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NETS Analysis

Graphic Organizer

a) Comparing and contrasting the National Education Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS) with any set of standards listed by the state of Maryland.

NETS for teachers are basically the standards used to continuously evaluate the skills and the knowledge that the teachers' need for their teaching profession. These standards are also used as indicators for the teachers' performance (ISTE, 2008). One of the NETS standards is that teachers are supposed to facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity. This is mainly done by using digital tools to engage students in tackling current issues. Teachers are also required to design digital age learning experiences and assessments for their students as this enables the students to develop their individual goals by use of digital resources.

The NETS standards also require the teachers to model digital age work and learning to showcase their skills as innovative professionals in technology. In addition, teachers should also promote and model the digital citizenship and responsibility so as to guide students on global issues and how to be ethical in the application of the digital tools. According to the NETS standards, it is the responsibility of the teachers to participate in professional growth and leadership for their students (ISTE, 2008). Teachers should be at the forefront in providing leadership by promoting effective use of digital resources in their schools. This is also reflected in the Maryland's Teacher Professional Development Standards where it is stated that strong leaders are necessary for professional development in learning institutions.

The Maryland's Teacher Professional Development Standards are designed for improving the professional skills in all teachers. According to these standards, teachers should cooperate with other education stakeholders in the State of Maryland to ensure that professional development is availed to all teachers. Unlike NETS, the Maryland's Teacher Development Standards acknowledge that teachers' professional development includes many learning activities. For instance, it emphasizes on the need to have teacher study groups and committees that are concerned with the development of curricula and assessments in learning institutions.

b) Creating a graphic organizer to make the comparisons

NETS for Teachers

Maryland's Teacher Professional Development Standards

Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity

Effective professional development should ensure that teachers have relevant skills and knowledge to teach students.

To design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments

Rigorous evaluations for assessing the impact of professional development on student's learning.

To model digital age work and learning

Students' learning environment should be safe and secure.

To promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility

Effective professional development content should reflect ethical practices in workplaces.

To participate in professional growth and leadership

Professional development is most effective when there are strong leaders

c) Two standards that I feel best support knowledge for a classroom teacher

One of standards that I feel best support the knowledge required for a classroom teacher include content knowledge and quality teaching for the Maryland Teacher Professional Development Standards. This is quite helpful to the teachers as students appreciate the quality teaching they receive from their teachers as it is vital for their career development. For the NETS, designing and developing of digital age learning experiences and assessments is a standard that incorporates the use of digital tools and other resources that enhance student learning and creativity in class. It enhances both students learning and professional development of teachers especially in digital knowledge.

Part Two: Essay

a) The requirements of a specific grade-level or content specific standards as developed in the NETS for Students

The grade PK-2 students are expected to use digital tools for communicating original ideas. They are also supposed to research and collect data on environmental matters using digital resources, and then develop an appropriate solution. It is also a requirement for the grade PK-2 students to interact with students from different cultures via email or any other electronic means. Students in this grade should also form collaborative work group where they use various technologies in the production of digital presentation (ISTE, 2008). In addition, the students should also find and evaluate some information associated with some historical event or person by using digital resources.

The PK- 2 students are also required to make use of simulations and graphical organizers to explain patterns of growth for plants and animals. In communication about technology, the students in this grade are supposed to use appropriate technology. In all situations, the students should demonstrate safe use of technology and be able to use electronic books and websites.

The Grade 3-5, students are required to produce a digital story about a major local event based on first-person interview. Such a story should have a quality that can be used by any media. In the creation of such stories, students may also use digital imaging technology for the creation of artworks to be used in a digital presentation.

The students in grade 3-5 should also have the ability to recognize bias while using digital resources to research environmental issues. It is also important for these students to apply digital tools in collecting and analyzing data in the evaluation of hypotheses (ISTE, 2008). They should also identify some global issue that is of importance and then provide solutions using digital tools.

Another requirement for the grade 3-5 students is to carry out experiments using digital instruments. Such tools should also be used in the management of group learning projects through the guidance of a teacher. When using technology, ergonomic strategies should be applied for injury prevention by the grade 3-5 students. The students should also participate in debates on the effects of the technologies on individuals and the society at large. All the previous knowledge of digital technology should be used in analyzing and solving the current hardware and software issues.

Students in grade 6-8 should be able to illustrate various concepts using a model or concept-mapping software. In addition, they should have the ability to create original animations or video documentaries on schools, community, or local activities. While gathering data, information for decision making should be used to examine specific patterns. Students in this grade are also under obligation to take part in learning project in an online learning community. They are also supposed to evaluate all digital resources to establish the sincerity of the author and the truthfulness of such contents. Students in this level are also required to apply data-collection technology such as use of handheld devices to gather and analyze results for some research problems. For presentation, students should use a variety of file types.

Students in grade 9-12 are required to design and develop a digital learning game as a way of demonstrating the skills that are related to their curriculum. In addition, the students should also create and publish an online art gallery that has examples and comments about different cultures and historical problems. It is also of significance for the students in this grade to be in a position to choose some digital tools to use in a real-life task and rationalize the selection based on the effectiveness of such tools. In the performing critical thinking processes, students should use curriculum-specific simulations (ISTE, 2008). The students in this grade category should also establish a complex global issue and develop a plan to investigate and provide a solution for it.

Students should analyze the capabilities of the current and emerging technology and assess their sustainability in solving future needs. While doing this, the students should develop a website that can be utilized for various needs (ISTE, 2008). When writing research, students must learn some ethical practices of citing their sources. For the network systems, students in grade 9-12 should learn how to configure them to ensure maximum productivity.

b) Technologies that are widely available to the teachers in K-12 education for the facilitation of teaching, learning, and…[continue]

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