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Even more, the lack of loyalty can also be considered a disadvantage.

Furthermore, there are numerous strong advantages regarding the option of selecting a person for the position of system analyst from the already existing employees of the company.

The first advantage concerns the ability to have complete control over the action. It is not just the pressure of the control that will make the system analyst try to do his best, but also the fact that he is aware of the importance of his job. The efficiency with which he will complete his task will ultimately reflect on the efficiency with which the entire company functions. Therefore, it will affect him as well, since he is part of the company. The control will be exercised over the provided service, but also upon the equipment and the funds. Thus, the management team can decide how to allocate the funds for this area in the best possible manner.

The second advantage concerns the loyalty of the system analyst. Already working for the company, he is familiar with its culture, its values and beliefs. Not only that, but he also shares them. This protects the company against information theft. Furthermore, loyalty implies that the employee will try to do his best in order to achieve his task, being driven by an emotional reason as well compared to the external specialist who comes in and does his duty only for the sake of the financial reward. Sharing the values and the beliefs of the company is highly important because it implies an emotional reward for and from the work that one does.

The third important advantage of using an employee of the company in order to fill in the position of system analyst refers to the fact that the goals and visions of the company and of the expert are the same. It is obvious that when the employee has the same goal as the company he is providing assistance for, then his actions are all the more efficient. Sharing the vision of the company allows one to see which is the best manner that he can choose when he must solve a problem.

The different departments of a company do not function as separate independent entities. They are interconnected and they depend on each other to a certain extent. Furthermore, it is the company as a whole that needs the various departments to collaborate. A person who knows the philosophy and the attitude that is behind the functioning of these departments, as well as the problems that they encounter is more likely to understand how the actions of a certain section can affect the actions of another one, directly or indirectly, immediately or after a certain time. Therefore, he or she can have a better insight on how it is better to solve various shortcomings. This aspect is highly important when it comes to the position of a system analyst because he is in charge of the communication network and all the management processes rely on and are supported by communication.

The most important advantage that results from recruiting a system analyst from the employees of the company is connected to the expertise provided by him, expertise that becomes a strategic resource. When using an external expert, the skills that he uses serve the company for that and that occasion only. When using someone from the inside, the company makes sure that the development of the expertise skills is continuous and in the context of the company's own development. Furthermore, the professional skills that come to be developed in the mentioned context are connected with the loyalty towards the company and the cultivation of the same goals, beliefs and visions.

It is time to change the procedures that are presently used. They have been efficient in the past, but since the company is wishing to expand, the development of the it system is needed. An outside person is not familiar with the functioning mechanisms of the company and the training would not be sufficient in order to teach him the philosophy, the values and the attitude that are at the base of the company actions. These actions must remain coherent and compatible especially in the context of the desired expansion. And in order for their coherence and efficiency to be maintained, the company needs to approve the creation of the system analysts position to coordinate them.


The person that is needed in order to fill in the position of system analyst within our company must be properly qualified in the area. A formal education is required first of all. The candidates must have a bachelor's degree in computer science, in information science or in management information systems. Additional degrees represent an advantage. Furthermore, we ask that the candidates have a certification for professi9onals in the area obtained from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, a+, etc.

Plus, the candidate must have specific knowledge of computer systems. Microsoft office packet (Word, Outlook, Excell, Access, Power Point, and Project) knowledge is compulsory. He must be familiar with relational data bases as well as with client server concepts. Knowledge of Microsoft XP, of Microsoft XP Professional and of the Mac Operating Systems as well is a must. We also require strong analytical skills. Problem solving skills are needed as well. The future system analyst must have good communication and interpersonal skills. He must have a two-year experience in the area. It is important for him or her to be a good team player. Since our company needs a network security expert the candidates must have a Novell or Cisco certification.

We would also appreciate the capacity to work under stress condition and the ability to respond fast to various problems without the need to appeal to a superior. Creativity is a plus.


The system analyst will be the chief of the it management team. He will be the supervisor and the collaboration of a programmer and two software engineers. The members of the team will provide the system analyst with all the data that he needs and support him in the development of programs as well as their implementing. The system analyst will be required to work for 40 hours a week, but exceptions may often occur if important problems should need immediate solving.

Salary. Recommendations.

The annual salary of a system analyst varies from $61,500 to $84,604. The salary varies depending on the difficulty of the tasks that need to be accomplished. Our company is in need of a top level system analyst that will not only provide the support and development of the it systems, but will also take care of the network security. One of his tasks will be to develop a security program that can protect the entire network against hacking, Trojan horses and all types of viruses. Another task will be to expand the computer network in all the company headquarters throughout the country. Considering the difficulty of the task, the level of training and the experience that the future system analyst is required to have, I recommend the maximum salary level of $84, 600. It is essential to hire a top class professional expert in the area since the company expansion requires the expansion of the computer systems. An eventual chaos in the communication flow between the various headquarters of the company will only result into a dispersion of information, thus, the immediate goals (and requirements) of the company will not be properly transmitted to the staff, resulting into a delay of the tasks accomplishment and an overall diminishment of the company's efficiency. In other words, it will affect the company profits and its image, causing long-term damage. The costs involved by the solving of this type of damage are greater than the costs of hiring a top class professional system analyst.

To sum up the arguments, our company needs to have a position of system analyst. The newly created position must be filled by a person who is already working for the company. The expenses involved by his training are in fact an in investment in the development of the company if we are to consider all the advantages brought by the activity that he is to perform.

His role and responsibility will be to improve the existing it systems, to expand the network in all the headquarters of the company and to provide the network security. The candidate will be well trained and with a relevant experience. In addition, being recruited from the already existing company employees he or she will share the company value sand goals, thus making his task easier and his actions more efficient. The loyalty for the company as well as the hopefully maximum results that he will bring is to compensate for the expenses implied by the recruitment, the training processes and the annual salary. As a matter of fact, all these expenses should be considered a long-term investment into a strategic resource.

Respectfully submitted: Jason…[continue]

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