Benefit Segmentation In The Oral Case Study

Lifecycle approach similar to Crest yet focused on the consumer's purchasing lifecycle Based on this analysis, my top five criterion are as follows:

1. High performance toothpaste capable of delivering preventative protection and has a fresh taste

2. High performance cavity prevention

3. Making dialing brushing less of a chore and more fun and enjoyable

4. Available in a wide variety of flavors

5. High performance, rapid whitening toothpastes that bring quick results to teeth and gums.

Based on these criterion, I have become a loyal Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening + Scope -- Citrus. This toothpaste fits my profile of benefits precisely and has led to my becoming brand-loyal to this specific product based on the benefits it delivers.

2. Select another oral care (e.g., toothbrush) product where there are at least two major brands and each one is offering multiple versions of the same product. Repeat the analysis you performed in question 1 for the two brands.

Both Crest and Colgate also offer toothbrushes, so for purposes of consistency, these brands are used for this analysis. Crest's toothbrush product line is significantly smaller and more limited that those from Colgate. The key benefits of the Crest toothbrushes include the following:

1. Utilitarian and easily differentiated on features

2. Low cost and disposable


Easily bundled in selling channels and easily combined with toothpastes for consumers shopping on price alone
4. Strong branding with Disney which will get children taking care of their teeth at an earlier age

5. Focus on value and the price-driven shopper

Contrast these with the Colgate toothbrush benefits, which include the following:

1. Innovating approaches to teeth cleaning and toothpaste delivery

2. Concentrating on time and costs advantages of quick touch-up brushings (Colgate Wisp)

3. Disruptive innovation of the high end of the toothbrush market with the 360-degree brushing heads

4. Innovative user experience with swirling heads and brightening toothpaste, all in a single delivery system

5. Unique bending toothbrush head (Colgate Navigator) allows for a toothbrush to reach the difficult-to-brush areas easily

Based on these attributes, my five criterion are identical to Colgate's and explains why I am also brand loyal to the Colgate Total Toothbrush.

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