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(Williams 2011, pp. 218 -- 222)

Critically Analyze the Selection Process at Boeing

The process of becoming hired by Boeing requires showing how an individual must have the skills that the company is looking for. This is because the firm uses a program called ERT. This is a tool that managers will use to match the person with the kinds of skill sets that Boeing will require in specific positions. The most common strategy for receiving this training; is to attend the company's 11-week certification program at the Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center. This will guarantee an interview with the firm. (Dunlop 2011) (Boeing Interview Questions 2012) (Arkel 2007)

Once someone reaches the interview process is when they agree to be subject to a background check and a drug test. During the interview, Boeing will use a round robin behavioral format. This can take place at the company's facilities or it can occur over the telephone. After the interview begins, is when there will be a total of three executives that will take turns asking candidates a series of questions. These are designed to see how they will handle a number of ethical and work related challenges. In some cases, respondents will be invited back for a second round of interviews with a completely different set of executives. This is designed to ask new questions that will identify the underlying strengths and weaknesses of the individual. (Dunlop 2011) (Boeing Interview Questions 2012) (Arkel 2007)

After this has taken place, is when the candidate must be able to obtain a national security clearance to work in select divisions and go through a criminal background check. This will take at least four to six weeks to conduct and it can often involve working with federal agencies such as the FBI. The main reason is from Boeing working on sensitive projects for various governments around the world. At the same time, the individual must receive confirmation that they have passed the firm's drug testing program. This is when Boeing will begin placing employees in different positions. The below diagram is providing a basic summary of the hiring process. (Dunlop 2011) (Boeing Interview Questions 2012) (Arkel 2007)

Summary of the Hiring Process at Boeing

11-Week Certification


Background Check / National Security Clearance

Drug Test

Hiring Decision

These different areas are showing how Boeing is using a unique approach of selecting the right candidates. This helps to make the company successful, by utilizing the Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center to certify individuals. This ensures that the firm knows when someone is qualified by completing the courses at their school. The three different managers in the interview are designed to ask a host of questions and evaluate the responses from these personalities. This will prevent the interview from being swayed in one direction by a particular manager. Instead, all of the different viewpoints will be used to decide if someone should advance further in the hiring process. (Dunlop 2011) (Boeing Interview Questions 2012) (Arkel 2007) This is when they will be subject to a background check, a national security clearance investigation and a drug test.

In the final stage of the process is the point that all of the statements and information on the individual is verified for accuracy. The combination of these factors, is allowing Boeing to find the right employees without overemphasizing on one area. In many ways one could argue that this approach has helped Boeing to survive the financial challenges which have impacted other firms. Over the course of time, these tools have assisted executives in adjusting to the changes inside the marketplace. This is when the company continued to design cutting edge aircraft and defense systems that are used around the globe. (Dunlop 2011) (Boeing Interview Questions 2012) (Arkel 2007)


Clearly, Boeing has an effective approach for hiring employees. This is because the company is using a combination of impartial data (i.e. certification training), interviews and background checks to find the right candidates for various positions. These areas have helped the company to adapt with the changes in the defense sector and aerospace industries by focusing on how employees can assist the firm to remain competitive.

As a result, this strategy has allowed Boeing to find the right employees who can support long-term growth. These elements are important in illustrating, how all employers must use certain tools and tactics during the hiring process. Those companies that have flexibility and utilize a combination of them will achieve the most success. This is because they are able to use the strengths from each one of these areas to decide if someone is right for the position. Over the course of time, this helps the company to find the best talent that can assist the firm in dealing with a host of challenges. This is when these skills will be most invaluable, as they will decide how quickly any organization is able to evolve (which is the key for current and future successes).


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