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(Domestic Violence: Why Does it Happen? And How Can it Be Stopped) pastor or a priest may try and approach a domestic violence issue from a religious perspective, as these are primary for any religious person. The importance of dealing with the concerns for shelter, safety, intervention and treatment may have only secondary consideration. The view may be that once these people set things right with God things will become fine. This view discounts the fact that the other domestic issues are also important. Domestic violence is complicated and potentially dangerous and these ordinary concerns represent immediate and crucial needs. Religious concerns of a priest or pastor could become stumbling blocks or utility resources, when dealing with domestic violence as these concerns are at the core of many people's lives. The results will depend on how these are utilized. (a Commentary on Religious Issues in Family Violence)

In domestic violence in a Christian home, both the minister and the secular counselor have an important role to play. The families where there is abuse require the support and expertise of both. This is most effective when there is a combination or these two. The combined approach will provide the necessary balance of approach to deal with specific external, physical and emotional needs, while at the same time addressing the larger and philosophical issues. When the effort by the minister manages to secure a genuine effort on the part of the aggressor to change, it becomes possible for the renewal of the marriage covenant with a clear commitment to non-violence in the relationship and with the required treatment from the secular resource it may be possible to salvage the relationship.

When the effort fails and the aggressor refuses to change, then the point in the marriage as been reached, where divorce is more of a public statement. The comment of a divorced woman that she divorced just a month ago, but her marriage had come to an end ten years earlier when the abuse began, is relevant here. In any home, including a Christian home, where violence is happening divorce does not break up the family. The violence and abuse is the cause of the break up of the family. Divorce is many a time a painful and public acceptance of a fact, which has already been accomplished. Divorce is never easy in any case. When it is employed in domestic violence it is the lesser of the two evils. In many cases when all assistance from ministers and secular resources and others fail, divorce becomes a needed intervention to provide healing and a new life from a shattering and lethal situation. (a Commentary on Religious Issues in Family Violence)


To conclude domestic violence is a significant issue in our society. Physical, emotional and social effects are seen in victims and their families as a result of domestic violence. Present studies on the incidence and prevalence of domestic violence clearly show that the nation is facing the growth of a severe public health problem. Findings of important preliminary studies indicate that domestic violence is growing at a very quick rate through all USA classes, cultures, and age groups, economic and religious groups, which include Christian families. Domestic violence is thus a social issue that requires the involvement of several agencies namely the police, courts, lawyers, refuges, domestic violence agencies, and also the general practitioners. (Domestic Violence Fact Sheet)


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