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Work Breakdown Essays (Examples)

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Charter and WBS Work Break Breakdown for
Words: 1331 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49019493
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charter and WBS (work break breakdown) for a new project that G-Tech is intending to implement. The G-Tech is an organization that focuses on managing and building a data warehouse for small, medium and large organization. In the last few years, the company has recorded a tremendous growth and the current information systems that the company is using for its services are no more adequate to meet customer demands. Thus, the company has decided to expand and increase the capacity of its current information systems. The next section provides the project chart for the new IT project.


Project Charter


Project Title


Success Criteria & Expected Benefits


Major Deliverables

Acceptance Criteria

Milestone Schedule

Approval Requirements

Project Manager

Reporting Requirements

Authorized by Project Title

Acquisition and Expansion of G-Tech IT 2014


The goal of this project is to carry out the acquisition and expansion…

Project Management the Work of
Words: 1138 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 61534517
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Rather, the issue needs to be seen from all angles to truly evaluate the needs and responses to these risks as they are identified.

a. List the potential threats and uncertainties associated with staging the Rock 'n'

Reggae concert using the information contained in this case description.

Threats will include drunken or otherwise inebriated fans, accidental fires (especially from electricity or smoking). Also, acts of God such as weather disasters must be factored in.

b. As noted in the scenario, the capacity of the stadium is 8000. Similar sized concert data were referenced in preparation for that given year in the United States. Deaths should considered to give an adequate barometer for preparation for a worst case scenario (Upton, 2004) .

In an international study that the team used in preparation for this project, 136 hundred and thirty-six victims died in 29 separate incidents that occurred in 20 different countries/territories:…

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Statement of Work
Words: 2209 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13409298
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Due process is a pivotal aspect of personnel management, particularly within the public school environment in which I am currently employed at a middle school in Brooklyn, New York. This issue is oftentimes complicated by current tenure laws within the State of New York, a number of which have recently come under intense public scrutiny. This document will explore the nature of due process and some of the legislation relating to tenured and non-tenured individuals within New York through the means of a case study. The case study is applicable to anywhere, yet will be examined within this document as though these people and events took place at the aforementioned school at which I am employed. The crux of the case study is that I am a principal at this learning institution in which there is an effective, yet somewhat rogue teacher who is accused by the parents of a…


The Project Management Institute. (2004). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. Newton Square: The Project Management Institute.

Breakdown in EMS Procedures
Words: 671 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40955475
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Emergency Medical Services System

The components of an EMS system that are necessary to provide high levels of efficiency on metrics such as clinical excellence, response time reliability, economic efficiency and customer satisfaction can be thought of in terms of resources. However, there are a variety of different forms of resources that must work in unison for excellence, reliability, and efficiency to be achieved. For example, even with state of the art facilities and equipment on the forefront of technological development, these resources are virtually worthless without a human resource component that talented, well-trained, and sufficiently experienced to operate the physical resources contained within the system. Too build loyal community relationships an organization must look beyond a "short-term" perspective (Chapter 5, p. 75). Communities must make long-term investments in their public health needs; especially since EMS management strategies, such as the Public Utility Model, can be difficult to successfully orchestrate…


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Theory on Work and Management
Words: 1415 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68822701
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Work and Management

AND Management

The objective of this study is to compare House's Path-Goal theory of leadership with the Situational Leadership model. This study will make provision of an example or application of the two theories utilizing the writer's work situation.

This study will describe the leadership styled utilized by the writer's boss or other CEO or high level personnel in the work organization. For part two of this study examined is how causes of conflict can be found in the organizational and personal characteristics of those involved in the conflict.

This study will answer as to the similar organizational and personal factors and provide examples using the organization the writer is most familiar with.

For part three of this study, Chapter 17 on Career Management will be examined and the following questions answered: (1) What aspects of9 the New vs. Old Career Paradigms can you relate to your…


Free Personality Test (2014) 16 Personalities. Retrieved from:  Basu, C. (2014) Difference Between Situational Leadership & Path Leadership Theories. Small Business Chronicle. Retrieved from: 

Chapter 17: Career Management (pp. 278-0) Career Management: Chapter Objectives, 2007 Cengage Learning Inc.

Promoting ESL in Work-Based Learning
Words: 8696 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24782649
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Learning that is imparted through an educational institution or training company within the workplace setting in known as Work-based learning (WL). WL is administered by an external teacher in professional capacity and supervised by an employee of the company where WL is imparted. An exhaustive literature review indicates that it was only after Moser report's shocking revelations, regarding lack of literacy, language, and numeracy skills in one out every five adults in ritain that U.K took expedited policy actions to introduce WL. WL is relevant for all adult and young learners and more pertinent for instruction of English as a second language (ESL). Since medium of interaction and business transactions in U.K is English, instruction of ESL is essential for empowering vast percentage of population that does not have requisite skills to compete in labor market due to lack of language skills. Increased use of computers and multimedia in teaching…


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Leadership and Communication Issues at Work
Words: 1006 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77774970
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Interviewing HR Manager

When interviewing the HR manager Ahmed Al-Salim, who works at a well-known bank in Kuwait, I addressed three specific questions to him regarding communication breakdowns. Because communication is really key to a strong HR department, I wanted to see how well he responded to breakdowns in communication among the topic areas of internal politics, decisions making and leadership. Specifically, I asked: How do communication breakdowns in these areas influence the manager's ability to function effectively in the job.

Regarding breakdowns in communication pertaining to internal politics, he responded: Internal politics is inevitable at any workplace, regardless of the culture. People will try to jockey for position, will try to curry favor, will be upset about some policy, or will want a co-worker or boss to be either rewarded or censored for various reasons. When two individuals cannot find a common ground or fail to see the other's…

Nursing and Health Breakdown Pre-Operative
Words: 1497 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 9327391
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(Sussman and Bates-Jensen, 2007)

Assessment data is reported to enable the clear communication among clinicians about the wound and in making the provision for "continuity in the plan of care" as well as allowing for "evaluation of treatment modalities." (Sussman and Bates-Jensen, 2007) Wounds that are classified as red, yellow and black are those that require examination of deep tissue involvement. (Sussman and Bates-Jensen, 2007) The wound must be monitored during the healing process since monitoring provides the means of "checking the wound on a regular and frequent basis for "signs and symptoms that should trigger a full reassessment, such as increased wound exudate or bruising of the adjacent or periwound skin. Included in monitoring is the "gross evaluation for signs and symptoms of wound complications, such as erthema (change in color) or periwound skin and pus, which is indicative of infection." (Sussman and Bates-Jensen, 2007) Included as well should…


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Internship Involved a Breakdown in
Words: 806 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 47305028
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This particular problem also reflects certain issues with the organizational culture that existed at the institution, which in turn pointed to problems in the perceived value chain in operation due to the relationship that has been noted between the culture and value (Griffin & Moorehead 2009). Though value creation is often viewed in terms of competition, all value is ultimately derived from internal actions and efficiencies, and is eroded by inefficiencies; the cultural attitude that the soiled sheets were simply "not my problem" in the opinion of the aides created an inefficiency and so eroded value (Alkhafaji 2003). This attitude also ran directly counter to the policy of collective and individual responsibility.

The solution to this problem was very straightforward and simple following the identification of the primary problem (or weakness) of the strategy that had been implemented for dealing with the soiled bed sheets. Establishing accountability and restoring the…


Alkhafaji, a. (2003). Strategic management. Binghamton, NY: Haworth.

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Popular Film and a Work of Art
Words: 681 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51162225
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popular film and a work of art? It is often said that popular films simply recycle cliches while works of art show audiences new ways of looking at the world. This is particularly true in regards to gender. Popular films recycle conventional narratives about women pining for love, about the sexually voracious men who cannot commit, and women who patiently bear their husband's or lover's adultery. However, three groundbreaking films -- She's Gotta Have It (1986) directed by Spike Lee, Vagabond (1985) directed by Agnes Varda, and omen on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988) directed by Pedro Almodovar -- invert rather than restate such cinematic stereotypes.

Spike Lee's film She's Gotta Have It has often been called a feminist film. The central protagonist, Nola Darling, wants a sexually independent lifestyle despite the pressures to commit from the men in her life. Nola is pursued by three men: the…

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Sociology of Work
Words: 2225 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 72811523
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Sociology of Work


Max Weber advocated a management system, which would replace the influence of tradition and personal connection with clearly defined roles independent of those who occupied them. It was the need of his time when he and fellow theorists sought ways of increasing efficiency in production. Machines were then taking over the workload of many industries and people's lives, necessitating an immortal organization. He believed that a hierarchy had to be established to get things done. With the help of his contemporary Henry Ford, the concept of specialization was incorporated into system. Weber firmly believed it would increase efficiency of production. Strong rules and regulations must be set to keep tight control by management ranks. The bureaucratic organizational structure has been handed down to the present time with mixed effects. It has enabled governments and corporations to assert and exert power and to project power in…


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Dokuz Eylul Universitesi. Retrieved on November 27, 2012 from

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Economics. Retrieved on November 27, 2012 from

Conflicts and Communication at the Work Place
Words: 1155 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33177425
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Conflicts and Communication at the Work Place

Historical ecords

a) The conflict scenario as narrated in Case 10-2 has the following key elements that were important to analyze before an actual model for conflict resolution was taken:

The cause of the conflict provided in the scenario would have been the first element to be considered before any conclusions were jumped at by the conflict resolver. The paramount mode this could have been done was through giving an ear to each of the parties involved in the conflict, in this case, eese and Patel. This element would have ensured that the conflict was entirely solved other than the temporal act just to fulfill the company's and boss' objective (Borisoff, 1997).

The extent of conflict was supposed to be analyzed to help the resolver know the intensity of conflict resolution to be applied.

Time pressure for the defined job was an influence…


Boin, F. (2009, April 2). The Power of Technology in Marketing. Retrieved from 

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Strategies. New York: Prentice Hall.

Resolving Various Issues Relating to Social Work
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 60778277
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Social Work

Scenario One; Mr. K

M.K Elements

My Life is a train Wreck

I can't sleep at night

I can't do my work

I think my boss is getting tired of my mistakes

I also forgotten to pay my some of my bills

Creditors are calling the time

The Chief Reason: My Life is a train Wreck

Rationale- Thinking

Mr. K, I have heard about your story and I regret what you and your wife had to experience. I do not consider divorce as a fruitful option, especially if the culprits are not prepared for their outcomes. However, with a close analysis, you should rethink about your life, especially in relation to your mental health. Based on the synopsis you have been having about your social and economic life, you will agree with me that you might need to change the way you view life.


From my understanding,…

Communication Breakdowns in Communication the
Words: 688 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43136395
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Now I realize that we both ignored feedback because of our anger. I was angry I couldn't do what I wanted to do, and my mother was angry that I was not doing what I was told. We did not have a meaningful dialogue, and I never asked why she wanted me home by a certain time. She never told me, either. Today, I would have asked her why she wanted me home earlier than I thought I should be home, and I would give her my reasons for wanting to stay out later. We did not use feedback effectively; we let our emotions rule instead.

Finally, I'm remembering a conversation I had with a friend that totally broke down. We were just hanging out, talking about stuff, and I said something that he misconstrued. I didn't realize it at the time, and did not realize I had offended him.…

Social Media Survey Breakdown Social
Words: 659 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 94685709
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This is thus a correlational research measure, which aims to show a correlation between increases in marketing potential with increased use of social networking platforms for SMEs of various industries. The research will use the coding methods of grounded theory in order to extrapolate meaning from open ended survey responses. External validity will be assured through the number of SMEs included in the survey to ensure that results represent a shared consensus.

The type of research you are doing (casual or correlational) -- address measures about external validity

Social networking has such potential for SME business strategies. With this in mind, it is the general hypothesis of the research that social networking would prove to benefit SME marketing strategies enormously. This cost effective measure will allow SMEs to strengthen their marketing techniques to such an extent that they will be able to compete with larger enterprise businesses.

There are a…

Social Work Assessment of Children and Families
Words: 3531 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61297674
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UK Children and Families

Homeless families are generally defined as adults with dependent children who are briefly accommodated by voluntary agency, local authority or housing association hostels in the United Kingdom (Vostanis 2002). They are taken in from a few days or several months, often four to six weeks and generally provided with bread and breakfast. Although this broad definition does not include children who have lost homes and live with friends and relatives, it is estimated that there are 140,000 such displaced families in the UK today. The average family consists of a single mother and at least two children. Trends show that these families become homeless again within a year from being housed by agencies. Domestic violence and harassment from the neighborhood are the most frequent cause behind their homelessness. The volume of homeless refugee families among them has dwindled in the late 90s, mostly confined in the…


1. Harrisona C. et al. (2001). Who is failing abused and neglected children? Archives of Disease in Childhood. 

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Financial Funding System for Amtrak Doesn't Work
Words: 1269 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28376979
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financial funding system for Amtrak doesn't work and what can be done about it.

Review current materials on the issue.

Amtrak is doomed to failure, even with government subsidies if it does not improve service, become more efficient and find ways to increase revenue not just rider-ship.


Congress initially created Amtrak in 1970 as a for-profit organization, offering national rail service. It was signed into existence in 1971 and to date has never produced a profit. In 1997, Congress's Amtrak Reform and Accountability Act stipulated that the rail system had to achieve operational sufficiency by the end of 2002 and prohibits Amtrak from using any federal funds for operating expenses after fiscal 2002.

Rail travel has a lot of benefits to offer passengers who do not want to endure the hassles of flying or some of the negative effects of long flights. Rail travel is more comfortable and provides…


Amtrak Funding Brighter. www.UTENEWS/webpaper.com1999

The Amtrak Funding Scandal. 28, 2002.

Joseph Vranich. Edward L. Hudgins. "Help Passenger Rail by Privatizing Amtrak." Policy Analysis. Nov. 2001.

200 Million in Supplemental Funding for Amtrak. 2002.

Male-Female Relations Are Wrought With
Words: 1555 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74207325
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Many of Hemingway's men turn to the drink. The men in "Out of Season" and "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife" exhibit thinly-veiled aggression.

Masculinity is an especially problematic subject for Hemingway. On the one hand, masculinity is a sign of health and success. Pedro Romero in the Sun Also Rises would represent the healthy type of masculinity. Interestingly, however, Hemingway implies that women sap the natural and positive masculinity from men. Brett claims leaving Romero specifically so that she would not hinder his potency, which he should channel into his bullfighting. The idea that women sap the potency of men is common in of Hemingway's stories. For instance, Mr. Elliot built up his male potency through years of celibacy, only to lose his manliness to marriage and the bottle. Marriage seems especially poisonous for male-female relationships largely because marriage enforces traditional gender roles that place the male in a…

Sociology- Social Work Aboriginal Social Work Why
Words: 650 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76217792
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Sociology- Social Work

Aboriginal Social Work

Why does Judge Murray Sinclair note that the legal concept of innocence/guilt is not granted by Aboriginal societies as it is in the Canadian Justice System?

In Aboriginal communities, guilt is typically secondary to the main issue: the main concern is that something is erroneous and it has to be corrected. Since the main purpose is the reinstatement of accord rather than the imposition of reprimand, the accused is more likely to confess bad behavior. Judge Sinclair proposes that possibly this explicates why so many Aboriginal people plead guilty when in court. The Canadian criminal justice system is founded on Euro-Canadian principles and, as a consequence, frequently clashes with Aboriginal values. High levels of imprisonment, augmented focus from law enforcement, language hurdles, conflicting values and theoretical frameworks concerning crime and punishment, as well as certain issues faced by youth, all add to the breakdown…


Family Violence. (1996). Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, vol. 3,

Gathering Strength. Minister of Supply and Services, Canada.ISBN: 0-660-16415 -- 9.

Stolen Sisters: A Human Rights Response to Discrimination and Violence Against Indegenous

Women. (2004). Retrieved from

Shakespeare Used Music in His Works William
Words: 1098 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2626142
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Shakespeare used Music in his orks

illiam Shakespeare (1564-1616), English playwright and poet, is recognized all over the world as the greatest dramatist of all times. His plays have been performed more times than those of any other dramatist and have been translated in almost every major language. (Kastan) hile many aspects of Shakespeare's plays have been discussed and analyzed, it is perhaps not so widely known that music has also played an important role in many of his plays. In this paper we shall review the historical background of music in the Shakespearian era and discuss how and why music was used in Shakespeare's works. The type of music used by the playwright as well as some examples of music in specific plays shall also be described.

Historical Background of Music in the Shakespearian Era

The 16th century in which Shakespeare was born was a period when England was…

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Social Work a Practice Framework
Words: 2826 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 47164383
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This drives a value system that makes our work preventative by one intent. ith a clear understanding that some intervention will require a removal of the child from his or her parents' care, the value of family togetherness will direct the strategy of community involvement on the part of the agency.

Specialised knowledge:

The practice framework is guided by specialized knowledge on the patterns and trends dominating the landscape of abuse cases. The breakdown of major abuse categories reported by Bromfield & Horsfall finds that 39% of abuse cases are of the emotional abuse category, 29% in the category of neglect, 22% in the category of physical abuse and 10% in the category of sexual abuse. (p. 3)

Moreover, a major thrust of the report by Bromfield & Horsfall is that reports of all types of cases are on the rise, but also attributes this to certain realities including the…

Works Cited:

BBC News. (20009). Australia 'Sorry' for Child Abuse.

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Department for Child Protection (DCP). (2010). Homepage. Government of Western Australia. Online at

Early Childhood Australia (ECA). (2006). Statistics Show Child Abuse in Australia is Getting Worse. Early

TPS Book Review the Work
Words: 1440 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59534525
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Chapter four discusses the enduring genealogy of the TPS by discussing once again its history and the principles behind the movement, autonomation (an emphasis on the people of the organization and how they interact with the machines they use and "just-in-time" the practice of productivity through the kanban system as well as by explaining the internal and external factors that surrounded the model. The chapter places Toyota in the global context analyzing how its own practices were regarded and spread through the industry and how Toyota responded to this with strength and character. The emphasis on quality is also stresses as a lead in to the next chapter.

Chapter five is a comparison of the TPS to the mass production (Ford) model of production. The chapter discusses the fact that quantity should not be the goal of production, but quality and this should be the focus at every stage of…


Dosi, G., Nelson, R.R., & Winter, S. (Eds.). (2001). The Nature and Dynamics of Organizational Capabilities. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.

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New York, NY: Productivity Press.

Supervision in Social Work the Main Premise
Words: 2869 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24315610
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Supervision in Social Work

The main premise of the social work setting is support. This concerns that social workers provide clients with the means that they need to continue their lives in with as much autonomy as possible. The challenge that many social workers face today is obtaining sufficient support to accomplish their goals in a way that would benefit both the profession, the agency with which they are associated, and the individuals they serve. One way to meet this challenge is by means of supervision. Professional supervision means that social workers are monitored in their work with clients to ensure the quality and effectiveness of this work. One manifestation of supervision is its use in the educational setting, where final year students are provided with the opportunity to be supervised by experts in the field to help them perfect their art and work before entering the profession as graduated…


British Association of Social Workers (BASW) (2011). Survey finds social work employers risking safe practice. Retrieved from: 

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Women's Work Man Works From
Words: 1060 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48379415
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Women organized themselves into small teams formed along friendship and interest lines, and split the chores among them" (p. 69).

Fatima describes the women's gardens. The men's garden was quiet and formal. But in the women's garden, "each co-wife claimed her own little plot of land which she declared to be her garden, where she raised vegetables, hens, ducks, and peacocks" (p. 50). The women's gardens bustled with activity. Gardening was the favorite work of Fatima's grandmother, Yasmina, whose apartment was simple because she didn't "care about all that, as long as she could...have enough space to experiment with trees and flowers, and raise all kinds of ducks and peacocks" (p. 50) Yasmina also "took care of Tamou when she was sick..." Tamou had a nervous breakdown (actually, post-stress disorder) after her family was killed in the war. Yasmina "cared for her for months until she recovered" (p. 52).


Women at Work What Causes Lack of Respect in the Workplace
Words: 11362 Length: 34 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95015545
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gender roles in the workplace pre-exist much of what we think defines what work really is; not only do they pre-exist the modern working world of offices and factories, but they also seems older than more basic things, like writing and currency. From the world of the Tasaday tribe in the Philippines to that of such fields as genetic engineering and astrophysics, men and women are compelled to function within the workforce in different ways. In the United States, women dominate fields such as nursing, teaching, and clerical positions, while fields like engineering, programming and accounting are thought to be the domain of men. Some positions, such as those of flight attendants and nurses, are considered so intrinsically "female" that many men refuse to enter these fields for fear that others will question their sexual preference. Other more coveted positions, such as that of the CEO of a large company,…


Last chapter to include a section for reflection-comments on the research process and, explanation of what I have learned while doing research. Research project must have practical impact on an organization. Purely academic studies are not acceptable. Need to establish measurable objectives.

This action research project is the final component in my degree program.

Women at Work: What causes lack respect towards women in the workplace.

Code of Ethics Breakdowns Which
Words: 792 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79288055
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In order to truly be judged by his/her peers, a physician in an outlying area like Redding should be periodically visited by others to evaluate outcomes.

It is clear that Tenet's top management failed its ethical responsibilities in two ways: (1) they failed to reinforce the ethical guidelines central to any hospital or medical management group, and (2) they failed to monitor the performance of their institutions to insure that they were ethically compliant.

How Individual's Professional Conduct is Guided or Not Guided by the Code of Ethics.

Individuals in the medical profession take an oath to conduct themselves in an ethical manner. Nurses have a 9-point oath, which is fairly far-reaching. Physicians' oaths are shorter, but no less binding. Since each profession (this includes firemen, lawyers and accountants, not just healthcare professionals) has an important 'self-policing' element, the primary enforcer of ethical conduct is the professional his/herself.

As we…


City Data. (2007). Redding, California. Retrieved August 10, 2007, from City-Data: 

Weintraub, a. (2002, November 25). A Scandal-Ridden Tenet Stands by Its Man. Business Week, p. n.p.

Wynne, M. (2003, July). Tenet Healthcare, Scandal in General Hospitals. Retrieved August 10, 2007, from U. Of Washington: 

There are about 2 million angioplasties done in the U.S. each year. Given Redding's size, that means that about 1,500 angioplasties per year should be performed in that town. In fact, over 7,000 were performed per year.

Important Psychologist Kurt Lewin and His Work
Words: 1060 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77193609
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Lewin and the Personality

Kurt Lewin was a Jewish psychologist from Prussia, who immigrated to America following Hitler's rise to power in Germany. There Lewin developed what later became known as "sensitivity training" in America (Lasch-Quinn, 2001). This area of expertise allowed Lewin to focus his attention on subjects with extra attention and care and it was this insightulness into how personalities are shaped that helped him to realize that humans are shaped by a complex interaction of both nature and nurture and not simply one over the other. What Lewin realized was that humans are born with natural predispositions (personalities) but that those predispositions are also affected and influenced by the environment in which one is born and raised. So there is an interplay between the two.

This idea of Lewin's originate in, and is what also gave him the ability to write, A Dynamic Theory of Personality, which…


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Types of Negotiations and Breakdowns in Negotiations
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United Nations is a wonder test case of what can happen when it comes to negotiations and how they can go sour. The impasses and what leads to the same, just to use one example, is something that is very unique, fluid and dynamic (and sometimes predictable) when it comes to the United Nations. A particular bill or consideration that is emblematic of all of this is the recent environmental program that is being considered. The United States, one of the countries with veto power, refuses to sign on due to perceived favoring and helping of developing nations while concurrently perceived harm to advanced nations like the United States. The paradigm related to that as well as the general precepts and concepts of negotiating will be covered in this report.

Facets of Negotiation

Although the available and allowed for negotiation methods vary, there are differing types of negotiating that might…


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Paideia Proposal in a Work
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(p. 55-56)

The educational system up to this point, very likely to continue in the future, has swung back and forth between these two philosophies (individualist and essentialist) in a pendulum effect, as educators seek to engender interest for knowledge in the student. Interestingly the application of the core principles in the Paideia Proposal can be applied to both swings of the pendulum as it demands that the core subjects be taught and demonstrated in a manner that meet individuals greatest possible abilities through presentation hands on and demonstration of learning, that is essential to the proposal. Each student is demonstrating his or her learning through the creation of presentations and/or projects that require analysis outside the classroom. For this to be effective many essential elements must come into play. Educators, in a broader sense, must view and critique the works of students, parents must be actively involved in critiques…


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Understanding the Integrated Communications Systems
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Toyota Weekend Festival Event

State the goal, key objective(s) and sub-objectives for your launch event. Explain why you have chosen these objectives.

The primary goal of the launch event is to generate excitement through media coverage, consumer awareness, and influencer outreach in Australia about the new Toyota Hybrid Cruiser that has been designed and built specifically for Australian conditions. The key objectives and sub-objectives for the launch event include the following:

Provide an enthusiastic welcome to the visiting dignitaries and VIPs from Japan;

Ensure that entertaining and interesting activities for important corporate attendees and their families are ongoing throughout the weekend;

Ensure event staff are well-versed in and follow protocol appropriate for visitors from Japan;

Generate confidence in the event management team by creating a good show.

Provide opportunity for the Australian public to become aware of the new Toyota Hybrid Cruiser;

Create a memorable and motivational promotional event for…

Resources 12

Questions 1 & 2

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Project Management of the Wedding
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It is essential to determine the critical path and shortest and long paths based on the allocated time.

The network diagram for the wedding planning project also provides an understanding about the activities in the sequence they are required to be performed. It is observed that family task is preceded with invitations Lists and on the basis of this activity invitations are posted. The booking of the ceremony is also completed after this activity. On the other hand the wedding activity has two preceding activities including place finalizations and dress selection and rings, which is followed by the floral and decor as well as honeymoon. The finalization of place leads to appointment for ceremony and venue selection, leading towards the final weeding as finish of the activities.



nvitations List



Venue Selection


for Ceremony

Finalization of Place

Invitations Postage

Dresses and Rings


Honey Moon


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Project Management Scope Management Small LAN's Inc
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Project Management

Scope Management

Small LAN's Inc. installed a Local Area Network at the new Spring Academy Childcare Center. The project came in a few weeks late becaue of a failure in the planning procees and the overall partner's communications. "In directing the intent of the project, the plan must clearly identify the project objectives, goals, and any special influences or constraints on the project scope." (Stuckenbruck, 100) In order to compete in the twenty first century, Small LAN's Inc. turned in a rather low bid to acquire this work and with today's tighter corporate budgets and reduced resources, Spring Academy Childcare Center accepted.

For this particular project, the project scope consisted of Small LAN's Inc. taking the lead in purchasing all necessary equipment and then professionally installing an entire network over the course of twenty three days. The project had a start date of May 17, 2002. The deadline…

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Project Management the Project Selected for This
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Project Management

The project selected for this study is the opening of a new restaurant in New York City. This restaurant will be named: "Home Grown." It will be fashioned after the restaurant-creation in the television program "Fifteen" in the U.K. Food Network, a cable television channel has decided to open the restaurant by hiring fifteen trainees. The trainees will be taught all the requisite skills to chefs. Along with that they will also be able to assess the related needs of the restaurant industry. Jamie Oliver, the mastermind behind "Fifteen" in the U.K. has been selected to head this project along with his sous-chef who would be monitor the daily operations in NY City. The restaurant is to open on Christmas Eve, 2004 and it is hoped that it will be a success. Food Network has a budget of ten million dollars earmarked for this project. Any profits from…


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Project Management Jim and Julia
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The floors are a wild card -- worn carpets are unhealthy for children but if they are replaced too soon they will be in rough shape by the time the couple wishes to sell the home. Thus, they may need to deal with the floors twice -- once before having children and then again when they wish to sell.

The Work Breakdown Schedule takes into consideration the different functional groupings of the activities. There are a handful of stakeholders to be considered as well, such as children, inspectors (for plumbing and electrical work) and these are noted in the WBS where appropriate. This is important, because some of the work can be done without professional help, while other tasks require it. Within the category of kitchen work, for example, the cabinets can be installed without professional assistance but the dishwasher and garbage disposal will require the services of a plumber.…

Electronic Database for Records Medical Division
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Medical Affairs Department: Implementing Electronic Database Record Keeping

Feasibility Analysis:

This project is very feasible as it is a standard updating of record keeping procedures from manual to electronic database -- which is common practice among most records departments today. There is nothing exceptional or impractical about this project and it can be accomplished with relatively little cost, little time devoted to the transition, and few risks.

Technical Feasibility: The project is technically feasible and depends only upon the assistance of the IT division and the training staff/support system to help in the going-online phase of the transition. The database technology is standard for the industry and will be easily obtained and implemented.

Economic Feasibility: The project is economically feasible with systems ranging from low-cost to higher-end or premium packages. A medium-range database system will be sufficient for this project and is within the budget of the Department and can…

Restoration Project Office Renovation Project Main Descriptions
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Restoration Project

Office Renovation Project

Main Descriptions, Analysis and Evaluation of the Project

Activities Discussion

Project Activity Schedule

Risk Planning

Scope Creep

This project involves the renovation of a new office headquarters for Acme Project Consultants. The company has grown fast due to their expertise in project management consulting. The company has various divisions which handle various types of projects, such as IT projects and construction projects, and a growing staff of professionals who can manage a wide array of various requirements. The company has decided to purchase an older building in a great location and renovate the existing building to suit their growing needs. It was found that this renovation project should be scheduled for 347 working days. The project will begin on the last day of March, 2012 and its expected completion date is 7/30/2013. Thus the project is expected to take roughly sixteen months from beginning to…

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Project Management Project Schedule to Develop a
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Project Management

Project Schedule

To develop a schedule for a project, we will use the concept of a project network, which shows work activities taken from the work breakdown structure and organized according to the logical flow in time and relationships governing when the work will be performed.

Combining this network of work activities with estimates of the time duration for performing each of the activities, create a schedule for the project work.

When planning a project, one of the key steps is to develop a work breakdown structure for the project. This lets the project team know all the steps necessary to complete the project. Each activity can be broken down into a time estimate and then these can be compiled in an overall project schedule. Some of the activities can be completed at the same time while others will have to be finished before the next activity can…

Project Management There Are Several
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The culture is fantastic, and very distinctive. The county has a blend of Portuguese and African influences. Cape Verdean music is well-known in world music circles and we feel there is tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the richness of Cape Verdean culture. There is a large Cape Verdean diaspora that lends additional nuance to the culture.

The infrastructure is still relatively poor, but has been improving in recent years. There is not much paved road, although the roads to our location from the capital and its airport will be paved. The airport at Praia is brand new, having just been opened five years ago, overcoming a major infrastructure hurdle. The main problem we have now is that most of the flights are domestic -- the only international ones are from Lisbon, Boston and some African cities. e need to see more European flights to that airport if we are to…

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Marketing Plan

Project Management Review the Lessons Learned Section
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Project Management

Review the "Lessons Learned" section of the project risk diagram. Describe how the Lessons Learned activity helps you become a stronger project manager, who else it helps in the project team and also describe how it helps PMO. 200 words

Documenting the lessons learned is one of the most important aspects of the closure phase of the project. It is important to an individual project manager because they can reflect on their performance and find areas for improvement. A project manager, with the assistance of their team and supervisors, can find areas in their management capacity in which they can work on for future improvements. They can also make note of things that went right so that they can recreate those items in the future. For instance, if a change management procedure or a communication medium worked well then the project manager will know to use these in…

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Managing Projects Operations and Information
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The performance of each team member depends on the performance of all others, this being a team project. Constraints include time and financial resources; as such improvement requires permanent improvement effort.

isk Management. No risk has been identified related to the project's completion.

Monitoring and Controlling Mechanisms. The data analysts will develop a metric system to measure each member's performance on a weekly basis. This weekly performance will be submitted to the project manager for potential adjustments.

V. Operations management plan

Operations Strategy. An easy way to understand the meaning of operations strategy is to break the word into the two separate words: operations and strategy - these words being the opposite of each other (Slack & Lewis, 2002). 'Operations' is about the functions and procedures regarding the day-to-day processes, while 'strategy' is about the direction and scope of an organisation over a long period of time. The operations strategy…


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Project Risk Management Risks Associated With Projects
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Project isk Management

isks associated with projects successful completion

A project is an undertaking of human beings towards satisfying world needs. Projects are endeavors with a defined beginning and an end. Projects suffer from scope, time, cost and quality constraints. It is necessary for project managers to manage the risk of developing weak scope. Scope of a project incorporates the objectives of a project, the target population, the output and impact of that endeavor. Therefore, managers of project need to do a problem analysis, stakeholder analysis, environment analysis to know if the project is sustainable (Cleland & King, 1988). On the risk of time, managers need skills on time management. Management of projects requires one to be well versed in developing schedules. Time management involves developing systems that has a specific time of completion and start time.

Scheduling of projects includes hiring of individuals for the accomplishment of projects. There…


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York: Van Nostrand Reinhold.

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Project Management Ags Consulting &
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Project No.

Product name

Product status

Inspection result

eviewed by ____ Project Manager

Signed ____ Date

Approved by ____ Sponsor

Signed ____Date

Accepted by ____ Client

Signed ____Date

29 -- QA Audit Form - Purchasing Goods And Services




Comments / emarks

( x

Scope of Work determined.

Costs estimated.

Verify whether local supply of required product or service has been checked.

Funds available.

Purchasing documents reviewed prior to issue

Delivered goods inspected

30 -- Team Survey






Team members are respected and trusted

Team efforts are recognised and rewarded

Team members are open about problems

All required information is available

Team members contribute to decision-making

Our team has necessary skills & resources

We are encouraged to take initiative

Individual and team goals are clear

We work well together as a team

Organisational systems support our team

31 - Meeting Action Statement





45 -- Recommended Improvements


Information Technologies What Is the
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Compare the two managerial roles associated with successfully managed systems projects: the project sponsor and project champion.

The project sponsor is typically a senior executive who has the responsibility of accomplishing certain strategic objectives that are so wide in scope they require synchronization of many different parts of the organization. An example would be the development of an entirely new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that is capable of reporting back the contact and selling histories by each customer account. The project sponsor in this specific instance would typically be the Vice President of Sales, or the Vice President of Marketing. The project sponsor is also responsible for working with the broader organization to ensure the project has enough resources, both from a staffing standpoint in addition to support at the upper levels of management to ensure the project gets continued funding.

The role of the project champion is to…

Project Management
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.....project management approach is increasingly becoming popular in today's workplace. Organisations are ever more recognising the benefits of accomplishing tasks and activities as projects -- better task coordination, quicker task execution, and so on (Larson et al., 2013). The author's organisation, a renewable energy firm with operations in Australia and beyond, has particularly been shifting to the project management approach in recent years. The organisation is currently interested in acquiring or merging with a suitable rival to improve its market share and competitive advantage. The merger or acquisition process is often not an easy undertaking. It requires proper planning and execution. With the application of project management concepts, however, the process can be easier. This report analyses the relevance of various project management concepts to the merger or acquisition process. Attention is particularly paid to the project environment, project definition, time and cost estimation, project plan, risk management, resource scheduling,…

Inventory Capacity and Whether Insurance and Costs
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Inventory apacity and Whether Insurance and osts of Storage Increase as Inventory Increases

At least $6,010.00, again this number may change depending on how many orders the company places per year.

Generally, $1,000 depending upon whether this number increases to meet a larger inventory capacity.

couldn't answer it…turned in early so the client would have enough time to answer it himself.

The earliest due date rule requires the job with the earliest due date to be selected. The job with the earliest due date is selected first. The user inputs the number of jobs along with their names, processing time and due dates of each job or the use the data values given at the starting point. Next one sorts out the earliest due date among the jobs. Then calculate each jobs flow time by using the processing time; the flow time is the accumulations of processing time for each…

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Dynamics the Company General Dynamics
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General Dynamics employed WBS to connect their Integrated Product Teams, known as Design Build Teams -- DBTs having the established design goals. Hence every DBT possess a particular design goal allocated by management. The WBS is planned to wholly describe everything inside the program. A WBS defines the product(s) to be developed or produced and connects the constituents of work to be attained mutually and to the final product. Hence the role of WBS is important in planning and assigning management and technical duties; and evaluating and controlling the progress made and also the position of the engineering endeavors, resource allocations, cost estimates, expenses, and cost & technical performance. (Clark; Littrell, 2002)

Giving a logical framework for mentioning the technical purposes of the program, the WBS initially defines the program on the basis of the hierarchically associated, product-oriented factors and the work processes needed for their accomplishment. Every constituent for…


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Command-and-Command Systems for the Department of Defense" Business Wire. pp: 8-11

Cape Verde Project Responsibility Matrix
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Incorporating as many Cape Verde cultural elements as possible into the planning and construction phases of the proposed project will not only ensure an easier acceptance of the construction plans and infrastructure necessities, but could also be used as a tourism draw for the targeted market.

The political and cultural climate in Cape Verde is already quite welcoming to foreign interests, particularly those of the United States, as evidenced by their reception of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and an open letter from the president of Cape Verde to President Obama in late 2009 (VCV 2010). This situation could be soured by ongoing economic woes and a weakening of the current U.S. administration, so moving quickly through the approval phase is warranted. At the same time, the economic situation in Cape Verde has deteriorated much more so than many other countries, as its economy is built largely on tourism (which…


CIA. (2010). "Cape Verde." Accessed 31 January 2010. 

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Project Schedule and Risk Management Are Some
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Project schedule and risk management are some of the most important components of project management. These components play a crucial role in project planning, which is a process used to organize various areas of a project such as workloads and management of the project team. Project schedule basically refers to a listing of the activities or tasks, milestones, and deliverables of a project that includes the expected start and finish dates ("Project Scheduling," n.d.). isk management is a process through which a project manager and team predicts risks, estimates impacts of these risks on the project, and describe reactions to these issues. This process usually involves the preparation of a risk management plan or outline in order to accomplish these goals.

Definition of What Needs to be Done:

One of the most important aspects to consider when developing a project schedule is all the work that needs to be completed.…


Harris, S. (n.d.). How to Implement An Effective Risk Management Team. Retrieved January 23,

2014, from 

"Project Schedule Development." (n.d.). Mind Tools -- Essential Skills for An Excellent Career.

Retrieved January 23, 2014, from

Information Technology Aquarius Marketing Project
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Migrate off of any individualized content management systems and processes not integrated to a single portal platform for greater cost and time savings in administration. Olson (32) provides an excellent case study on how universities are making use of open source portal applications to alleviate redundant and often conflicting data in multiple portals on an IBM WebSphere platform

Define and build out a portal development plan that encompasses all shared processes across the project areas.

As Murphy and Columbus state, re-organize content by the context of each dominant workflow, and this could include larger, more complex projects as defined by Aquarius Marketing first, then align to the customer-facing processes to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and responsiveness.

Development of a portal roadmap that allows for eventual move to Web Services based on a Service Oriented Architecture, giving Aquarius Marketing greater scalability than if a single, stand-alone application was chosen.…


Paucar-Caceres, R Rodriguez-Ulloa. 2007. An application of Soft Systems Dynamics Methodology (SSDM). The Journal of the Operational Research Society 58, no. 6 (June 1): 701-713. . Accessed January 20, 2008).

Checkland, M Winter. 2006. Process and content: two ways of using SSM. The Journal of the Operational Research Society 57, no. 12 (December 1): 1435-1441.

Global Business Project Management
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Global Business Project Management

The objectives of a project are the expected outcomes and benefits to be received upon completion of the project. What the project is projected to achieve can either be specific, measurable or varying and materializing gradually over time. Projects are developed and executed in many settings and the type of project chosen; the time, the budget and the team size are agreed on based on the setting, the objectives of the project and the available resources among other factors. Different organizations have particular individual styles and cultures influencing the manner in which the project work is executed. This paper will look at projects, the many factors that make projects to differ, advantages and disadvantages of the functional and matrix organizations when observed from a project management perspective.

A project is understood to be a temporary endeavor that is executed by an organization, group or institution and…


Berkun, S. (2005). The Art of Project Management (Theory in Practice (O'Reilly)). Cambridge: O'Reilly Media.

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Harrison-Keyes Inc Is Experiencing Extreme
Words: 596 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60994603
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If one does not understand what the strategy is, how could they relay it or explain it to someone else. This can either distort the message or prevent it from reaching all levels of the organization, which in either way can hurt the outcome of any project and ultimately the organizational goals as well.

Additional barriers in communication a strategy could be the corporate culture itself when such strategies can be considered "high-level" information and will only reach certain levels within the organization; poor project planning where a manager does not deem necessary to share the information or neglects to present it to the team members when assigning tasks; bad timing when a project may already be in the implementation stage and the information comes in late or not at all since everyone is in the middle of work; and independent project structure, with everyone working independently and there is…

Project Management in Order to Define Project
Words: 2359 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 47288632
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Project Management

In order to define project management, one must first define what is a project. A project is a temporary activity performed by a group in order to develop a unique service, product, or result. A project is labeled a temporary activity because it has a defined start and end in time. Therefore, a project has a defined scope and resources. This means that a project can only be carried out within a specified time and with the set-aside resources. A project is unique because it is not a something that is carried out on a routine basis within an organization. A project uses a set of operations that are designed to accomplish a particular goal. Therefore, a project team mostly encompasses people who would normally not be working together because they are from different organizations, or geographies. There are different types of projects that range from software for…


Beaton, R.D., Johnson, L.C., Maida, C.A., Houston, J.B., & Pfefferbaum, B. (2012). Disaster research team building: a case study of a web-based disaster research training program. Traumatology: An International Journal, 18(4), 86-91.

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Residential Construction Project Version Description Reason for Updating
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esidential Construction Project

Version description/reason for updating the document

Initial version

The company will provide project management services to the client for all stages of the residential home construction. Our process consists of the following phases, which are greatly simplified here: Initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing.

Project scope:

This project is being undertaken in order to build a new residence for the Jones family. The construction project is for a single-family swelling on a half-acre lot located at 100 Blue Spruce Lane, in Waterstown, New York. The project will commence on January 4, 2015 and be completed by Monday, December 22, 2015. The construction will emphasize use of the energy-saving technologies and will be compliant with all relevant building codes. The company will oversee the construction of the home, however, bonded subcontractors may be engaged to complete certain aspects of the construction.

The contract is fixed-price, with the contractor…


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Club Project Initiation for Unit 1 X Price Day
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Club Project Initiation

Project Milestone Schedule

Milestone List

Prize Day Club Initiation

Milestone No.


Mandatory / Optional

Completion Date


Project Start


Sponsor Approval

Complete Gathering equirements


Sponsor Approval

Complete Design


Sponsor Approval

Complete Coding


Sponsor Approval

Complete Testing


Sponsor Approval

Complete Implementation


Sponsor Approval

Project End


Sponsor Approval

Project Budget Estimate



Prize Day Club Initiation

Project manager


Budget Status

Approved Budget

Planned Expenditures to Date

Actual Expenditures to Date






Planned emaining Budget

Actual emaining Budget





Internal Expenses


Hourly ate

# Hours

Total Cost

Project Manager




Project Supervisor




Engineering manager




Design manager




Financial Manager








Other Internal Expenses

Total Cost







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Project Management Describe How a
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Project Management Knowledge (2010) has it that bottom -- up estimating each task is broken down into smaller components and then individual estimates are developed in order to determine what is actually needed to meet the requirements of each of these small components and finally a sum of the total estimates is done.

Liming Wu (1997) indicates that bottom-up is time consuming which shows that in instances where time factor is limited top-down estimation method is preferred because it is not time consuming. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a project is what determines which method is much preferred. However because bottom-up estimation method tends to involve all the components costs of a project usually it is preferred to top-bottom method. More so this is so because it allows careful consideration of each of the smaller parts which makes it typically far more accurate than the top-down estimation method.

In cases…


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Marketing Problem at Facebook
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Managerial Challenge at Facebook

Marketing Problem at Facebook

Application of Project Management to Facebook's Marketing Problem

Project Team

The Triple Constraint

Gant chart of the Project

Application of Operations Management to Facebook's Marketing Problem

Application of Information Systems Management to Facebook's Marketing Problem

Assignment of the Project Team

Training Needed

Work Breakdown including Critical Path

Planning Budget

Facebook is one of the social media platforms that has transformed modern communications and become highly successful and profitable in the process. Throughout its operations, the company has remained successful and adopted suitable business strategies and initiatives. One of these initiatives is the recent initial public offering that was largely successful despite numerous challenges in initial stages. However, several events have taken place in the recent past and contributed to decline in the number of Facebook's users. This decline is a reflection of marketing and advertising problems at the company, which is a…


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Earned Value Management Project Management
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Most of these limitations can be attributed to project managers that use this technique.

Some of the specialists in the field consider that the success of strategies based on earned value management relies on the project managers in case. This means that companies must orient towards project managers with proper skills that can be addressed. Therefore, the recruitment and selection process is very important when developing the project team. Companies must develop a set of characteristics and quality standards that must be reached by project managers and their teams.

In addition to this, the strategy based on earned value management must be developed in accordance with the activity, objectives, and requirements of each project. This is because the different characteristics of projects determine different types of earned value management. Smaller projects are more difficult to address with this technique. Therefore, it is important to focus on the issues that present…

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Project Management Is the Planning
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Therefore, benchmarking is a critical step for firms wanting to compete globally. Because each marketplace environment differs, companies need to research competitor firms in their industry that are already firmly entrenched in the desired environment. Benchmarking is never done once and then cast aside; benchmarking becomes an ongoing process that enables organizations to gauge their progress and tweak procedures that may improve their performance. Benchmarking usually compares firms to industry leaders, too, because those leaders are the standard by which competing firms hope to achieve or usurp.

3. What problems might arise from empowering employees? What are some of the hurdles that managers must overcome in empowering employees? What can organizations do to address these issues?

Empowering employees helps workers become involved and connected with their work. When individuals feel empowered, their sense of personal responsibility and accountability rises and can lead to increased morale and productivity. However, empowering employees…