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This is also reflected in the view that there is a lot of difference between a high school senior and a college freshman. Regarding the world of student journalism, the U.S. Court of Appeals has also agreed with this view. This is reflected in the campus newspaper theft which was not taking place till the beginning of the 1990s. This is now a regular source of trouble for college student media. (Trends in College Media)

At the same time, this has not reflected in the quality of college newspaper, and some of them are of excellent quality. Let us look at some college newspapers for this purpose. One of them, namely the Boston College Chronicle has worked on the recently concluded papal conclave and also tried to inform the audience about what the world can hope from the new Pope. Certainly this information when they appear in a college magazine reflects the interest that the younger generation has in matters relating to religion and also tends to be informative. (Boston College Chronicle)

However, all magazines are not so informative and some of them seem to reflect only sectarian interests. Another college magazine reflected that graduate preceptors, instructors, teaching assistants and research assistants were on strike for one week and returning to the classes. The Strike was the second in two years. It also mentioned that there was a split in the strikers, and some continued working while others had continued teaching during the period of the strike. They had also made an effort to find out as to how many strikers were there among the total staff. This study was also done by a student and studied the participation in the entire 168 members who were supposed to be on strike. (GSEU Strikers Return to the Classroom)

The strike was most prevalent among the departments of Literature Humanities, Contemporary Civilization, Art Humanities, Music Humanities, and University Writing. The replies to the questionnaire was received from only 93 of the students and only 65% of them had cancelled their classes while the others had held some or all of their classes. The magazine was also truthful in reflecting that the University did not consider the graduate teachers as students and not employees, and thus not entitled to what they were striking for. (GSEU Strikers Return to the Classroom) This shows clearly that this particular magazine operates more like a newspaper than like a student magazine and it is open to doubt as to whether it fulfils the purpose for which it is operated.

The most famous case of college magazines was regarding James Taranto who later worked for the Heritage Foundation. He won a case against the California State University and concerned faculty adviser of the student newspaper. The details of the case were with the former student and the concerned staff at Heritage who had supported him in his entire efforts. The student had been the news editor of the concerned student newspaper at the University during March 1987. He had written an article criticizing officials of the University who had suspended a student editor. The concerned editor had printed a cartoon making fun of affirmative action. In his article, Taranto had concentrated on the purpose of the newspaper by saying "A university exists to promote the search for truth, and censorship is always detrimental to that search." (CSU, Northridge Newspaper Silenced) According to him, this was against the purpose of a university which was to search for truth. The faculty advisor had cited a rule publication of controversial material and punished the student with suspension from the editorial position and withheld his pay. The student concerned had claimed that he was punished for his conservative views. (CSU, Northridge Newspaper Silenced)

Clearly this is a fight about power and authority, and this sort of fights is best avoided by avoiding conflicts. The main aim of a community college is to have an active and open forum about all matters concerned with students, staff and the local community. The aim of the student magazine is to teach students journalistic skills, and for this purpose truthfulness and integrity are needed. At the same time, the management of journal should be democratic. Sometimes even the management forgets this and in one particular instance, the college president appointed his personal secretary as the college public relations officer. This was against the expressed opinions of many of the staff. This led to a major controversy, and ultimately, the magazine was no longer published by the University. To protect their own backs, different university authorities lied at different times about the reason for stopping the magazine. Concerned news appeared also in the local press. (Review of Eagle and the Controversy of 1996-1997)

Certainly this sort of a conflict does not do any good for anybody. Probably the best method to get around the problem and to find a solution is to reduce the financial support mechanism and let the students publish the magazine independently on their own. The reasons for this is that the costs of an Internet magazine are comparatively low, and the required efforts required of the students will probably also make them more conscious in what they print. The support to the magazine can be realized from the number of subscribers that the magazine gets. Ultimately it should be understood that no magazine can continue to exist without financial support, and that comes from popularity.


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