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Apple is considered one of the best companies globally at using a product lifecycle management (PLM) based approach to planning and executing new products, often leading to new patents being created in the process (Tariq, Ishrat, Khan, 2011). This first strategy concentrates on understanding just what is required from the new product teams in terms of support and services, then aligning hiring plans accordingly to ensure the highest possible level of performance to hiring and recruitment goals.

A second strategy that the company can rely on to effectively plan HR Resources is to develop a series of check points throughout the hiring process to ensure the needs being evaluated with potential employees accurately align with the broader needs of the company as well. This continual, and recursive approach to developing a very clear idea of what is needed from a recruiting standpoint will be critical to overall success of program. Apple's HR needs can change rapidly depending on the new technologies being worked on and as a result it is important for HR to continually check back and see if and by how much requirements from product development teams have changed (Lynn, 1998).

A third approach is to create a series of 360-degree interviews of HR recruitment and management staffs with the teams who are doing the majority of recruiting at any given point in time to ensure that the total needs they have are understood. In addition to this, the focus on how best to manage expectations of the hiring department is also essential. Using the 360 degree review process and candid feedback HR and the hiring departments can stay better connected and communicating during the interview and recruitment process.

The Many Benefits of Forecasting for Apple

Apple is a company known for being the very best at creating optimal user experiences through their products (Stephani, 2011). In addition they are also known for having one of the most relentless new product development cycles and schedules of the high tech industry (Tariq, Ishrat, Khan, 2011). Combining these two elements leads to the requirement of effective forecasting at Apple to align supply chains, hire the best possible people to staff development efforts, and create a more unified go-to-market strategy than their competitors. The entire cycle of value that Apple brings so well to consumers globally is predicated on how effective they have as a company become at forecasting. Literally the relentless pursuit of innovation and exceptional products begins with a commitment to excel at forecasting, translating conceptual ideas into concerted, highly successful products.

HR is the First Step In All HR Planning And Execution

As Apple is highly focused on the next generation of technologies and is continually striving to bring greater innovation into the market, HR is very much the catalyst of making these massive organizational changes happen frequently. The focus needs to be on how to bring in the best possible talent on a consistent basis and keep their skills current through training (Keegan, Jacobson, 1995) to ensure goals can be attained quickly. Apple is as much of a new product development company as it is a human resources and human capital developer as well. Without the focus on HR resources and their continual improvement, Apple would quickly fall behind competitors. The focus within Apple on HR therefore is essential if the company is going to continually improve and grow over time.


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