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E-Procurement Project Report

Staffing Organizations

An increase in work opportunities and the economics of globalization have transformed employment relations in the recent past. In addition, the aspect of globalization has further shifted the main factors in achieving a competitive edge of technology and knowledge towards human resource management (Mondy, Noe, & Gowan, 2005). An analysis of the corporate market like the one that the coffee shop is operating indicates that all the market players have similar technology and engage in the production and delivery of near similar products and services. Therefore, having the right human resource acts as the main differentiating factor for success. This report on staffing the coffee shop presents business entity with an analysis of the various factors for consideration in its staffing. It also identifies approaches in order to ensure that the establishment achieves a competitive advantage over its rivals through quality service delivery.

The type of employment relationship to be established between the coffee shop and employees from a legal perspective

The employment relationship is a description of the legal link between a business entity and the workers. The determination of the relationship that will exist between the coffee shop and employees is critical in designing and developing the working arrangement and the compensation plan for the employees. The labor relationship that will be established between the coffee shop and employees will follow the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment Standards Administration (Walsh, 2013).

Since the business entity is a coffee shop, it will require that it opens for the possible long hours in order to cater for many customers as possible and increase sales. In this way, it is important to identify an employment relationship that ensures that the employees are reliable in terms of punctuality and able to work sometimes for long hours. Putting these factors into consideration, the relationship identified between the coffee shop and employees is the casual employee. Casual employment is preferred to full time employment. The latter requires the business entity to pay the employees various entitlements to the coffee shop because a start-up would not honor and run profitably. Furthermore, in the effort of minimizing the costs, four of the ten coffee servers will be employed on a part time basis. This is because the location identified in the business has a considerable number of students who prefer this form of arrangement and their remuneration demands are not as high.

Ways of avoiding claims of disparate treatment

Having a multicultural business environment, cases of disparate treatment are common in the United States and have led to firms losing considerable funds and reputation. Accordingly, the coffee shop has designed measures aimed ensuring that the business entity is free from claims of disparate treatment of the employees and when such arise, they would not hold in a court of law. Disparate treatment refers to legal issues where people are treated differently because of membership to a certain class. In America, disparate treatment is considered as a violation of an individual's civil rights where one is discriminated or treated unequally based on his or her race, creed, sex, disability, age, or ethnicity (Walsh, 2013).

One of the measures involves regularly reviewing the state laws on recruitment and termination including the various paydays applicable in order to comply with all dates and regulations. The coffee shop will conduct regular training about legal obligations under the federal anti-discrimination laws pertaining to the treatment of employees to all the persons working within the establishment. An additional measure involves the development and enforcement of policies that clearly address conduct that has the probability of constituting discrimination against employees or clients. Besides, the management a policy where employees are rewarded and promoted in terms of merit and performance. Disparate treatments and discrimination can also be minimized by ascertaining that employees have grasped all the code of ethics within the organization. This will make it easy when disciplining those creating and practicing discrimination among other employees. During employee recruitment and selection, all HR departments must follow all federal laws relating to discriminations and other Acts like EEOC (Walsh, 2013).

Types of external influences that could hinder staffing and the relevant ways of addressing them

The human resource is considered as the most important resource for the business entity that has the ability of creating a competitive edge, attracting customers and increasing revenue. The coffee shop market in the area is highly competitive. In this case, the coffee shop's ability to attract and recruit the right personnel will play a significant role in enabling it to provide competitive services and foster customer satisfaction. It is imperative that the coffee shop identifies the various factors that would hinder it from acquiring the right staff for the job.

Some of the influences that hinder the coffee shop's staffing include the economic developments that determine job opportunities, the legal environment that regulates staffing policies, the competitive environment, customer orientation, prevailing trends in the workforce, and community beliefs that shape the behavior character of the workforce. These are the main factors that will directly influence the coffee shop's employment practices. The management has developed various procedures aimed at providing an appropriate working environment satisfying the demands and requirements of the external environment influencing the internal operations of the business. Some of these procedures involve ensuring that the company operates within legal labor laws of the U.S. government. The business will provide an adequate scope for career progression for its employees, competitive benefits, and compensation scheme. This scheme will ensure that the remuneration package will remain competitive in order to ensure that the company attracts the right personnel. The coffee shop will also provide adequate development opportunities like training programs including the implementation of a suitable human resource framework. This ensures employee job satisfaction is high at all times (Mondy, Noe, & Gowan, 2005).

Plan to deal with employee shortages and surpluses

One of the risks that are prone to the coffee shop's human resource is a shortage and surplus of employees. A surplus of employees would take place when business goes down and the management finds that the employees already serving are too many for the available services. On the other hand, there is the likely hood of experiencing significant increases in business operations leading to an instance where the business suffers staff shortage in order to ensure quality service delivery. In this way, the management will ensure an experienced team that adequately forecasts enough labor requirements in advance. In this case, the management makes timely applications for the skills of its employees across all departments. A further intervention will involve employing the three part-time employees on contract basis renewed when the coffee shop is experiencing surplus business. The contract employment approach has been identified as effective in preventing unpleasant situations and thereby enabling the management to conduct effective staffing practices (Heneman & Judge, 2012).

The Coffee Shops strategy for workforce diversity

Operating in such an environment in a metropolitan city means that the human resource will be highly diverse. Although this may pose a challenge to the business, this presents the company with a significant competitive advantage. Having a diverse workforce provides the coffee shop with an advantage of different beliefs, perception, skills, and attitudes combined to provide the business with a competitive edge. The business will have more options in terms of identifying talent and aligning its markets more closely with its workforce by increasing the diversity of its workforce. However, the coffee shop faces the risk of discrimination and ineffective communication. In dealing with these disadvantages, the management will put in place effective workplace practices that promote a good working environment. Such practices include instituting regulatory policies, conducting open discussion forums including working codes of conduct that eliminate an environment that promotes bias or any discriminatory practices (Heneman & Judge,…[continue]

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