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Canada is one of the largest countries in Northern America, covering more than 9 million square metres. It has a population of over 31 million people. Even though the country is ethnically diverse, two main languages the people use are English and French. The Canadians use these two official languages. This makes it a bilingual country. People whose ancestry is British make the largest percentage of the people who live in Canada. Economically, Canada is one of the largest economies in the world, with an average per capita income of over twenty thousand dollars (Kalman & Bobbie, p. 4).

Values that the Canadians uphold

The Canadians uphold several values. These values include coexisting peacefully, equality and freedom, respecting the cultural differences that exist between them and keeping the law among other values. Keeping peace is one of the metiers that the Canadians cherish. Canada has been very active in peacekeeping missions across the world. Since the inception of the United Nations, Canada has always been at the forefront in supporting the several peacekeeping missions (Conrad, p. 249). Their contribution to these peacekeeping missions, in terms of providing troops for the missions, has been declining in the recent years. Even though there is a reduction in the number of troops, they send to these missions, the Canadians have always been providing experts to support any kind of mission with the aim of maintaining peace in the world. They assist in training, giving financial support and offering diplomatic support to the African union and other organizations with the aim of preventing conflict between two or more parties. The involvement of the Canadians to these peacekeeping missions clearly shows that being a Canadian means loving peace (Conrad, p. 252).

The other value that the Canadians uphold is the treatment of people equally. Everyone in Canada has the right of association, they have the right to speak their minds and in expressing the ideas regardless of whether others agree or not. The treatment of people equally does not only apply to personal treatment but also on a governmental level. The government has an obligation to treat everyone with respect and dignity. When it comes to decision making, both men and women have the opportunity to participate equally (Martin, p. 150).

Giving both the women and men the opportunity to make decisions gives both genders the power to have control over the resources for the purpose of development. Women in Canada have the freedom to exercise their rights fully despite the fact that worldwide, the treatment of women equally is still a challenge. The Canadians have realised the importance of women's participation in roles that include the production of food, domestic responsibilities, and managing natural resources amongst other things that are necessary for the provision of sustainable development. Canada leads the world in the integration of gender sensitive programs. The implementation of these commitments exists in the action plan for implementing the resolutions by the UN Security Council, which had resolutions for women, peace and security. The launching of this action plan was in the year 2010. One of the priorities that the Canadians have as their foreign policy includes eliminating violence that women go through. Being a Canadian involves treating everyone equally to promote his or her rights (Martin, p. 157).

There is a diversity of people living in Canada. People from different races and nationalities live in Canada for different reasons. The diversity that exists in the country shows that people from different cultures live in the country. Canadians value and respect the cultural diversity that is exists among the people who reside in the country. The cultural diversity in Canada is a product of the English, French and the aboriginal people. The immigration of people into Canada has created people who are diverse in terms of ethnicity, language and religion. The Canadian government is seeking ways to promote diversity without dividing the people in respect to the current geopolitical and social realities (Paquet & Gilles, p. 53).

On the issue of fostering diversity without creating divisiveness, the Canadian government has the duty to help the Canadians in making them understand that multiculturalism goes beyond everyday life. The government has the duty to show the people how a multicultural society should be. This can be possible through having public education and teaching students in schools on the importance of this. The education will go a long way in enlightening the people, which will help in promoting practice rather than just talking (Paquet & Gilles, p. 55). One of the policies by the government of Canada is to encourage and to set up the cultural, social and economic institutions that encompass the multicultural character in existence. All this is done to promote multiculturalism in Canada that is consistence with the languages that the people of use. This promotes creativity between the people of different origins in the country (Paquet & Gilles, p. 53).

Canadians love their freedom. Having the opportunity to speak freely, the freedom to assemble peacefully, the freedom to practice their religion and having the freedom of thought are some of the values that the Canadians uphold. Not all Canadians know much about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that became the supreme law of Canada 31 years ago. According to the finding form a survey done in the year 2007, sixty percent of the Canadians believe that the charter is leading the people in the right direction. The charter is useful in making the country have a bond that brings all the inhabitants of the country together (Martin, p. 153). .

Keeping the law is a fundamental thing that all the people in the world should practice. One of the values of the Canadians is maintaining law and order. This enables the people in the country to have a peaceful coexistence among themselves. The Canadian laws are an inheritance of the legal traditions in Europe. These laws have been undergoing transformations for accommodating the ethics and changing morality in the country. The law systems are changing to accommodate the situations that may arise and the current laws cannot deal with them. Apart from changing the laws, there are checks and balances that guide the legislative systems. To change the law in Canada, its presentation has to be in form of bills. The introduction is first through the House of Commons or through the senate. The enactment of the laws is by the consent of the senate after the approval by both houses (Martin, p. 161).

The culture of the Canadians

The people of Canada come from different religious and racial backgrounds. On the religious point-of-view, most of the people practice either Catholicism or Protestantism, with few Muslims living in the area. Despite this fact, the Canadians share several characteristics. These characteristics focus on how the Canadians conduct themselves when they are relating to other people. It does not matter if they are relating to people who are also from Canada but they behave in an almost similar manner. The outstanding custom that the Canadians practice is the shaking of hands during the introduction of two or more people who do not know each other. During an interaction between two or more people, the Canadians do not object when somebody slightly touches them on the shoulder or on the elbow as they are talking. This kind of act might be strange to some people from other origins who might find it uncomfortable. When introducing themselves, the Canadians use the first name first and their surname name afterwards (Paquet & Gilles, p. 53).

Canadians enjoy an open and free society regardless of the class distinctions that might exist. Despite the race, cultural background or religion, most of the people in Canada are proud of giving the same respect and pride to everybody. They do not like it when somebody talks negatively about another person who might be from a different background. While in their homes, the Canadians behave casually without laying a lot of emphasis on greetings. They also do not show a lot of emotions when a friend or a relative arrives or leaves to go somewhere for a while (Paquet & Gilles, p. 53).

Canada's natural heritage

One of the most prominent symbols that the Canadians identify themselves with is the national flag. The Canadian flag symbolises unity because it represents all the citizens who do not distinguish themselves in terms of race, opinions, and beliefs of even language. Because of this, the Canadian flag gets a dignified treatment from all the people. This does not only apply to the Canadian flag but also to the other flags that coming into the country. Apart from having the flag as a cultural heritage, the Canadians also commit themselves to sustaining biodiversity. They promote this by setting aside resources for use in responding to challenges that may be because of climate changes. The promotion of a sustainable environment is necessary for the promotion of economic growth (De, la, p. 20).…[continue]

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