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This is important, because it is showing how a lack of: following up and monitoring safety standards can increase the long-term financial problems facing a heath care facility. (Master, 2005, pp. 259 -- 285)

At the same time, there is also the possibility that the lack of focus on safety could expose the hospital to possible law suits. This is because the plaintiffs could use this information to show, how the staff is negligent in the quality care that they are providing to them. Once this occurs, it means that the costs for: medical malpractice insurance and other operating expenses will rise. While, the facility will have the negative publicity from: these lawsuits and there is the possibility of increased amounts of regulation (surrounding internal procedures). This is important, because it is showing how these kinds of issues will have an adverse effect on: the reputation and economic viability of the hospital in the future. (Master, 2005, pp. 259 -- 285)

Identify quality improvement strategies to address the identified issue.

To address these issues two basic principals must be utilized these include: encouraging team work and communication. Encouraging team work is when you want to support everyone working together, to improve the overall quality of care that is being provided. This is important, because the team approach will: divide the workload and it will have different individuals monitoring for any kind of mistakes. Once this occurs, it means that the overall quality of care will improve, due to the fact that there are a variety of team members working with each patient. (Manser, 2009, pp. 143 -- 151)

Effective communication is when you are encouraging everyone to communicate about: any kind problems they have identified (when it comes to patient safety). This will help to improve the quality of care, by ensuring that everyone understands all variables surrounding: the treatment an individual is receiving. Once this takes place, it will reduce any kind of errors when administering medication to patients. The reason why, is because communication will make certain that everyone understands if a particular patient could have an adverse reaction to: the drugs or the dosage. This is important, because it shows how this kind of approach, could be able to address the underlying problems facing the health care facility. (Manser, 2009, pp. 143 -- 151)

Develop a plan to implement quality improvement strategies, including: target audience, all relevant stakeholders, natural resources and the process for implementation.

The biggest challenge that will be wrestled when implementing any kind of strategy will be: resistance from staff members. To overcome this obstacle, administrators will reach out to key people inside the different departments. The idea is to bring them into the process to: encourage everyone to embrace the changes that are being proposed. This will help to improve the implementation of the strategy, by creating logical reasons as to why everyone wants to follow these new procedures. As far as the target audience is concerned (i.e. The staff at the facility), this will give them various motivations for embracing these changes. In the case of relevant stakeholders, this will improve the underlying amounts of care that patients are receiving. While at the same time, administrators and staff members will have greater control over the how supplies are being used to support this objective. This will help to reduce waste and the amount of natural resources that are being utilized by the facility. When it comes to the process of implementation, we will have each of the various staff members, who support this strategy, serve on a committee to promote these changes. This will ensure that they are part of the process and that the strategy is taking into account all viewpoints. Once this occurs, it means that the quality of care can increase dramatically. As this approach is addressing the issues that are: contributing to the problem and it seeking out allies to help push for these changes. (Grol, 2008, pp. 74 -- 76)

Clearly, the best way to address quality and safety issues at a health care facility is to use an approach that will: encourage team work as well as communication. One way to achieve this objective is to seek out staff members who share similar views. This is significant, because it is highlighting how this approach will address the biggest hurdles that are: affecting quality and safety at all facilities. (Grol, 2008, pp. 74 -- 76)


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