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Managing Time as an Adult Learner

In several occasion different individuals wonder on the way they will manage to fit everything they would like to accomplish into their day and sometimes even left figuring out how the rest of the people fit their responsibilities into their day, for example multitasking school, work, family, and friends in a day. This especially happens and becomes harder to people as they become adults, for this reason it is of importance for an excellent time management skills, particularly for the adult learner.

Adult learners do face several challenges in daily basis starting with going to school, to work, and to make sure that they devote enough time for their friends and particularly their family. In several occasion these adults end up dropping out of college feeling that they cannot keep up with working long hours with school having a massive amount of work everyday: considering the fact that an average American worker tends to work more hours now as compared to before. They will always have a feeling that for them to support their family they do not have any other option but to let college go. The college degree is always taken as of great importance in this generation; although as adults attend college, they realize that it does not pay bills. Adults end up failing to excel in their careers without degree behind them. Life therefore seems to be very hard for the adult learner, (Lisa Ruffino, 2010).

On the part of the individuals, adult learners, who tend to push through as they continue to work and attend school; will always find it to be an everyday struggle for them to make sure that they meet the needed satisfactory progress. Many a times they will never have the advantage of staying at home as it happens to the younger learner making them to largely concentrate on their education. This leaves an adult learner to even face more complication in this their endeavor. Having a family they must take care of as well as other household responsibilities, several adult learner will always feel that they are neglecting their family in addition to the rest of their obligations, therefore, many of them will opt to stop their education for a while to give time for their children to grow up. According to their friends they may fail to understand why an adult learner will not be in a position of offering what they could offer before not having in mind that their friend's social life could be struggling because of their attending education at that time of the age, (Meg Keeley, 1997). With all these adult learner find the situation to be unbearable for them. It only calls for balancing act to ensure that they do not become overworked, overloaded, or overstressed

Several factors and determiners become of significance for the success of an adult learner. Such ideas as well assists whoever finds himself or herself in the same learning environment. Most of these adults always find mastering such skills improve their academic success in a greater level. Where adults think that they do not have available time as it can be seen, then time management skills are a must. It is of great importance for adults who find themselves in a learning environment to focus on every minute in their day so that they can find ways of improving the available free time since it is limited.

Several of them will think that they do not have anything that they can drop from their daily routine, not having in mind the hours some of them spend sitting in front of the television as they watch ESPN, watching movies and the rest. Of course it is of great importance for a person to have time to unwind and relax, however, in the act of trying to fit an education within an already busy lifestyle, an adult has to evaluate areas which could be adjusted. In case they never find that much time is spent on watching television, maybe it could be on playing video games or doing other activities, therefore looking as education to be that much importance they will be left with no option but to cut these other activities for a while.

On the part of the adult learners who are willing to make such sacrifices, they should come up with a decision on whichever thing is of importance to their life and the one that they should let go at that time. They can make a list stating time that they spend while doing such activities and then find out places adjustments can be done. The fact that adult learners cannot be the same, everyone has to identify his or her specific areas to come up with areas they are willing to efficiently manage time well on, and on truly recognizing the importance of education to them; they will definitely find places that will need adjustments, (Victoria Douglas, 2012).

In the act of removing such activities that are hoarding precious time, there are some other things that can go along with these in the attempt to com up with the most out of the available time. For example, the adult learner should improve their study skills. Through improving study skills they will have the opportunity of spending more time with their family as well as friends. Many go for the idea of reading a book one time as they increase their comprehension of the content instead of reading it frequently since they might not be in a position to remember what it is that they read before.

Amongst the most important ways of improving their skills, adult learner should make sure that they always take exceptional notes of the studied material. Different colors might be used in highlighting so that they separate key points; they can as well make index cards with questions on the front and answers placed on the back, (John Steely, 2010). In this manner an adult learner will be capable of practicing them while on the go. Afterwards they can study when they are in certain games or even while waiting to see a doctor. For these will be use full advantage of the available time in a day. Such little things will always have huge impact on time management.

It becomes as well of importance if adult learners engage in their learning environment be it through online or not. As much as others may see the discussions to be pointless or may be taking much of their time or forum posts to be consuming their already congested time, however, this will improve their comprehension on the topic they are studying. Therefore it is essential to take full advantage of them. During the time that they feel overloaded, stressed, and dissolution, they can decide to stop and take a break. It is advisable for one to reenergize his mind as well as the body as they seek education. Having a break will always assist to enhance memory you will be able to concentrate more effectively, making them spend less time while studying, but when one study if exhausted, their mind might not be capable of functioning properly in such a way that they can retain information, since when they read and read again the same sentence and they will be not managing their time efficiently. They are also advised to study at the time they are alert and without any distractions so that they can fully focus on the information that they are to grab.

Even though schooling can be seen as taxing to the adult, the end results are worth it. These adult learners should all the time put their mind set on the goals that he wants to achieve. All the time they should be…[continue]

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