary Level
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grain of sand, hold infinity in an hour, - lines I read in a book of poetry, lines that play at the back of my mind as I begin to lay the outlines if this thesis for a Master's degree.

I see the wonder in a child's eyes as he imagines a world unfolding in a grain of sand as I read a story to him; an hour reading in a class of children translates into infinity as the children in that class become readers themselves, changing the hours into infinity as they develop the habit of infinite reading.

Voluntary in-school free reading program - elementary level" is the subject of this thesis proposal, and the objective is to prove that voluntary in-school free reading programs result in positive effects on elementary students' attitudes toward reading.

Statement of the Problem

General Objective

To be able to identify the strengths and…


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Television the Four Powers of Television Are
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Television, the four powers of television are characterized as the power to entertain, the power to socialize and educate, the power to inform, and the power to create community and consensus. The four are not mutually exclusive and can be found operating in pairs or larger groupings on individual shows.

The power to entertain is understood by everyone and is the primary power for most people. The television networks have played to this power from the beginning, carrying over what they had been doing on radio into the new medium to create programs that would gather large audiences around comedies, dramas, variety shows, and the like. This primary power has continued into the cable era, with many cable networks imitating the broadcast networks in these terms by presenting movies, dramatic shows, and comedies or by shaping non-fictional programs so they entertain, seen in the many so-called reality shows that are…

Television Plug in Drug
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Television, the Plug-in Drug": Negative Effects on "Plugged-in" Children and Families

Based on Marie Winn's essay, "Television, The Plug-In Drug," the all-too-frequent role of television on our lives today is that of either (1) babysitter; (2) too-frequent family entertainer; and (3) emotional narcotic. Moreover, according to Winn, television, when watched excessively or as a substitute for human interaction, is a negative "plug-in drug," in its mind-numbing effect on individuals and families alike. Therefore, I agree with Winn that the role of television in our lives is too often to distract us; numb us, and keep us preoccupied and distant from one another, compromising (if not destroying) communication within families, and among people in general. I therefore agree with Winn's overall view that television is capable of damaging (and often does damage, or even destroy) interpersonal; family, and other relationships among peers and within society. Viewing television, especially for long periods,…

Television Has Brought Irreversible Damage to the
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television has brought irreversible damage to the American family in t least two ways, by corroding marks, and by making the 'good enough' family less likely to be 'good'.

There are, she says, three types of families: the 'spectacular' -- that which eats together with children, reads aloud to them, plays with them, is simply the uncommonly ideal family that you read about in books. To the other extreme is the failing family where the father may be an alcoholic, the mother may be depressed, the children are on the streets, and the family can barely function, if at all, as a unit. On the contrary, they function as a badly meshed unit. In the middle, is the 'good-enough' family which most of us are just trying to do our best and rear ourselves and our children in the best way whilst coping with the survival demands of the routine…


Dr Parenting and marital advice Is Technology Destroying Family Life?

Television Media Research of Nielsen Scarborough &
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television media research of Nielsen, Scarborough, & Arbitron

This is an essay comparing the pros and cons of television media research. Discussed are Nielsen, Scarborough, and Arbitron research. Two sources are used. APA.

Television Research

Scarborough Research is a leader in consumer and media research tools.

It provides a syndicated research service on a local, regional and national level to newspapers, television and radio stations, cable systems, outdoor media, Internet companies, advertisers, agencies and sports teams and leagues. It conducts on-going studies in the top seventy-five markets and interviews over 200,000 adults annually ( twice yearly updates of its local market reports to a diverse client base that spans all major media, advertisers and their agencies. These reports examine a variety of characteristics including online and offline consumer habits, local consumer shopping patterns, traditional and online media usage, demographics and lifestyle activities. Scarborough Research is a partnership between VNU Marketing…

Works Cited

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Interactive Television Research Institute. Murdoch University Perth Australia.

Television Set Demand Analysis the
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The most important complementary product for TV sets is represented by the Home Theater System. The demand for such products is increasing. The increase is also due to a diversity of suppliers, which led to reduced prices.

Another product that can be considered TV set's complement is the VCR, or the DVR, its modern and more searched for version. Just like in the case of TV sets, the DVR comes in a very wide range, there are numerous suppliers fir this product, the prices vary in accordance with the quality and degree of technology advance. The demand for this product has a similar evolution as the demand for TV sets. However, the demand for DVRs is smaller than that for TV sets.

Given the circumstances presented above, one may conclude that the demand for TV sets is an inelastic one. The characteristics that generate this situation are: the reduced availability…

Works cited:

1. The U.S. television set market (2007). Goliath. Business Knowledge on Demand. Retrieved October 25, 2009 from .

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Television Addiction More Than a
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Therefore there should be more in-depth research into the types of content that are associated with television addiction.

The analysis of this article and other sources also raises the important issue of whether one can or even should avoid the influence of television in the information age. Television and other related media have become part of our everyday world and the problem of possible television addiction should be dealt with in terms of a healthy balance in television viewing. ather than a carte blanche condemnation of television there should be a more intensive focus on the negative forms of content that may lead to forms of addiction and other problem areas.


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Program Cultivate Personal a 6-Month Period In
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program cultivate personal a 6-month period. In developing program draw reference relevant theory research. The include following sections Description well-being (definition outcomes) measurement well-being processes reflections.

Cultivating personal wellness

Description: My definition of wellness

Wellness is defined as a state of optimizing one's physical, mental, social, and civic health. With this in mind, I have decided upon the following plan to cultivate my own state of physical wellness.

Physical and mental wellness: Measurement of well-being and well-being processes

Exercise must be the core of every physical wellness prescription. It is important to maintain a healthy weight and regular exercise can significantly impact longevity. According to the American Heart Association, "Intensive exercise prevented shortening of telomeres, a protective effect against aging of the cardiovascular system, according to research reported in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association" (The anti-aging benefits of exercise, 2009, LA Times). egular physical activity increases high-density lipoprotein…


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