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Some of the main strategies that can be used to measure if I have achieved my objectives are as follows;

1. For better communication skills, conversation will be asked with peers, teachers and friends in order to analyze if the required goal has been achieved, if the main concept of the talk has been talked and the aim of the conversation has been achieved.

2. For the testing of the decision making and problem solving skills, it is important that whenever there is a need to make decision, either in the study career or in the family matters, decisions are made without the help of others but taking into account the advices and ideas of others. When the decisions are made, these are to be discussed with the elders as teachers, and parents.

3. In the case of computer-based skills, it is important all important assignments that are assigned by the teachers are completed without the help of friends. When completed, these assignments as well as the assessments must be shown to the experts and complete guidance should be taken on any errors that are observed in the assessments.

4. Time management skills are important. For this, I will try and complete all my assignments and assessments on time. I will try to make sure that all assignments are not only completed on time but before time so that I can learn to add in more activities within that time. By doing this, I can try and learn to do more in less time in order to make sure that I can complete more tasks on time.

One of the main aims here is to make sure that the evidence of improvement in the communication skills is properly documented. For this, it is important that a report is compiled and it is shown for evaluation and analysis to the professors and teachers. Secondly, a report from the teachers can also be asked for. By the help of these reports, the main improvements that have been made in the weaknesses will be noticed.

Following are the timescales that I plan for the improvement in my weaknesses.

1. practice communication with my teachers, friends, peers, and colleagues: 3 weeks

2. use computers more and learn how to work on some of the most important software: 4 weeks

3. Decision making skills and problem solving: 3-4 weeks in a consistent manner.

4. 4. I will try that time management skills are tried to be improved in a consistent manner.

Development Objectives and Their Completion

Some of the main development objectives in relation to the given agreement form are as follows;

1. Development of Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills

Leadership skills are important in real life. I am still a student but I have seen that there are many areas in the student life as well where there is a need of proper decision-making and problem solving skills. In the real life as I understand when I get a job and work under my employers, the leadership skills will be more important in dealing with the issues that are faced during the job (Harris 2008). Leadership is about being verbal about the beliefs that one has and how these beliefs are made more important and acceptable by the others as well. I have gone through and rad many academic sources and all of these sources have highlighted that leadership is more about being an individual of beliefs. Some of the main strategies that I will adopt for the development of decision-making and problem-solving skills include making decisions whenever it is required by keeping in mind the main consequences that are to be faced after the decisions are made. Second important skill include the problem solving skills and for the development of these skills, it is important that whenever there are issues in the real life in relation to education or jobs, than keeping in mind the intensity of the problem, decisions are made on how to solve them with better outcomes. The literature has highlighted that one of the best leadership traits in an individual include problem solving as well as decision making. Problem solving skill is not only required in the jobs as well as in the education but there are many situations in real life where problem solving skills are required.

2. Development of Communication Skills

Communication skills are one of the most important skills that are needed. I have realized that communication skills can really help in solving many issues that are required to be solved with proper communication. There are many academic sources that have highlighted the fact that communication skills are important as these are also considered as an important part of leadership skills. An individual who can easily communicate with people around can have man issues solved (Proctor 2010). I believe that communication if better can make sure that the main aim of communication is achieved. The authors have highlighted that it is important that the communication is important for an individual. I have realized that I need to improve on my communication skills as these skills can help me in making great improvements in my real life as well as in education life. Some of the main strategies that I will adopt to make improvements in communication skills, I will try to make sure that I practice communication with my teachers, friends, peers, and colleagues. With the help of increased communication, one of the main targets that I will have is to make sure that proper understanding is achieved at both ends. I understand that if proper understanding is not achieved at both ends than communication cannot be considered as successful.

3. Development of IT Skills

IT skills highlight the most important computer skills that are required. IT skills include an increased knowledge of the computer software, database handling, and internet usage. In the modern world, it is very important that the IT skills be highly developed. The modern days are more known as the global village and for this, it is important that knowledge of the software, computer usage and internet usage is updated. It has been highlighted by the authors that the IT skills cannot only help with the education but also in the job (Cadwell, and Turner-Maffei 2004, p. 88). I have realized that IT skills and an improvement in the IT skills are important in my educational career as well as my job-based career.

4. Development of Time Management Skills

Being a student, I have realized that time management skills are the most important skills. These are the skills that I would like to focus on. I have realized that if the time management skills are more developed, the decision-making skills are also improved. I have read many authors who have highlighted that the improvement in the decision-making skills is also interlinked with a great improvement in the time management skills (Malouff and Schutte 2007, p. 99). Time management skills can help in completing my assessments and assignments on time. I realize that if I learn to manage time than there are many tasks that can be completed in lesser time. If I learn to manage many tasks on time, I can learn to make decisions that can help me achieve my aims on time. In the educational as well as job-based career, I will make sure that all assessments and assignments that are assigned to me are completed on time.

Action Plan

There are four main skills in which I need to make great improvements. These skills include time management skills, decision making as well as problem solving skills, IT skills and communication skills. I have realized that in the absence of these important skills, achievement of my aims will be difficult. Thereby I realize that improvement in these skills is made. Thereby some strategies, I will be using in order to make improvements in these skill-based weaknesses. By the help of these weaknesses, I personally believe that there will be a great change in my personality and if I develop these skills by implementing and following these strategies, I can achieve the aims that I have in my life. The first main weakness on which I will work is decision-making and problem solving skills. The decision making and problem solving skills can be developed by making sure that whenever life presents an opportunity to make a decision, it should be made taking into account all consequences. For proper decision-making, it is important all problems be solved by taking proper decisions at the right time. The second important weaknesses include a great weakness in the communication skills. For improvement, it is important that I communicate with my teachers, and colleagues. With the help of increased communication, one of the main targets that I will have is to make sure that proper understanding is achieved at both ends. I understand that if proper understanding is not achieved at both ends…[continue]

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