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The effectual activities that have resulted in such kinds of organized crime activities involve compromising of the technological approaches and systems. Such technological approaches are used to transmit money from one section of the country to another.

Reports indicate that many organized crime activities and perpetrators assume the roles of paying for elections through their corrupt deals. These deals ensure continuity of their businesses when they get to government. The effectual happening is a translational organized crime activity that will live to be remembered in many parts of the world (Mallory, 2012).

Globally, many people lose their lives daily in accordance to attacks from organized crime personalities. Most of them have succumbed to drug use and abuse together with death through weapons and other forms of weaponry in the society. It is relevant to note the difference between the many sectors of the economy that relay significance or influence of activities involving organized crime in the society. Because of these crime activities, people have been involved in crime without their knowledge. For instance, as happen in Italy and the United States of America, it is highly possible to find relevant authorities seeking help from the public after which they engage in crime with them and later take their lives. Similar activities have been reported to be rampant in several streets of the United States of America and the United Kingdom (Gale Encyclopedia of American Law, 2011).

The effects of organized crime have traversed the entire world since it has resulted in several happenings globally. The different manifestations of organized crime activities have replicated similar results in bringing out the innate desires and results from the society. The largest forms of loses are those concerned with lose of lives and monetary values from the people. The main aim of these people has been to engage in crime activities that will benefit them financially and in many other forms. Some of the perpetrators have tried to establish power and dominion in some parts of the societies from where they will be able to rule and benefit from the innocent members of the society. Other sections of the organized crime departments have resulted in regular lose of monetary accessibilities and transitions through the present technological systems of money transfers in the world. Moreover, it is evident that some other sections of the organized crime departments have resulted in complete surrender of lives and property by the people to the criminals without equitable actions being taken by the public (Greene & Gabbidon, 2009).

Organized crime is one of the major perpetrators of crime in many communities and organizations. The nature in which the society has diversified has made many crime activities take diverse forms and avenues of operation. Deaths have occurred due to influence of crime activities in many societies. Many people and organizations have lost property and lives due to influence of organized crime activities in their backyards. Moreover, the present technology has been subjected to severe vulnerabilities that result from the effects of having technological criminals within the new systems of transport and communication in the world. Therefore, it is evident that the escalation of criminal activities is likely to be on the increase even with the rise in the level of technology in the world

Several approaches and mechanisms have been used to predict and end organized crime in the society. Nonetheless, most of these approaches have fallen under the influence and power of the organization within organized crime criminality in the world. For instance, the UN convention on ending organized crime activities has not bearded any equitable fruits since its creation. The American FBI and other security agencies have dealt with massive investigations that are aimed at ending organized crime activities in and outside the United States of America. Nonetheless, it is quite palatable to understand that the happening of these crime activities is directed at the expanse of the ways and means of human interaction in the society (Benson & French, 2008).


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