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Vacation Essays (Examples)

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Regression for HR a Look
Words: 849 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19671397
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In short, it's the veteran employees, who seem to not be using their vacation time, that are creating the perceived problem.

By taking a regression that analyzes length of tenure vs. vacation time taken in the most recently completed calendar year (2005), we can see if employees are taking more time off as they accrue more vacation days. Our hypothesis is that they are not and that there will be no correlation between length of tenure and time off taken.

The main statistic we will analyze is the coefficient of determination. According to Aczel and Sounderpandian, the coefficient of determination measures the strength of the regression relationship on a scale of zero to 1; the closer the figure is to 1, the stronger the relationship (p.457). As Aczel and Sounderpandian indicate, it is difficult to state definitively how close to 1 our coefficient of determination must be before we declare…

Works Cited

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Negotiation a Few Days in the Sun
Words: 1669 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75367381
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A Few Days in the Sun

We are all familiar with the process of negotiation: We have each been engaging in negotiations since we were young children asking to stay up just five more minutes before going to bed. However, despite the fact that by the time that we are adults we have each engaged in probably thousands of negotiations, few people have ever stopped to analyze exactly what goes on in a negotiation. This paper examines the steps of a negotiation that I myself was involved in. This negotiation centered on a vacation that I was trying to arrange with a small group of friends. The following analysis lays out the steps that are followed in a negotiation regardless of whether the topic is intrinsically inconsequential or momentarily serious.

Goals and Aspirations

The overall goal of this negotiation was to plan for a vacation for five friends that…

Managing a Group
Words: 946 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15591344
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Group Dynamics

In the lifetime of an individual student in any learning institution, he is bound to work within a setting that brings him together with other students with a common goal to be achieved collectively. Group work seems inevitable in many aspects of a student's life and our group discussed herein was one of the several groups that I have found myself in the course of my academic pursuit.

The group here was out to set a vacation for the group that had been working together on several assignments and it was agreed that it was in order to end the year by having a weekend vacation together. This was interesting since it presented a unique and somehow queer situation since the group had been working together on school and academic based assignments for quite sometime, but since it has never worked on the arrangement of a vacation, it…


Mind Tools Ltd., (2014). Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing: Understanding the Stages of Team Formation. Retrieved September 28, 2014 from

Staffing at Piedmont Airlines Finding Solutions at
Words: 3190 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53068968
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Staffing at Piedmont Airlines

Finding solutions at Piedmont Airlines

Overview of Organization

Piedmont Airlines is a fully owned subsidiary of U.S. Airways. U.S. Airways is the 6th largest airline in the United States (Piedmont Airlines, Inc., 2011). Piedmont flies 440 daily departures to 55 cities throughout the Eastern United States and Canada. They operate 44 DeHaviland DHC-8 Turbo prop aircraft as their primary fleet. The headquarters is based in Salisbury, Maryland. They employ nearly 4000 aviation professionals (Piedmont Airlines, Inc., 2011).

Like many organizations, Piedmont is facing problems with employee morale. Low employee morale is closely linked to high turnover rates in many organizations. Low morale also leads to low productivity. Employee satisfaction is one of the most important factors in maintaining an experienced workforce. Poor morale leads to excessive employee absences and a higher absence rate (CCH, 2007). This costs the company money and lost time. It also has…


CCH 2007 Unscheduled Absence Survey [Poor Morale Leads Up to Even More No-Shows. CCH Human Resources Management Ideas & Trends. 2007, Summer. Retrieved from Web site: 

Grawitch, M., Gottschalk, M., & Munz, D. (2006). "The Path to a Healthy Workplace: A Critical

Review Blinking Healthy Workplace Practices, Employee Well Being, and Organizational Improvements." Consulting Psychology Journal Practice and Research.

58 (3): 129-147.

Sandals Resorts in Opening Sentence Briefly Introduce
Words: 1279 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98021473
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Sandals esorts

In opening sentence, briefly introduce Sandals esorts intended analysis. This purpose statement. One sentences sufficient. For, a sentence "The purpose report analyze components marketing mix Gatorade brand.

Marketing Mix: Sandals esort

Overview of company

Sandals esorts is a brand-name series of chain resorts, most of which are located in the Caribbean. The target demographic for the resort is primarily established couples. Sandals seeks to showcase romantic yet affordable destinations for vacationers on honeymoons, weddings, and 'second' weddings. Segmentation variables include that of price and also purpose of the trip -- some individuals may want a quiet getaway, while others use Sandals to engage in major event planning, such as those orchestrating 'destination' weddings. The purpose of this report is to show how Sandals uses product, price, placement, and positioning to effectively segment the market of its target demographic of couples and sustain brand interest in the competitive resort…


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Employment Agreement

Nurse Practitioner Employment Contract


The following party shall here in be referred to as "Corporation"


The following party shall here in be referred to as "EMPLOYEE" or "NP"




The contract duration is for two years with an option for renewal for five (5) years thereafter.



The contracted position will be paid at a salary rate of $95,000 per year with a cost of living of 5% every 2 years. The pay is not based on performance.

The contract will be renewed the sixth month after review of the employee's performance.

Paychecks will be issued monthly.


The termination of this contract may be made under the following conditions.

Violation of State or Federal Law

Breach of the Contract by either Party

Performance of the NP

Desire to Leave the…

Contract Is A Set of Legally Enforceable
Words: 1246 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68024917
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contract is "a set of legally enforceable promises," (p. 304). From this simple definition, it would seem that a verbal contract did indeed exist between the two parties in question. Jacob did tell Henry he would be receiving an extra week of vacation. The form of the contract might be verbal, and the contract might indeed by informal and simple. However, there is a legal contract in this case even if injustice cannot be established. The courts would unfortunately have a difficult time establishing willful breach, although it is possible that Henry would be able to secure his extra week of vacation.

There are four cornerstones of contract law. The four elements of contract include the agreement, the consideration, the contractual capacity, and the legal object (p. 304). The agreement is the offer, which in this case is Jacob's offer to grant Henry an extra week of vacation. This case…

Molnar Feels That the President of the
Words: 1152 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64691510
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Molnar feels that the president of the United States is using his son's life, and the lives of many other soldiers, as a tool to further his own political career. He feels that the United States had a shoddy foreign policy for more than a decade and, just as the pressure cooker began to explode, began to try to remedy the situation with a bandage. Molnar contends that the United States is not behaving in the best interest of the people, but is only acting to secure cheap oil and continue using 25 to 30% of this natural resource. The alternative view is that the president had the welfare of the people in mind when he sent soldiers off to the Persian Gulf, and that it was necessary to send troops to the Gulf in order to avoid the possibility of an oil shortage in the United States. In his…

Fundamentals of Compensation and the Regulatory Environment
Words: 1343 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18582727
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Compensation Scenario

Scenario Background -- Jack Parks is the benefit manager for a division of USA Motors. He is concerned about the level of absenteeism and the "paid absence" agreement negotiated a decade ago. The theory was that by giving workers a full week of paid absence against which they could charge personal absence, they would be encouraged to plan ahead and let supervisors know when they might be gone so that staffing could remain consistent. In reality, workers discovered that by not charging off any paid absence days they could receive a full week's pay in June when the company paid unused benefit hours. Workers had, in fact, come to think of it as a bonus that coincided with summer vacations when USA shut down for inventory in the summer. Parks believes that he can control this abuse of a benefit by a series of percentile deductions on future…


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Treble, J. And Barmby, T. (2011). Worker Absenteeism and Sick Pay. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

How Terrorism Affects the International Tourism Industry
Words: 5575 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 90258062
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Terrorism Affects the International Tourism Industry

There is an undeniable relationship between terrorism and tourism. This is because of the industry power tourist sites are attractive avenues for terrorists to cause unprecedented magnitudes of economic and social disruption. The 21st century economy is dominated by three sectors namely information technology, tourism, and telecommunications. Tourism generates ten percent of international employment with a surplus of 30% in the Caribbean region. World tourism organization estimates that over two hundred million people across the world will be employed in the industry by 2015. The tourism and travel sectors have expanded by 700% in the last two decades (Gabbay & Ghosh, 2013). It is further projected that tourists will spend twice as much in foreign nations on tourism activities. For most developing nations, tourism is the leading source of income in terms of GDP thus a key influence in the economic growth. The issue…


Beirman, D. (2013). Restoring tourism destinations in crisis: A strategic marketing approach. Crows Nest, N.S.W: Allen & Unwin.

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Ethical Dilemma in the Workplace
Words: 786 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50831500
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Business Management

Ace Hardware is a large national chain of independent hardware and home improvement franchise retail outlets. At the particular retail store in question, the policy of employee seniority, as it relates to all matters other than vacation allocation,

is either applied inconsistently, or ignored outright, resulting in antagonism between co-workers, erosion of respect for management, and ultimately, undermining employee morale in general.

Occupational Situation:

Manager Mike iley has been with the organization since 1994 and has been in charge of day-to-day operations since 1998. Several employees have worked at Ace almost as long as Mike, while two others, Brian Knight and Kevin Brady, were hired more recently, by Mike, since his promotion to Management. Brian and Mike

grew up in the same neighborhood, attending the same high school where they were good friends before losing touch while Brian served four years in military service.

Kevin was first introduced…


Ross, A. (2002) No Collar: The Humane Workplace and Its Hidden Costs.

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Recruiting and Retention Strategies of Office Temporary Employees
Words: 3169 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2125832
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ecruiting and etention Strategies of Office Temporary Employees

An in-depth analysis of the temporary office employee industry as it pertains to recruiting and retention of those employees.

This paper presents a detailed proposal for the recruiting and retention of temporary office workers. The writer is employed as a full time on site recruiter of temporary office workers at one of Wall Street's top financial firms. The majority of the temporary help the writer recruits are administrative assistants and other entry level finance positions. The positions range from a couple of days to several months in time. The writer is charged with recruiting and retaining temporary workers who have the necessary skill sets and experience to perform the jobs. The writer analyzes the industry, the company history regarding temporary employees and future trends to propose methods for the purpose of recruiting and retention of those workers.





Workforce, July 2002, pp. 74-77 -- Subscribe Now! 

Offering Insurance Is the Key To Healthy Profits and Retention

Three Ways to Build Recruiter Relationships

Successful Recruitment Strategies and the Manner in
Words: 1312 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3050184
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successful recruitment strategies and the manner in which to motivate employees.

Employee motivation and retention are complex issues and superficial solutions just don't work. Companies that take the easy way out will pay in the long run with high turnover costs. As a warehouse supervisor for Blue Grocery store Arthur eed has been facing problems recruiting temporary workers during the months of summer when the regular staff either wants time off. This has proved to be a dilemma such that the general efficiency of the business is being affected. Arthur needs summer staff that is dependable, works for low pay and is temporary-not a very appealing combination for the prospective employees.

Thesis statement

In order to recruit staff that is dependable and temporary the supervisor must take steps that create an appeal for the workers. He should target a diverse market force that is usually ignored. By choosing non-professionals the…


McBeath, G. (1992) The Handbook of Human Resource Planning. Cambridge, Mass.: Blackwell.

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Professional Leadership Issues in Nursing
Words: 1081 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32885686
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For example, I would ask Mark to imagine what he would consider fair if he had recently been forced to work three floating shifts back to back because the unit was short-staffed as a result of Lisa's taking her vacation. Furthermore, I would explain to Mark that if his vacation spared him from having to fill floating responsibilities that is already an additional benefit to him and not something for which he deserves extra privileges or compensation. More importantly, his coworkers already had to fill more floating shifts than they would have otherwise because he was on vacation. Therefore, instead of considering himself to be unfairly burdened by being asked to fill a floating shift, Mark should be appreciative and should probably volunteer for it, precisely out of the desire to be fair to his coworkers.

That aspect of conflict resolution would be an element of collaboration in the long-term…

Sarah Vowell Guns Presidents and
Words: 2049 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21037323
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.. [of] her father, a gunsmith, she writes...'All he ever cared about were guns. All I ever cared about was art'" (Martin 2000). Vowell's anti-gun politics and assassination fascination thus may have a personal dimension -- in the act of remembering violent American history, Vowell comes to terms with her past although retains her liberal politics.

Vowell does tie the issues raised by violence and assignations in the past to present-day attitudes Regarding one unwitting casualty in the attempt on Ronald Reagan's life, Reagan's press secretary James Brady who must spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair due to his injury, Vowell is proud that she is part of their campaign and writes how moved she is: "that he and his wife, Sarah, turned this rotten luck into the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is downright heroic. And not the soft-focus treacle that 'heroic' often implies. I'm…

Works Cited

Beato, Greg. "On the road with wisecracks and historical oddities.' The San Francisco

Chronicle. April 17, 2007. C3.

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Persuasion Don't Have Enough Money
Words: 315 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16136408
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The familiar surroundings and accommodations make the timeshare seem more like a second home than any hotel could.

Some timeshare properties are geared for individuals with specific interests, too. For example, many are located near golf courses, beaches, or swimming pools. At the same time, our properties are ideal for individuals who love to relax while on vacation because of their spaciousness and luxurious accommodations.

Timeshares offer a way to get away on a budget and to enjoy a spacious and luxurious property. By investing in our properties, you will be giving you and your family the gift of travel. Any time you want to head to your favorite destination, the property will be waiting for you. You can afford to travel in style: invest in a timeshare and look forward to years of fun, affordable, relaxing vacations.

Income and Substitution Effects Substitution
Words: 1267 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70568411
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Coping strategy four: Taking public transportation

Taking public transportation will have a more significant income effect than simply trying to drive less or foregoing vehicle maintenance. This will enable the individual to 'opt out' of the increased gas prices. This will enable him or her to spend more money on goods and services, but given the fact that other prices are often affected by gas prices, the prices overall in the economy could be higher. The costs of a bus, train, or subway pass would have to be figured in as well, as well as the opportunity cost of being late to work, if the public transportation system is not reliable. However, if the time spent commuting enables the worker to 'get started' on his or her work on the train or bus, this could result in higher levels of productivity and real income. An additional bonus at work would…


Income effect. (2010). Investopedia. Retrieved March 1, 2010 at 

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Retrieved March 1, 2010 at 

Zhao, Ruiz. (2010). Econ 303: Why only some people go to work. University of Illinois at Urban-Champagne. Retrieved March 1, 2010 at

New Compensation Plan for My
Words: 858 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 51805391
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The sales person is driven by their target, as to fail to meet the target would not only be financially costly but embarrassing. The second target, the hard-to-achieve target -- is something that the salesperson can take pride in achieving. Attaining this target means more for the success and improvement it represents than for the payout that comes along with it.

The third component is the Top Performer incentive. For some sales staff, this may not serve as significant motivation as they may not feel as though they are in contention. For those high-performing staff members, however, this award gives the opportunity for bragging rights -- fulfillment of the ego. This can be powerful motivator for sales people. This incentive will work for the strong sales people, so while the others may not push themselves to attain it, all of the best sales people will and in doing so they…

Business Discuss the Ethical Concepts
Words: 1067 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 99216802
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Further, Valerie doesn't have any experience in the beauty industry other than Wisson, so the loss of a reference for this experience would be devastating. A loss of a job at Wisson would also mean that she would lose her tuition reimbursement for a master's of science program she has just been accepted to at the prestigious University of Chicago. Without this assistance, she might be unable to pay the very expensive tuition bills and would lose the ability to earn a degree that would greatly benefit her career.

Discuss Valerie's manager, Waters, in relationship to his ethics in handling business and employees.

There are many ways that Water's ethics negatively impacted the business and employees. There is a common theme among experts who have researched leadership; integrity is the most important of all the qualities a leader must possess and leaders must act with integrity at all times (Cunningham,…


Communication and leadership. 

Cunningham, T.M. (2002, August 27). Leadership 101: Integrity. 

Dench, S. (2006). How personal can ethics get? Journal of Management Development (10): 1013-1017.

Internal Fraud Detection Fraud Can Be Detected
Words: 561 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 67159585
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Internal Fraud Detection

Fraud can be detected by deliberate effort through internal control efforts or by coincidence or chance. When companies do not practice strong internal control, it leaves the door open for employees to misappropriate assets without being detected, except by chance. y the time fraud is detected by chance, it could have cost a company millions of dollars in misappropriated assets.

The first coincidence discovered by the magazine company was in the process of a new auditor in an effort to get to know his new company and their accounting codes taking invoices to a vice president responsible for approving payment on them. The very top invoice was a forged signature, and upon evaluation, more invoices were discovered to have contained forged signatures, which is what set up the investigation. According to (Global Economic Crime Survey), 13% of internal fraud is detected by accident, 27% reported fraud in…


Global Economic Crime Survey. Nov 2009. . 18 Mar 2013.

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Popularity of Tourist Destinations Tourism
Words: 5848 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 44997309
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Currency fluctuations tend to create instability and disrupt the planning activities of tourists. In times of an economic recession, there is normally a lot of fluctuation in the currencies. In the previous year, many currencies appreciated in value while some depreciated. The appreciation of Great ritain Pound and U.S. Dollar against currencies of other countries, such as third world countries, while the depreciation of the Pakistani Rupee, Indian Rupee and the Sri Lankan Rupee against the U.S. Dollar (REPORTER, Staff, 2012) made it less likely for the travelers located in such places to plan to visit countries, as expenditure on goods and services will be incurred in the appreciated currency of the destination country and will have to be supported by the depreciated home currency. This increased expenditure, especially in the times of an economic recession, is considered to be a luxury that needs to be overlooked, at least until…


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Staff a Warehouse During the Summer When
Words: 302 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 69910241
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staff a warehouse during the summer when there are employee shortages caused by higher than usual vacations and sick days. In the past, replacement works have been difficult to come by. Most likely causes include the low base pay of only $6 per hour with the necessity to pay union dues and purchase costly steel-toed boots and the requirement for these workers to be on-call for two shifts without any guarantee of minimum hours. For Reed to be more successful with staffing issues in the summer, he will need to take several steps to address these problems.

For starters, Blue Grocery Stores should consider an upward adjustment in hourly pay. Employers should expect to pay a premium for workers that are willing to be on call and that receive no benefits. Based on the current minimum wage, it appears that doubling the hourly rate to $12 would be reasonable.…

Family Decision Making During the
Words: 1190 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96729857
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To batter understand the mechanisms of decision making and purchase behavior within an adoptive family take the case of a nuclear family, formed from a 48 years old mother, a 51 years old father and an adopted 15 years old son. The mother is a clinical psychologist and the father is currently an out of work electrician. In this particular case:

big ticket purchases are generally decided by the mother, since she is the sole provider of the family; the father is charged with the family vacations food and toiletries are purchased on individual preference basically because the mother does not have enough time to cook group decisions are made in regard to the places where to dine out or electronic appliances to be purchased for the home the child's power of influence is revealed by his capability to research certain products and provide his mother with the required information…


Mann, a., Consumer Behavior - Family Purchasing Decisions Making Process, Ezine Articles, Retrieved at  February 8, 2008

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Sports and Conditioning Coach Becoming
Words: 1400 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 51867606
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Although the coach may not work out with the client every session, he or she may be called upon to demonstrate many of the moves and to assist the client, depending on the nature of the session and the client's needs. For some coaches, the 'best' part of work -- the involvement with people committed to fitness -- may also be the worst part, because their schedules may make it difficult to find time to work out alone. Even then, the coach may be so exhausted from helping others he does not have the motivation to condition himself. But this is vital, so the coach can assist clients in an injury-free fashion.

A typical 'day in the life' of a sports and conditioning coach will vary depending upon the coach's practice setting. A private trainer might get up at 5:30am to go to the house of a busy executive he…


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Family Trip it Seems Strange to Me
Words: 811 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54969919
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Family Trip

It seems strange to me, in retrospect, that I could have managed to reach the age of sixteen without having ever visited an amusement park. Of course, I was aware of places like the Epcot Center and Disneyland -- what American child isn't? But I grew up in a city that didn't have any local amusement parks, and my family didn't have a lot of extra money to spend on vacations. Instead, my parents saved up to send me to boarding school in Massachusetts. Living away from my parents and siblings was at times stressful, and required me to develop a great deal of independence. However, the road trip that we took to Bush Gardens in Virginia remains one of my fondest memories and marks a strong transition point between my adolescence and young adulthood.

When I returned home from school for the summer after my junior year,…

Riordan Japan Lord's Payer Riordan in Japan
Words: 2175 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19896075
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iordan Japan

Lord's Payer: iordan in Japan

Globalization has many different effects on the world, the nations within it, and the individual organizations and people that populate these nations. Many of the effects and challenges of globalization work in indirect ways, and these are the effects that are quite often areas of ethical concern when it comes to international business, however there are also many direct considerations that businesses must take into account when they are globalizing or engaging in any multinational/international endeavors. The day-to-day operations and the minute details of international business have immense legal and ethical implications that extend well beyond simply trying to conduct business in a way that benefits all organizations and nations involved. Careful consideration of even the most innocuous-seeming of business actions and transactions renders these complications strikingly clear.

Compensation for employees relocated to a foreign country is one of the issues that presents…


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Lincoln Park Zoo Grade Course Recreational Activities
Words: 3531 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15531864
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Lincoln Park Zoo

Grade Course

ecreational activities can be termed as a necessity for every individual despite his age, social status or society. A man with a 9 to 5 job would certainly prefer a vacation or a short weekend road trip. A housewife who is busy taking care of her children and dealing with the household chores all day long would long for a change. Similarly, children attending schools, tuitions and taking exam would prefer an entertainment to get a break from their routine life. This is because of the fact that humans often want change from their daily routine which builds up stress, work load, tensions and burden them up with worries. Consequently, it is not only their work or the responsibilities which are adversely affected, but their health and well being is also compromised. Therefore, although every man would want shelter, food and clothes for their living,…


Chen, L. (1997). The Effects of Color and Background Information on Children's Cognitive Learning. Journal of Visual Literacy. Vol. 17, no.2

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Lincoln Park Zoo. (2012). Zoo Families. A Magazine of Conservation and Education. Vol. 11, No.3

Cutting Costs at Ventacare Exercise
Words: 488 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 45251009
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The federal spending cuts that have severely impacted VentaCare's bottom line will not be rescinded until the budget deficit, debt ceiling, and sequester crises are resolved, and with at the current rate of political progress in Congress, the loss of financial support may as well be considered permanent. To that end, Allison should be exacting in her appraisal process, forgoing any concern over individual employee grievances in order to focus fully on returning VentaCare to economic viability.

3.) What are some benefits Allison should consider changing or eliminating? Why?

With federal law only mandating the provision of unpaid leave days in the event of vacation, holiday, or illness, Allison should consider amending VentaCare's benefit policy to provide each employee exactly one-half of their leave days to be paid, with the other half becoming unpaid leave days. The financial condition of the company means that Allison cannot abide the practice of…

Gertrude Stein the Gentle Lena the Most
Words: 3503 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51925347
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Gertrude Stein, The Gentle Lena

The most obvious thing about this story was that nothing really happened. At the start, continually reading about the "patient, gentle, sweet and german" Lena and her "peaceful life" I was expecting there to be some twist to the story, perhaps with Lena snapping and becoming something other than patient, gentle and sweet. However, this twist did not come, which is probably what makes the story work so well. It is a simple and sad story about a life lived without consequence. Having Lena resolve the situation in some way, would not be true to the story, since any action would mean Lena's life did have some meaning.

Overall, it is a story of a woman accepting her life without questioning it. Lena does not appear either content or happy, instead it is more like she is numb. This is emphasized by the fact that…

Sources of Personal Peace
Words: 1440 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18701262
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English Literature

Where and With Whom I Find Peace

It is very important for each individual to have and know a sense of peace during his/her life. Over the course of this paper, I will explain the places where I find peace and with which people I find peace in my life. There will be four areas of discussion in this paper. One place where I find place is in my church, or overall, with my relationship with my concept of God. I also find peace with my family. I, like many people, find peace with friends, especially during times of vacation and leisure. Finally, I find peace in the exercise and use of my imagination. A sense of peace is necessary for many reasons, especially in this modern world. Each person needs a way to unwind, relax, and reflect. The world can be very harsh and can make a…


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Microeconomic Environment Facing Herbert Chapman Look at
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microeconomic environment facing Herbert Chapman (look at the main competition, costs pressures etc.)

Chapman's problems are not so surprising given the fact that starting from 2009 more Britons preferred to stay home during the vacation than travel abroad. It is surprising that Chapman's competitor in fact reported business. Were Chapman to have concentrated on local tourism instead, he may have noted greater profit for companies such as the Association of British Travel Agents remarked that tourism had increased in Britain during January 2009 and that companies that were focusing on British tourism (namely local tour operators) were actually reporting profit.

In fact, research by VisitBritain, the tourism authority, indicated that 74 per cent of people were in fact actively working towards methods of cutting their expense and finding their relaxation at home as opposed to abroad..

Given other reports indicating that other companies have caught onto this trend and are…


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BBC News (4 March 2009 ) Tourism benefits from recession (Jun 29, 2011 ) Tourism Rebounding From Recession, UN Sees 5% Growth in 2011 

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Department Members My Minions I Just Received
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Department Members (My Minions): I just received the return figures from financing and development, and unfortunately there are some changes I need you all to make. First, I need you to insert all design specifications into the first of the two spreadsheets I've attached to this message. The function of this spreadsheet is to correlate data so that I can compare our product performance figures more easily. I'm tired of that process taking as long as it does. Second, I need you to record your time spent on each design project on the second spreadsheet attached to this message. This will enable me to compare how much time you spend on certain projects with the importance of that project towards meeting our quarterly goals. I want you all to spend more time on projects that actually further our quarterly goal, and I'd like for us to spend less time on…

Ethical Dilemmas Group an Office Worker Had
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Ethical Dilemmas


An office worker had a record of frequent absence. He used all his vacation and sick leave days and frequently requested additional leave without pay. His supervisor and co-workers expressed great frustration because his absenteeism caused bottlenecks in paperwork, created low morale in the office, and required others to do his work in addition to their own. On the other hand, he felt he was entitled to take his earned time and additional time off without pay. Was he right?

While the office worker has a legitimate reason to make use of his allotted vacation time, as this stipulation was likely agreed upon in his employment contract, choosing to request additional time off without pay presents a more complicated moral dilemma. In this case, the worker is technically entitled to take time off if he is not being compensated, but doing so necessarily affects his coworkers and…


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Federal Tax
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Employee Compensation Deduction

Tax Research Memorandum

Mr. Jones, President

From: Tax Accountant, CPA

Tax Treatment of Employee Compensation in Business Deductions


Mr. Jones is the President of a corporation owned by him and members of his family. Mr. Jones was paid $48,000 in salary and the corporation paid $12,000 in a pension plan contribution on Mr. Jones's behalf for the tax year. The IRS Agent claims that both the salary paid to Mr. Jones and the pension plan contribution must be taken into account to determine whether the total compensation is reasonable in amount. The corporation wants to know if the pension plan contribution must be taken into account in determining the total compensation reasonableness to Mr. Jones.


The issue is whether the pension plan contribution paid by the corporation must be included with Mr. Jones salary for the tax year to determine whether the total compensation was…

Tourist Motivations
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Tourist motivation is why a tourist will probably decide to select one particular location over some other as well as the characteristics that control that behavior. This is significant for the tourism industry and tourist specialist businesses for several factors. The particular tourist specialist should have awareness of the things that force the tourist to trigger the holiday and after that complement a location that matches together with the tourists traveling reasons (Page and Connell, 2012: pg 63,64). A great match might guarantee that the visitor will love the holiday as well as either return every year or arrange an additional trip with this specialist. The tourist specialist must also have details about tourist motivation to be able to promote particular destinations as well as layout suitable tourist deals. While on the surface tourist motivations may seem a very simple issue; however, a closer look reveals that things are not…


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Purdue Summer Program in Oxford
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Purdue Summer Program in Oxford

There are several reasons why I would like to participate in the Purdue six-week summer program being offered in Oxford England. While I am aware that not every student who wants to go to the summer program gets accepted, I feel that I would make a good candidate. Please allow me to take a few moments of your time to explain why I feel I should be selected, and what it would mean to me personally to be able to spend six weeks learning in England over the summer.

First, when I came to the United States from Taiwan seven years ago, it was quite a surprise. Everything was very different, but I learned to adapt to the new culture, and also to speak English very well. I am now fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese, which is my native language. Since I am…

Women in Business
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Entrepreneurial Titans - Mary Kay Ash and Anita oddick

From time immemorial, entrepreneurship has undeniably been a crucial part of human life. Entrepreneurship entails identifying and starting a business as well as organizing and sourcing the required resources to start the business venture. It also entails taking risks and rewards associated with some business ventures. Entrepreneurship may revitalize mature organizations or result in new firms in response to perceived business opportunity. This report will attempt to compare two entrepreneurial titans- Anita oddick and Mary Kay Ash as leaders and managers. Secondly, it will attempt to explain the achievements of both women. It will also evaluate various quotes made by the two women about their business ventures. I will then provide recommendations to both entrepreneurial titans concerning various business matters (igby, 2011).


First, oddick was an international businessperson, environmental campaigner and a human rights activist born in Britain. She was…


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Financial Analyst I Feel That
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The median wage for financial analysts was $73,150 excluding bonuses. The bottom ten percent in the profession earn less than $43,400 and the top ten percent earn over $141,070. Annual bonuses are very common in the industry and can account for a substantial portion of the total earnings (OOH, 2010). Benefit packages are typically very strong for financial analysts. Specific information for Miami-Dade County is unobtainable, but the city does have a small financial community that will allow for some career opportunity. Note that in Miami-Dade County, a working knowledge of Spanish is often a valuable asset if not an outright prerequisite for employment.

The salary range is determined largely by experience. The profession is hierarchical and junior financial analysts are expected to "pay their dues." Salary can also be impacted by the contacts that people make -- building a large network of contacts opens up better opportunities for skilled…

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Break Up Letter Dear I'm
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You were a blessing I will always be grateful for, and one I wish I knew how to reclaim and make a part of my journey through life again.

We didn't just have "our song," we had whole genres of music. There are some albums on my shelf that I can't really play anymore without growing despondent just thinking of you. There was never any boredom that crept into our many hurts together, but instead there was always laughter and excitement, not to mention passion. Even though we were together at work at the bar and together at home, we never seemed to get tired of each other or even really need a break from each other -- in fact, we took our breaks together, too, and our vacations -- remember our first Christmas at your parents house? Or the next year at mine? Even our families, crazy though they…

Tourism There Are Five Stages
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This answers the question of "what do we have to offer?' For example, Macau has a unique culinary culture that blends Chinese and Portuguese influences. These competencies can be identified by their presence as a minority of responses to the initial research, or through an internal analysis of the area's offerings.

The question of to whom something should be promoted can be answered through an examination of market segments. If Macau wishes to promote culinary tourism, for example, it can do research into the demographics and lifestyle factors of culinary travelers by examining their magazines and media, by examining the profile of current culinary travelers to Macau and by examining such travelers to more established culinary destinations, such as Singapore or Tokyo.

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2003 I Went on a
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I was touched by the dedication of the eldest brother to feed his siblings and by the way he ate last only after caring for them, and only if there was any food left after they ate. To me, it was depressing just to see; for them, it was their daily life. I gladly gave them two hundreds taka (about 3 dollars).

Even that experienced paled in comparison to what I saw in the homes of the poor. Millions of people in Bangladesh can't afford anything resembling what we here would consider a "house" by any stretch of the imagination. They live in huts made from straw and scraps of wood; there are no floors inside either, just the hard ground with a roof on top. Still, it is a place that provides a sanctuary from the filthy streets. Naturally, these huts are all blown away and flooded during the…

Grandfather My Grandpa Was a
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I felt a little said I couldn't take them all home and show them to Grandma, but that was soon overcome by feeling good about letting them go instead of being greedy and wasting nature's beautiful resources.

That just had to be one of the best days of my life because I still remember it with warmth in my heart, appreciation for what I learned, and a deep love for Grandpa for taking the time to teach me.

He saved my cousin Richard's life too. I was eight. Richard was twelve, and almost didn't make it to thirteen. It was Christmas vacation at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Arkansas. A heavy snow had fallen, and us kids were having an all-out snowball fight near the lake. Of course, Grandpa had warned us several times not to go near the lake, but, hey, we were kids and we were having fun,…

Resolution the Scenario for This
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The Policy does have some limitations, however, and in order for the Policy to maintain a strong foundation, arbitrators should not expand its reach into areas best left to courts of law. Unrestrained arbitration decisions based on good intentions have corrupted the Policy. By exercising a little restraint, ICANN's dispute resolution providers can still save a good policy and allow the appropriate cases to be heard by courts of law (509)."

In other words, Stewart is suggesting that going for arbitration is the quick fix, and that the quick fix absent the law as applied by those best qualified to interpret and apply the law, might perhaps result in one party not receiving the fullest benefit of the law. It is a good point, but not a point that applies to cases that are so simple in nature as is Tom and Sue's. Also, if taking a court action can…

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American Horror if There Was
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On their way the group picks up a hitchhiker who seems to be visibly sick from the heat and possibly crazy. However, the hitchhiker goes on to torment and violently threaten the group, so they leave him on the side of the road.

Once the group finally reaches the house, Kirk and Pam go and search for an old childhood swimming hole. When they reach the location, they find that its dried up but, hearing the sound of a nearby generator, the two go to a nearby farmhouse to see who is around. Kirk goes inside where he encounters Leatherface and becomes the villains first victim by way of a sledgehammer. Pam goes in to see what is taking Kirk so long and she too is killed by Leatherface by being hung onto a meathook.

Night soon approaches and the remaining friends begin to worry about Pam and Kirk. Jerry…


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Social Media Travel and Tourism
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This focus on the positive benefits of consumer word of mouth behaviour is a natural tendency. I certainly like to think that positive comments have a greater impact on my decisions than negative comments. In fact, the respondents to the survey reported that the two factors that had the biggest impact on their airline choices were comparison-shopping on the Internet (38%) and personal recommendations from an acquaintance on Facebook or Twitter (42%). but, although personal recommendations have a clear impact on choices, the question is whether positive comments have a greater impact than negative comments. This distinction has not yet been made with regard to word of mouth marketing effects. The U.S. national election in 2004 was viewed by many as the most negative in recent memory (Johnson, 2011). Why would hard-nosed politicians with limited budgets invest so much in negative advertising if positive comments had greater impact on behaviour?…


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Consumer Borrowing
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Consumer Borrowing -- Spending an Economy Out of a Recession

The 'answer' provided by consumer borrowing and spending during recessions and even depressions revolves around the classical, microeconomics 'answer' to what seems like an economics paradox. Namely, how does one stimulate the economy into a state of recovery, when one is faced with consumers who have less money to spend on basic goods? Consumers who may be unemployed are understandably cautions about their economic future, so how does one 'give' them money to spend and encourage producers to produce.

Neo-classical or naturalistic theories of economics have tended to stress the need for the Federal Reserve Bank to lower the interest rate. This makes it cheaper for consumers to borrow money from banks, less punitive for consumers to use their credit cards to make purchases with money they do not have at the moment, and it also gives consumers an incentive…

Fairmont Hotel
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Fairmont Hotel


Few hotels in the world can rival the majesty, grandeur, and service of The Fairmont Green Ridge. A blend of charming New England tradition and classic opulence, the resort has become a symbol of all that Vermont offers at its very best. Hike or ski a majestic mountain, explore the local breweries, enjoy a wine tasting in one of our world-renown restaurants; whatever you do at Green Ridge, you will enjoy the quiet pampering of a world-class resort.

The resort is replete with top of the line recreational activities to suit the enthusiast in anyone. The golf course, a Stanley Thompson 18, is frequented by the masters but offers special learning seminars for even the youngest golfer in your midst. In the winter wonderland that is Burlington, ski resorts abound, and our own private stretch will make you feel at home regardless of your ability. Let our…

Business Is Quality Free I
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Price is important, but quality is just as important and it is nearly impossible to build quality products without some increase in price.

High-quality services follow the same principle. Using another example, the impeccably trained staff at the Ritz Carlton Hotel chain provides customer service nearly all true service-oriented companies try to copy. Even the name, the "Ritz" is synonymous with high quality living and opulent service. This is why the chain's hotels are able to charge 200% higher rates than the average vacation resort. The entire Ritz Carlton experience is high-class and high quality, and its customers expect to pay more for this type of luxurious service and surroundings. That is another excellent measure of high quality goods and services. Consumers usually expect to pay more for these goods and services, and they do. High price is not necessarily an indication of high quality, but the best quality goods…