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Once this takes place, we will be able to determine the underlying impact of menopause on our select population and the kinds of effects it is having on their overall quality of life. (Hopkins, 2008)

Study population and sampling

Like what was stated previously, our research will focus on those women who are suffering from menopause and others that are selected randomly. We will subdivide respondents into various groups based upon: their racial / ethnic group, income status and if they are seeking any kind of treatment. This will help to improve the overall quality of our survey by: focusing on what segments of the population that are having an adverse impact on their underlying levels of mental health. Once this occurs, we will be able to make specific inferences about their how their attitude is affecting their quality of life. At which point, we can support or refute the hypothesis that was presented earlier.

Data collection methods and instruments

The basic data collection methods that will be utilized are conducting an anonymous survey of respondents. The way that this will take place, is by dividing them into two different groups (those who are affected by menopause and women who are not being impacted by the condition). We will survey a total of 5,000 people for the study. At which point, we will ask respondents a series of different questions. Below is sample that will be asked of people who are being affected by menopause and those who are not.

Questions of women being affected by menopause

What racial or ethnic group do you consider yourself to be in?

Are you from a wealthy, middle class or lower income demographic?

Describe the experience of menopause on your quality of life?

Do you think that your mental attitude has been having an impact on the condition and its effects?

Are you seeking any kind of treatment for menopause? What are its effects on your quality of life?

Question for women not are being affected by menopause

What racial or ethnic group do you consider yourself to be in?

Are you from a wealthy, middle class or lower income demographic?

Have you been diagnosed with menopause?

How has your mental attitude had an impact on your overall quality of life?

These different elements are important, because they will help to separate the population sample between: the control group and the independent variable. Once this takes place, it will improve the overall quality of the study and it will allow us to determine how mental attitudes as well as treatments are having an impact on the various respondents that are being surveyed.

Data analysis methods

The data analysis methods that we will be utilizing will concentrate on identifying various groups for the population sample. We will then analyze the findings with one another through what is known as comparative analysis. This is when we are comparing the responses from the control group with the independent variable. Where, we are focusing on identifying the underlying trends and the effects that they are having on the population sample. This will improve the accuracy of our research and it will help us to support refute the hypothesis that has been presented. This is the point that we can determine the underlying effects of mental attitude on women who are suffering from menopause. (Weld, 1987, pg. 46)

Mechanisms to assure the quality of the study

To improve the quality of the study there are number of different tools that will be utilized. The most notable include: having numerous researchers involved in the project, ensuring that all of the various responses are anonymous, using comparative analysis to corroborate the trends / findings with each other and ensuring the safe storage of all data that is collected as a part of study. Having numerous researchers involved in the project is when we are focusing on using a variety of individuals to: conduct the surveys and analyze the findings from respondents. The way that this will help to improve the quality of our research is by allowing us to focus on select segments and the patterns of their responses. At which point, we can compare them with one another. This is the point that the quality of our research will improve by comparing these finding with each other. At the same time, it will ensure that the study remains as objective as possible.

Ensuring that all of the responses are anonymous is when we are not asking respondents for any kind of personal information. This will help to improve the accuracy of the survey, by not identifying anyone with their name. At which point, they can feel free to provide us with honest answers to questions we are asking. This will help to make certain that standards of objectivity are maintained at all times by: not having researchers or analysts knowing who responded to the various questions.

Comparative analysis will help to improve the objectivity of the study. The way that this will occur, is by having analysts ensure that all information is fitting in line with the underlying trends in the responses. Any kind of information that is considered to be inaccurate will be considered to be an anomaly and disregarded. Once this occurs, it will allow our study to maintain a high standard of objectivity by: making certain that all responses are fitting within similar patterns of the underlying trends in the research.

Ensuring the safe storage of all data is when we will lock the information in a filing cabinet that only is accessible to team leaders of the project. Where, they will provide analysts with information for the purpose of performing their duties. Once they are finished, they will have to return this information to us. These different elements are important, because they will help to prevent anyone from tampering with the results. This is the point, that we can feel assured that our study is being undertaken with the highest ethical practices possible. As, it will limit the overall amounts of: influence that anyone will have on the responses and their access to the information that was provided.


Clearly, the study that we are conducting will be able to determine the underlying impact that a woman's mental attitude will have on their quality of life during menopause. As, the project will objectively collect this information through: what is known as quantitative research. This will be accomplished by randomly sampling 5,000 respondents in two different groups most notably: the control group and independent variable. Once this takes place, we will conduct a comparative analysis. This is when researchers will analyze the findings with each other, to determine the underlying trends in responses from the two different groups. At which point, we can be able to make an accurate determination as to if the mental attitude of women and the treatment options will have an impact on their quality of life. These different elements are important, because this basic approach that is being taken will help to ensure that our study is maintaining the highest levels of objectivity. Once this occurs, we can begin to determine if the findings from the research will support or refute the hypothesis, research questions, aims and objectives. This is point, that we can compare the findings from our study with others that have been conducted. At the same time, our basic approach can be mirrored by others in the future who are wishing to build upon our research. As a result, this will make certain that any kind issues in this area will be objectively addressed using proven scientific principles.


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