Stephen Crane's the blue hotel

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In other events, a gang of criminals busted into the bank and took away the valuables, during the course of interrogation it was revealed that the security officer was part of the plan, and had due share of the stolen money. This is condemnable form of collaboration. (Coramae Richey Mann. Unequal Justice: A Question of Color. 1993. pp. 36. Oxford Publishers)


The second quotation is the description of the main character walking in a snowstorm. The conceit of man was explained by this storm to be very engine of life, which persisted and survived for longer. Swede, the main character, walked into the hotel, and attempted to start a conversation by making different statements like, 'I suppose a lot of people get killed here', he continued, 'I suppose I am going to be killed before I can leave this house'. At this particular moment, the hotel owner moved in to pacify Swede, and offered him couple of drinks of whisky. Swede then started off playing cards, and he accused the owner's son of cheating at cards, and get involved in brawl, and left hotel. Swede then entered a saloon, and had a quarrel with real gambler and was killed.

If we look into our society, we experience the similar situation in a different manner. Men are reportedly involved in different offensive and aggressive acts, which are deplorable and condemnable. The mankind has contributed significantly towards the social, political and economic growth of any particular region, but if the progress is evaluated critically, we observe that the progress achieved is much less than what the potential of the individuals can offer. So where do we lose our abilities, the abilities and qualities of people are lost, because of the involvement of the mankind into different argumentative sessions, which delays and curtail the progress and its scope.

The human social system has varied geographically, but the essence remains the same. Irrespective of the geographical affiliation, we have observed that people with different background are involved in such actions which are cause of distraction from the main purpose and objective. Often, we experience such situations in the business activities and politics, where individuals end up with differences…[continue]

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