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The East and the West will surely come to a point where they will have different ideas regarding the manner in which need to be done.

The rise of China and India as change factors will make things different not just for the existing superpowers, but also for the developing countries. They will have to put up will strong pressures which will arise due to the enormous size of the Indian and Chinese economies. The fact that the prices for primary goods have been going upwards is caused by the demand pull from India and China. The exports from these countries are also starting to make a difference at international level, which will surely leave a mark upon the dynamics of the world's economy. The countries which are undergoing development phases will need to adapt to a new global reality and face their competitors while understanding their very approach to business.

Even the countries which benefit from the high demand coming from China and India (such as the ones exporting raw materials) will be facing challenges such as higher demand (bigger volumes, increased prices).

The fact that India and China are becoming more powerful from a political point-of-view will allow them to have a say when international policies will be formulated, policies regarding important aspects such as the one of trade. They will also be able to impose their own standards (China already has its own organic standard, the Green Food label).

As far as further political issues are concerned, one of the most poignant questions that comes to mind refers to the decision that India and China will take when the time comes for them to favor a side or another. India for example manifested its support for the developing countries in various occasions, nevertheless, things may change and the night rising superpowers might look after their best interest which may not coincide with the best interest of the rest of the world.

It is important to underline that while both China and India are undergoing a similar process of development, gaining more power at global level, this does not mean that they think alike and they have common purposes. Juts because they are both from the east side of the world does not make them identical. Despite the similarities that can be found between them there are also numerous differences which need to be taken into consideration.

Another interesting aspect is represented by the areas in which India and China are most likely to assume a passive role and which are the areas where they would rather prefer to be proactive. and, as far as the fields where they will choose to be proactive are concerned, do they have the know how and the skills which are necessary in order to make an efficacious choice at global level? The implications of their actions will be felt at global level because the importance of their economic and political systems allows it.

It will also be interesting to see the type of power they two countries will choose to adopt. Should they continue to develop at a constant rhythm, they will be able to influence other political actors directly, but also manifest an institutional power, influencing the others by deciding the very manner in which things ought to be done.

In addition, it will just as interesting to observe the relationship that will develop between the countries under discussion and also, the approach they will have regarding the international rules and the challenges of globalization.

Globalization may have numerous advantages for the political and economical systems throughout the world, but its trends may cause potential risks as well, especially when judging from a long-term perspective. there are various imbalances in the Asian area. They need to be analyzed and measures must be taken in order to address them.

An important issue is represented by the ageing process. The rate of old people will continue to grow and this will have important consequences at both social and economic level. At present there are about four people working for each retired person. Studies and research predict that the percentage will diminish to half of what it is. Half of the elderly people will be found living in the Asian area even if the ageing rhythm will differ from region to region. This means that a whole new approach to economy will have to be considered.

The human resources are fundamental for the development and functioning of any business. Their scarcity will have a strong impact upon the entire economic mechanism and it will surely have an impact upon the political system as well.

As far as migration is concerned, it must be stated that compared to the times when the Asians would be the ones to migrate to other areas of the world, the situation is beginning to change. Asia is starting to become a migration destination, especially when a short-term is considered.

The area is undergoing economic development. In order to maintain the rhythm of this development, it will be fundamental to have efficient human resources. At present there are important areas such as the ones of management and the trade where the demand for skilled workers is big and will continue to increase. This means that there is a big possibility fro people to come inform other parts of the world in order to satisfy this demand.

Migration is an important issue as it has various implications, at both social and financial level. The governments of the states under discussion will have to find the best solutions for this problem.

The regional integration in the Asian area is a complex process which will have to deal with all the inequalities which are to be found here. The population numbers are increasing, the economic growth is constant and there is a strong urbanization trend. This means that the pressure upon the energy providers will continue to increase. Consequently, the demand for energy and hence, fuel will also continue to increase, turning Asia into one of the biggest energy demanders in the world. The Middle East will be the one most likely to satisfy this growing need.

However, this fact is not without implications at both economic and political level. In order to avoid the complications, the east Asian countries might have to consider other energy sources, including the alternative ones. And this is the point where another challenge occurs, the challenge represented by the environment. The fact that the increase for energy will continue to grow will have an important impact upon the environment. Chine is the second biggest producer of CO2 in the world. The reason for the situation is to be found in the use of coal. The solution would be to replace coal with something else in order to reduce pollution and diminish the environmental risks.

An additional issue is represented by the health standards. The demand for more energy and its consequences on the environment will have an impact upon the health level of people without a doubt. The fact that inter-regional migration will be encouraged in order to solve another issue may also have an impact upon health.

It is true that child mortality has diminished considerably and life expectancy has increased and will continue to increase as well. This does not mean that the Asians are safe from any danger in this particular field. Preventive measures must be taken and this is where the governments of the countries in the area come in. Efficient laws must be made in order to support the health system and assistance from the state must also be given in order to reach the desired goal.

Asia in indeed a region which faces numerous challenges. They are to be found in areas of extreme importance such as the environment, health, energy. The issues that need to be addressed are economic, but also technological and last but not least social. In order for the integration process to be achieved, it is important for the countries to cooperate.

It is just as important for the countries in the region to consider coalitions with other regions and cooperation at global level.

The face of today's power stage is changing at global level. East Asia is the place where the future change agents are coming from. The economic and political systems of countries such as China and India are turning them into important powers at global level. This has important implications for the entire world, because the power balance is chaging and so are the rules for a large number of international policies.

The East Asian economies will continue to develop and they will support the political power of the area. Regional integration however is extremely important for the development to be maintained constant. There are differences between the countries in the east Asian are which could lead to a disintegration process if they are left unattended. This is why the countries which are involved…[continue]

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