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This work is a consummate discussion of the strain that immigration has placed on the public and social systems of Denmark, as another example of the strain and stress pulling public opinion in favor of anti-immigration.

Kirkwood, R. Cort. "The Gathering Storm: Islamic Violence in France, Fostered by French Anti-Christian Political and Cultural Elites, Gives a Glimpse of What Our Own Elites Are Bringing upon Us Via Uncontrolled Immigration." The New American 23 Jan. 2006: 23+. Questia. 21 May 2009 .

This work offers a discussion of how Islamic violence is effecting Europe, with brief but essential discussions of Denmark.

Kvist, Jon, and Lisbeth Pedersen. "Danish Labour Market Activation Policies." National Institute Economic Review (2007): 99+. Questia. 21 May 2009 .

This work is an overall discussion of the Danish labor market and where immigrants fit into it.

Kymlicka, Will, and Keith Banting. "Immigration, Multiculturalism and the Welfare State." Ethics & International Affairs 20.3 (2006): 281+. Questia. 21 May 2009 .

This work offers yet another perspective on the issue of the strain of immigration on welfare and social programs in Denmark.

Meyerson, Harold. "The Democrats and the Euro-Left." The American Prospect 3 June 2002: 2+. Questia. 21 May 2009 .

This work offers a discussion of the political leanings through recent history of Denmark

and other nations in Europe, from the perspective of social issues and social change, as a result of immigration stress and globalization.

Nationmaster Europe Crime Rates/Denmark

Crime statistic information on Denmark

Nationmaster Middle East/Turkey

Crime statistic information on Turkey

Nationmaster Middle East/Iran

Crime statistic information on Iran.

"One in Every 13 Is Now a Migrant; Blair's Think-Tank Reveals Immigration Added More Than One Million to UK's Population in Ten Years and in One Part of London Britons Are Outnumbered." The Daily Mail (London, England) 8 Sept. 2005: 8. Questia. 21 May 2009 .

This work offers a synthesis of UK immigration concerns but discusses the lessons that can be learned for Denmark's responses to immigration.

Polakow-Suransky, Sasha. "Fortress Denmark? after a Fierce Campaign Battle over Immigration, a Social Democratic Stronghold Takes a Turn to the Right." The American Prospect 3 June 2002: 21+. Questia. 21 May 2009 .

This work offers a brief synopsis of the Danish political shift in part influenced by public demand for immigration controls.

"Public Sector to Help Set Levels for Immigration." The Birmingham Post (England) 5 June 2007: 1. Questia. 21 May 2009 .

This work discusses the nature of public influence on immigration change and concerns in part in response to Denmark's political shift response.

"Rotten in Denmark." National Review 21 June 1993: 20+. Questia. 21 May 2009 .

This work briefly details the rise of the right-wing anti-immigration and white supremacist groups in Denmark and discusses their motivation and public fear and sentiment.

Skidmore-Hess, Daniel. "The Danish Party System and the Rise of the Right in the 2001 Parliamentary Election." International Social Science Review 78.3-4 (2003): 89+. Questia. 21 May 2009 .

Another discussion of Denmark's political shift toward right-wing conservative politics in representation, largely as a result of anti-immigration sentiment.

Stephens, Gene. "The Global Crime Wave." The Futurist July-Aug. 1994: 22+. Questia. 21 May 2009 .

This work discusses the "global" crime wave, associated with Denmark and other nations and briefly discuses how immigration may play a part in it.

Stephens, Gene. "We Are Facing a Global Crime Wave." USA Today (Society for the Advancement of Education) July 1995: 26+. Questia. 21 May 2009 .

Another popular media representation of the "global crime wave."

"Taking on the Islamists; in Denmark, Moderates Fight Back." The Washington Times 26 Sept. 2007: A21. Questia. 21 May 2009 .

A editorial discussion of the issue of street level crime with regard to Islamic immigrant groups in Denmark.

Tierney, Jack. "The Right Becomes a Major Factor - the European Right Has Attracted Voters in Western Europe Who Feel the Center-Left Parties Are out of Touch and Even Corrupt." World and I Dec. 2002: 18. Questia. 21 May 2009 .

Another discussion of Denmark's political shift toward right-wing conservative politics in representation, largely as a result of anti-immigration sentiment.[continue]

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