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"International Management Group / Evolution of Sports"

International Management Group (IMG) is the diversified group which believes in enhancing the career and talent of others. It handles business in many diversified fields such as sports, fashion and media being the core fields of business. Other expertise of IMG includes event management, IMG College which is the leader in collegiate marketing, licensing and media rights. IMG are the pioneers in there business. They were the first ones to come up with the concept of sports management. IMG with its new concept of effectively managing sports and marketing brought a revolution into the sports world. Through the help of IMG sports event became more publicized globally while giving the sports man a wide range of opportunities. IMG handles business globally with its joint ventures with IMG reliance, IMX and IMG CCTV in the growing markets of India, Brazil and China, the company secure its business future as being very bright. With the strong focus on fashion, media and sports, IMG has managed to have the world's largest independent producer and distributor of sports programming. In addition to that IMG Event Management handles long standing associations with the world's most important sports organizations, leagues and federations. Having the expertise in the diversified fields IMG also manages the worlds top most fashion models and events around the world.

For nearly half a century, International Management Group has been linking athletes and the audiences together through providing appropriate sponsorships as well as training for the athletes. Not only do they focus on enhancing the career of the athletes, they have also worked with some of the top fashion models and are now recognized as the world's foremost fashion modeling agency. Media and Production is also one of IMGs key expertise. They have the world's largest sports media production and distribution channel. IMG handles every aspect of the talented individuals from training to expanding the potential of one's ability. It also assists sports personals and models in negotiating a contract, manage and market talents. Some of the expertise of IMG includes:

Manage career of individual in a strategic manner.

Assist them in optimizing monetary benefits.

Make the most out of every level of the career.

Provide talents with ability to have a global experience through a well developed public relations program.

Being the most diversified company IMG manages sports such as Baseball, Basketball, College sports, Cricket, Soccer Football, Golf, motorsports, poker, Rugby and Tennis. IMG nurtures its athletes through the world's largest sports training complex. With the slogan of THE TOTAL ATHELE, IMG ensures that it provides all of its sports personals with every facility to become an all rounder athlete. The 30-year-old training complex is built over 400-acre in Bradenton, Florida. It offers customized programs and coaching facility for varies sports. The campus holds approximate of 20,000 athletes from 100 countries every year. IMG Academies have proven itself through many accomplishment such as IMG students have won 131 all starts, 63 MVP Awards, 22 world championship, 5 National Titles and 11 Olympic Medals. Some of the trainees include the famous personal, Kobe Bryant, Jozy Altidore, Paula Creamer, Maria Sharapova and many others. Training is one of the many other facilities provided to the athletes to enhance there sports career with managing a personal life in a decent manner. Through the use of talent representative these well trained athletes get a great change to exhibit there skills and make outstanding living from it. This helps them focus on their training while IMG takes care of marketing and managing career growth. While managing the career of athletes it also facilitates career growth for the coaches to maximize income potential. With the corporate and media relations IMG has the ability to provide coaches with the great sponsors. This makes IMG a complete hub to enhancing the career of every individual who is interested in establishing career in the sports world. IMG provides services to company that are looking for athletes to endorse its brands and also to coaches who are struggling to optimize their career.

IMG provides multifaceted services for any one looking to excel their career in the sports world. In addition to all the facility for athletes it also has its own media distribution channels. Currently IMG is the world's largest distributor of sports programming. IMG handles many different modes of media such as Television, audio, fixed media, in-flight and closed circuit, broadband and mobile. The widespread of sports distribution enables one to enjoy sports at any time while providing sports talented individuals a mode of publicity. This also helps the sponsoring company to optimize their benefits. It manages to cater 19,000 hours annually to other broadcasters. Some of the events which were broadcasted by IMG include Wimbleton, the Australian Open, the ATP Masters Series, International Rugby Board, International Volley Ball federation and many other well know events. To ensure coverage of varies events IMG has offices in 30 different countries. Many sports that they focus on are Action Sports, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, college sports, cricket and many other sports.

IMG has managed to handle a wide range of cliental. Just like the nature of the business their cliental base is diversified. They cater to many different groups such as talented athelets and famous brands. In regards to athletes some of the famous athelets IMG is currentl working with include Rafael Nadal, Roger Ferderer, Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams. Other group of client includes the leading organizations that are interested in sponsoring events. For instance, Sony Ericson, Mercedes Benz, Smuckers, HSBC, Coca Cola and many others. In addition to this they also handle media channels that are willing to buy the event. Being part of the media distribution and production, few of their action sports clients include Adrenaline TV, Ticket to Ride, WAXS, Fuel TV and pro-Bull riding. IMG is also partners with Sports News Television, which is the world's largest sports news channel.

International management group is headquartered in New York. This is not where they commenced. There initial head quarter was in Ohio Clevelenad. The company was justly in 2010 transferred its head quarter to New York, yet some of the major U.S. projects are still being handled from Ohio. The company holds an interesting background. Multimillion dollar organization was started by a single man who was an attorney working with law firm. His interest in sports gave birth to the idea and concept of sports management. During his college days Attorney McCormick was a well-known athlete but due to head injury he was not able to continue his career in sport. Nevertheless his passion for sports did not fade away, he started playing golf where he made friends with Arnold Palmer. Later with Palmers' busy sports events schedule, he did not have time to make the most of his potential. Henceforth his friend McCormick began to manage his career. This resulted in great success for both McCormick and Palmers. Even with the busy schedule at work, McCormick took out time to arrange golf events. Even the hectic job as an Attorney he would spend extra hours managing the career of Palmers, setting appointments with the agencies in the morning and after work. McCormick's interest in sports gave birth to the multimillion dollar company.

Succeeding in effectively managing the career of the greatest golf player, McCormick began his sports managing agency. But, in no time IMG had diversified to many other sports. One of the greatest legends of sports, Michael Jordon also became IMG's client. Having an expertise in golf and tennis, McCormick worked hard to initial projects in diversified sports and countries. Towards the mid of 1960's the company was already beginning to expand its business into many other countries. It took contracts from the African golfer Gray Player; British Golfer…[continue]

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