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8. Staffing

The sports center at the newly opened high school has to employ at least the following:

Two coaches, preferably one male and one female, each to manage the same gender teams. This measure is to be implemented in order to reduce the chances of immoral conduct on school premises, but no discriminations would be committed during the selection and hiring processes.

One medic is required to be easily reachable and assist sports injuries or otherwise medical necessities. Hiring a new medical professional would be redundant and meaningless, coming as such to a conclusion that the already hired school medic would also assist the medical needs of the sports center.

One counselor. Similar to the school medic, it could initially be stated that the role of sports counselor would be played by the already hired school counselor. However, such a solution is not the most viable one in the given circumstances. A sports counselor can help students prioritize and identify their sports talents, or they can help them apply to schools which offer sports scholarships. Given however that the services of the counselor would not be required on daily basis, it would as such be advisable to hire him on part time basis.

Finally, the last employee needed in the sports center is the janitor. Given the specific needs of the sports center, as well as its triple location, it is necessary that a new cleaning person be hired.

All the staff members would be selected and hired from the local community. It will be of the utmost importance for them to possess sufficient skills and expertise in working within the educational sector and with teenage students. Aside technical skills, it will be crucial for the candidates to possess and live by high moral values they can transmit to the students.

9. Culture, code of conduct

At an overall level, the sports center would be defined by an open and fair culture, which integrates all those interested in sports. The sole criteria in decision making will be related to sports and never to race, religious appurtenance, political appurtenance or other discriminatory criteria. The program will emphasize on team and personal development, on fairness and friendly competition. At a more specific level, the following rules will have to be obeyed:

Coaches are obliged to treat all team members equitably and sensitively

The coaches are primarily concerned with the well being of the team members

Coaches are expected to clearly communicate with the team members the performance goals, train sessions needed and other sports related components of the relationship

Coaches cooperate with other sports personalities to safeguard and promote the well-being of the students

Coaches are integer and encourage team members to respect the rules

The coaches will not abuse their power or privilege over the team members, and last

Within their possibility, coaches will ensure the safety of the team members (Mac, 2010).

In terms of team members, these are expected to:

Enhance their efforts to develop from the sports standpoint

Strive for the best performance even in unfriendly conditions

Set a positive example

Avoid gamesmanship and procrastination

Follow the best interest of the game and the team, and finally

Not use substances, immoral behavior or inadequate language (Tottenham Hotspur Ladies Football Club).

10. Appeal to the target market

Generally, the attraction of the youth towards sports activities should not be understood in terms of a necessity, but an implied element given precisely by the nature of the activity. Today however, the youth are more and more attracted to other leisure activities -- such as hanging out at the mall or playing computer games or eating. Consequently, this less active life style materializes in incremental health problems for both youth as well as the more mature population. In this context, it is necessary not only to force the students to engage in sports activities, but also to help them understand the necessity for sports as well as enjoy the activities.

In order to raise the interest of the youth, the following should be taken into keen consideration:

The creation of a campaign to attract the youth

The campaign would present the joys of playing sports

The campaign would reveal the joy of interacting with the other youth, as well as the thrill of the victory

The sense of "cool" would be promoted.

11. Budget

The sports program would be entirely budgeted by the school, which is funded by the state budgets. This subsequently means that the funds are limited and that the sports program would have to achieve its goals within strictly imposed financial limitations. With this restriction in mind, the minimal budget requirement is of $9,000, divided as follows:

$5,000 for logistics and equipments expenses

$1,000 for safety measures implementation (including training)

$2,500 for immediate staffing needs

$500 for marketing expenses

In a highly likely context in which the school would not be able to offer these funds, it is suggested that they try to be raised through other sources, such as donations from local wealthy men or companies, or parent contributions. Their investments would be attracted by the promotion of the benefits of the sports program for the youth and the local community.

12. Conclusions

The modern day society is extremely dynamic, but a major side effect of this rapid evolution is that of increasing illnesses due to a more sedentary life style, in which sports and exercise are no longer priorities for the population. In order to reduce the mental and physical erosion which comes with such a life style, it is crucial to reintroduce the youth to the joys of sports, to the trill of competition and to the ecstasy of victory. The sports program at the newly built high school would be constructed and it would operate on these specific beliefs.

Aside the cultural and motivational side of the sports program, several material and functional dimensions need to be addressed as well. In order to complete all these functions, an estimated budget of $10,000 is expected to be required. Most of this money would be engaged in the purchase of equipments and in the construction of the three facilities -- the track and the indoors and outdoors fields. A second destination would be constituted by the insurance of safety within the facilities.

Another important aspect to consider refers to the type of sports that would be offered -- a variety of seasonal sports -- and the formation of the teams -- based on personal preferences of the students and professional input of the coaches. Aside coaches, the sports program would also provide the services of a counselor and a medic. In all circumstances and sports actions, the staff members and the students will be required to obey a strict code of conduct which ensures dignity, fairness and fair play.

The sports program would address two target audiences. The first and most important of them is constituted by the students attending the high school. The second is constituted by the entire local community which can subcontract the outside field and host its events. In order to appeal to the first audience, it will be necessary to implement a campaign focused on the enjoyable feature of sports.


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