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Universal Design Essays (Examples)

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Universal Worker Reorganization of Work
Words: 1298 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 35323527
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Individuals performed low-level jobs (that is, jobs with low prestige, low salaries, and a narrow range of required skills and duties), on the other hand, are generally not satisfied with their jobs and would welcome an increased range of responsibilities. Thus the concept of an universal healthcare worker is especially relevant in a medical context in which a very high degree of the care is provided by personnel who are neither doctors or nurses. Such a locale that is ideal for the insertion of a universal healthcare worker is a long-term care facility.

Increasing the job satisfaction of workers in long-term care facilities is especially important because such facilities experience very high turnover rates. This is expensive for the institution, stressful on the workers, and traumatic for the patients.

While some assisted living facilities still operate within this model the industry as a whole is moving toward a more "holistic"…


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Universal Remote as the World
Words: 892 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80576652
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The universal remote won't take the dog for its evening walk either. Unlike Michael's universal remote in Click, a universal remote will not let people go forward and backward in time. However, the universal remote will change our daily lives.

One problem with existing remote controls is that they are poorly designed. The universal remotes currently available are too cluttered with buttons. Some controls do not work with some systems. The currently proposed product takes care of the clutter problem by working with software interfaces. Furthermore, the proposed remote control is fully customizable by the consumer. More than one universal remote can be programmed with the same parameters to allow several users in one household to have the same set of controls. Alternatively, two users in the same household can customize their own remotes. For example, parents might not want their children to be able to access their car keyless…


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Secondary Classroom Environment Design Classroom
Words: 1523 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68942513
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The traditional classroom environment is no longer supportive of student learning and it is critically necessary that educators address the current classroom environment as well as their instructional practice in the classroom if students are to be effectively prepared through education to take their rightful place in a global society characterized by information technology and networked business systems. The classroom environment that is characterized by different learning activities, cooperative and inclusive learning will provide a solid base in learning to prepare students for entrance into the world as effective and functionally adept individuals.


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10 Design Ideas for Schools of the 21st Century (1998) American School & University. 1…


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Universal Triage System in Emergency
Words: 2212 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 18426157
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Our study is however geared towards the assessment of applicability of the universal triage system in emergency clinical work. The current triage systems are somehow one-sized-fits it all in their design (Veenema,2007).He points out that the main problem with the existing triage methodologies is the fact that they are not tailored for all situations such as weapons victims but are just normal pediatric scenarios. This therefore means that some of the components of the various triage systems are most likely to fail under certain circumstances as a result of the disparity in the physiological baselines used in coining the various triage systems.Veenema then ponders if the solution tom these dilemmas are held in the coining and adoption of a universal triage system.


The research questions that are to be used as the basis of forming hypothesis for the research they are:

Hypothesis 1: Does the use a universal triage…


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Universal Studios Internet Based Marketing
Words: 1342 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84243631
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Internet-Based Marketing Blog

Internet-based marketing is a concept that has generated considerable attention in the recent past because of the advent of the Internet, which has transformed the world through improving communications. The growth of internet-based marketing has also been influenced by the fact that advertisers are increasingly looking for ways to generate revenue through online platforms given the increase in the number of people who visit websites across the globe on a daily basis. In this quest to generate revenue by reaching more people through advertisements, companies have increasingly used the internet to market their products. Internet marketing is increasingly preferred by companies and entrepreneurs because it offers a cost-effective means for advertising products and generating more revenues as compared to traditional marketing.

An example of a company that has used internet marketing to advertise its products is Universal Studios. The use of the internet as a marketing tool…


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Design Influences
Words: 2050 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97727626
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Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Other Ancient Symbols on 18th, 19th and 20th Century Surface Pattern Design and Their Influences on Contemporary Design

Hieroglyphics are a system of picture-writing, from the Greek, literally meaning "sacred carvings"; these symbols were used extensively on the walls of Egyptian tombs and temples, as well as columns and in written texts (Cavendish 1970). This paper will provide an analysis of the influence of Egyptian hieroglyphics and other ancient symbols on 18th, 19th and 20th century surface pattern design and their influences on contemporary design, taking account of the impact on design practice of digital techniques today. A discussion of designers from these periods illustrating their work will be followed by suggestions for critical analysis, and an examination of possible philosophical questions to be considered related to a future professional practice. A summary of the research will be provided in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion.

Background and…

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History and Development of Sound Technologies and Sound Design in Film
Words: 11249 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 80180588
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sound technologies and sound design in Film

Sound in films

Experiments in Early Age


Crucial innovations

Commercialization of sound cinema: U.S., Europe, and Japan

Sound Design

Unified sound in film production

Sound designers in Cinematography

Sound Recording Technologies

History of Sound Recording Technology

Film sound technology

Modern Digital Technology

History of sound in films


Sound Design

Sound Recording Technologies

The film industry is a significant beneficiary of performing arts. The liberal arts combined with latest techniques and advancements experienced a number of stages. The introduction of films and sound in films was a significant development of its times. The introduction of first film along with sound was a unique event and it revolutionized the industry in such a way that it influenced every individual related to the industry to start thinking on creative and innovative grounds for improvements. The stages of films can be identified as silent films…


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Web Design Evolution for Common
Words: 3229 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 57367248
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Skills must be honed that create a functional page that users will view and use as the client hopes them to.

Many new eb designers produce eb pages that seem to ignore fundamental principles of "good design": full of colored backgrounds, animated pictures, multiple colors and styles of text, and little to no navigation or eb-based structure. Even in courses devoted to eb design, students still produce pages that lack unity, coherence and emphasis: "though they [students] seem to understand (and can critique) others' efforts, they're stymied when it's time for production. Few have the skills or experience writing in this medium" (Yancey & ickliff, 2001, p. 180). Similarly, individuals working on their own or working from documentation struggle with being able to create eb pages due to the same lack of experience writing on the eb.

Karper 340)

For this reason, relative examples, as explained in the previous subheading…

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Education -- Universal Truths vs
Words: 603 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45864042
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, 2005).

Even within the United States, the education system has proven itself to be extremely vulnerable to the detrimental influence of intellectual corruption by the excessive entanglement of ideology and formal education. Specifically, the infamous Scopes Trial featured the criminal prosecution for teaching evolutionary biology because it conflicted with prevailing religious dogma (Davidson, 1999). Much more recently, a conservative political agenda has dominated the educational systems of individual American states in which educational administrative authorities have sought (in some cases, quite successfully) to promote religious or quasi-religious dogma under the very thinly veiled guise of teaching nonsense such as "Intelligent Design" (Feldman, 2005; Mooney, 2005). Specifically, that approach (in conjunction with renewed attempts to challenge the legitimacy of established evolutionary science) was a deliberate attempt to promote particular religious beliefs in a manner designed to circumvent very explicit constitutional prohibition against that church-state entanglement (Feldman, 2005; Mooney, 2005).



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We Should Do about it. New York: Farrar, Straus, & Giroux.

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Digital Design Just as Most
Words: 943 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31238014
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We owe our engineers a pat on the back for the part they have played in creating, designing, implementing, and perfecting these new technologies. Technologies that many people take for granted works because of good digital design. Digital cameras, wireless networking hubs, and digital voice recorders all work because of digital logic. Video game consoles and game boy technologies would be absolutely unthinkable without digital design wherewithal. Even cars come with digital circuitry. Next-generation smart technologies such as wired kitchen appliances, home electrical systems, security systems, and entertainment systems, are also becoming commonplace in many countries, testimony to the vast strides we have taken to improve consumer technology for the better.

Critics of digital design usually make two main claims about the way digital design has failed the modern consumer. The first camp claims that digital technologies have made life more complicated. Pointing to the frustration they feel when their…

Sampling Design & Data Method
Words: 1442 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38737103
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(362) One additional note on this half of the duel research study was that the pair of applicants with and without fictitious criminal records was rotated throughout the experiment to reduce the odds that a single applicant would alter results if assigned the rigid role of ex-con or clean record applicant.

In the second half of the research study the same set of potential employers was surveyed using a vignette method. The vignette described the scenario of applicants who matched the (tester) applicants. The employers who were screened by asking for the person in charge of hiring at the place of business were then asked to respond to the scenario by answering questions regarding if they would or would not hire or consider hiring the applicant in the vignette. Data was collected utilizing the responses to the survey questions, which avoided direct racial comparisons but simply stated the race of…

Works Cited

Pager, Devah and Lincoln Quillian.. "Walking the Talk? What Employers Say vs. What They Do." American Sociological Review 70: 2005, 355-380.

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Ozone Design Socks Marketing Feedback
Words: 899 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16905879
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Maybe even a special area of the website just for them where they could color in a sock and "print" it for a small fee and have it mailed to them? They would love that. Imagine how that would go over around the holidays too, creating socks for special occasions with your kids' artwork on them. It was be very popular I think.

The company has to move to a lighter, more fun-loving type of marketing too. The sock puppet is now the universal symbol of fun. And there is not a single sock puppet in their marketing. How dull is that? There could be more of a focus on "pin the sock on the puppet" games to find the nearest retailer, because today you cannot find that on their site. They also don't really have anything about sizes either, which is, well, inconvenient.


This company looks like it…

Man the Design and Epistles I And
Words: 2139 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23463343
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Man" the Design and Epistles I and II

Alexander Pope's "Essay on Man" explores the complicated nature of man and attempts to bring a sense of understanding to the problems we face. The approach is philosophical, yet Pope proves his points successfully by explaining mankind's place in the universe and by also focusing on the responsibilities of mankind.

The most interesting aspect of Alexander Pope's "Essay on Man" is the way in which Pope frames the poem, which is a "peculiarly modern way of enframing the familiar which shifts from the immediacy of the given world to the mediation of a theoretical map of nature" (Cutting-Gray). It is this perspective that allows us to view man's circumstances in a refreshing way. In "The Design," Pope introduces us to his initial thoughts regarding the poem and how it came to be. He tells us, " I thought it more satisfactory to…

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Chomsky and His Theory of Universal Grammar
Words: 2891 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 68495998
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Noam Chomsky and His Theory of Universal Grammar

Noam Chomsky name is not unknown to the world. Though he is not a psychologist or a psychiatrist but his contributions in the fields of psychology and linguistics has a great impact. His theory of generative grammar has been regarded as one of the most considerable contributions to the field of theoretical linguistics (Berger, 2005).

As a Person

Noam Chomsky, a well-known politician and an exceptional linguist, was born on December 7, 1928 in the state of Philadelphia in the home of a Hebrew scholar (Berger, 2005). He got his early education in Philadelphia while he went to study linguistics, mathematics and philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. There, he also achieved his PhD degree though he completed most of his PhD work at Harvard University during early 1950s. Chomsky has been associated with Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1955. He…


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Financial Management the Universal Direction
Words: 4132 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46127541
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It is hoped that the value added by the UDA system will help to incease sales of the coe poduct. The division manage of Gadgets has a valid point in egads to the oveall impact on the Division's pofits. He had a valid eason fo equesting this exception to the ules. It may at fist appea that the Gadget Division manage is acting out of self-inteest and potectionism. Howeve, it may be that he tuly does have the best inteests of the entie oganization in mind.

If Gadgets fails to poduce a poduct that will incease sales of the coe poduct then the entie oganization may be in jeopady. If the exclusion is allowed, then the Gadget Division would have moe money at thei disposal fo bette eseach and development. The Gadget Division has to get it ight the fist time. Theefoe it seems easonable to allow the Gadget Division…

references. One must remember that there are already substitute projects available on the market. However, GMC has established brand equity and this will help to boost sales, even though a similar product is already on the market. Let us assume that the price of the UDA falls to $600 instead of $500.

Best Case Scenario


Income Statement

Net sales

Cox on Universal Standards IFRS
Words: 933 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 52618532
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For the layperson who is likely to be invested in a stock, a company or a mutual fund, this does reflect a core obstacle to effective decision-making. Indeed, as with many aspects of globalization, the implications of international accounting standards as a concept would only arrive at many of its conflicting points after a period of unencumbered idealism. Again, as the more general discussion on globalization denotes, the implications of a multinational framework for commercial exchange had long been done with a pronunciation of interests to the benefit of the world public. Namely, the assistance which could be provided through the opening of trade barriers in a general sense to the developing sphere, for one instance of commonality, might be seen at the base of the philosophical impetus for both the process of globalization and the symbiotic drive to create universal standards for financial reporting. At this time, it faces…

Works Cited:

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Intelligent Design Evolution Intelligent Design
Words: 2283 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82318788
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ut science is about stepping stones: the creation of theories and hypothesis, and the testing of these hypotheses with empiricism. If these theories fail, then additional hypotheses have to be proposed. During the process of the testing these hypothesis, experimentalists will find evidence based that will enable to fine tuning of the hypothesis, and the process carries on. Indeed, most of quantum theory is hinged on the Uncertainty principle put forward by Werner Heisenberg. What apt that it be named the Uncertainty principle.

Eventually, one hopes that some consensus will come between those that support graduated equilibrium vs. phyletic gradualism in terms of evolution of species. Or a new theory will develop and come to the fore, if new fossil evidence comes to light. ut that does not mean that we subscribe to the watchmaker theory. William Paley, an eighteenth century moral theorist, philosopher and religious conservative, was perhaps the…


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Ecofeminism In Search of Universal
Words: 6347 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 96383318
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Moreover, the global neglect of women (in terms of science) is reflected in the fact that women have been excluded as experimental subjects in drug research, Rosser continues. Certainly pregnant women have been excluded from experiments with pesticides and radioactive materials, but beyond that Rosser explains that "…these drugs and materials are then used without ever having been tested on women" (1991, p. 143). And yet notwithstanding their exclusion from testing, women's research has led to a vast resource of knowledge vis-a-vis the natural environment.

To wit, Rachel Carson correctly extrapolated the deadly effects on the environment due to agricultural pesticides (DDT in particular), and in fact changed the way the government approached pesticides (1991, p. 144). Indeed, Carson's books ("Silent Spring," "Under the Sea-Wind," and others) had an enormous impact on the nation's grasp of environmental dangers and led eventually to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency…


Alldred, Pam, and Dennison, Sarah, 2000, 'Eco-Activism and Feminism: Do Eco-Warriors and Goddesses Need it?', Feminist Review, No. 63, 124-127.

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Planning and Design Hospitality the
Words: 2133 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56448856
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Photo from Published with permission.

Photograph by David Messent, courtesy of Jorn Utzon/Utzon Architects and the Pritzker Prize Committee

Nighttime aerial view of the Sydney Opera House

Photograph by David Messent, courtesy of Jorn Utzon/Utzon Architects and the Pritzker Prize Committee

Photograph by David Messent, courtesy of Jorn Utzon/Utzon Architects and the Pritzker Prize Committee

Photograph by David Messent, courtesy of Jorn Utzon/Utzon Architects and the Pritzker Prize Committee

Aerial view of the Sydney Opera House

Photograph by John Garth/Max Dupain

Courtesy of Jorn Utzon/Utzon Architects and the Pritzker Prize Committee

Sydney Opera House Under Construction, 1957-1973

Craven 2008 NP

Craven, 2008, NP

On commission, Dupain took thousands of photographs of the Sydney Opera House, revealing its construction from beginning to end. Later he described the completed building from a photographer's perspective: 'As the light moves across it during the day, it changes…


Baird, George. The Architectural Expression of Environmental Control Systems. London: Spon Press, 2001.

Bereson, Ruth. The Operatic State: Cultural Policy and the Opera House. London: Routledge, 2002.

Craven, J. "Great Buildings: Sydney Opera House" 2008

Story Design
Words: 4486 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46361414
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successful Storytelling?

There are so many things that make successful storytelling. One of the major components that stick out is the events in the story. Selecting and arranging the events is highly important in the process of composing the story passage. ithout the events, there really is not kind of story. Brainstorming and writing down an important list of the things that have gone on is something that is very vital. The more ideas a story has the better it will be to the reader. hat makes good storytelling is the fact they a writer knows how to capture the reader's attention without having to go back and repeat themselves over and over. It is also important to make sure that the story has a lot of detail and also the links that are between them. The details make a story really good because it draws the reader into the…

Works Cited

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Benefit Plan Design Analysis
Words: 2812 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 51781012
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Benefit Plan Design Analysis

Select and profile an organization for the benefit plan

Extraordinary and above average people are recruited by ABC. Their task force possesses a number of exceptional skills and many of them are graduates of top universities or possess professional qualifications. One of the most interesting things about ABC is that it is continually trying to make the organization host to an increasingly global platform that employs people coming from various nationalities and cultures. This way, it makes sure that the creme de la creme of the task force is employed in the organization that is not afraid of taking on challenges. Also, the organization then comes up to their expectation by providing a healthy and competitive corporate culture.

Staff that is new to the ABC organization undergoes a series of sessions whose themes range from personal mentoring to formal training. The training is imparted by their…


Fronstin, Paul. "Sources of Health Insurance and Characteristics of the Uninsured: Updated Analysis of the March 2008 Current Population Survey." EBRI Issue Brief, no. 321 (Employee Benefit Research Institute, September 2008).

Expanding Universal Health Coverage Globally
Words: 730 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 57627665
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Universal Health Coverage in the U.S.

From the World Health Organization's and United Nation's perspectives, universal health coverage (UHC) is essential to continued international development (WHO, 2015). These organizations believe this issue transcends multiple policies designed to promote sustainable development, because it is a precondition of sustainable development, as well as an outcome and indicator. The three dimensions of sustainable development are social, environmental, and economic and all three must be addressed through health reform policies to promote sustainable development, in order to make high quality health care available to everyone regardless of their social and economic status. The philosophical foundation for the belief that UHC is essential for sustainable development is based on the proposition that citizens of a country should not have to choose between healthcare services and feeding their families (Dye et al., 2013, p. xi). In other words, UHC is viewed by many policymakers around the…


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WHO (World Health Organization). (2015). Health: Essential for sustainable development. Retrieved from .

Anachronism Universal Peace and the
Words: 1840 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72645032
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They investigate on the nature of virtue and pleasure but they concentrate on the happiness of man and what it is made up of. They uphold that man's happiness consists mainly in the good type of pleasure. They derive arguments from religious principles, despite its roughness and strictness. Without these principles, all searches on happiness can only be merely conjectural and defective (Philosophy asics).

The need for a real-life utopia is more felt today than before. It is a basic ingredient in the fulfillment of human potential in the contemporary environment (Ainsa 1991).

Contemporary historical, political and philosophical views still retain some Utopian dimension or strain. Utopianism may have discredited for some flaws in the past, but it remains indispensable as an alternative model for mapping out the future. An ideal society is always an attempt to invent the future. Utopia differs from ideology in that utopia represents hope in…


Ainsa, Fernando. Do We Need Utopia? UNESCO Courier: UNESCO, Feb 1991

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British Library Board: George Routledge & Sons, 1885

Microsoft Encarta. Desiderius Erasmus. Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia:

School That Are Related to All the
Words: 864 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88350669
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school that are related to all the students and have a general effect on the entire organization. The focus of the research pertinent to this investigation deals with the Hispanic female population in my school. Within this group there are some specific issues that could definitely benefit from a widespread application of a thoughtful universal design for learning (UDL) plan. At the heart of the learning problems with this specific demographic is the differing culture and communication methods that come into conflict with the student and her environment. The transition from Spanish to English is dramatic in many cases and the curriculum and school system design does not necessarily align itself with the a path to simple and easy learning. The environment has taken this problem into consideration and has addressed this communication gaps in some ways but there is much room for improvement. English as a second language (ESL)…


Sahin, Y (2003). Empowering ESL Students with Universal Design. University of Maryland, Paper 2003. Retrieved from 

Strehorn, K. (2001). The Application of Universal Instructional Design to ESL Teaching. The Internet TESL Journal, 7(3), March 2001. Retrieved from

Solutions to Help Students With Disability
Words: 1652 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60632344
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Case Study on James in IDEA

Case Study on James in IDEA

James is a six years old boy living with his parents in first grade. With his intellectual disability, he has been placed under special education classroom having 15 other students. James has some challenges related to learning due to the poor memory and delays in language development. One of the strengths that James has is that he is confident in school and is not easily frustrated. He can communicate effectively with adults but socializing with his peers is a challenge. One of the major challenges that he faces is the fact that he has low achievement in most of the academic areas. These include reading comprehension, mathematics, and written expressions. His interests are in sports, games although he is challenged by isolation from his peers. He has faced delays in cognitive, social and adaptive behavior…

Technology on Disruptive Behavior What
Words: 5645 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 88322181
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The teachers acknowledge that the other disruptive behaviors propagates the destruction of the school property therefore computer-based management results in the upstaging of the security of the school properties. This eminent vandalism is prominent in the cases where the students would like to have money selling the school properties.

The teachers separately attribute the poor morals of the students to inexperience and the ignorance of the students. Involving of computer-based programs in the student behavior management clears the doubt in the effectiveness of the management of the issues entailed. The perspective to the approach assists in the enhancement of the Developmental period of the basis of the Phase learner. They view the approach to increase the contact between the teacher and the student in the countering of the trends emergent in the process. They attribute the computer approach to the advancement in the mastery of the life skills for the…


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Seating Arrangements in a Delta Airplane
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Ergonomic Design

As Norman points out, solving a problem in ergonomic design is sometimes not as easy as addressing the issue/complaint brought to one's attention: usually, the real problem lies underneath where the "real issues" are and needs to be discovered through a deeper assessment of the situation (Norman 218). For this paper, a deeper assessment of the ergonomic design of economy class seats of Delta's B777-200, which can seat 268 passengers, is performed in conjunction with a review of Norman's Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 from The Design of Everyday Things and Chapter 11 from Bridger's (2009) Introduction to Ergonomics.

Delta's 31-inch pitch seats are right in the middle of the spectrum of major airline providers, with Jet Blue having the most pitch at 34-inches and Spirit coming in at 28-inches for a tight squeeze in the rows. Delta's economy class is a mid-level pitch approach to seating and…

Works Cited

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Graphics Will Be Used for Site Branding
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Graphics will be used for site branding, product images, and product diagrams. Site branding will make use of the Jelly ean King Online Store company branding.

Static graphics will be in .jpg format. Flash images will be created in Adobe Flash format (.swf). oth formats are standard formats which should be viewable by almost all browsers and devices. However, in case a browser unable to view JPGs or Flash files loads the page, all images will include ALT tags which will describe the function of the image to the viewer.

randing will be placed prominently so that the viewer will become familiar with the Jelly ean King Online Store logo. Product images will be marketing material showing Jelly ean King products, packaging, or products being enjoyed by buyers.

ecause it is important to communicate to viewers that Jelly ean King products are tasty, gourmet treats, all people included in images…


Usability First. 2011. Principles of Accessible and Universal Design. Retrieved March 23, 2011 from: 

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Failure of Hispanic Students the
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Flexibility in instruction is a principle that uses instructional design to accommodate a wide range of abilities among students. Simple and intuitive instruction is a "straightforward and predictable manner" (Shaw, Scott, and McGuire, 2001) of instruction. Perceptible information instruction is an instruction design principle that ensures all information necessary is effectively communicated. Finally, tolerance for error instruction "anticipates variation in individual student learning pace and requisite skills." (Shaw, Scott, and McGuire, 2001)


Strategies to support teaching diverse learners in college that are inclusive of Hispanic students include the following strategies:

Use technology to assist and aid instruction;

Group students into smaller groups to facilitate discussion and communication among students;

Use summarization, self-questioning, clarification and prediction in classroom instruction;

Keep the instruction simple;

Allow instruction to be flexible;

Use the technique of instructional conversation;

Keep instruction 'equitable;

Use perception in the instructional practice;…


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Education and Applying Diversity Portrait
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When creating a diversity portrait, the identified student group that faced an achievement gap compared with state averages was the black student group. It was identified that the two areas where the identified group performed lower than the state averages were mathematics and low attendance. It has been established in the previous papers that Black students find it easier to refer to their peers instead of their teachers for solving a problem. They can be mixed into groups of Black and White students, both best performing and low performing students, so that this intermix enables them to relate to the students more. They would be more committed to attending school and participating well in class, leading to lower absenteeism.
This paper aims at providing a specially designed lesson plan for an instructional remediation activity. The paper's foundation is that diversity is an inevitable part of our societies and that the…

Abbati, D.G. (2012). Differentiated instruction: Understanding the personal factors and organizational conditions that facilitate differentiated instruction in elementary mathematics classrooms (Master\\\\'s dissertation). Retrieved from 
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Developmental Learning and Technology
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Elementary Special Education Teachers Place Value in the use of Technology Resources for Students?

Alix Desulme

Technology is an integral part of society. Students learn through use of technology like personal computers, tablets, and e-books (Garland & Tadeja, 2013). Computers can provide access to videos, documents, and other forms of data that students have the choice of absorbing via visual or auditory methods. Tablets provide the same access but with a light-weight, touch responsive interface. Technology investment within schools not only enables varied learning opportunities for students, but it also helps students discover or improve their own ability to research and analyze information, collaborate and communicate, and solve problems (Lim, Zhao, Tondeur, Chai, & Tsai, 2013). Comment by Steve Moskowitz: Yes, this is the reason

Technology helps provide other benefits. Integrating technology in schools, especially in other areas like special education enable staff to develop new ways of teaching and…

An indepth analysis of Early Childhood Special Education Curriculum
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Early Childhood Special Education Curriculum, Instruction and Methods Projects

This beginning chapter delineates education to the young children with special needs. In particular, early childhood special education mirrors impact and acclaimed practices resultant from the special education and early childhood fields. In the present, emphasis that is laid on early childhood does not encompass whether these young children can be provided with special needs service in typical settings but focus is rather on how the design of these inclusive programs can be most efficacious. Therefore, taking this into consideration, it is necessary to have early intervention for children with disabilities. However, an important element that is delineated in the chapter is that in as much as these children have special needs, they ought not to be treated in a dissimilar manner. The programs of early intervention for kids and preschoolers with special needs have to be centered on the similar…


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TQM Initiatives at Ford Motors
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Normally, the designer's direct involvement into the user-research process is noted to be limited. There is however a need for a close collaboration between the researchers and the designers so that the quality attributes that are desired by the clients are adequately included into the final product (Donnelly, 2000).

It is therefore clear that for the user's perceptions of quality to be adequately captured and incorporated into the design and production stages of a given product, usability research must be thoroughly conducted and the results clearly communicated by the researchers to the design team. Ford Motors's application of a user-centric approach to the production of its products makes it very crucial for the company to actively be connected to the latest thoughts and perceptions that its clients may harbor.

The successful the initiative

It is important that the success of the TQM initiative to be gauged so as to highlight…


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Technology for the Deaf His
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Three years later, the company improved its picture clarity and introduced the "emotional intonation" feature, considered important components of visual language. ut at present, only 10% of the deaf and hard-of-hearing know about VRS. The Internal Revenue Service refuses to accept VRS calls. And VRS can be performed only with high-speed internet access. ut companies, like Sorenson, provide videophones for free. Those who have no high-speed internet access or a videophone may use IPP relay. It is similar to the outdated TTY but performs faster and more smoothly. The deaf user types his message on a computer.

For the working deaf who need to use the telephone, Able Planet launched the wireless device. This is a telephone and a hands-free set for a cell phone to address these difficulties in the use of a telephone. The technology enables wireless communication with a telecoil in hearing aids. At the same time,…


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Deseret News Publishing, 2003. Retrieved on October11, 2009 from;col1 

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Newspapers, 2007. Retrieved on October 11, 2009 from;col1

Human Interaction Analysis of the
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This transformation of the user experience is critical for the cognitive value of all these attributes together to make the contribution they are capable of (Mirel, Olsen, 1998).

Finally the contextual aspects of ergonomics and usability need to be addressed in any new product, software or website development. The contextual role of design puts information into a meaningful framework for the immediate and active use of those it was designed for (Massey, Khatri, Montoya-Weiss, 2007). Contextual ergonomics includes an awareness of the needs of those using the product, experiencing its information and seeking to make the most of it via a universal design structure. Attractiveness and the ability to define customization is critical, as is the need for ensuring transparency of how the elements are integrated together to deliver a consistent user experience.


Cappel, J.J., & Huang, Z. (2007). A usability analysis of company websites. The Journal of Computer…


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Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities Human Rights
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Human Rights: Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Human Rights

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was adopted in 2007 by the United Nations General Assembly after disability rights organizations pushed to petition the Assembly to recognize disability as a human rights issue. Today, the Convention serves as the primary reference point for identifying and safeguarding the rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities. This text identifies the basic rights protected under the Convention, and the various measures that states have put in place to safeguard the same.

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has been selected for analysis in this assignment. It basically is a civil rights treaty designed to ensure that persons with disabilities are treated with dignity and that they receive equal treatment…


California Department of Justice. "Legal Rights of Persons with Disabilities." California Department of Justice, last modified 2006. Accessed November 9, 2015.

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United Nations. "Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities." The United Nations, 2006. Accessed November 9, 2015.

Abstract Making it Happen Using Differentiated
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Differentiated instruction is defined as the teaching learning of philosophy whose emphasis is students. Since students are different, differentiated instruction emphasizes that one teaching style can not accommodate all the students particularly when the teachers' style does not match the students' style. The article points out that this style allows teachers the option of varying learning activities, assessment modes, content demands and the environment in the classroom so that they can meet the needs of all students. Differentiated instruction has been in use for years with students who are gifted but is now being used in regular classrooms.


The no child left behind act and individuals with disabilities education improvement act teachers are now faced with a diversity of students within their classrooms. There is no longer mainstreaming and inclusion was the order of the day. When children who have diverse disabilities and those with ELL ruling are included…


Stanford, B. & Reeves, S. (2009). Making it happen: Using Differentiated Instruction, Retrofit framework and Universal Design for learning. Teaching Exceptional Children plus,5(6)Article 4.Retrieved September 7, 2013 from

Creating the Perfect Classroom Website
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perfect Classroom Website

Various experts on Web design and creation state that the Internet provides the most accessible and innovative medium for education and classroom teaching purposes. Some claim that the Web offers a platform and a "perfect medium" for teachers. (Lord, 2004, p. 20) This view is echoed in numerous studies about the impact and the possibilities of new technologies like the Internet for education and the enhancement of classroom activities.

However, at the same time, pundits issue a warning that the availability of this technology alone is not sufficient in itself for the creation of a perfect classroom Website. They note that an understanding of the medium and how best to use the technology as it relates to good teaching and educational methods is the most important factor in creating the "perfect" educational Webpage.

This sentiment is echoed in the growing trend of recent research in computer-assisted language…


Barnd, S.M., & Yu, C. (2002). Creating an Effective Web Site. JOPERD -- The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 73(5), 11+. Retrieved June 29, 2005, from Questia database, .

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Distanced-Based Education
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Pre-Course Program for Entry-Level Online Adult Students

Distance education is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing segments of college and graduate level education. Many educational institutions with long histories of traditional classroom-based learning opportunities are expanding their programs to include distance-based learning via the Internet. In fact, many colleges and universities have invested heavily in their distance education programs. Courses for distance learners are offered in an array of formats that are designed to make learning opportunities accessible to students at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Limited information is available concerning the ability of traditional adult learners to adapt to the online learning environment to successfully complete an online learning degree program. (Baker, et al., 1994)

Today, educational elitism is a serious problem for many distance and non-traditional students. Most traditional learners look down on the non-traditional learner and distance-based educational programs as a whole. Many times these degrees…


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Special Education Instruction Options
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Technology & Education

There has been a fundamental change in almost all aspects of our life brought about by computer technology and the spread of digital media. Educationalists also agree that this development in technology has left an undeniable mark on the process of education reforms (U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology, 2010). esearchers also agree that technology has the ability to help students improve and enhance knowledge and skill acquisition. This, they say, can be achieved through learning with and about technology, which has become essential for students in the 21st-century society and workforce to gain competencies to perform well (Chen & Hwang, 2014). Additionally, student-centered learning can be well supported by technology since it is intrinsically motivating for many students and can be easily customized.

Academicians and researchers have defined technology as an articulation of a craft and deals with that branch of knowledge which can…


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Use of technology in the'special education classroom
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Chapter 1: Introduction
The epigraph above is reflective of the views of many special educational needs teachers. Indeed, innovations in technology in recent decades have created a wide array of new opportunities for helping special needs student achieve their full academic potential. These trends are especially noteworthy today because tens of millions of young American learners are struggling with their academic pursuits due to their special educational needs. In this context, the term “special educational needs” can be defined as “children who have learning problems or disabilities that make it harder for them to learn than most children of the same age” (Special education needs, 2018, para. 2). The purpose of this grant proposal was to identify ways that special educational needs students can benefit from the introduction of technology in their classrooms based on the problem statement described below.
Statement of the Problem
According to the most recent estimates…

Student Disabilities in Higher Education
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search "students with disabilities in higher education" consist of themes that focus on the need to assist learning disability students in universities by extending their test taking time (Spenceley, Wheeler, 2016; Hadley, 2011), by identifying their disability and providing extra assistance and resources (Budd et al., 2016; Callens, Tops, Brysbaert, 2013; Diez, Lopez, Molina, 2015; Kimberley, Laurie, 2011), and by applying programs designed to assist students with learning disabilities in particular classes in which they consistently struggle (King-Sears et al., 2015; Sachs, Schreuer, 2011; yan, 2011; Hutcheon, Wolbring, 2012).

Spenceley and Wheeler (2016) find that extending the test times for students with disabilities is one way in which universities can help such students work towards graduating college. Hadley (2011) likewise identifies the need for universities to extend more welcoming and favorable conditions to students with disabilities in order to facilitate their academic aims. This theme is essentially supported by the…


Budd, J. et al. (2016). Postsecondary students with specific learning disabilities and with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder should not be considered as a unified group for research or practice. Journal of Education and Training Studies, 4(4): 206-216.

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Hadley, W. (2011). College students with disabilities: A student development perspective. New Directions for Higher Education, 154: 77-81.

Special Education in Miami Dade
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Elementary Special Education Teachers Place Value in the use of Technology Resources for Students?

Technology is an integral part of society. People share and communicate ideas using emails, Skype, and public/private forums. For numerous organizations and businesses technology is a must to increase productivity. This is why schools have begun the process of creating an environment that immerses staff and students in technology, with school administrators taking on the technological transition (Garland & Tadeja, 2013). Technology investment within schools not only enables varied learning opportunities for students, but it also helps students discover or improve their own ability to research and analyze information, collaborate and communicate, and solve problems (Lim, Zhao, Tondeur, Chai, & Tsai, 2013). Comment by Tarae Terry: Citation? How do we know this is true? Who is the source-Also the opening/introduction needs to be a little bit stronger an attention grabber. Introducing the issue up front is…

Different Methods of Literacy Learning for Students
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program READ 180 is designed for children in elementary school through high school whose achievement of reading is not above the level of proficiency. The main objective of this program is to address the gap in the skills of the students by using direct instruction, literature and computer program in the reading skills. The goal of the software is to adapt and track the progress of every student. Apart from that, the program also includes audio books with CDs for modeling reading, paperback books for independent reading and workbooks for addressing the comprehension skills of the students (WWC, 2009).

Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI): Decision Making Process

Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) is a test of reading comprehension that assesses the reading skills of the students. The scores that come from this test help the teachers to place the students on the correct path and help the teachers to adjust their style…


Betebenner, D.W. (2011). A Technical Overview of the Student Growth Percentile Methodology: Student Growth Percentiles and Percentile Growth Projections/Trajectories. New Hampshire: The National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment Dover.

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Data Interpretation Guide. (n.d.). SPI.

Flynn, J.E., Bieler, D., Kim, H., Dow, R.R., Wong, C., & Worden, L. (n.d.). Recruiting and Retaining Students from Underrepresented Groups in University of Delaware Teacher Preparation Programs. Collaborative to Diversify Teacher Education at the University of Delaware.

Special Education Has Been a
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Additionally, other students must be educated about disabilities and how to include others that are different. (Dybvik 2004)

Purpose and esearch Questions

The purpose of the proposed research study is to determine the effectiveness of the inclusive classroom and the best methods for increasing the positive outcome of inclusive classrooms. The questions to be answered include:

1. How do educators, parents, and others involved in the education currently view inclusion?

2. How do the views of educators affect the implementation of programs such as inclusion?

3. Are disabled students benefiting from inclusive classrooms compared to non-inclusive classes?

4. Are normal students benefiting from inclusive classrooms?

5. What educational models will be most beneficial to students in an inclusive classroom?


The most destructive expectation of teachers that is harming the inclusion movement is that "Classroom teachers are expected to continue to use the existing curriculum." (King 2003) It is the…


Dybvik, C. (2004) Autism and the inclusion mandate: what happens when children with severe disabilities like autism are taught in regular classrooms. Education Next, Winter.

Hehir, T. (2003, March) Beyond inclusion: educators' 'ableist' assumptions about students with disabilities compromise the quality of instruction. School Administrator.

King, I.C. (2003) Examining middle school inclusion classrooms through the lens of Learner-Centered Principles. Theory Into Practice.

Murphy, T.J. (1994, September 12) Handicapping education - full inclusion of disabled children in classrooms. National Review.

School-Wide Assessment Plan

Schoolwide Devlopment Plan

Assessing the Context or Input

As a certified teacher in Special Education and capable to teach English to English Language Learners, I plan to create an assessment plan to measure abilities of students in high need areas in my school to read and write. Since I am equipped with a robust background and the essential skills to teach in these areas and to assess the needs of students who fall under this category, I will appear more subject specific and the overall improvement plan should be easier as I strive to develop and implement the correct assessment-instruction process. My focus during the first part of the project will revolve around the creation of a range of assessments in order to gather background information about my learners and instructional contexts in which we teach them. This information will then help me design my instructional plan,…


Bernhardt, V.L. (2006). Using data to improve student learning in school districts. Larchmont, NY: Eye on Education.

Brooks, G.W. (2007). Teachers as Readers and Writers and as Teachers of Reading and Writing. The Journal of Educational Research, 100(3), 177-191. doi: 10.2307/27548176

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Lesaux, N.K. (2012). Reading and Reading Instruction for Children from Low-Income and Non-English-Speaking Households. The Future of Children, 22(2), 73-88. doi: 10.2307/23317412

Managing Behavior in the Classroom
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Classroom Behavior Management

Developing a classroom that takes cultural diversity into account begins with understanding one's own ethnocentrism, that a lot of what we take for granted pertains specifically to our own cultural upbringing. Children who come from other cultures -- and their parents -- may well have different ideas and ideals. It is important to learn about the different cultures that are present in my classroom, as a starting point for understanding. A lot of developing an inclusive classroom involves listening to students and parents, so as to understand their cultures better, and how that pertains to the classroom. My plan would have specific Tier 1 rules, governing the basics of classroom behavior that are not subject to question on the basis of culture. But there will also need to be more of an individualized (Tier 2) approach, where some students from other cultures might receive special attention, or…

Standards-Based Assessment Across the Nation States Are
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Standards-Based Assessment

Across the nation, states are setting tough new education standards, defining what students should know and be able to do. To help students meet these standards -- and to measure their progress in doing so -- states are also designing and implementing new standards-based assessment systems.States and districts use two types of interrelated standards: those that specify the content (what students should know or be able to do at different points in their education), and those that specify the academic achievement standards (how well they should be able to do it). Ideally, academic achievement standards indicate what is required to meet content standards (for example, essay, mathematical proof, scientific experiment, project or exam), as well as the quality of achievement that is deemed acceptable (for example, achieving a certain level of proficiency). This report will discusses standards-based assessments, along with the grading criteria, reporting tools, and report forms…


No Child Left Behind Issue Brief: A Guide to Standards-Based Assessment. Retrived July 15, 2005 from

Professional Development the Objective of
Words: 1731 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 32458220
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Differentiated instruction offers the possibility for all students to meet their own personal and optimal potential in the learning environment of the classroom.


ellai, Mariann (2008) Professional Development Plan. Schenectady City Schools. Online available at:

Corley, Mary Ann (2005) Differentiated Instruction: Adjusting to the Needs of All Learners. Focus on asics Vol. 7 Issue C. March, 2005. National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy.

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Special Education Experiences More Inclusive
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" And following that experience the class can discuss what acid rain does to the ecosystem and the teacher can show a video of a forest devastated by acid rain, or just photos of depleted forests and dead fish floating on a stream or lake (waters that have been polluted by acid rain).

About this time, students are asked: "here does the acid rain come from?" Let them guess, and talk about it. Then the teacher shows photos of smokestacks belching out clouds of brown sooty looking pollution and explain that once in the atmosphere, the pollutants (they don't need to know the science of precisely what chemicals bond with condensation but they could certainly relate to dirty polluted particles joining with raindrops) return to earth as acid rain. And as an additional part of this curriculum, students should be shown the various products that are produced in the factories…

Works Cited

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Primary & Middle Years Educator, 6(2), five pages.

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Transformation. Retrieved June 21, 2009, from .

Internet Use in the Educational
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"What's more, many teachers lack technical support; unlike businesses, most schools don't have an it guy down the hall to save the day when computers go haywire." (Wohl, 2001) central contemporary concern is the problem of Internet security and access to quality information. Without the necessary security measures and administrative restrictions, access to the Internet can also mean access to harmful pornographic material. These administrative procedures once again require technical expertise and time on the part of the teacher.

Another aspect that is of concern in today's online environment is that while there is a plethora of information available, this is not always of the best quality. Many teachers and institutions have banned student access to open -source sites such as Wikipedia for this reason. It is very difficult if not impossible for the teacher to monitor and check the validity and quality of the sites and sources that their…


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Erlbaum Associates.

Leadership in Special Education the
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..concerns exist that (a) time will be taken away from the development of functional or vocational skills, (b) referral rates will increase, - students will be exempted or omitted from the accountability system" (Defur, 2002). These are some of aspects that the leader has to be aware of in the implementation of policy and in practice.

Possibly the most important aspect to consider is the actual quality of leadership that is required. One of the most significant facets of leadership in this particular educative environment is the development of a positive school and educative culture in which facets of special education - and their integration into the mainstream - can be addressed. Studies note that "...a positive school culture and school improvement go hand in hand" (Apted et al. 2007).

The leader, by providing a collaborative and creative educational and environment, can be instrumental in aiding and facilitating necessary changes,…


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Educational Psychology
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Power Tools: Assistive Technologies Help Students With Special Needs Keep Pace in the Classroom. Publication source

Supportive technology, or support aids, in the classroom enhances learning and listening skills for every child involved. AIDS such as touch tone computers, voice recognition systems, mobile conveyance devices (i.e., wheelchairs), and strategies for learning are becoming an increasingly important part of today's education programming. Even schools with a less than favorable budget can deploy technology across a school or school system in an affordable and efficient manner. Assisted technology not only provides the student in need with a means whereby he or she can master a learning objective but also provide the student with a meaning learning tool wherein the level of knowledge garnered is demonstrated.

One of the most important systems being brought to the attention of educators is known as the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) wherein students with significant diversity…

Managing Demographics
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Managing Demographic

The change in the world structure population and the trend of migration of people from developing to developed countries raises critical issues that no company can ignore. Demographic changes are already influencing human resource and other departments of companies across major cities of developed nations like Japan, United States and German (Florian Kohlbacher, 2010). Demographic, therefore can be defined as the study of composition of social entity in terms of its members attributes which includes such factors such as gender, age, ethnicity, occupation, seniority, salary level and marital status (Kirton. Greene 2011).

However, during times of global economic and financial crisis, many companies usually deal with issues that seem to be more urgent, but with demographic change the issue is more complex, for example German's companies doing business in Japan need to face the challenges of demographic change in Japan population if they want to be successful in…

Resources in Latin America,

An Agenda for International Leaders book third edition

(2010). A Demographic Analysis -- Part II: Recruitment and Retention Issues

In the P & C. Insurance Industry In Canada


What to Do About Licensing Teachers
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Educational Challenges

For inclusion to be effective as intended, beginning teachers should make preparations by getting to know their students beforehand -- by going over the list of the those who will be in their class, knowing something about their backgrounds, and devising ways in which topics that will be taught can be used to incorporate the various students by relating something about it to their individual experiences. In an inclusive classroom, students with disabilities or special needs learn alongside those students who are without disability. For this environment to work effectively, a new teacher must be ready to deal with the different needs and understand how to incorporate all students into a particular area of study. Emphasizing diversity, safe studies, pro-activity, and universal design principles can be effective ways to prepare (Koonce, 2016). For veteran teachers in-service via technical support, moral support and evaluation support should be available to…


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Music Sales
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Universal Music Group

CBP is based on past consumption values as a way to forecast the sale of future goods and services. In regards to the music industry, CBP planning from before the internet would look quite different than from after. Before the internet, there was no way to digitally download a music CD. Thus, all music purchased had to be in the form of an in-person transaction resulting in a customer purchasing a physical CD. ight after the inception of this new technology, CD sales skyrocketed. This can be seen in the following graph of sales of different music mediums. This meant that for this time period, music suppliers and record companies, like Universal Music Group, were continuing to bump up inventory levels based on the massive increases seen in previous sales. Using CBP, the previous increases in sales would recommend an future increases in inventory.

(Leibowitz, 2004)



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Socialized Healthcare Is Right for America
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Universal Healthcare

Universal Health are for America:

How a Socialist Model an Work in a Democratic ountry

The possibility of a universal health care system in the United States seems distant at times. Yet as more and more youths graduate college, and as more and more adults lose positions they have held for decades, one finds oneself wishing that the United States would at least secure this basic right for such individuals, many of whom have few prospects for immediate hire and remain without health insurance coverage. The political situation often does not match social reality, especially with respect to universal health care.

Though President Obama has taken measures to ensure that the health care system is at least reformed a little, the path to a future vote for universal health care remains long and arduous. Sadly, few can envision a socialist model of healthcare working in America, and content…


The health care debates should not focus around political ideologies or other political issues. Instead, our nation's leaders ought to realize that obtaining medical services should not be privilege and this is exactly what private corporations have made it now. Instead, this should be a right, that each American can have, and each American should exercise his or her democratic right and be able to bring this to fruition by campaigning for it alongside other supports. This paper has given a history of the health care system in the United States, and has provided alternatives and possibilities of implementing these alternatives in order to make this country a better place for all.

A universal, even socialized health care system in the United States should not mean that this country is compromising any of its values; instead it should make note of the fact that such a system, tailored to fit this country as mentioned above, would enable all to have a better way of life and perhaps an even longer life. In order to attain this we must fight as Americans for a basic right. Such statements as "Nearly 50 million Americans are currently without health insurance, and many with insurance are still struggling to pay their medical bills" or "The United States spends an estimated $2 trillion annually on healthcare expenses, more than any other industrialized country" should not be statements that we can utter. This country is great, and has been able to reform everything in its history, and health care should be no different. [21: "Should the U.S. have Universal Health Care?"(2011). Opposing Views. Retrieved July 4, 2011, <  >.] [22: Johnson, T. "Health Care Costs and U.S. Competitiveness." (2010). Retrieved June 4, 2011, <  >.]