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Public Relations Policies of a Private Company in Kuwait

Public Relations Policies

Mais Alghanim Restaurant Kuwait

Mais Alghanim Restaurant is a Kuwait-based private business corporation owned and controlled by Barakat family. The company offers all kinds of food, restaurant, and catering services to every kind of customers. Mais Alghanim Restaurant is recognized for its highest quality of food and excellence in customer services. Emile Barakat (Abu Edmond) carried forward the vision of his Late father Edmond Barakat (Abu Emile) and took the business to the heights of success and prosperity within the Kuwait region in a very short span of time. Mais Alghanim Restaurant, through its high quality food and excellent customer services, not only wants to make financial growth, but also wants to establish a strong brand image in the eyes of its customers (Mais Alghanim Restaurant, 2011).

In order to make itself a competitive organization and make brand loyal customers, Mais Alghanim Restaurant has instituted some Public Relations tools and policies at its organizational setup. These Public Relations tools and policies help the Mais Alghanim Restaurant staff in incorporating its Vision and Mission in real terms (Mais Alghanim Restaurant, 2011). The following sections explain the most important PR tools that have made the Mais Alghanim Restaurant stand on such a high competitive grounds in Kuwait's hospitality industry.

Public Relations Policies at Mais Alghanim Restaurant

Social Responsibility as a tool for developing Public Relations:

Mais Alghanim Restaurant aims to serve the nation with its highest quality of business operations by keeping itself committed towards the social welfare and well-being. To achieve this aim, the Company has set certain social responsibility goals and objectives. Social Responsibility goals serve as the basis for the Mais Alghanim Restaurant staff while they treat and deal with a variety of customers (Mais Alghanim Restaurant, 2011). At Mais Alghanim Restaurant, it is widely believed that a business organization should not just aim to make economic or financial growth; rather it should also contribute towards the social well-being of the community in which it operates (Jethwaney & Sarkar, 2009). Following are some social responsibility endeavors which Mais Alghanim Restaurant has achieved recently:

1. Blood Donation:

Blood donation is one of the most appreciated and humble ways of helping the community members. Mais Alghanim Restaurant encourages its employees to give blood donations whenever it organizes this social welfare event. The primary purpose of blood donation is not to develop good public relations, but it is to awake the inner satisfaction among the Mais Alghanim Restaurant employees. Recently, Mais Alghanim Restaurant organized an event for this noble purpose in Sharq Restaurant. 45 Mais Alghanim Restaurant employees donated their blood and contributed to help the under-privileged and needy people of the society in this event. The Company also aims to organize such events on periodical basis so as to play its social responsibility part in the community where it has grown its business (Mais Alghanim Restaurant, 2011).

Blood donation; on one side, fulfills the social responsibility aims of the company, but ultimately acts as a strong tool for Public Relations Management on the other side. The needy people who are given the donated blood as well as the event sponsoring committees promote the Mais Alghanim business in the locality and on the Web. The videos and pictures are uploaded for its web incarnation visitors who watch them and come to know the noble aims of the Company (Mais Alghanim Restaurant, 2011).

Target Audience for this Public Relations Tool:

It is believed that donating blood is one of the humblest ways of serving the community members. Mais Alghanim Restaurant organized this event as well as encouraged its employees to participate in this human welfare activity. If it is seen from the perspective of target audience for developing public relations, Mais Alghanim Restaurant employees and customers can be the major target audience in blood donation activity. It will help in increasing the employee morale and commitment while at the same time increasing customer loyalty towards this socially responsible corporate entity (Mais Alghanim Restaurant, 2011).

2. Diabetes Day Walk:

Diabetes is one of the major health issues in this fast moving life of 21st Century. People do not generally pay attention towards the causes and complexities of Diabetes. Thus, there is a strong need to create awareness among general people about this major health issue. Keeping in view this aim, Mais Alghanim Restaurant recently sponsored a…[continue]

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