Abuse at home and domestic violence 'should be punished

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The current ethical problem

The forms of abuse that male victims undergo include getting stabbed, kicked in the genitals, burned or scalded. Male victims always face discrimination and prejudice against them when from social agencies, police and courts when they claim abuse. According to Dewar (2008) little action is usually taken against female perpetrators who are accused of domestic violence as opposed to their male counterparts and only if the man has a visible and significant injury. The male victims unlike the female victims have more chances of being separated from their children when they report abuse and even be removed from their homes. Male victims also encounter difficulty when attempting to obtain court orders against their partners. There are also few, if any, few treatment programs for female perpetrators and only few women are arrested or charged in domestic violence. There are also few shelters for men who have suffered domestic violence and this brings about desperation in their plight.

I believe that there should be punishment for domestic violence and abuse and that there should be equality in the way the perpetrators, male or female, of domestic violence and abuse are punished. Domestic violence or abuse against a woman or man is still abuse of a person. They are human beings first and foremost before they are men or women. There should be serious investigation undertaken before one is sentenced. The level of violence should be taken into account before the perpetrator's criminal past when one is to be sentenced. For example, just because one has not been arrested for spousal battery, should not be considered when they are accused of causing grievous bodily harm to their spouse. When a magistrate gives a warning to a perpetrator of domestic violence, they should actually follow up with carrying out the threat when they commit the crime again. This is in the case where a Samuel Gutierrez killed his girlfriend after been given several warnings in previous charges of domestic violence (Hannah, 1998). In the case where there are children involved, they should be isolated from their parents so as to ensure that their testimonies are not influenced by any particular parent. This is because the children do observe a lot and they will be the only ones who will be able to tell the truth about the abuse.

There should be severe punishment for those who try to misuse the domestic violence statute (Solotoff, 2009). This is whereby a spouse in the process of getting divorced can have their spouse removed from their matrimonial house by making allegations of domestic violence. This can also be done to enable one attain a restraining order against their spouse while in the course of getting a divorce.

In conclusion, victims of domestic violence should be treated fairly and not discriminated against because of their gender. The system needs to make adjustment so as to be able to accommodate cases of domestic violence and abuse against men. The reason why these cases are rising is due to the cases of male victims not being taken seriously and is a form of discrimination. I believe that for domestic violence cases to be reduced there needs to be cooperation between various social institutions that will ease the processing of cases of domestic violence. The police need to be able to contact between the police and shelters for victims of domestic violence in order to make sure victims receive adequate help[continue]

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