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Business Communications

Over the last several years, teamwork and communication have been become an essential element for a business to be successful in the long-term. Part of the reason for this, is because globalization has created a shift in how organizations are able to effectively adapt to new competitors and changes inside the marketplace. This has caused a wide variety of firms to focus on how they can be able to increase their overall bottom line and improve productivity dramatically. At the heart of this basic strategy, has been to encourage different staff members to work together. This is because each individual can bring with them certain skill sets that can contribute to the project. Once this takes place, they can help to make the company more competitive by addressing the specific needs of customers. This will improve the products and services that are being delivered, which will allow an organization to be able to increase their profit margins.

However, during the process of having different individuals work together. There are a number of issues that can arise to include: poor communication, a lack trust and losing momentum. This is troubling, because it can cause an organization to face a number of challenges when they have numerous people working together in a team environment. As, these issues can often lead to: negative feelings and animosity between the various team members. Once this occurs, it means that it is only a matter of time until the levels of productivity will begin to decline. (Gluck) To avoid these kinds of situations all organizations must have an effective strategy for improving communication and helping everyone to learn how to more effectively work together. One of the best ways that this can be accomplished is through having a one day seminar. Where everyone involved will learn a number of different strategies to include: various games (workshops) and how this will this can help to build unity among the different individuals. Once this takes place, it will to offer specific insights as to how this can allow an organization to be able to overcome these issues.

Background for the seminar

Like what was stated previously, the seminar that we will be conducting is going to occur over the course of one day. It will focus on how to bring together ten different people with various skill sets and backgrounds. During these events, we will have a series of activities that will take place. They will focus on: how to improve communication and build teamwork. As, we will concentrate on: each activity and then discuss the specific ways that this can improve the objectives of the team. This is the point that we can be able to address any kind of potential issues early. Once the seminar has concluded, this will help to ensure that everyone is of the same mindset and focus in achieving the various goals the firm has outlined.

Agenda for the seminar

The basic agenda for the seminar is to have everyone follow a schedule of predetermined activities that are designed to: build confidence and improve communication among all members. The way that we will achieve the various objectives, is to have a series of activities that will outline: the event, how the game will be played and what will be accomplished from this endeavor. Once this occurs, we will be able to offer specific insights as to the way issues of: communication and teamwork will be effectively dealt with. Below is the series of events that will occur during the course of the seminar.

8:30 -- 9:30 Welcome and introduction the seminar

9:30 -- 10:30 Communication role playing

10:30 -- 10:45 Brief intermission

10:45 -- 12:00 Explanation of the importance of communication

12:00 -- 1:00 Lunch

1:00 -- 2:00 What it takes to build an effective team and how to bridge the various differences

2:10 -- 2:15 Brief intermission

2:15 -- 3:30 Role playing with a variety of possible situations about: what kinds of issues will be dealt with in a team environment

3:30 -- 3:45 Brief intermission

3:45 -- 5:00 Strategies for utilizing communication and teamwork building techniques to overcome various challenges

These different elements are important, because they are identifying specific techniques that can be used to: understand possible situations and to quickly deal with them. Once this occurs, it means that the team can effectively work together to achieve the various objectives of the organization itself. (Karasik 139 -- 150)

A detailed explanation of the day's events and what they are designed to accomplish

In this section we will examine the various activities and events that will be covered during the course of seminar. There will be a particular emphasis placed on: understanding the meaning of the various activities and how this will help to improve teambuilding. Once this occurs, we can illustrate how this will establish proven criteria that can address a variety of challenges that are facing most organizations.

Communication role playing

During this part of the seminar we will focus on how to improve communication between everyone. The way that this will be accomplished is through having all of various team members go through a role playing exercise. What will happen is each person, will practice how they would address a series of possible communication issues that could arise. Where, everyone will look at 10 different challenges and what approach they would take to overcome these issues. To do this, we will have each person state specifically what techniques they will use for resolving the situation. Then, the different team members will discuss if they think that this is effective at dealing with these issues and helping the team to move past these challenges. This is important, because this activity will help to identify possible issues and how to most effectively overcome them. Once this occurs, it will allow everyone to understand possible challenges and what steps must be taken to rectify these situations. At the same time, this will help to increase communication by allowing everyone to begin working together on understanding the various strengths and weaknesses of each individual. This is the point that they can know how to address any issues, as this will help to provide everyone with a host of ideas. That can be utilized in dealing with any possible problems. (Tyson)

Explanation of the importance of communication

During this part of the seminar, we will discuss a host of ideas from the workshop about how possible communication issues can be resolved. In this situation, we will want all of the various team members to discuss why these techniques were selected and what would be the perceived outcome from using them. At which point, we will talk about other approaches that can be used to improve communication. While simultaneously, stressing how this is an essential ingredient for ensuring that the team can be successful in achieving their objectives. This is important, because this basic approach will allow everyone to see how effective communication must be encouraged at all times. Then, learning about how they can possibly address these issues in the future. This is when they can utilize these strategies to improve effective team building and collaboration on a host of different projects. (Tyson)

What it takes to build an effective team and how to bridge the various differences

During this part of the seminar we will focus on how to build a strong team atmosphere. This will be accomplished by looking at a number of different challenges. That can affect the individuals that are working in these kinds of environments to include: trust and momentum. Trust is a major issue because, different individuals will not respect each other or the ideas that they are bringing with them. This can be challenging, as this could eat away at the success of the team and its ability to achieve its goals. Where, a host of team members will feel as if their ideas do not count and they become unwilling to fully participate in the project itself. This is can lead to indecisiveness within the team and the ability of everyone to effectively work together. (Tyson)

During this part of the seminar, we will discuss how these issues can be overcame and what kinds of techniques need to be embraced that will prevent this from happening. This is important because, it is showing the best ways of talking about these possible problems and what steps can be taken in helping to effectively mitigate them. At which point, team members will have a basic foundation that they can consistently use to ensure that everyone is included as part of the group. Once this occurs, it will help to increase their ability to meet a wide variety of tasks. As everybody will feel, that their ideas are respected and they are more willing to contribute as much as possible in making the team successful. (Tyson)

Momentum is a major challenge, because most people will only work on the group project at certain times…[continue]

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