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Health and Social Sciences

Grade Course

Health, Well Being and Social Care in UK

Sociological Perspective of Health and Well Being in UK

Psychological Perspective of Health and Well Being in UK

Psycho-Social Needs of Service Users in UK

Health and Social Sciences

This report casts light upon the various aspects of physical and mental health of people living in United Kingdom. The selected sample chosen for this study belongs to the settings of people who do not belong to UK from their old generations and they are spending the lives of homelessness there. In other words, the paper is about physical and mental health of people who belong to other areas of the world but are settled in UK for education of job purpose. Since they are outsiders, they do not have permanent place to live in, they make temporal arrangements depending upon their requirements. Their priorities are different from the people who are enjoying lives in their homes with their loved ones. How difference is priorities affects their health and what measures have been taken in UK by responsible authorities to manage this phenomenon is the subject of this paper.

Health, Well Being and Social Care in UK

The health of a person is often misunderstood as absence of disease. The canvass of health is vast enough to cover the aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in it. It refers to the proper working of systems. The systems may belong to physiology of a person, his mental setup and social well-being (World Health Organization, 2003). By well being, it is meant that the perfect harmony between all the components of health. When all the components of personal health are perfect in their own systems and their interrelationship is perfect, the phenomenon is known as well being (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2012). In other words, health may be proper functioning of one component or system, while well being is proper coherence of all the systems.

The components of health are normally identified as physical and emotion. However, there are many other components which are equally important in the domain of wellness. These components are intellectual, emotional, spiritual, occupational and social in addition to physical (Pacific Northwest Foundation, n.d.). The construct of mental health is distributed in various aspects of emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social and occupational health. In order to ensure well-being for its citizens, UK responsible authorities are to work on all these areas.

Described below is the detailed insight into each of these components of well being.

1. Physical

Physical component of well-being deals with food, nutrition and exercise required to run the physical systems effectively. There are defined guidelines about food requirements for human beings of various ages and genders. UK government has played active role in spreading awareness about the physical healthcare of individuals. Furthermore, healthcare facilities mainly concentrate around physical health of individuals (International Health Insurance, 2012).

As UK is a developing country rich in tools of information technology, the time spent on physical activities is reduced. People do not get a chance to go for morning walk or do exercise and they have busy schedules and the facilities allow them to eliminate these activities of physical exertion. Climbing up and down the stairs is considered an exercise (Men's Health News, 2012) but elevators eliminate its chance. Breathing in fresh air is mandatory for health of lungs and respiratory systems but polluted air makes it impossible. Swimming is considered to be the best exercise but low temperature in UK discourages people from adopting this habit.

2. Intellectual

It may be called as mental health in layman's language. It refers to mental abilities to understand the concepts and perform at educational and professional platforms. Different people have varying level of intelligence which makes them perform differently. There are no single criteria to judge the intelligence of a person. It may vary from age to age and gender to gender. There are few people who are gifted with high levels of Intelligence Quotient (IQ). IQ is a sign of mental health in human beings (SAGE Journals, 2004).

Having said that people differ in their IQ level, it is important to mention that government has to take initiatives to promote intelligence of people of all levels. Since brain is a muscle and can be strengthened by managing its use.

3. Social

The social component of health and well-being deals with the capability of human being to get along with others people. It is related to personality factors like make one attractive to others. Everyone has different psychology yet people tend to enjoy when they are in a company. Loneliness creates certain problems for people and these problems may affect physical and mental health as well.

As the paper is about health and well being of people who are away from their homes, the social construct of health gets primary importance. People are already away from their loved ones and the distance makes them weak. They do not have anybody to share their thoughts and ideas with them. They have nobody to console them when they are down. They may need company at times, but people around them have their own engagements and commitments. The sense of loneliness deprives a person from much joys of life and people tend to become insensible.

The UK authorities should take serious initiatives to ensure that people belonging to different lifestyle, age and culture have the opportunities to find people whom they can mix with. The authorities should setup a system in which people are invited to spend their extra time. It can be argued that in a country like UK, people have busy routines and they do not find time for recreation and enjoyment. But it is not a solid argument. There must be encouragement from proper compartmentalization of human lives and everyone should be invited to get extra time for refreshment.

4. Emotional

The emotional health of a person is related to ability to seek love, affection and empathy. He feels happy at positive events and becomes sad at unpleasant happenings. He feels the pain of his fellow beings and tends to help them where he can. It is important to mention that emotional health is identifies as one of the most important construct of social development. It is because no individual is self sufficient in his resources and needs. He needs to depend on others for his needs. Many individuals lead to win-win situation when they join hands to help each other. The spirit of helping each other not only brings good for the helpful people but it also promotes the interest of entire society.

5. Spiritual

Man is the greatest creature and he has an objective of his existence. It is, therefore, necessary to have a spiritual contact with the Creator. Man is blessed with strong spiritual capabilities (BBC News, 2011) which can be enhanced by performing rituals guided by the religion. There are many religions in the world and people have their own ideologies and beliefs. People belonging to various ideologies are found in UK as well. It is quite possible that they differ in their ideologies and may find clash with each other. It is the responsibility of government to ensure that all diverse needs are catered for and all are allowed to stay at ease with each other.

The construct of social well being is related to spiritual construct when it comes to conflict resolution and measures to prevent it. It happens most often that people make good friends with people belonging to other ethnicities. They help them in the hour of need and like to spend time with them. Yet the clash on religious identities and beliefs lead them to ignore all positivity in relationship and involve into quarrels.

It is one of the sensitive most topics found in human societies and if it is not properly managed, it can lead to war and terror.

6. Occupational

People need source of livelihood to make both ends meet. There are many important elements of a healthy livelihood source including income, respect, power and growth opportunities. People do not stay motivated with the same factor all the time. A change has to take place to keep them attracted towards their occupation.

Having discussed various constructs of health and well being, it is broad daylight that an individual can enjoy his life to a full extent if he has balanced blend of all the mentioned factors. In addition to nutritious food, people need social care as well. It is true that love and affection is no substitute for food which a stomach needs but it is also true that absence of love and affection drastically reduce the enjoyment of a luxurious meal.

Sociological Perspective of Health and Well Being in UK

UK is a European country which is highly developed. Its economy is so strong that it does not need the assistance of European Monetary Policy to improve its financial health. It is running its…[continue]

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