Abuse at home and domestic violence 'should be punished

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For example, if there was an argument before the assault took place, the victim may think that they pushed the abuser too far. In cases where the alcohol or drug abuse, the victims may think that it is the alcohol or drugs is responsible for the abuse and not the person (H.O.P.E., 2006).

Consequences of domestic violence and abuse include physical injury to the victim in the case of battery. There is also possibility of the victims having low self esteem and feelings of self worth. Some victims may be left permanently disfigured or experience lingering chronic pain as a result of the abuse. Rape can lead to the victim developing emotional or psychological issues. Domestic violence can result in death, where the victim can get killed in the course of the violence or they might kill themselves or the abuser in an attempt to end the abuse. Children who grow up in a family with domestic violence and abuse may continue the cycle of abuse in the future as they may think that it is normal behavior. Children may also develop emotional issues such as lack of trust of their future partners or be violent as they may see that if they are not abused, they may not be truly loved. The ethical issues rising from punishment of domestic violence is the severity of the punishment to suit the crime. There have been cases whereby the perpetrators get a tap on the wrist as punishment for committing domestic violence. This can be in the form of getting enrolled into anger management classes for physical injury inflicted on the spouse or partner after they claim that they did it out of anger. There are also cases whereby one is given a light sentence as it is their first crime regardless of the severity. There have been cases where perpetrators enroll in anger management classes and seek counseling in a bid to convince judges that they are making an effort to change and therefore reduce their sentences. This might give room for the perpetrators to continue their abuse and even threaten their victims and make them lose faith in the justice system.

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Domestic violence is usually considered a woman's…[continue]

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