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Since the beginning of time the male species has had an obsession with that part of the personal anatomy known by its Latin root as the "tail"; or today known as one's pecker, "wankie," monkey, and a host of other rather humorous titles. Somewhere, however, in creating the world God must have became confused when creating man as, and being politically correct, he/she placed the tail on the man's front side and on the animals' rear side -- or maybe God just had a bad day on his/her day of creation. Regardless of what one wants to call his penis or tail, history has proven that man's obsession with the penis is ever ending. Simply consider the folklore surrounding John Dillinger whose penis was reportedly over 20 inches. If medical science were correct it would likely have taken Dillinger 20 minutes to get enough blood circulating in his penis in order to reach a state of erection. By in large, therefore, Dillinger would not be a likely candidate for what is known as a "quickie." Before embarking on an analysis of collected data pertaining to man's penis it is important to first dispel some age-old myths about man's favorite body part and related activity.

1. According to the leading condom manufacturer only about 6% of the male population requires an extra-large condom. That leaves 94% of the male population lying.

2. The average penis size is 5.1 inches unless you are in an Internet chat room.

3. "Blue-balls" is actually a real medical condition and can be remedied through masturbation. Of course a couple of aspirin and a warm shower also works well.

4. The penis is generally darker then other parts of the anatomy due to sexual maturation. Of course frequent manhandling of this particular appendage may have an influence as well.

5. There is no correlation between size of penis and IQ, shoe size, nose, or the amount of money in a man's wallet. Those who want to believe this myth are more likely to enjoy a cookout using Vienna sausages over the "foot long."

6. Masturbating, or in today's vernacular, "punching the monkey" is actually healthy according to the medical community. However, "playing with one's meat" at the Thanksgiving table is not acceptable.

7. Weights and pumps will not make the penis bigger. If you are past your early 20s, you simply have the cards you were dealt.

Having dispelled many of the myths about the penis, and accepting the fact that man will continue to ignore the truth about that which he is so obsessed, garnering information relative to content knowledge about the penis and its functional role is important with respect to the scientific inquiry process. The remainder of this research investigation will focus on the difference in the knowledge level between males and females with respect to the penis and its function.

Research Question. One of the primary criteria governing a research investigation is to have a sound research question followed by a testable hypothesis. Without both a question and hypothesis there is no basis for statistical analysis of the data nor is there any need to measure the phenomenon being investigated -- no pun intended. For the present study the research question was formatted as follows: Does there exist a difference between males and females in the knowledge level about a man's penis and its function? As the research paper was designed as a descriptive study there existed no need for any personal clinical trial evaluative data gathering. In other words, no "hands-on" evaluation was deemed necessary. The proposed research question was deemed relevant and significant to the research investigator, not only from a myth perspective, but also from one of possible personal concern as well as the emphasis the media places on man's prowess and masculine image.

Testable Null Hypothesis. On the basis of the above stated research question the following null hypothesis was formulated: There will exist no statistically significant difference at the ? < .05 in knowledge level between males and females with respect to a man's penis and its function.

Sample Selection. The first step is assembling a representative sample was to acquire the courage to actually approach individuals and explain the intent of the study along with an appropriate and believable rationale. To this end 50 fraternity men and 50 sorority women were chosen to participate in the study. In order to avoid any embarrassment five (5) fraternity houses and five (5) sorority houses were selected and each house was approached on the evening wherein all house members were present for their monthly "house" meeting. The investigator explained to all participants that participation was on a voluntary basis, no personal information would be required, and that anonymity would be protected. From each identified house 10 individuals were asked to volunteer. Knowing that sex related topics could be taboo in terms of open discussion the research investigator was surprised that every member attending each of the ten (10) house meetings wanted to participate in the study. The situation provided for the researcher an excellent opportunity for random sampling for the required 100 participants from a total population pool 300 active fraternity and sorority members. Once the random sample was selected each participant was asked to complete a short questionnaire. The results from the questionnaire were then tabulated and statistically analyzed.

Content Knowledge Measurement Questionnaire. Using a questionnaire to gather measurement data for a research study must be designed with the type of data the investigator is seeking, both conceptually and numerically. The questionnaire used for the present study consisted of ten (10) short questions asking the respondent to select an answer they thought was correct. Each of the ten (10) questions attempted to ascertain an informational level about the concept of "penis" and penile activity. From the answers the research investigator was able to numerically tabulate the information on the basis of a frequency count for that which is commonly termed ordinal or ranked data.

Presented below is a copy of the questionnaire administered to the 100 participants. No claim to validity of reliability is being made and as such interpretive results will be limited by the lack of the questionnaire's standardization. Data from the questionnaire must be interpreted cautiously and not in terms of scientific fact. All conclusions and interpretations are intended for general informational purposes.

Questionnaire: Do You Know Your Stuff?

Instructions: Place a check mark in front of your selected answer for each question. Please do not make more than one selection per question. Please do not put your telephone number on your answer sheet with the message "Please call me."

1. The average erect penis size is:

__6.2 inches ____5.1 inches ____3.0 inches

2. Retarded ejaculations in men means:

____They have great difficulty ejaculating in front of a partner?

____They make silly faces during orgasm?

____They stay the orgasm until their partner reaches orgasm?

3. Men can get yeast infections by:

____Eating too much bread?

____Minor injuries to the penis?

____Excessive masturbation?

4. Knowing that a man ejaculates before climaxing is there an adequate amount of sperm in the pre-cum emission to impregnate you?



____Depends on how hot he is

5. A man rolls over and goes to sleep after ejaculating because:

____He is done with his partner?

____It is part of the recovery process?

____His muscles are depleted of glycogen?

6. Kegel cells make the man:

____Go blind?

____Become gay?

____Become better in bed?

7. What percentage of the male population actually needs a large condom?



____Just my partner.

8. Your partner is not good in bed because:

____Sex with him is always a three-way -- you, him, and his ego?

____No one taught him how to perform right?

____He does not communicate well?

9. A man has a bent or crooked penis when:

____His partner slammed the door on it?

____A result of a sport's injury?

____A result of Peyronie's disease?

10. What portion of the male population is circumcised?

____Non-Jewish guys?



Thank you for your healthy participation. And remember, "It's all in the eyes of the beholder."

Study Results. The results presented below constitute a summary of how the 100 participants responded to the questionnaire with respect to their knowledge of a man's penis and related function. The only comparative variable considered was that of gender. Nested variables such as academic grade point, academic level, study major, socioeconomic class, ethnicity and race, sexual promiscuity, psychological disorders, height and weight, and alter ego characteristics were not considered. These variables will remain for studies wherein the Kinsey Institute can become involved.

Overall Knowledge Comparison between Males and Females with Respect to the Man's Penis and Its Function

Question #1: Average Size of a Man's Penis

Pearson Product Moment Correlation - Ungrouped Data


Variable Y

Variable X





Standard Error







Determination - r2




Critical 2-sided T-value (5%)


Critical 1-sided T-value (5%)


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